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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship1, 318:astral world whereon your group is planning to work. This may at first produce an intensificationDiscipleship1, 319:[319] I ask your assistance in this preparatory work and would ask you also to get in touch with L.Discipleship1, 319:in touch with L. U. T. who is also doing some work for me along another line. In conclusion I wouldDiscipleship1, 319:do, in order to pick up the threads of the group work, for you have for some time been interestedDiscipleship1, 319:have for some time been interested in telepathic work and you are starting work with the group at aDiscipleship1, 319:in telepathic work and you are starting work with the group at a time when it is entering upon aDiscipleship1, 320:ray brain. This leads to intelligent high grade work in your chosen profession but negates the freeDiscipleship1, 320:group, plus mastering the technique of the new work which they, too, are learning. Do this briefDiscipleship1, 320:and visualization, prior to the group work and meditation. Sound the O. M. as a personality. Do soDiscipleship1, 321:each day, with the power of your mind behind the work, you will very soon note results and thoseDiscipleship1, 321:be group service and not so much individual work as heretofore, and remember that the gift of powerDiscipleship1, 321:day vitalize that center so that the creative work is carried forward by you and you continue toDiscipleship1, 321:plane. Go forward with the ordinary routine work as I have [322] outlined it for these members ofDiscipleship1, 322:can as properly handle. In your meditation work you have asked the question: What hinders that canDiscipleship1, 322:of character is concerned. Where the Master's work and your own field of service are in question,Discipleship1, 323:understood by you if your full usefulness in my work is to be reached. Follow instructions, brotherDiscipleship1, 323:of your soul will be turned increasingly to the work of illumined building with the aid of otherDiscipleship1, 323:souls. There is much to be accomplished if the work of the Hierarchy is to go forward as desired...Discipleship1, 323:Hierarchy is to go forward as desired... Your work in my group is known to you. It is twofold andDiscipleship1, 323:the high moments may perhaps cease and the work will go on with no realized tensions and,Discipleship1, 324:of reorienting people can be yours. Some people work with groups and, through the inclusiveness ofDiscipleship1, 325:are apt to misunderstand. The potency of your work is so real and the opportunities opening beforeDiscipleship1, 325:In 1936 and particularly in 1937, if the plans work out as desired and you go forward on the Way,Discipleship1, 326:two matters, my brother: First that your closest work in the future lies with three people... ThisDiscipleship1, 326:the physical vehicle. Pass on to greater work and live with joy the life of loving service. Discipleship1, 326:from the prison of the lower self. People who work as you could work upon the distinctly abstractDiscipleship1, 326:of the lower self. People who work as you could work upon the distinctly abstract levels ofDiscipleship1, 327:is due to two things: First, to your power to work on abstract levels, involving ecstaticDiscipleship1, 328:imposes ever a strain upon the brain cells. Your work must lie along two lines: Work onDiscipleship1, 328:brain cells. Your work must lie along two lines: Work on contemplative levels, functioning as aDiscipleship1, 328:from those levels the ideas and methods of work which must materialize upon the physical plane.Discipleship1, 328:After the Wesak Festival, the needed changes in work may be made if you and others in my group ofDiscipleship1, 329:ask you to study and to do some strenuous mental work. It will greatly enrich you. If you willDiscipleship1, 329:my instructions re study as indicated in the work which I assigned to my group (you amongst theDiscipleship1, 331:that you studied more and did more mental work. Did you do this, my brother? As I said above, R. S.Discipleship1, 332:move with greater freedom on soul levels... Your work must continue to lie a great deal on buddhicDiscipleship1, 333:light and strength and power. Continue with this work of attention. May the light of the EternalDiscipleship1, 333:in these forms you should increasingly work. They are free from personality ideas, ideals andDiscipleship1, 339:ability and power to feel and love - to work from the place of mental power. If you can do this,Discipleship1, 340:and from that point proceed with the rest of the work which you are doing with my group, after dulyDiscipleship1, 341:The real [341] aim of your soul is bridging work and the achievement of clear-sighted control overDiscipleship1, 342:P. G. C. January 1936 MY BROTHER: As I begin my work with you, I seek first of all to make twoDiscipleship1, 343:can give. I sought to bring you into my group work for several reasons. My first reason was thatDiscipleship1, 343:- for a while at least. The value of the group work may even outweigh in its results the teachingDiscipleship1, 343:you. In the New Age, which is upon us, all true work is group work, with the individualDiscipleship1, 343:Age, which is upon us, all true work is group work, with the individual subordinated to the groupDiscipleship1, 343:of old, let me give to you the meditation work which I wish you to do. For six months cease fromDiscipleship1, 344:This seventh ray personality enables you to work actively in many ways upon the physical plane,Discipleship1, 344:for the way in which you have taken hold of this work, and for your cooperation in attempting toDiscipleship1, 344:of mine is by no means an easy one with which to work. In the six