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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Discipleship2, 692:point of safety I ask you to go forth upon the work of the Ashram. Discipleship2, 692:earlier told you that you are being trained to work with thought-form creating processes. Hence,Discipleship2, 692:thought-forms; you must learn increasingly to work under the influence of the Law of Abstraction.Discipleship2, 694:you - along with all disciples - must learn to work. I would give you the following words forDiscipleship2, 695:Book I:17.) In these words you have adequate work for the remainder of your life. Approach themDiscipleship2, 695:of chaos. I would like to see you resume your work in the teaching group. You have the time, myDiscipleship2, 696:that you "still persist in your endeavor to work, in the Tibetan's Ashram and remain steadfast andDiscipleship2, 699:to friends. I have instructed D.I.J. to learn to work with the Law of Abstraction; I tell you toDiscipleship2, 699:linking and blending processes is the creative work of music. I would suggest to you that you bringDiscipleship2, 702:not essentially belong in my Ashram but stay and work there until the spiritual laws control, theDiscipleship2, 703:shouldered responsibility for some phase of the work initiated in my Ashram or by my co-disciple,Discipleship2, 703:which you have had to handle in relation to the work for which you are responsible, in relation toDiscipleship2, 704:the force of circumstance and the need to work off certain karmic relations has increased yourDiscipleship2, 705:circumstances and people from the angle of the work, and not from the angle of your personalityDiscipleship2, 706:devoid of pressures) and the exigencies of the work plus the activities of an active mind,Discipleship2, 706:of you from the standpoint of your place in the work of the School. She has not touched upon theDiscipleship2, 707:to heal a breach and in the interests of the work? That has never come easily to you either, myDiscipleship2, 707:the valuable gifts which you can bring to the work and have for years contributed; they are theDiscipleship2, 708:and somewhat rare, and on principles all true work is securely founded. You have a gift ofDiscipleship2, 708:and will in the future, prove invaluable to the work required. You have the gift of the writtenDiscipleship2, 708:contact is increasingly needed by you as the work grows and develops. Discipleship2, 709:and it is along this line that you must work. You must learn to set up a helpful and anDiscipleship2, 709:removed you from an active participation in the work you have done so well for years. You are beingDiscipleship2, 709:your equipment, and then return to your previous work and service with far more to give thanDiscipleship2, 710:working from within the Ashram (as you do), must work not only from a sense of duty and deepDiscipleship2, 710:injunction, obediently followed, but he must work also under the inspiration of true Love. You haveDiscipleship2, 711:greater things for you, and so does A.A.B. The work of the Arcane School holds in it much ofDiscipleship2, 711:has passed on to other and more important inner work; this group will necessarily be under theDiscipleship2, 711:is potent and correct motivation, and that you work with self-effacement; love ever produces theDiscipleship2, 711:to you on several occasions. The interlude of work upon which you are now engaged should give youDiscipleship2, 711:Get ready, therefore, for a resumption of my work when the right time comes, returning to it with aDiscipleship2, 712:light in the world. At the center of each should work a disciple. Later, I shall suggest that theDiscipleship2, 712:work a disciple. Later, I shall suggest that the work in Australia be extended, and that in SydneyDiscipleship2, 712:center and from thence to the brain. You must work out your own way of doing this, for that will beDiscipleship2, 714:contribution which you can now make to the work that your chosen co-workers are doing? How can youDiscipleship2, 714:the major weakness with your group service. You work a little bit in some department of the groupDiscipleship2, 714:and true and your steadiness in adhering to my work in some phase or another is unbreakable andDiscipleship2, 715:is: Complete cessation from all meditation work for a year at least, or until I again give youDiscipleship2, 715:now to garner the results of past meditation work through active service, chosen with deliberationDiscipleship2, 715:meditation - particularly in connection with any work you may be doing. I want your activeDiscipleship2, 715:connected with my activities, and I want that work adhered to at any cost so that a finishedDiscipleship2, 715:so that a finished something emerges. What that work shall be, what phase of the undertaking youDiscipleship2, 716:unto the plains whereon men walk, and there I work. 3rd month - In spiritual being I stand upon theDiscipleship2, 716:way of men. I am. I neither think nor dream, but work. 4th month - With my brothers I dwell withinDiscipleship2, 716:I bring these gifts into the haven of my work. Thus strength goes forth to others and love to all IDiscipleship2, 718:you. It has taken you a long time to get down to work since receiving the last instruction I gaveDiscipleship2, 718:sense of personal dignity - a dignity which will work out as a physical reticence; of this, you asDiscipleship2, 718:and dignity from the physical angle - and will work at these qualities during the rest of thisDiscipleship2, 719:the right time. As regards your meditation work, you may now begin to follow the meditation outlineDiscipleship2, 720:- proceed to carry out the phase of the One Work which is theirs. Each