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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Externalisation, 243:perspective. The eyes of the people who seek to work under the Forces of Light must be lifted fromExternalisation, 247:else at this time - for them you must act. The work of reconstruction lies in the future. TheExternalisation, 247:so that he may advance no further. Your work will, therefore, be of a threefold nature. On theExternalisation, 248:find in your environment; it will lead you to work with watchfulness for the good of your ownExternalisation, 248:an interlude wherein it was not possible to work actively. The needs of the new group of worldExternalisation, 248:must be aided objectively and again inspired to work in order that they may form the nucleus of theExternalisation, 249:to save is here, The Love to carry forth the work is widely spread abroad. The Active Aid of allExternalisation, 250:as you can with the headquarters of the goodwill work and indicate also your willingness toExternalisation, 251:prevents much intelligent and cooperative work. I would remind you that the success of invocationExternalisation, 252:or some supreme appearing which [252] would work much good. It might, it could be argued,Externalisation, 254:have been set in motion which must now work out to their predestined end, and it is the task ofExternalisation, 256:- except upon the mental plane. It has yet to work out as the triumph of good upon the physicalExternalisation, 256:situation, that Those Who guide the race and work on the spiritual side of life have been unable toExternalisation, 257:the inner spiritual forces will be enabled to work also more actively on earth. Curiously enough,Externalisation, 260:embodying divine purpose - a purpose which must work out through the medium of humanity itself ifExternalisation, 260:effects upon the human consciousness and their work has lain therefore in the domain of the secondExternalisation, 262:endeavor. Planned collaboration with the work of the Christ at this time is useful and needed; itExternalisation, 265:power and to what so many euphemistically call "work on mental levels." I refer to the consciousExternalisation, 265:therefore, who are integrated personalities can work in this manner, and herein lies a difficulty.Externalisation, 265:herein lies a difficulty. Those people today who work only mentally or who sit and send thoughts ofExternalisation, 270:phenomenal intervention of some kind. Those who work more emotionally will reach the Rider from theExternalisation, 274:the hierarchical Representative in Europe. The work of the Master R. has always been recognized asExternalisation, 274:with the problems of civilization, just as the work of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters,Externalisation, 274:the spiritual development of humanity, and the work of the Manu is occupied with the science ofExternalisation, 274:can stand with "massed intent." On the united work of these Three, if humanity can succeed inExternalisation, 278:and material circumstance, and can consequently work against so-called peace. Externalisation, 278:of need, is the ability to know the Plan and to work for its furtherance, thus cooperating withExternalisation, 279:sad, the suffering, and the oppressed, and will work actively and intelligently to bring aboutExternalisation, 280:deed upon the physical plane, so that the work done through the means of invocation and prayer,Externalisation, 281:This is the reward of those with whom we work, if reward is desired. This achieved situation willExternalisation, 281:upon the new Invocation I would leave you to work out these ideas in the recesses of yourExternalisation, 298:removed, the seventh ray Avatar will appear. His work will demonstrate the law, order and rhythm ofExternalisation, 300:there came a great impetus and extension to the work and growth of the Hierarchy, as there was in aExternalisation, 300:Masters; many Masters passed to still higher work, and many disciples took their places in theExternalisation, 301:They do, the effectiveness and results of Their work are very great. They issue forth intoExternalisation, 301:and the main emphasis and attention of Their work is directed to the Hierarchy; the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 301:forms and of that which houses evil. Their work will, therefore, fall into two categories: TheyExternalisation, 303:yet revealed. It may be the Christ, if His other work permits; it may be One chosen by Him to issueExternalisation, 307:cooperation, for the good of humanity, in the work of a great spiritual Force or Being. TheExternalisation, 310:and for their pet ideals of peace, living or work and - like Nero - they "fiddle whilst RomeExternalisation, 312:group through which the Avatar of Synthesis can work when the lesser Avatar has come forth upon theExternalisation, 312:the recognition of those allied in the work and the development of conscious group work. In thisExternalisation, 312:the work and the development of conscious group work. In this group work the personality isExternalisation, 312:of conscious group work. In this group work the personality is subordinated and only the followingExternalisation, 313:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The Work of Reconstruction August 1941 As I haveExternalisation, 313:the crisis is over, and appear to think that any work along the old lines of spiritual endeavor isExternalisation, 314:of preparation for future activity and [314] work. From now until the Sun moves northward, I wouldExternalisation, 314:usefulness. Thirdly, plan together for the work of the future. This work can be inaugurated shortlyExternalisation, 314:plan together for the work of the future. This work can be inaugurated shortly and must be startedExternalisation, 314:need today for each and all who must sponsor