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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship2, 315:then they can and then they do share in the work of the Hierarchy. That cycle of sharing has seemedDiscipleship2, 316:and that advanced humanity can now share the work, the responsibility and the trained reticence ofDiscipleship2, 318:the next developing cycle. It is this type of work which I have been endeavoring to do with the aidDiscipleship2, 319:The hint, for instance, with which you can work until you receive the next sequence of teaching isDiscipleship2, 319:brought about in the Hierarchy have been the work of the disciples of the world. Have you askedDiscipleship2, 320:it is in that world that he must learn to work and live; it is from that world that he must beginDiscipleship2, 320:it is from that world that he must begin now to work in two directions in time and space, for theDiscipleship2, 321:them, if you have succeeded in following this work closely, and may already have achieved somethingDiscipleship2, 324:new slant on this engrossing and assertive work. What I have to say grows out of certain hints IDiscipleship2, 325:ready for initiation; they have done the needed work in previous lives. No time, therefore, need beDiscipleship2, 325:form; this is something entirely new in the work of the Hierarchy. Not one by one do candidatesDiscipleship2, 328:disciples can and do use ashramic force in their work in a destructive manner, and in the threeDiscipleship2, 329:can be seen in the response of this group to the work which I have asked you to undertake over theDiscipleship2, 329:and worked hard to further the Triangle work, to spread the Invocation and to help in the GoodwillDiscipleship2, 329:the Invocation and to help in the Goodwill work, but it is a very tiny minority. The rest haveDiscipleship2, 331:as you know, in the case of my Ashram - the work of the united disciples is to "seal the door"Discipleship2, 336:It is this test which I have been applying in my work with all of you in this special group; theDiscipleship2, 341:however, its meaning, as it concerns the life, work and activities of the disciple, is the factorDiscipleship2, 342:I, as a disciple of D.K., contributed to the work of inducing the Hierarchy to make certain neededDiscipleship2, 342:careful soul-personality cooperation. As I work, do I see an increasing vision of divine intention,Discipleship2, 342:involve occult obedience in its true sense. Do I work with an inner program, and are my thoughtsDiscipleship2, 344:the basis of demonstrated, effective, creative work. They show also (and I would like you to noteDiscipleship2, 344:thought-forms, and each of them conditions the work of our planetary Logos. They are soDiscipleship2, 345:Formula VI... Concerns Death. The constructive work of the Destroyer aspect. The "passing" ofDiscipleship2, 345:been indicated) concern the initiate and his work as it is impulsed from the moment [346] that anDiscipleship2, 346:nature of five modes or techniques of the future work to be done by the initiate betweenDiscipleship2, 346:Master what will be the nature of the creative work with which he - under law, according to ray,Discipleship2, 346:to one of the seven Paths - will eventually work. The entire theme is too complex for anything moreDiscipleship2, 347:techniques is confined entirely to creative work, carried on in accordance with the Purpose ofDiscipleship2, 349:veil an ultimate possibility for which he must work and wait. Discipleship2, 351:perception of the incoming disciples. Group work, group reaction and group possibilities areDiscipleship2, 351:seeking entry into the hierarchical sphere of work is producing a unification of initiatory effortDiscipleship2, 353:use by the enemies of humanity and by those who work constantly against the Forces of Light. Today,Discipleship2, 356:seven principles. Disciples on all the rays can work with these hints in terms of the seven rays,Discipleship2, 356:in the Hierarchy have been the result of the work of the disciples of the world." Here you have aDiscipleship2, 357:the Ashram and his instinctive demand for group work and recognition. The new energies pouringDiscipleship2, 358:of relation and of direction. As they work for the Plan on the physical plane, they carry with themDiscipleship2, 361:and with it the disciple's ability to think and work with the group in terms of the Plan. He graspsDiscipleship2, 361:phase of Precipitation, when all the subjective work has been done on the basis of possibility, andDiscipleship2, 362:to more limited disciples, thus setting them to work. A group of carefully chosen disciples areDiscipleship2, 362:disciples are always held in the Hierarchy to work solely with the pattern; this is a mostDiscipleship2, 362:pattern; this is a most important phase of the work, requiring a spirit of synthesis and an abilityDiscipleship2, 362:supervise the precipitation of the Plan. Their work is necessarily far more exoteric, but is mostDiscipleship2, 363:direction as a definite part of the creative work which emanates constantly from the world ofDiscipleship2, 373:ever in mind that the Masters of the Wisdom work in three ways as they endeavor to implement theDiscipleship2, 374:a partial [374] truth; many of the Masters work through no physical or etheric mechanismDiscipleship2, 374:who have taken the third initiation. They work consequently from that high place within theDiscipleship2, 375:ray energy which, rightly used, conditions his work with and for the Hierarchy. The energy of theDiscipleship2, 375:use the ajna center. The number of those who can work with the energy of thought is now very great,Discipleship2, 377:He realizes that he must intelligently work towards the separation of the astral plane