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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship2, 85:your intensified individual approach and the work of the Triangles and Goodwill, will provide youDiscipleship2, 85:- under F.B. - for the Triangles and Goodwill work. Make their work possible and avoidDiscipleship2, 85:for the Triangles and Goodwill work. Make their work possible and avoid interference; they willDiscipleship2, 85:love accompany them. Keep the personnel of the work as far as possible [86] masculine and put noDiscipleship2, 86:I am making no startling plans for handling the work in the event of the death of A.A.B. I suggestDiscipleship2, 86:I suggest no changes. I would like to see the work left in the hands of those who are already doingDiscipleship2, 86:need arises and place occurs. I suggest that the work be kept fluid, as A.A.B. has always kept it.Discipleship2, 86:kept it. Above all else, remember that the work of the Triangles, the Goodwill work and the ArcaneDiscipleship2, 86:that the work of the Triangles, the Goodwill work and the Arcane School is that of an organism andDiscipleship2, 86:the future of the various aspects of the work. The work will go on in the strength of its ownDiscipleship2, 86:future of the various aspects of the work. The work will go on in the strength of its own inherentDiscipleship2, 86:planning, interference and organization. Let the work alone, giving it assiduous attention andDiscipleship2, 86:meeting its needs as they arise. The Triangle work and the Goodwill work are in the hands of youngDiscipleship2, 86:they arise. The Triangle work and the Goodwill work are in the hands of young people who must beDiscipleship2, 86:trusted and encouraged. The Invocation work, tied in with the Goodwill work, the Triangles and theDiscipleship2, 86:The Invocation work, tied in with the Goodwill work, the Triangles and the School, is movingDiscipleship2, 86:and momentous. The various phases of the work will proceed as desired if all talk of executiveDiscipleship2, 87:Service is its keynote. Its members can work in any sect and in any political party, provided theyDiscipleship2, 88:or for the service activities though you can work helpfully, with humbleness and pure motive in anyDiscipleship2, 88:which underlies the various aspects of the work now in process of expansion. A brief diagram shouldDiscipleship2, 88:SERVICE ACTIVITIES the Triangles, the Goodwill work, the Invocation work allied with THE LUCISDiscipleship2, 88:the Triangles, the Goodwill work, the Invocation work allied with THE LUCIS PUBLISHING COMPANY TheDiscipleship2, 89:as a group, is to aid a phase of the work to be done which is strictly the project of the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 89:whole. I ask you to throw your efforts into the work of preparation for the reappearance of theDiscipleship2, 89:relations through the medium of the Goodwill work. Begin, my brothers, to do your own work, leavingDiscipleship2, 89:work. Begin, my brothers, to do your own work, leaving others to shoulder their assignedDiscipleship2, 89:and waste no time in interfering in any phase of work which does not call for your attention. YouDiscipleship2, 89:will continue to do so if you so desire, but the work of the Christ (to which all Ashrams areDiscipleship2, 90:I will write an instruction upon group work which will close all that I have to say on the subjectDiscipleship2, 91:of those who have been given the opportunity to work with me have had some relationship with meDiscipleship2, 91:activities - have warranted the opportunity to work in a still closer relationship. This they proveDiscipleship2, 91:to carry out certain phases of the exoteric work of service for which they may be fitted but forDiscipleship2, 93:to you as failure. I am greatly pleased with the work being done by some of the eight members whoDiscipleship2, 93:steady, but have enough teaching whereon to work and can take no more stimulation. The majority ofDiscipleship2, 93:H.S.D. for the remainder of her life should work at the attainment of a quiet spirit, and sheDiscipleship2, 94:as to what I can say in order to make the group work, group relationships, group identification andDiscipleship2, 95:you? These are some of the implications of group work, and for these you must be prepared. TheDiscipleship2, 96:knowledge, gained as the result of years of work under my tuition; the replies will give to yourDiscipleship2, 96:of the opportunity for this personal research work, coincident with the postwar period, you mayDiscipleship2, 97:A short, tabulated statement as to the unique work which every Ashram carries on in the outer worldDiscipleship2, 98:3 In what do you personally feel that your work in the future should consist in the following threeDiscipleship2, 99:your own soul or the group? What effect has the work of the full moon had upon you? Have there beenDiscipleship2, 99:now govern your efforts in relation to your work as my disciple during the coming remainder of yourDiscipleship2, 99:question concerns both your outer and your inner work of a practical nature. [100] Have you anyDiscipleship2, 100:nature. [100] Have you any definite schedule of work outlined in your mind as your contribution toDiscipleship2, 100:and with me. I am the director of your work. That this relationship may prove the signalDiscipleship2, 100:gave you only a very little teaching anent group work, though there were several significant hintsDiscipleship2, 100:you have profited by this teaching upon group work, though many of you have profited much by theDiscipleship2, 101:A.A.B. Like all disciples, she had at first to work in the dark; she knew nothing in her physicalDiscipleship2, 101:Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work in collaboration