the work of the future that I am seeking to do withExternalisation, 314:is to foster the growth of the will to love and work. This effort on your part will express itselfExternalisation, 314:I shall seek progressively to outline it. This work can only be carried forward by people who loveExternalisation, 314:have sufficient illumination to enable them to work with me dependably for a period of five yearsExternalisation, 315:I would ask those of you who live and work at more distant points to write briefly your reactionsExternalisation, 315:of you who associate yourselves with me in the work of the future, each day to use the very briefExternalisation, 315:from that center, I the one who serves will work. May the love of the divine Self be shed abroad inExternalisation, 316:of Light do control the forces of evil. The work of the Great Ones must go on. The Coming One is onExternalisation, 316:to collaborate with me in the reconstruction work of the New Age. As time goes on, subsidiaryExternalisation, 316:on, subsidiary groups will be indicated who can work in the various countries as focal points inExternalisation, 316:disciples and aspirants in every land, as they work under instruction of the Hierarchy. Some ofExternalisation, 316:the Masters, and upon their shoulders rests the work of reconstruction, aided by the thousands andExternalisation, 316:It will be for a liberated humanity to work out these details, to make the necessary adjustments,Externalisation, 317:and in establishing right human relations. The work done in thought, in love and in dedicatedExternalisation, 317:forefront of the battle have to carry on their work in the midst of chaos, turmoil, questioning,Externalisation, 317:side, ask of those we choose to carry on our work upon the outer plane. This letter deals with theExternalisation, 318:and will indicate the practical aspects of the work. In the meantime, ponder and reflect upon whatExternalisation, 318:indications I have given in the past as to the work which must be done, and I would ask you also toExternalisation, 320:Process Practical Steps in the Reconstruction Work September 1941 It will be obvious to you thatExternalisation, 322:things which have been undertaken in our joint work so that you can clearly see the background ofExternalisation, 322:background of our coming effort and grasp the work as a whole. Externalisation, 322:is clearly indicated. 2. The founding and the work of the Arcane School. This was started by A.A.B.Externalisation, 322:teaching and to prepare them for the stage and work of [323] Accepted Discipleship. The world todayExternalisation, 323:purposes: Primarily to aid the Hierarchy in its work during the world crisis - a crisis for whichExternalisation, 323:the Hierarchy to salvage humanity. For this work, training is required, and the Arcane SchoolExternalisation, 323:right human relations through goodwill, and this work is still going on. 4. The organizing of theExternalisation, 323:goodwill for the new world order. Some of this work was started in 1934. Much lies ahead, demandingExternalisation, 324:inauguration of an effort towards definite group work. This must be group work of a new order,Externalisation, 324:towards definite group work. This must be group work of a new order, wherein individual activity isExternalisation, 324:decisions of the group in conclave; it is not work carried forward through the imposition of someExternalisation, 325:them be continued as a background to all future work and a fundamental platform. Externalisation, 325:not by being helped. Your task is to aid the work which the Hierarchy plans to do, to find the waysExternalisation, 325:need) can be met, to finance that share in the work of the Brotherhood to which you have beenExternalisation, 325:is to be found in the world by 1975. If this work is soundly done, then a world unity can beExternalisation, 326:Light must love so indiscriminately that their work on the side of evolution is negated, and thatExternalisation, 328:in old bottles. To your share in the preparatory work for the future new world I call you; toExternalisation, 328:call you, and again I outline to you three years work, plus two years of activity which will growExternalisation, 328:by experimental effort. This is the immediate work for this group and for those whom they may laterExternalisation, 329:the close of 1945 or the beginning of 1946, the work should consolidate, the men and women ofExternalisation, 329:should make itself dynamically felt - if you all work as desired. It will be apparent, therefore,Externalisation, 329:be apparent, therefore, how important is the work that you can start now and stabilize during theExternalisation, 329:of action you already know, for the goodwill work done in 1936 still remains basic and itsExternalisation, 329:and trust each other, leaving each other free to work and plan within the group plan; develop theExternalisation, 329:group effort. 2. Press forward with the Triangle work in every possible way and in every countryExternalisation, 329:every country open safely to contact. Plan this work along sound business lines, making a smallExternalisation, 330:needed financial equipment to carry forward this work must be the task of another group within thisExternalisation, 330:policies should be laid down. 9. Definite work, preparatory to any work which future [331]Externalisation, 330:laid down. 9. Definite work, preparatory to any work which future [331] necessity may indicate inExternalisation, 331:giving spiritual and practical material aid. Work for the rehabilitation and correct handling ofExternalisation, 331:on this is desirable. Continue with the work of finding and organizing the men and women ofExternalisation, 331:group and other New Age groups in the future. Work done by you prior to the war is thus to be
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