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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship1, 614:activity you have delayed. You have hindered the work in the group up to date and this cannot beDiscipleship1, 614:date and this cannot be permitted much longer. Work along this line can be done successfully onlyDiscipleship1, 615:beginning, for the first time in your life, to work as a humble server, relinquishing all plans,Discipleship1, 615:but that a group of brothers stands ready to work with you when you will work with them. Let yourDiscipleship1, 615:stands ready to work with you when you will work with them. Let your devotion be that of devotionDiscipleship1, 616:group brothers to be hindered in their group work from your constantly recurring tendency toDiscipleship1, 616:such that all workers are needed and the group work must go forward. As you leave this group, whatDiscipleship1, 617:an uneasy conscience and much outer plane work tended to safeguard you. See to it most carefullyDiscipleship1, 618:OLD: You have been drawn back into a phase of my work which, in the early days, you aided me toDiscipleship1, 618:see you again within the sphere of action of the work. I look to you to aid and help. If you willDiscipleship1, 618:that which lies outside the periphery of the work, regarding anything else as a sidetrack for you.Discipleship1, 618:difficult for you since you have again sought to work in connection with my plans. Things have notDiscipleship1, 619:you had, both of yourself as a worker and of the work to be done, was distorted by "wisps ofDiscipleship1, 619:make it easier. I would have you note that. The work needs men of consecration and devotion who areDiscipleship1, 619:to them; glamor about the magnitude of the work; glamor about a certain sad little aspirant; glamorDiscipleship1, 619:scientific capacity which held you away from my work for years; glamor about money; glamor aboutDiscipleship1, 619:up, you will be free to find your place in the work. This has been duly recognized by yourDiscipleship1, 619:They have known of your karmic relation to the work and have had no wish to change the situation.Discipleship1, 619:Nor have I. But you cannot continue to work under the liability of the present strain, and underDiscipleship1, 620:from your pictures and dreams, my brother, and work with no illusions and with no time forDiscipleship1, 620:pondering it. The reality of the vision is. The work of clearing the way for its materializing isDiscipleship1, 621:first ray and your utilization of energy in the work of service is commendable. Your aim must be toDiscipleship1, 621:is the method whereby the first ray destroyers work - and it is all part of the divine work. ToDiscipleship1, 621:work - and it is all part of the divine work. To you, my brother, I would say (and you willDiscipleship1, 622:because there is something you can do, and this work will be possible when you have developed theDiscipleship1, 622:way and increase your ability to serve. You can work with many groups, if you so wish, and shouldDiscipleship1, 622:many groups, if you so wish, and should always work as an energizing factor. Your spiritual diaryDiscipleship1, 623:not your powers. Centralize your activities and work increasingly with individuals. Thus does theDiscipleship1, 623:for you and of consistent, faithful, inner work. You have ever been sure of your spiritualDiscipleship1, 624:and this should give you encouragement. Let us work more definitely at that. I seek not toDiscipleship1, 624:but you have recognized that, in the press of work and for the period of the next few years, yourDiscipleship1, 624:and for the period of the next few years, your work can be directed by me, if so you will, andDiscipleship1, 624:a second ray disciple, myself. The pressure of work on the Masters Morya and K.H. is such that someDiscipleship1, 624:Master Hilarion is lifting a good deal of the work of training sixth ray disciples off theDiscipleship1, 624:of the stress of this cycle. It is one work, my brother, and all forces are expressions of theDiscipleship1, 625:the recognition of the freedom of all souls to work out that Plan in unison with each other,Discipleship1, 627:I gave you, for it still embodies much needed work. This new instruction is in the nature of aDiscipleship1, 627:started to make the needed readjustments. That work must be continued for another year. Have youDiscipleship1, 627:any idea, my brother, with what care I watch the work of this group of disciples? I watch withDiscipleship1, 628:group of disciples as to the rules for group work and a right comprehension as to the place each ofDiscipleship1, 628:the place each of you had to play in the future work. If all my disciples take hold of the presentDiscipleship1, 628:next few months and propose to you the following work. Study those of your fellow disciples whomDiscipleship1, 629:it and that is a great step. Continue the good work and see to it that this year your ivory tower -Discipleship1, 629:major spiritual activity must now be turned into work at the time of the Full Moon. Each monthDiscipleship1, 629:of inner recollection in getting ready for the work of the five days of the Full Moon period: TheDiscipleship1, 630:future. I would ask you to brood much upon the work of the new groups of disciples as they form theDiscipleship1, 630:Endeavor to get the picture of the future work clearly in your mind in its threefold aspects. BroodDiscipleship1, 631:to the Romans. Will you find out why? The work of this group of disciples with whom you areDiscipleship1, 632:soul. The advanced man and the aspirant [632] work from mental levels, producing the integration ofDiscipleship1, 632:you that way? Can I ask you to do one piece of work through and in yourself? Will