senses its relationship toDiscipleship2, 720:senses its relationship to the phases of the work undertaken by his group brothers; it is inDiscipleship2, 721:pictures - one each Sunday in the month - and work creatively with them. At the close of a year,Discipleship2, 722:of the Headquarters in New York, through which I work; this should condition your choice of a placeDiscipleship2, 723:you. Fill your life with interests related to my work (a work which has evoked your sincereDiscipleship2, 723:your life with interests related to my work (a work which has evoked your sincere dedication), butDiscipleship2, 723:of your means and have made much of my work possible; for this I am grateful, and for this I tenderDiscipleship2, 723:of us in the Hierarchy who stand behind the work for which A.A.B. and F.B. are responsible. WeDiscipleship2, 723:be grateful for that help, as are the two who work with us; we shall be grateful for your continuedDiscipleship2, 723:abiding place, close to the center of our work. We are endeavoring to prolong the life of A.A.B.,Discipleship2, 723:so, much against her wishes, in order that the work in Europe can be stabilized and the booksDiscipleship2, 724:in group formation at the Headquarters of our work. You will find that these affirmations, affirmedDiscipleship2, 726:duty of obedience to the ashramic intent and to work under the direction of the loving intentionsDiscipleship2, 726:service. Your recognition and aid of the work I was doing has released certain energies which willDiscipleship2, 727:neither the training nor the capacity to do the work. It will be better done and in other ways andDiscipleship2, 727:as they truly are, you cannot do the exoteric work of a disciple. Then came an interlude. I askedDiscipleship2, 727:dual stimulation of the Ashram and the active work in my group proved too much, and glamor againDiscipleship2, 727:a super-organization, and yet all that time the work that I wanted done and the outlines of theDiscipleship2, 727:work that I wanted done and the outlines of the work as indicated by me, and to which your groupDiscipleship2, 729:into your at the Headquarters of my work in the world? Can you begin to be one to whomDiscipleship2, 729:those more advanced than yourself. Do the group work and meditation as indicated. I assign you noDiscipleship2, 729:meditation as indicated. I assign you no special work. I seek to see you more closely integratedDiscipleship2, 731:of black magic. Your recognition of me and my work and your instantaneous cooperation, completelyDiscipleship2, 731:In your next incarnation, you should endeavor to work through a second ray astral body, for thereDiscipleship2, 732:effort (from the point of view of hierarchical work) as your attempt to gain the right of entryDiscipleship2, 732:life, years of usefulness and of purpose in my work. This will require the acquisition and theDiscipleship2, 734:is part of manifestation and you must learn to work with it and function in it but with completeDiscipleship2, 734:are goals towards which the lower psychics must work and your work may lie along the line ofDiscipleship2, 734:which the lower psychics must work and your work may lie along the line of helping them in theDiscipleship2, 738:to the Hierarchy. You have there six months' work in meditation. It will involve the practicalDiscipleship2, 739:concerned about you. The strain under which you work and live is not good, and has a definiteDiscipleship2, 739:you at this time is to study deeply and to do work which is practically entirely along occultDiscipleship2, 740:teaching and helping of occult students. Your work for another year should be primarily with theDiscipleship2, 740:to have a larger and more organized output of work in that connection; it will serve to focus theDiscipleship2, 745:you must now come forth into steadfast ordered work, shouldering responsibility and "growing up"Discipleship2, 745:is past for you. Will you realize that and now work? Discipleship2, 746:disciples - such are the exigencies of world work. In the advanced section of the Arcane SchoolDiscipleship2, 746:A.A.B. to train you more specifically for this work, and to do so with confidence, as the linkDiscipleship2, 747:do so, for you would learn naught thereby. The work must be done by you yourself, and basicallyDiscipleship2, 747:inheritances to the surface, but let your work be related to the creative throat center. ThenDiscipleship2, 748:reason for this is that a very great part of the work of the returning Christ will affect greatlyDiscipleship2, 748:reappearance of the Christ. Those disciples who work today in the world and do so consciously inDiscipleship2, 748:of the Hierarchy at all times surrounds certain work undertaken by the Hierarchy in connection withDiscipleship2, 748:Hierarchy in connection with our planet. This work of preparation for his coming is curiouslyDiscipleship2, 749:can only be used by working disciples; therefore work, my brother, and let that penetrating energyDiscipleship2, 749:in this respect can be noticed. Those who work in this coming cycle must cast off fear and refuseDiscipleship2, 749:and to concentrate your major effort upon the work of the senior students. Have in mind always thatDiscipleship2, 750:and the protective aura which surrounds the work of the Christ can ever be relied upon. Discipleship2, 750:conscientiously and laboriously stand and daily work. Such a state of affairs leads to a staticDiscipleship2, 754:that when humanity can begin en masse to work in this manner, they will enter upon a cycle whereinDiscipleship2, 754:will no longer be engendered and past karma will work out in experienced, spiritual living. This
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