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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship2, 215:and to cooperate consciously with the creative work of the Hierarchy. Discipleship2, 217:times of superlative tension in the meditative work of all hierarchical Ashrams. At the times ofDiscipleship2, 218:and in the chaos of these modern times, the work of the new creation is going forward, the task ofDiscipleship2, 218:taking place. What, therefore, is the creative work confronting the Ashrams in the Hierarchy andDiscipleship2, 218:of the Hierarchy? It falls into two parts: The work of bringing order out of chaos. The task ofDiscipleship2, 219:It is nearing its desired finish, if men work towards the freedom for which all their souls long.Discipleship2, 220:military and air) much needed hierarchical work is being accomplished; the energy of the fourth RayDiscipleship2, 221:will be a powerful factor in the creative work being done by the Hierarchy and by the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 222:to invoke the higher, spiritual potencies, to work with concentration - both vertically andDiscipleship2, 222:deflecting of money from material ends into the work which the Hierarchy seeks to haveDiscipleship2, 223:which are needed to carry forward the planned work of the planetary Logos. Shamballa itself is alsoDiscipleship2, 223:been the case. Humanity can now intelligently work with the presented Plan, and this for the firstDiscipleship2, 225:reorient money, for instance, towards spiritual work (and by "spiritual work" I do not here referDiscipleship2, 225:towards spiritual work (and by "spiritual work" I do not here refer to the work of the churches andDiscipleship2, 225:by "spiritual work" I do not here refer to the work of the churches and of the world religions)Discipleship2, 225:Plan; millions are needed to further the work of men of goodwill; millions are needed to educateDiscipleship2, 226:with those Servers who are now undertaking the work of Preparation? This is the one time in theDiscipleship2, 228:dedicating the threefold personality to the work of preparation. Suggestions: It is suggested thatDiscipleship2, 229:most important things needed today for spiritual work, what is the factor which is at presentDiscipleship2, 229:which is at present deflecting it away from the work of the Hierarchy? What is my personal attitudeDiscipleship2, 229:of men everywhere so that they may give to the work of the Hierarchy that which has hitherto beenDiscipleship2, 230:the Forces of Light." [230] Then visualize the work to be done by those groups which claim yourDiscipleship2, 230:the hands of those who seek to do the Masters' work. Then say aloud, with conviction and emphasis:Discipleship2, 230:the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out. And may it seal the door where evilDiscipleship2, 231:present prevents adequate funds pouring into the work which the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish. DoDiscipleship2, 231:during the previous week and dedicate it to the work and present it in meditation to the Christ andDiscipleship2, 231:which was based upon the furthering of the work of the New Group of World Servers, as they soughtDiscipleship2, 231:the reappearance of the Christ. That preparatory work is the major incentive lying back of all thatDiscipleship2, 231:consider the relation of group meditation to the work of the New Group of World Servers, and theDiscipleship2, 231:unanimous and simultaneous meditation upon the work of preparing the world for the new order andDiscipleship2, 231:group has undertaken, or else the meditation work which you will do will hinder and not help. TheDiscipleship2, 232:description have to be contacted. Much of the work to be done, therefore, will be purely economicDiscipleship2, 232:world religions is another aspect of the same work, requiring no occult information but theDiscipleship2, 232:who are not yet in touch with any Ashram; they work thus from humanitarian, interested andDiscipleship2, 233:and mental groups; the laws of this meditative work are the result of certain mentalDiscipleship2, 233:development and endeavor, according to the work desired of any Ray Ashram implicated at anyDiscipleship2, 234:I set myself to achieve when I undertook this work of making the Plan clearer to the minds of men,Discipleship2, 235:understanding was lost. Maybe - owing to the work of the Brothers of Darkness - there was no way toDiscipleship2, 235:world of forms into greater glory and light. The work hitherto done in such occult groups as theDiscipleship2, 235:a needed concentration. Only in the meditation work of the fourth degree has some of the creativeDiscipleship2, 235:of the fourth degree has some of the creative work become possible and that in its most elementaryDiscipleship2, 236:followed by aspirants and disciples who seek to work in an Ashram in cooperation with the Plan andDiscipleship2, 236:higher spiritual impression, then the creative work of the Spiritual Triad can be developed and aDiscipleship2, 236:introduces a new concept into the preparatory work to be done by the New Group of World Servers.Discipleship2, 237:the rules which govern the ability to do group work - which is the work to which the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 237:the ability to do group work - which is the work to which the Hierarchy is eternally committed. IDiscipleship2, 237:other volumes you will find the Rules for Group Work; all these rules are, in essence, modes ofDiscipleship2, 246:fact of world urgency and the immensity of the work to be done by them and owing also to the factDiscipleship2, 246:of disciples those who have started specific work under their direction in some previous life, andDiscipleship2, 246:two Chohans, and hence the decision