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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship2, 618:with deliberation bringing to your notice. Your work lies in training the senior students and forDiscipleship2, 618:Ashram of K.H. I indicate to you no meditation work. In the doing of the meditation work of theDiscipleship2, 618:meditation work. In the doing of the meditation work of the advanced group and your presentation ofDiscipleship2, 618:many years. Each group - through its meditation work - must have its focal point and its energizingDiscipleship2, 618:A handful remain profoundly attached to the work and to the purpose. Another handful is still inDiscipleship2, 619:1940 BROTHER OF MINE: A strenuous winter's work lies ahead of all disciples who are engaged in ourDiscipleship2, 619:the entire group of serving disciples who are at work in the world and are the hope of the world atDiscipleship2, 620:by soul light, being dedicated to group work and not to personality aspiration and personalityDiscipleship2, 621:it is wrong, and he seeks to be happier in his work and so in his consciousness. He says to himselfDiscipleship2, 622:time. There is much that you can do in the work if you will face yourself by forgetting yourself;Discipleship2, 622:purification? Is not that the personal work we should constantly be at, and is it not what isDiscipleship2, 626:distinctions of the lower mind fade out, and the work - the necessary work - of discovery and ofDiscipleship2, 626:mind fade out, and the work - the necessary work - of discovery and of differentiation has playedDiscipleship2, 630:wisdom but also spiritual prevision. Your work in my Ashram must some day be more definitely anDiscipleship2, 630:must some day be more definitely an aspect of my work [631] in the outer world than it nowDiscipleship2, 631:(and mine is no exception) are pledged to the work of their Ashram, and this you have always known.Discipleship2, 631:always known. E'en though it is true that all work is spiritual, given right motive and intention,Discipleship2, 631:and lines of activity which should govern the work of my disciples. It is not permitted for me toDiscipleship2, 631:where that service must be rendered. The group work and the four stages of reflection which I haveDiscipleship2, 631:spiritual enterprise at this time. These and the work you are doing in your present field of laborDiscipleship2, 631:in the last instruction I gave you that the work of the Ashram is ever the prime obligation of theDiscipleship2, 631:obligation of the disciple. Necessarily, this work varies according to the status of the discipleDiscipleship2, 634:to the Ashram for strength to continue his work outside. What lies outside the door of the Ashram,Discipleship2, 636:or may not include the place where your outer work is being done; it may necessitate a change inDiscipleship2, 636:to my next statement. There is some definite work planned by me which must be implemented by theDiscipleship2, 636:implemented by the members of my Ashram; it is work which you can undertake. It is related to theDiscipleship2, 638:You have in the past done much to help the work I planned. You are today among those interested inDiscipleship2, 639:suggestions to make as regards your meditation work: Orient yourself dynamically towards the AshramDiscipleship2, 639:to them. Orient yourself to your chosen daily work and consider where opportunity there arisesDiscipleship2, 641:caution and wariness. The early stages of the work you are seeking to do are fraught with someDiscipleship2, 641:minimizing other risks later in your planned work. A.A.B. will talk with you about this matter ifDiscipleship2, 642:or what you are doing. Never relinquish in this work the sense of personal identity. Until I giveDiscipleship2, 642:of reflection twice, thus covering a year's work. See if you can arrive at deeper significancesDiscipleship2, 644:sane man has to take when he determines his life work, his place of living and his life associates.Discipleship2, 648:this growing consciousness and before doing the work, link up with as much conscious realization asDiscipleship2, 648:realizing the indestructibility of the tie. This work carried forward as a definite exercise willDiscipleship2, 648:from that point achieved, close at Thy feet I work. Between me and the outer world there appears aDiscipleship2, 650:sufferings" and a lifter of world burdens. We work and live on a planet of pain. Until a man is anDiscipleship2, 651:to rest back upon my words. Keep busy with my work, my brother, for there is naught left for theDiscipleship2, 651:is naught left for the true disciple but the work of the Ashram, which is the work of theDiscipleship2, 651:but the work of the Ashram, which is the work of the Hierarchy, which is work for humanity. Such isDiscipleship2, 651:which is the work of the Hierarchy, which is work for humanity. Such is the outgoing sequence. ForDiscipleship2, 651:your labors and esoterically enter into light. Work not under such a sense of inner strain andDiscipleship2, 658:quick to respond to soul energy but the effects work out in a fanatically oriented and powerfulDiscipleship2, 664:deep appreciation of you based on ancient work together in past lives. You have also gained aDiscipleship2, 667:with the Plan; thus materialize the vision and work at intelligent understanding of the Plan. LetDiscipleship2, 667:and make them the theme for your meditation work during the four quarters of the coming year. IfDiscipleship2, 668:higher office when the Christ moves on to other work than that of the World Teacher. I myself holdDiscipleship2, 668:the second ray and not on the love aspect. The work which it is planned for them later to undertakeDiscipleship2, 668:to the Divine Organizer of their future work. Just what this work will