from the sixDiscipleship2, 378:he is being given his first opportunity to work with Light under the inspiration of the Will - asDiscipleship2, 379:triadal expressions of energy which makes the work of the world servers effective. You can see fromDiscipleship2, 382:is the fusion of all these capacities in group work which enables the group to seek initiation andDiscipleship2, 383:A would-be-initiate does not, at first, work solely under the care of the Master of a particularDiscipleship2, 384:basic energies; the initiate has to learn to work in and through that Will. If, therefore, eachDiscipleship2, 384:law - closely related to initiation - that "the work of the initiate is carried forward within theDiscipleship2, 385:his fellowmen; later, he shares the redemptive work connected with all true hierarchical endeavorDiscipleship2, 386:when they originally started their redemptive work, and is "a sudden blazing forth of theDiscipleship2, 387:inner glory to shine forth and - the redemptive work now being finished - "they can walk with gloryDiscipleship2, 387:in the Hierarchy have been the result of the work of the disciples of the world. Hint II. - HumanDiscipleship2, 389:to elucidate these hints for you I am not doing work which you should do. I am, in fact, onlyDiscipleship2, 389:in terms of a series of revelations, and their work with their disciples is to prepare them forDiscipleship2, 391:His value in this aspect of the hierarchical work is that he is not a Master, that he isDiscipleship2, 391:whereas the Masters and the senior initiates work with souls. When a disciple is a trulyDiscipleship2, 392:initiations, through [392] whom the "souls" work in the carrying out of the Plan. IntelligentDiscipleship2, 393:Mistakes are often made, because this triple work is dependent upon clear vision and a balancedDiscipleship2, 393:judgment, but in spite of everything, the work goes on and (in the long last) that which is theDiscipleship2, 394:light anywhere; they forget that the ability to work in the dark or in the light is all oneDiscipleship2, 394:factual, and the intelligent result of hard work; it is also the result of frequent distressDiscipleship2, 394:anticipation. The above is true of the life and work of the individual aspirant as he tackles theDiscipleship2, 395:fires of struggle, pain and [395] hard work, the aspirant transforms himself into the workingDiscipleship2, 395:will inevitably reveal itself, as you work through experiment and experience and from experienceDiscipleship2, 395:spiritual life and in relation to the work which he may be doing under hierarchical impression inDiscipleship2, 396:must go as he learns to cooperate with, and work out, the hierarchical Plan. This is the positiveDiscipleship2, 397:them accurately (via the ajna center) into the work and into the group which is under hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 400:to the Monad - throws fresh light upon the work of the Monad. This third eye is now receptive toDiscipleship2, 401:The inferences to be drawn I shall leave you to work out for yourselves after due study of theDiscipleship2, 403:and comprehended revelation - add to his work with the Plan and its building technique, a capacityDiscipleship2, 403:Plan and its building technique, a capacity to work with divine Purpose and with those substancesDiscipleship2, 405:you cannot possibly understand) influencing the work of those who labor for redemption in the worldDiscipleship2, 405:and consequently hasten the redemptive work and carry the energies from the highest levels of theDiscipleship2, 405:employed by the higher initiates in the work of assembling energies. This energy is perceptive ofDiscipleship2, 406:evolution. This synthesis precedes the work done on the two highest planes of divine unfoldment,Discipleship2, 409:of disciples and initiates is already here. The work or the radiatory activity of the Hierarchy isDiscipleship2, 410:as preparatory classes in group fusion and group work. Among those in these many groups -Discipleship2, 411:and fulfil your part in the preparatory work which is demanded. This work falls into two parts:Discipleship2, 411:in the preparatory work which is demanded. This work falls into two parts: Your own preparation, asDiscipleship2, 412:incarnation with much of this primary mental work well accomplished and with a substantial measureDiscipleship2, 414:of the Ashram in which he is now permitted to work, to discover for himself that hint or veiledDiscipleship2, 415:its infallibility - for the slow and laborious work of the mind, with its deviousness, itsDiscipleship2, 419:to the cosmic initiation for which his planetary work - creative and magnetic - has prepared him.Discipleship2, 424:of their awareness. As this phase of their great work is carried forward, it frequently coincidesDiscipleship2, 429:the medium of hierarchical endeavor. Their work lies with the advanced thinkers in the human familyDiscipleship2, 431:so that he becomes polarized there and can work intelligently from the attained point of awarenessDiscipleship2, 431:aware of the new energies with which he may now work, he enters the stage wherein he mayDiscipleship2, 431:and learns how to make them available in his work for humanity. At the same time, the InitiatorDiscipleship2, 432:Occult obedience is in reality the ability to work with these energies in relation to the Plan,Discipleship2, 433:of precipitation, according to the needs of the work to be done or the service to be rendered. AnDiscipleship2, 434:a process wherein the initiate is taught how to work with energy, how to use the creative,Discipleship2, 434:being directed by groups of Living Beings who work from the angle of a proved immortality, and who
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