for you to work under my instruction and guidance. It hasDiscipleship2, 246:by those who have had experience of group work is that there are some in the group who are as yetDiscipleship2, 247:connected both with initiation and the creative work of the imagination, because these teachingsDiscipleship2, 248:understood and attempted. Perhaps now you will work harder at the production of "contactDiscipleship2, 248:called. It is with Formula One that you must now work. Formula Two deals with alignment; notDiscipleship2, 248:is understood in the very necessary preparatory work of the Arcane School. That form of alignmentDiscipleship2, 249:or initiate. The death proceeds with its needed work, but it is not destructive in effect. ThisDiscipleship2, 255:of past hierarchical methods and modes of work. Has what the past has given proved an adequateDiscipleship2, 255:incoming solar and cosmic forces? Will the past work of the Hierarchy stand? Such are the problemsDiscipleship2, 264:in his subjective nature. He does the required work and the results naturally and simply happen.Discipleship2, 264:have the responsibility of indicating to you the work I want done and the steps to be taken. YouDiscipleship2, 264:to be taken. You subsequently have to do the work. Most of you, living normally as you do in theDiscipleship2, 264:which are expected by you to eventuate from the work. Therefore, instead of concentrating uponDiscipleship2, 264:instead of concentrating upon exactitude of work and meticulous obedience, your energy goes intoDiscipleship2, 264:the consideration of the difficulties of the work, and into your belief that no results areDiscipleship2, 264:in giving you these formulas is to aid you to work in the world of causes and so draw youDiscipleship2, 264:Therefore, I would ask you to do the indicated work, to concentrate your minds upon these formulasDiscipleship2, 266:to you consequently the need for definite work upon the instructions given you upon theDiscipleship2, 268:with the revelation of the constructive work of the Destroyer aspect. It is therefore related toDiscipleship2, 270:which can now be revealed and known, because the work of aeons is culminating in a general soulDiscipleship2, 272:the initiate the key to the next stage of his work. These curious and ancient sets of phrases orDiscipleship2, 276:modern disciple; he knows enough by himself to work on his own character, and he has penetrated toDiscipleship2, 277:first hint dealt with the changes wrought by the work done in the Ashrams which are enfolded in theDiscipleship2, 277:Council Chamber. This will be the result of the work done by the disciples of the world - in or outDiscipleship2, 280:will, in the earlier stages of discipleship, work through the abstract mind and the concrete mind.Discipleship2, 281:of the World will stand revealed to him. The work of the initiate is carried forward within theDiscipleship2, 281:of the approach which the initiate brings to the work is drawn, as pure energy, from the heartDiscipleship2, 282:Logos and this expansive and all-inclusive work is entered into in graded sequences and carriedDiscipleship2, 282:initiate: Now you know, and therefore you can work. Rather it is: Now you serve and work, and in soDiscipleship2, 282:you can work. Rather it is: Now you serve and work, and in so doing you are embarked upon a new andDiscipleship2, 282:until such time as he is advanced enough to work in the world of being. The aspirant is endeavoringDiscipleship2, 287:The initiate, on his tiny scale, has to learn to work as a nourisher and savior of the seeds ofDiscipleship2, 288:on his tiny scale, likewise has to learn to work behind the scenes, unknown and unrecognized andDiscipleship2, 289:consciously by the initiate whilst doing his work under the Law of Sacrifice. What is meant here byDiscipleship2, 291:within the personality) can be used in the work of the Hierarchy. Let me now expand the conceptDiscipleship2, 295:would have been of little use in the work of lifting mankind nearer to the light; the Ashrams existDiscipleship2, 296:the aspirational prayers and the meditation work - untrained or as the result of training - done byDiscipleship2, 300:of cooperation, but it will not be possible to work with it or apply it for another twenty-fiveDiscipleship2, 300:- having done the above - leaves the disciple to work through to knowledge and cooperativeDiscipleship2, 301:all your difficulties, and mine also, as I work with you. However, the next one hundred years willDiscipleship2, 301:about in the Hierarchy, and in order to make the work of the New Age adequate and to establish aDiscipleship2, 301:with Shamballa, have been the result of the work done by the working disciples of the world. WhyDiscipleship2, 304:in a mysterious manner conditions the creative work, are certain formulas which - as I have pointedDiscipleship2, 307:and we call it the Plan when considering the work of the Hierarchy in bringing this Purpose asDiscipleship2, 308:coming New Age, disciples will be taught how to work consciously and knowingly for light; they willDiscipleship2, 311:Points of Revelation the initiate is presumed to work from a more advanced standpoint ofDiscipleship2, 311:to the word "karma" because in this type of work the initiate is working and practicing andDiscipleship2, 312:with whom all initiates principally work. I wanted to make this clear because students almostDiscipleship2, 313:future lie behind all you do in your meditation work. Your meditation should now be regarded by youDiscipleship2, 314:initiate. Process and [314] techniques do their work, and these are followed by the recognitionDiscipleship2, 314:apt to think that the entire objective of the work of the Hierarchy is to find and admit men into
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