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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship2, 500:interlude in your daily life of service and of work. Endeavor to sense the note or the vibration ofDiscipleship2, 501:School activity, and concentrate also upon the work of the Triangles. Prepare definitely for theDiscipleship2, 501:seek also for those who can aid in your planned work. The future ahead of my workers and the workDiscipleship2, 501:work. The future ahead of my workers and the work to be done which will emanate from my Ashram isDiscipleship2, 501:great activity. The plans are outlined and the work assigned is clearly proposed. I receive myDiscipleship2, 501:initiates above the third initiation. Thus the work becomes fused and blended, and the entireDiscipleship2, 501:out the Plan, via their Ashram, and thus the work makes its impact upon the outer world. I explainDiscipleship2, 501:you are confronted is not so much where you will work, but whether you have arrived at a high waterDiscipleship2, 503:presentation of truth is to be given out. The work that I have already done - through my books andDiscipleship2, 504:will be the carrying out of your plans for work with greatly intensified effort. You should nowDiscipleship2, 504:with greatly intensified effort. You should now work in closer cooperation with A.A.B. and F.B. TheDiscipleship2, 504:mind. Relinquish not the various phases of the work you have so successfully launched, but proceedDiscipleship2, 504:few years, is how to gather people together and work through them. This, as you have been taught,Discipleship2, 505:shall be the type of meditation and interior work which you should be doing during the comingDiscipleship2, 506:these two modes of thought. This reflective work should constitute your meditation work in theDiscipleship2, 506:work should constitute your meditation work in the future; it will condition your interiorDiscipleship2, 506:and will also inevitably make your outer work more dynamic. One reason why I have emphasized theDiscipleship2, 506:deliberately applied, can make for successful work, both in Europe and South America - your twoDiscipleship2, 506:reawakened and reinspired realization that the work, planned and intended by me, can beDiscipleship2, 507:you and which you need to bear in mind as you work. A realization of this peculiar combination ofDiscipleship2, 507:I shield and protect, but I leave you free to work. Discipleship2, 507:the Hierarchy. For many years you have done our work in a most difficult sphere. I say this to youDiscipleship2, 507:time, my brother?) in wishing you had done the work better or differently, or in the unrewardingDiscipleship2, 507:- is one of the most difficult in which to work. The narrowness of thought induced by RomanDiscipleship2, 507:unproductive? So be of good cheer. Your work is more fruitful than you realize and in some life youDiscipleship2, 508:task; let others deal with the mechanics of the work whilst you seek to act as a spiritualDiscipleship2, 508:The recognition of this phase of your work is perhaps the most important lesson you can learn atDiscipleship2, 508:others competently handling the mechanics of the work whilst you teach and aid them in theirDiscipleship2, 509:environment, The Arcane School, of which your work in South America is an integral part, TheDiscipleship2, 509:three times, and then proceed about your daily work. My blessing continues to rest upon you. Discipleship2, 510:and there has been evidenced the willingness to work alone and apparently with no ashramicDiscipleship2, 510:the Ashram is secure enable you to complete the work which you have begun. NOTE: This disciple hasDiscipleship2, 511:plans and to occupy yourself with definite group work. Our disciples learn the processes ofDiscipleship2, 511:grasp eventually the processes also of group work and the rules which govern group endeavor. TheseDiscipleship2, 517:of love-wisdom. The first and the second rays work closely together; love and will are closelyDiscipleship2, 517:two. The three of you together could do potent work, and the need of the Ashram at this time forDiscipleship2, 518:study and upon which they can count as they work together in united effort in any Ashram. As IDiscipleship2, 519:- should provide the theme for your meditation work until I next communicate with you. To this IDiscipleship2, 520:the six seed thoughts for your meditative work during the coming year. Will you thus consider them?Discipleship2, 520:year. Will you thus consider them? Out of the work which you will accomplish thus in meditationDiscipleship2, 521:is one of the assets and also aspects of this work of preparation. Disciples ever take initiationsDiscipleship2, 521:you have taken refuge from the tests in the work of your own group, rather than in the Ashram. InDiscipleship2, 523:and during that time refuse to think about your work, about your groups, their personnel or aboutDiscipleship2, 524:your early enthusiasm in relation to us and our work. Then again resume your world contacts. ThereDiscipleship2, 525:which looms larger in his consciousness than the work of the Ashram with which he is affiliated.Discipleship2, 527:within yourself - you are not satisfied with the work you do or the words you write. The book youDiscipleship2, 528:are not working along new age lines, for your work is along the old lines - of superior teachers,Discipleship2, 529:great usefulness. I foresaw this cycle of useful work when I first contacted you. There is stillDiscipleship2, 530:reading, listening, and of your response to the work of the Arcane School is apt to take the placeDiscipleship2, 531:in the limited field, conditioned by his chosen work and colored by his idealism. He