be is not for me to say. ItDiscipleship2, 668:Organizer of their future work. Just what this work will be is not for me to say. It is connectedDiscipleship2, 669:of growth, and those who train disciples will work from the plane of atma or pure spiritual will,Discipleship2, 669:atma or pure spiritual will, just as today they work from the plane of buddhi or of rational unity.Discipleship2, 669:lesser disciples who can be trained for special work during the next two or three lives. Of these,Discipleship2, 672:and that (because of this) you had specialized work to do for me. You took the position that, inDiscipleship2, 673:whom they may consult in connection with their work. This permission to approach is only accordedDiscipleship2, 674:only through others. You can induce others to work, but give of yourself and see (as far as isDiscipleship2, 675:tested and tried out in preparation for the work they should do, prior to the reappearance of theDiscipleship2, 675:life has been in reality a preparation for the work which it is hoped that you will do. This lifeDiscipleship2, 676:[676] have done much good and have helped our work greatly and - as the Master said - the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 676:members of the groups of nine stopped their work with me and are not (for this short period)Discipleship2, 676:not (for this short period) participants in the work of my Ashram. Please note that I do not useDiscipleship2, 676:do not use the phrase "participants in spiritual work." Many of them are still just as spirituallyDiscipleship2, 676:as spiritually motivated. An Ashram exists for work and not primarily for training disciples. ThatDiscipleship2, 676:an Ashram is to accomplish a particular phase of work. This is a sentence which I would beg youDiscipleship2, 676:is of prime importance to you at this time. The work of the Hierarchy is an integrated whole; eachDiscipleship2, 676:some initiation or another. To insure that the work goes forward as desired, necessarily (as IDiscipleship2, 677:your attitude the past three years, towards the work which has its spiritual focal point in NewDiscipleship2, 677:such will not be the case. As you well know, my work in the outer world has taken the form of threeDiscipleship2, 677:You have done much to help with this work and the door of opportunity stands wide open to you,Discipleship2, 677:stands wide open to you, provided the work is held true to the original picture, given prior toDiscipleship2, 677:to forget. The center from whence the Goodwill work goes out and the source of its spiritualDiscipleship2, 677:Your city is not. The major task of the Goodwill work is threefold: It must mobilize worldDiscipleship2, 677:of the Christ and for a great deal of the work preparatory to his coming. It must aid in drawingDiscipleship2, 678:under instruction from New York, so that their work fits in with the general picture and the plansDiscipleship2, 678:things in connection with your relation to the work which I would like to call to your attention:Discipleship2, 678:You have a strong feeling that all the Goodwill work should be completely divorced from what youDiscipleship2, 678:If this is done, in what way will the goodwill work you propose to do differ from the thousands ofDiscipleship2, 678:done what they could to "absorb" you into the work of the new cycle, but hitherto quiteDiscipleship2, 678:quite unsuccessfully. You tend to emasculate the work and rob it of all potency by a drasticDiscipleship2, 678:still, and the unique thing which the Goodwill work has to offer is the Plan for humanity which theDiscipleship2, 679:faults or weaknesses which seriously hinder your work for me, and in the Ashram, and for humanity.Discipleship2, 679:not coincide with your conception as to how the work should be done - you refuse to cooperate. IDiscipleship2, 679:but (when united in a cooperative task) they work under the direction of the Master who isDiscipleship2, 679:a great deal of your difficulty. You want to work your own way many thousand miles away fromDiscipleship2, 679:from Headquarters where I have established my work, instead of working out the plans as proposed toDiscipleship2, 679:anything happen to A.A.B., forgetting that the work of that group is mainly to create a subjectiveDiscipleship2, 679:any attention at all. You would like to run the work with your own chosen group of workers. You areDiscipleship2, 679:you not, that unless such a plan as the Goodwill work is founded and engineered by a group ofDiscipleship2, 680:Ashrams of the Masters M., K.H., and R.), the work cannot go forward as desired. My brother, yourDiscipleship2, 680:and one of two paths is open to you. You can work with loving cooperation with F.B. and the otherDiscipleship2, 680:because you are not in your place and doing your work in my Ashram as had been your soul'sDiscipleship2, 680:world, due to certain planetary influences; the work that I have sought to do has consequentlyDiscipleship2, 680:you in the new cycle and in the new expanding work. There is no place today for personal ambition,Discipleship2, 680:well be carried on by others than yourself. Your work is and must be for the Hierarchy and theDiscipleship2, 680:F.B. needs you but he knows that the Goodwill work is not an American movement but an internationalDiscipleship2, 681:you seek to dominate in your environment. Work closely with your co-disciples and with the AshramDiscipleship2, 681:is going to need you and many like you as the work expands in the new cycle. Will you stand by him,Discipleship2, 681:in the new cycle. Will you stand by him, by my work, and by me? My love goes out to you. Much inDiscipleship2, 683:far reaching than you can guess or grasp. We who work on the inner side of life and who deal with
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