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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

(page 37 of 97)


Externalisation, 65:and weakness, and who longed to begin group work. The lesson of patience has not been lost and IExternalisation, 65:be rearranged somewhat before the united group work could be carried forward. This reorganizationExternalisation, 65:can basically separate you. The objective of the work of these seed groups is to familiarize peopleExternalisation, 65:importance to you at this time. Is it? Your work is partly to dispel illusion, but primarily toExternalisation, 70:race, a new culture and a new world outlook. The work is necessarily slow and those of you who areExternalisation, 73:people are apt to forget. Can you possibly work at high tension in this endeavor - a tensionExternalisation, 75:of that which is new and life-giving; they work to prevent the understanding of that which is ofExternalisation, 75:intelligent peoples of the world are concerned, work insidiously and cloak their effort in fairExternalisation, 77:advanced than ours, should have been destined to work out its future on our earth, is hid in theExternalisation, 78:your calculations as you start this new group work or your wrong idealisms and thoughts may hinderExternalisation, 78:idealisms and thoughts may hinder the group work. You must recognize theoretically the five forcesExternalisation, 78:to your attention. If disciples are to do group work together on mental levels, they must clearExternalisation, 78:to superiority and criticism. You cannot work, as a group, if these ideas and thoughts are present,Externalisation, 78:to teach you some of the first stages of group work and usefulness. It would not have beenExternalisation, 78:and free from hatred. Those few make the work possible and it is also possible for the rest of youExternalisation, 78:influence and wrong ideas. I ask you, in this work, to concentrate upon the Shamballa and theExternalisation, 79:It is essential, however, in spite of the work to which I have called these groups and which - asExternalisation, 79:you know - is intended to lay the basis for the work of the esoteric schools of the future, thatExternalisation, 79:of all the groups realize that exoteric group work must also be undertaken. Too many in theseExternalisation, 79:with the significance of their own group work and permit it to usurp the place of objectiveExternalisation, 83:the forces of separation and of selfishness work are by competitive cooperation. Throughout theExternalisation, 85:which the forces of manifestation have to work for the various nations. This informationExternalisation, 85:point of attainment and the opportunities for work and advancement, or the obstacles [86] toExternalisation, 87:dealing with the generation of forms, and their work is to keep the direction of planetary interestExternalisation, 90:forty-nine in number proceeded then to do their work, and the prison bars grew firm as steel...ButExternalisation, 94:of a particular ray type but which will work in all the nine major fields of human expression.Externalisation, 94:expression. These I outlined when indicating the work of the nine groups planned by me. However,Externalisation, 95:clarity if you will remember the personal work which you should be endeavoring to do with yourself.Externalisation, 101:to individuals; the vision is a vision of group work, of group relationships, of group objectives,Externalisation, 101:determines your life incentives, tendencies and work, and when it is thus truly a part of yourExternalisation, 102:brothers? Another of the aspects of this group work is that its influence is pervasive, and not atExternalisation, 102:far-reaching in its effectiveness, providing the work is done as indicated. This will be dueExternalisation, 102:as essential to the disciple and to the work must first of all be patiently evidenced. [103] Externalisation, 104:of these desired virtues. The emphasis upon the work which serving groups must seek to develop isExternalisation, 104:first and most important objectives of the group work with which I and others of the workers uponExternalisation, 129:in matter itself and whose influence and work are dedicated to the preservation of form, and ofExternalisation, 138:deal. As regards active participation in the work to be done in preparing the world for theExternalisation, 139:For that time we can all begin to plan, and to work for that psychological moment wherein this ideaExternalisation, 140:men of goodwill and of the world aspirants so to work that the present conflict could have beenExternalisation, 140:nature, falling into definite spheres of work and of planned activity. You are asked, first of all,Externalisation, 143:towards human welfare. Now is the time for much work to be done with the leaders and senior workersExternalisation, 143:you can swing these people into active goodwill work and to effort which will tend to worldExternalisation, 143:establish group contacts and so systematize your work that when the call goes out (as it did inExternalisation, 143:of interested and prepared people who will then work intelligently to establish the new order. 