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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Externalisation, 16:them for discipleship, or superintending the work of disciples as they prepare [17] themselves toExternalisation, 17:the present attempts to hinder each other's work by comparison of methods and of techniques, byExternalisation, 19:settle down to steady, quiet, unemotional work. Let them refrain from prolonged hours of study andExternalisation, 20:the aspirant can safely meditate and aspire and work. His motive is pure, and he is seeking toExternalisation, 21:of this closer relation, and secondly, the work of a practical kind that each of you can do toExternalisation, 23:ways, if you so desire. The objective of all the work to be done at this time is to educate publicExternalisation, 24:What more of my time can I give to help this work, to aid those who are distributing the pamphlet,Externalisation, 24:light. Their hands need strengthening, their work needs helping, and there is not one of you whoExternalisation, 24:the new group of world servers so that they can work with greater effectiveness, vision the PlanExternalisation, 25:will make you a pure channel. Thus will the work of the Hierarchy be facilitated and the doorExternalisation, 28:idea, was embodied in an ideal life. Thus the work of the Saviors of the world came intoExternalisation, 29:down the ages. In every case, the origin of the work effected and the medium whereby the race hasExternalisation, 30:the plan, and dreaming dreams which they can work out together. This they can do because theyExternalisation, 31:are the custodians of the group purpose, and work on mental levels. The second group, the TrainedExternalisation, 31:your minds and enable you to carry forward your work with fresh ardor. I have stated [32] thatExternalisation, 32:and that they are connected paramountly with the work of the new age as it will express itselfExternalisation, 34:of the Hierarchy, its methods and techniques of work. Such is the purpose of the groups which IExternalisation, 35:in the future an aspect of the Hierarchy and its work upon the outer physical plane. You will noteExternalisation, 36:[36] I have indicated somewhat the intended work of the first group from the angle of telepathicExternalisation, 37:and space consciousness. But they can also work upon the mental plane with the chitta or mindExternalisation, 38:the world, be completed. From certain angles the work of the second group (the Trained Observers)Externalisation, 38:- except that which is engaged in political work. In the latter field the work of the first Ray ofExternalisation, 38:in political work. In the latter field the work of the first Ray of Will or Power is beginning toExternalisation, 38:in political activity is not yet understood. The work of the Destroyer Aspect has been keptExternalisation, 39:received in meditation, and the necessity to work with light as a group for the dissipation ofExternalisation, 39:of glamor. Hermes and Christ undertook this work of astral enlightenment and are constantlyExternalisation, 39:are constantly occupied with this task. Their work in the new age is to be aided by the intensiveExternalisation, 39:and through which They will be enabled to work. When this takes place, the task of dissipating theExternalisation, 40:the astral plane does not exist. They do not work on that level of consciousness, for the astralExternalisation, 40:no true being. It embodies the great creative work of humanity down the ages, and is the product ofExternalisation, 40:the product of the 'false' imagination and the work of the lower psychic nature. Its instrument ofExternalisation, 40:lower psychic nature. Its instrument of creative work is the sacral and the solar plexus centers.Externalisation, 40:plane has no true existence; they will then work free from its impression, and the task of freeingExternalisation, 40:wielded by the group, empowered thus to work. Then three things can happen: Those who thus approachExternalisation, 40:The Hierarchy will be enabled then to work more closely upon earth and to approach much nearer toExternalisation, 40:department of workers whose major task it is to work solely in the world of illusion and withExternalisation, 41:which is the goal of all true telepathic work, and illumination which is the reward of effort andExternalisation, 41:I - Introductory Remarks Turning now to the work of the third group, we find ourselves concernedExternalisation, 42:It is [42] of interest to note that the work of this group is perhaps one of the hardest to carryExternalisation, 42:therefore, as the Old Commentary says: "They who work to bring in light and yet are surrounded byExternalisation, 42:yet are surrounded by the maya of the senses, work from the point of present being and need not toExternalisation, 42:of the world upon the physical plane have to work upon that plane and their task is that ofExternalisation, 42:physical level, do their necessary and magnetic work. The task of the healers, if successful,Externalisation, 42:with glamor and illusion. The effect of their work, if successful (and I would have you note thatExternalisation, 43:mental healers unduly flatter themselves and work not with their minds at all. They have muchExternalisation, 43:standpoint of average humanity. When healers can work mentally, they deal with the causes ofExternalisation, 43:whose soul contact is established and who work through the souls of people, enabling themExternalisation, 43:them therefore: To stand in spiritual being To work, free from illusion To achieve true perspectiveExternalisation, 43:so that the will of the inner spiritual man can work out upon the physical plane. Those who canExternalisation, 43:work out upon the physical plane. Those who can work (as is eventually intended