excludes theDiscipleship2, 534:which are based on love and not on work to be done, positions to be filled, people to beDiscipleship2, 536:expression of love. For this assignment of work much occult and psychological knowledge will beDiscipleship2, 536:but be reasonable whilst unafraid. There is work for you to do and your next unfoldment of workDiscipleship2, 536:work for you to do and your next unfoldment of work will come to you through the means of aDiscipleship2, 536:chain of golden links, and there is work for you in my Ashram. Discipleship2, 537:the basis of the effects which are liable to work out in the family, in the business office orDiscipleship2, 541:you, without cessation, in its radiation. Work steadily in cooperation with your group brothers.Discipleship2, 542:you do), and also by F.B., when need arises. The work in the world will grow in every land, andDiscipleship2, 542:Arcane School. The Triangles and the Goodwill work will spread. But the Arcane School must continueDiscipleship2, 542:it creates - when achieved - the understanding work with vision, a capacity for long-rangeDiscipleship2, 543:and the blueprints for the expansion of the work. Make yourself accessible, my brother, and moreDiscipleship2, 543:and more and more people will seek you out. Your work in the future, as you well realize, lies withDiscipleship2, 543:service is unlimited. As regards your meditation work, I would like it to center more definitely onDiscipleship2, 543:give you the following themes, covering a year's work which, if diligently considered for severalDiscipleship2, 544:it; it may lie in a half-realized inability to work out right relations with people, fretting andDiscipleship2, 547:not waste your time or mine in giving you this work to do. Regularly and without anxiety do as youDiscipleship2, 548:freedom in its hand. Within the Ashram you must work. Cycles of speech transmute themselves intoDiscipleship2, 548:with the Ashram. This was peculiarly so in the work of the Groups of Nine, and in the first cycleDiscipleship2, 548:and in the first cycle of the New Seed Group work this was continued, though in a lessened degreeDiscipleship2, 548:of course, three basic principles governing all work in an Ashram. I refer not here to occultDiscipleship2, 549:seeks to give help, speaks increasingly of "my work, my group, my teaching, my people, my plans,"Discipleship2, 550:life of the Ashram, as his contribution to the work of the Ashram, and thus eventually comes to theDiscipleship2, 550:of his own picture and from the center of his work, and only the need to be met and the power ofDiscipleship2, 553:next life. Then you will carry out certain work that you and I together have already planned. Discipleship2, 555:Draw, however, what you need for your teaching work from the ancient reservoir of wisdom, and notDiscipleship2, 555:you should live. Think humbly, speak wisely and work ceaselessly. The opportunity today is greatDiscipleship2, 557:the as if idea. These will cover one year's work. I would like to see you take these themes andDiscipleship2, 557:time you will probably wish to go over all the work again, on a higher level and with a deeperDiscipleship2, 558:indissoluble and that the interlude of interior work and the period wherein you worked out karmaDiscipleship2, 559:needs the kind of help which you can give. Her work grows heavier, her health is seriouslyDiscipleship2, 559:cooperation and you can do much to interpret the work that emanates from my Ashram and thus aidDiscipleship2, 559:my Ashram and thus aid seeking souls. To this work I call you afresh. The meditation which I amDiscipleship2, 560:at the foundation of the hierarchical method of work. A disciple becomes spiritually magnetic; hisDiscipleship2, 560:trained to handle this phase of the hierarchical work among men. This might be stated to be theDiscipleship2, 561:my brother and my friend, travel life's way; work in my Ashram; aid your fellowmen, and know theDiscipleship2, 562:and to focus with definite intention upon work in mental matter, under clear, inner impression.Discipleship2, 564:conditions which will enable you to assume and work through a first ray personality when you nextDiscipleship2, 565:for reflection will suffice for your meditation work for the coming year, and you should profitDiscipleship2, 566:idea of what I am trying to convey anent the work done in the Ashram of a Master or that done inDiscipleship2, 566:a vital hint as to the distinction between the work of the two types of Ashrams. You can also, ifDiscipleship2, 566:of Ashrams. You can also, if you so choose, work out the same idea in the linking of the threeDiscipleship2, 567:You know enough of the meditation process to work it out through the years into your own reflectiveDiscipleship2, 568:an interlude wherein you can perfect your work for individual souls; you have been provided fullDiscipleship2, 572:take your time and attention as well as your work along your chosen creative lines - those on whichDiscipleship2, 572:social amenities and who regard doing Red Cross work as demonstrating adequately their usefulness?Discipleship2, 576:to your training and the field of your daily work - you are equipped to provide that measure ofDiscipleship2, 577:The secret of triplicity is yours. Work on it so the mind is clear. Love more. Wisdom is yours, yetDiscipleship2, 579:lasting, sound and constructive. Your particular work in my Ashram is (as well you know) connectedDiscipleship2, 579:establish some uniformity and continuity of work. Continue with the work you are now doing and inDiscipleship2, 579:and continuity of work. Continue with the work you are now doing and in the way you are doing it,
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