6.Externalisation, 146:again is one of the objectives of all meditation work but one which is not emphasized as it is aExternalisation, 147:of service, heighten their consciousness and work more definitely from a higher plane of awareness.Externalisation, 148:of the advisability of the indicated method of work, or fear the arduous task of carrying forwardExternalisation, 148:investigator and by those engaged in magical work of any kind anent the use of invocation as itExternalisation, 149:those can use the formulas effectively who live, work, think and feel as souls, which means ever inExternalisation, 149:as souls, and who can, therefore, be trained to work upon the physical plane. When this is so, itExternalisation, 151:apt to over-estimate the effectiveness of the work that they are doing. The focused aspiration andExternalisation, 151:these groups are rapidly emerging those who can work in the right way and the results will beExternalisation, 152:the world. They are by this process learning the work of world salvage and becoming graduallyExternalisation, 157:conscious activity, and the expression of the work to be done upon the physical plane will coverExternalisation, 159:the expression of which in manifestation will work out as "glory to God, peace on earth andExternalisation, 164:the past has contributed its finished work; the present is evoking its just and right development;Externalisation, 165:as the first great creative and magical work of which humanity is capable, swinging, as it does,Externalisation, 172:complete self-forgetfulness. I ask you to work anew with fresh ardor in joyful service, forgettingExternalisation, 174:to blend into closer unity all who recognize the work the Hierarchy is attempting to do. I wouldExternalisation, 174:for help from all sides, and to let these ideas work out into the world on the basis of theirExternalisation, 177:II - The General World Picture The Goodwill Work Prior to September, 1939, the objectives of ourExternalisation, 177:September, 1939, the objectives of our worldwide work, over a period of nine years, were theExternalisation, 180:are not enough people able to think to do this work. Also, there is not enough time in which to doExternalisation, 181:blind us to the causes which have made his evil work possible. He is mainly a precipitating agency,Externalisation, 190:what world objectives should the democracies work? Utopian schemes, idealistic forms of governmentExternalisation, 191:in any nation should be composed of those who work for the greatest good of the greatest number andExternalisation, 192:upon which the new world order must begin its work. These preliminary stages must be kept fluid andExternalisation, 192:Right Human Relations The objective of their work can be summed up thus: the new world order willExternalisation, 196:or group selfishness and on the failure to work out some wise impartial scheme for the supplying ofExternalisation, 200:spheres of influence. They would all three work in the closest unity and economic relation. EachExternalisation, 204:and the new "sharing" will not be easy. The work of healing the wounds of humanity, of rebuildingExternalisation, 206:inspiring them to renewed effort. Through the work earlier done all over the world by the men ofExternalisation, 209:falls into two major periods and the practical work in each can be clearly defined: The interimExternalisation, 209:here given. To prepare these men and women to work in unison for justice and right human relationsExternalisation, 210:names are already known to you, and set them to work and let them - in their turn - find others,Externalisation, 210:be some measure of centralization of the work and some way in which these people can be reached andExternalisation, 210:a joyful determination to go forward with the work of reconstruction, I call upon those who respondExternalisation, 210:who respond to this vision immediately to set to work. I call you to no organizational loyalties,Externalisation, 211:you contact so that they also start a similar work. It is the work of attaining right individualExternalisation, 211:that they also start a similar work. It is the work of attaining right individual relations, rightExternalisation, 211:I call you to the realization that in this work no one is futile or useless, but that all have aExternalisation, 216:group is definitely hindering the work of the Forces of Light. These three world attitudes are toExternalisation, 216:- if you are sincere and clear-thinking - to work for that group within the whole which seems toExternalisation, 219:of nations and of races; as you, an individual, work out your own problem in your daily life, youExternalisation, 221:and by the free decision of your souls, to work under one or other of the two banners or in someExternalisation, 222:the opportunity to participate actively in the work of world redemption, readjustment andExternalisation, 223:potent spiritually, owing to the scientific work of the occult Hierarchy and Their trained helpers.Externalisation, 223:extra-planetary Forces and can make Their work possible and effective. It is potent physically andExternalisation, 223:is potent physically and emotionally through the work of the lovers of humanity, the well-meaningExternalisation, 224:are failing to realize that it is possible to work ardently for those conditions which will lead toExternalisation, 224:see their own loyalties emerge triumphant; they work doubtingly, hoping for the best but believingExternalisation, 224:divine intervention. It is the test of group work. The faith of many individuals is real and deep,Externalisation, 226:Materialism. If you are to do your share in this work of salvage, it will necessitate certainExternalisation, 226:Disciples have to learn to carry forward their work for humanity in spite of personality stresses,Externalisation, 226:and limitations. Prepare yourselves thus for the work of the two Full Moons, keeping your objectiveExternalisation, 228:This too you must have in mind, for the work you are asked to do at the coming two Full Moons, andExternalisation, 228:to humanity; it involves the recognition of the work which you can do from the point ofExternalisation, 233:good to fight your battle and for God to do the work? I tell you that your prayers and your wishesExternalisation, 240:price of peace. Calmly praying and leaving the work to other men, forces or God, is the easy way,Externalisation, 242:of united living will produce an interior work which will flower forth in the production of a
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