members who are at presentDiscipleship1, 345:at this time, going to alter your meditation work. Rhythm through meditation takes time toDiscipleship1, 345:months and, though you need no cheering, your work has been amazingly selfless. I wanted you toDiscipleship1, 345:physical plane. There is a point I ask you to work at during these next months, for it constitutesDiscipleship1, 346:each [346] morning (prior to starting the day's work) that the power an wisdom then contacted, andDiscipleship1, 346:conception of being. So many people labor at the work of being a disciple. At a certain stage, thisDiscipleship1, 346:Once a day you must seek recharging and, if the work is adequately done, it should suffice. YourDiscipleship1, 350:attention as a preparatory task for the future work in healing in which you must prepare to take aDiscipleship1, 350:prepare to take a prominent part. This group work I trust we can begin soon if the group continuesDiscipleship1, 351:and grasped the essentials of the group work. You will be even more receptive to my suggestionsDiscipleship1, 351:for disciples in the early stages of their work together. They serve only to foster personalityDiscipleship1, 351:can the group meet, as a unit, for your future work in healing? This question will necessitateDiscipleship1, 352:wherever they may be and thus do the required work. That the group could do the work each morningDiscipleship1, 352:the required work. That the group could do the work each morning at their morning meditation, eachDiscipleship1, 352:(as many as possibly can) in person for the work of healing but should refuse to impair theirDiscipleship1, 352:You possess four types of ray energy, which work quite fully through you. It is not hard for you toDiscipleship1, 352:to use your hands and it determines your life work, because the hands are the agents of theDiscipleship1, 354:use in the group. I give you no other special work to do nor special meditation. Your time is fullyDiscipleship1, 355:two beams of light with which you increasingly work and that they balance each other. When they do,Discipleship1, 355:do. You are primarily along the occult line. You work with energy and, actually and mentally, youDiscipleship1, 355:well controlled and coordinated. You need to work with the physical body and use it in the work youDiscipleship1, 355:to work with the physical body and use it in the work you have to do and right there is whereDiscipleship1, 356:not getting the result which you should... Your work lies largely with individual and with the taskDiscipleship1, 356:the experience gained through many lives. This work can be increased if you deal with firmness,Discipleship1, 356:you down and set weights upon your feet. The work to be done is steadily increasing, brother ofDiscipleship1, 356:brother of old, and you are needed in that work and needed more dynamically than heretofore. GraspDiscipleship1, 356:that idea and stand steadily with me in the work I seek to do. Be ready to give of your wisdom andDiscipleship1, 356:and teach when the need arises... In your early work in meditation you were told to sound theDiscipleship1, 356:I wish you to take up now a sevenfold work upon the centers because some synthetic work will beDiscipleship1, 356:work upon the centers because some synthetic work will be helpful to you. I will not here outlineDiscipleship1, 357:months have seen you making much effort and the work of refining the vehicles is proceeding apace.Discipleship1, 357:You have still several more months of strenuous work before the personality can measure up to theDiscipleship1, 358:During the next six months, your meditation work and the focus of your attention must be theDiscipleship1, 358:alignment of the soul and brain, via the mind. Work at that for a while with understanding, priorDiscipleship1, 358:your method considerably. I suggest that you work with color more than with forms of words, such asDiscipleship1, 359:At your noon meditation repeat the same symbolic work but this time with a yellow lotus. At sunsetDiscipleship1, 362:need to give you but a little as you have yet to work out that which I have suggested. AboveDiscipleship1, 362:have been used in the past months to institute a work which can be of real service and you haveDiscipleship1, 362:merited. I can, therefore, tell you that your work is recognized. [363] But you have much to doDiscipleship1, 363:upon the little self. You are handicapping your work and negating a fuller influence by seeingDiscipleship1, 363:the time process as a whole and for three months work only one day at a time, making each hour ofDiscipleship1, 363:widely and not to fear love, as now you do. Your work as an executive has drawn forth your latentDiscipleship1, 363:has drawn forth your latent wisdom. Your work in my group and in the New Group of World ServersDiscipleship1, 363:this suggestion. Give more definite help in the work... You can give that which is needed, if youDiscipleship1, 363:lose sight of yourself and can teach yourself to work with joyousness. Is not that the clue forDiscipleship1, 363:Is not that the clue for you, my brother, the work of joyous service? May I ask you to cultivateDiscipleship1, 363:of joy? If you give this more definite aid and work as it may be indicated to you, it will spellDiscipleship1, 363:a large measure of release. You can aid in the work with your wisdom and ripe experience. Adhere toDiscipleship1, 366:space of a year I would ask you to take over the work and place of D. A. O. in my group and so helpDiscipleship1, 366:seldom glimmered where the principles of group work are concerned. I can trust you to give what isDiscipleship1, 367:the most difficulty. If you mastered it, your work would forge ahead.
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