with the Christ. It was toDiscipleship2, 102:be my last instruction on the theme of group work. It is not necessary for me to say much more uponDiscipleship2, 102:the law of the freedom of the human soul - to work in the world of men without those representativeDiscipleship2, 102:that I engineered this experiment in group work with all of you in order to test out the humanDiscipleship2, 109:and thus [109] demonstrate their ability to work within an Ashram. Disciples - in the earlierDiscipleship2, 109:of their claims to information because the work of the Masters and their freedom to serve humanityDiscipleship2, 109:now, my brothers and co-workers, I leave you to work, serve and study; by that last word, I meanDiscipleship2, 115:today, prior to the definite and detailed group work - later to be outlined. Under cyclic law thereDiscipleship2, 116:to live consciously at the center and then to work outward from there in radiatory, magneticDiscipleship2, 117:to continue holding this recollection steady and work always in due remembrance of the morning'sDiscipleship2, 118:firm foundations will thus be laid for the group work and the group meditation, which I intend toDiscipleship2, 118:and until further notice - I would ask you to work as follows: Group yourselves, all twenty-four ofDiscipleship2, 119:child, you will bring about a situation wherein work will be possible. Look not for results. YoursDiscipleship2, 119:not for results. Yours is to do the outlined work and this, when rightly done, makes the due resultDiscipleship2, 119:group relation and the potency of its future work" in the service of humanity. Discipleship2, 119:necessity for such a point was obvious in the work of transferring energy) but which is of vitalDiscipleship2, 119:can you complete the meditation. The Full Moon work will remain as already assigned for theDiscipleship2, 120:plexus will become extremely active and - if the work is correctly done - it will make that pointDiscipleship2, 122:via the heart center. That is why people who work creatively usually have first ray personalitiesDiscipleship2, 126:this line from now until May, when - if you work with tension and achieve results - can give youDiscipleship2, 126:you another meditation which will climax the work done and bring another center into activity.Discipleship2, 126:that I can do with you until this meditation work has been patiently and regularly done andDiscipleship2, 126:take in these early preparatory stages of your work. It must precede the more definite trainingDiscipleship2, 126:which may be possible if you persevere in the work outlined. I would remind you that this is myDiscipleship2, 126:why it is the secret of all true meditation work in its earlier stages? I seek not to repeat, butDiscipleship2, 126:Pages 89-91). In connection with your Full Moon work, I seek to change the process which has beenDiscipleship2, 127:fusion in love; some success is apparent. Now work at the united evocation of the will. Each monthDiscipleship2, 128:Part IV Part IV As I have studied the meditation work of each of you (and both you and I knowDiscipleship2, 128:three of you have profited adequately from that work. I am, therefore, giving you a very simpleDiscipleship2, 129:involving another center, but the results of the work done do not warrant this. Perhaps a betterDiscipleship2, 130:each morning at the close of the alignment work, endeavoring to hold the mind steady in the lightDiscipleship2, 131:on Meditation - Part V Part V The meditation work assigned to you thus far falls into three parts:Discipleship2, 132:with the Hierarchy - via my Ashram. To do this work correctly, we will start with the premise thatDiscipleship2, 134:It constitutes a normal development from the work already done. In the first two meditations given,Discipleship2, 134:opportunity for effort during the coming year's work. This threefold spiritual reality (which isDiscipleship2, 134:agent") is the goal of the presented meditation work. It is not in this case the soul, whoseDiscipleship2, 136:cycle immediately confronting us, of which the work I am at this time seeking to do is but a tinyDiscipleship2, 137:will, eludes as yet the most advanced. The work of the next few centuries will bring about changesDiscipleship2, 137:and these changes will be brought about by the work done in the Ashrams of the Masters, guided byDiscipleship2, 137:of the Hierarchy; you will attempt to vision its work, and you will endeavor to relate yourself toDiscipleship2, 137:The third point of the triangle (as far as your work in this meditation is concerned) comes intoDiscipleship2, 138:to cooperate in all phases of the Master's work, and it is not possible for you, for instance, toDiscipleship2, 138:for instance, to cooperate in every phase of the work in my Ashram which I have outlined in myDiscipleship2, 138:which has been summarized in the one entitled My Work). But it is possible for you to choose someDiscipleship2, 138:strongly carried forward - aid in the esoteric work of the world and the exoteric rehabilitation ofDiscipleship2, 138:relations... The fourth stage of the meditation work is concerned with the square which - for theDiscipleship2, 138:with the square which - for the purposes of our work - we will simply regard as the field ofDiscipleship2, 138:of service and of experience - experience in work and not individual life experience. You will noteDiscipleship2, 138:note that this description of the meditation work, which I am asking you to carry forward for aDiscipleship2, 138:individually upon the successful action of all work previously done) to begin the task of bringingDiscipleship2, 138:sources. I will therefore briefly outline the work, asking you to do it after close study of all
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