you study theDiscipleship1, 633:able to reach you. With disciples in my group, I work not on the astral plane. I work on mentalDiscipleship1, 633:in my group, I work not on the astral plane. I work on mental levels, seeking to aid you all in theDiscipleship1, 634:to whom you belong, assigned to specific work by me; there is also the hierarchical group, myDiscipleship1, 635:phenomena. Three or four of those with whom you work on the astral plane are genuinely deluded andDiscipleship1, 635:For the majority of the group with whom you work, there is no reality at all; they are but shellsDiscipleship1, 635:it is again one functioning whole, our planned work cannot be undertaken. You are in the difficultDiscipleship1, 636:plane. You endeavor - largely unconsciously - to work as an astral magician works, using words toDiscipleship1, 636:and form together. You do not use the Word. The work you do is done on astral levels and not fromDiscipleship1, 636:it all and free yourself from all magical work of every kind until you are established in soulDiscipleship1, 636:expression of seventh ray force facilitates this work of magic. Until, my brother, you areDiscipleship1, 636:soul, you are playing with fire and the magical work of the astral plane is full of danger for you.Discipleship1, 636:Masonry is for this life unwise, for the Masonic Work is magical work, being a reflection of theDiscipleship1, 636:life unwise, for the Masonic Work is magical work, being a reflection of the processes ofDiscipleship1, 636:are brought together through the "magical work of the soul." [637] I am speaking with franknessDiscipleship1, 637:a more complete indication of their individual work - an expression which will only be possible ifDiscipleship1, 637:asking yourself why I have put you into the work of this group. Is there something of major valueDiscipleship1, 638:which is that of psychological healing; here work will be given to aid you; at this point I canDiscipleship1, 638:teach you; and here you can begin to do the life work that is really yours. Have patience,Discipleship1, 638:time. They are in the nature of preparatory work, of a preliminary reorientation, and of a clearingDiscipleship1, 639:the group integrity by definite effort. Do the work which I have assigned to you. Work for theDiscipleship1, 639:Do the work which I have assigned to you. Work for the preservation of the group integrity. I askDiscipleship1, 641:depends upon the ability of the group members to work at will and on demand, under the influence ofDiscipleship1, 642:[642] It will be found, when we come actively to work, that some of you will be predisposed toDiscipleship1, 642:This means that this group should be able to work with the whole person or with groups as a whole.Discipleship1, 642:may be immediate in appearance, or they may work into your consciousness during the week whichDiscipleship1, 643:to interpret them. [643] I give you no special work except that which I am asking of all the groupDiscipleship1, 643:to that which I last wrote. The new group work will also suffice to occupy you fully. There is muchDiscipleship1, 643:and practiced; there is definite healing work to be done. You are, likewise, meditating changes inDiscipleship1, 643:are (and this is your main contribution to the work which we are seeking to do), you may reactDiscipleship1, 644:I would ask of you: Use as the basis of all your work that which I have written upon the seven raysDiscipleship1, 644:life. Then will follow the practice and active work with individuals. You will learn much moreDiscipleship1, 644:though these, in reason, have their place. Your work for the rest of your life must be based uponDiscipleship1, 645:and who has had some experience in healing work. It must also be one who has been trained for someDiscipleship1, 645:been trained for some years in right methods of work. You have a definite karmic relation to twoDiscipleship1, 645:one's vibration into a group, or to start work in a group which has been functioning for severalDiscipleship1, 646:[646] group is a difficult one. Some groups have work which automatically confines their attentionDiscipleship1, 646:groups are chosen because of their ability to work on astral levels. The task of this particularDiscipleship1, 646:levels. The task of this particular group is to work with power on physical levels; hence theDiscipleship1, 646:equal basis. I am giving you no set meditation work until my next communication. This instructionDiscipleship1, 646:ray is the seventh, which would enable you to work with facility in the new world which is emergingDiscipleship1, 648:upon your inner contacts and your spiritual work, takes ever its toll of the physical body and timeDiscipleship1, 648:understand and accept. Proceed with the work which we discussed and which I assigned and sanctionedDiscipleship1, 648:which I assigned and sanctioned - both the group work and that which I sanctioned individually.Discipleship1, 649:place to the Tibetan and some very definite work had been planned for him, but temporaryDiscipleship1, 650:you wish, my brother? Your contribution to the work of my disciples is reflective thought and theDiscipleship1, 650:well do. Have patience as you watch this group work unfold, for as yet you see not the real purposeDiscipleship1, 651:or in the dark, to be active or passive, to work or to wait, to speak or to be silent, to takeDiscipleship1, 651:what they need as instruments for their mighty work, and to fill whatever post is vacant in theirDiscipleship1, 654:my brother? I think not. We need you in our work. You are, as I have already pointed out, in aDiscipleship1, 655:indicated need, my brother? Is your love of the work and of your group brothers adequate to enable
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