that this thirdExternalisation, 43:eventually intended that this third group should work) definitely as outposts of the [44]Externalisation, 44:consciousness of the Hierarchy of Masters. This work will be done in group formation and with aExternalisation, 45:of that which disappears." From the angle of the work of the world healers, the above is aExternalisation, 45:culture. It embodies the objective of all their work, and their contribution to the united work ofExternalisation, 45:their work, and their contribution to the united work of the groups. Equally so, they can bridgeExternalisation, 45:and the dissipation of those causes which work out as effects in the physical body as disease, andExternalisation, 46:into the brain activity. [46] This bridging work, when it occurs today, is often simply a fortunateExternalisation, 46:not the result of a consciously planned bridging work. But it is the intent of the Hierarchy thatExternalisation, 46:You will note from the above, that the healing work done by the initiate members of the Great WhiteExternalisation, 46:this third group, the magnetic healers, should work; thus will be brought about an emergence ofExternalisation, 46:Thus you will note, my brother, that the work of the first three groups just discussed, and viewingExternalisation, 46:Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks The Work of the Seed Groups January 1938 We have beenExternalisation, 46:to apprehend a little more intelligently the work of the new age seed groups, their [47]Externalisation, 47:seed groups, their [47] interrelation and their work as part of the new age "set-up," if I mightExternalisation, 47:and fifth which have education and political work as their projects. And then we will only brieflyExternalisation, 49:the Renaissance and which lay behind the work of Rousseau, that great initiate, and this is theExternalisation, 50:are prompting my handling of this subject. The work to be done (political service) by the fifthExternalisation, 50:be dependent upon the success of the educational work of the world, as it will eventually beExternalisation, 50:the planet at this time and, when they do, their work perforce proves destructive, owing to theExternalisation, 52:view of many) the spiritual Hierarchy will then work largely through the world scientists who,Externalisation, 52:but it will all be directed to an effort to work out the best ideals of the thinkers of the [53]Externalisation, 54:more practically to the third ray methods of work, for they are intelligent, expedient, andExternalisation, 54:and so definitely related that if ever the work of this fifth group reaches a stage where it isExternalisation, 54:therefore, along what three lines of study and work the members of this fifth group will proceed.Externalisation, 54:proceeded apace during the past 150 years, the work of the sixth group (religion in the new age),Externalisation, 55:points of view, or evocations of truth, that the work of the sixth group of disciples will beExternalisation, 56:plus the allied fact of the divine nature and work of the planetary Hierarchy, and the mode of theExternalisation, 56:Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks The work of the seventh group, which is in the fieldExternalisation, 56:a difficult task and much understanding; the work to be done is not easy to comprehend. It will beExternalisation, 56:They will thus combine, in their personnel, the work of the destroyer of outgrown forms, theExternalisation, 56:form to its motivating energy, and the practical work of the magician who - under the law - createsExternalisation, 57:words "scientific service" as used by me. The work of this group is therefore a triple one: TheyExternalisation, 58:than grasp the broader outlines of the intended work, and then only primarily from the angle of theExternalisation, 58:Let us now pass on to a brief indication of the work of the eighth group, which is psychologicalExternalisation, 58:is psychological service. In this field the work will be lifted out of the realm of the strictlyExternalisation, 58:those which concern the human family alone. The work of these disciples will cover the followingExternalisation, 59:a fair measure of training in their preliminary work. Two groups will then be interlocking groups -Externalisation, 60:of force produces concretization, and the work is then in the field of magical endeavor. As withExternalisation, 60:in the field of magical endeavor. As with the work of the other groups, the task to be carried outExternalisation, 61:there can be made available for the Masters' work through the medium of the world disciples (ofExternalisation, 61:of money and its massing in quantities for the work of the Great Ones, the Disciples of the Christ,Externalisation, 61:to request you to continue with the goodwill work at all costs and in the face of all obstacles.Externalisation, 61:of world servers must preserve its integrity and work undismayed. All is not yet lost. TheExternalisation, 61:They are those who love and do not hate and who work for unity - both subjective and spiritual.Externalisation, 63:seeming inadequacy, to begin the intended group work, if such a beginning is ever to be made. [64]Externalisation, 64:to fulfil a specific task. This united group work has not yet been started. That task must beExternalisation, 64:to be constructively useful. Group Two can work, if they are willing, in a constructive fashion toExternalisation, 64:from all separative ideas and learn to work in the spirit of love and with a consciousExternalisation, 64:these constitute no serious detriment to group work, for they can be overcome or rendered entirelyExternalisation, 64:back the flow of spiritual life and prevent the work of a group nature moving forward to
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