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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Externalisation, 331:rapidly and as a united group with the Triangle work. It is basic in its usefulness and must beExternalisation, 331:with the other aspects of the indicated work. The strength and usefulness of this group will dependExternalisation, 331:upon the inner union and love with which you work together, offsetting all personality reactions.Externalisation, 332:where help is needed. Let this group [332] work silently and as the Hierarchy works - impersonallyExternalisation, 332:mental, emotional and material reserves to the work of helping humanity, and let them know (pastExternalisation, 332:Process Preparation for Future Activity and Work October 1941 Certain questions arise in the mindsExternalisation, 332:would have you remember that disciples learn to work with the plan by working; they learn toExternalisation, 332:who are worthy of trust. Why does this system work? Because by its means the graces of humility,Externalisation, 332:as long as the contact is a vertical one, the work is fairly simple, the next step is apparent andExternalisation, 333:that the needs of those with whom you work are forgotten or pass unnoticed. Let love be the keynoteExternalisation, 334:all of you. As the executive side of the group work grows, and the will aspect of humanity isExternalisation, 334:This coming in will greatly strengthen the work but brings with it also great problems. Much of theExternalisation, 334:brings with it also great problems. Much of the work done hitherto has been second ray work; itsExternalisation, 334:of the work done hitherto has been second ray work; its quality is gentler, its technique is thatExternalisation, 334:and of group integration. Of this aspect of work, the Arcane School is an example. When, however,Externalisation, 334:workers appear to aid in the expansion of the work and to carry it to the four quarters of theExternalisation, 335:of that which is needed to carry forward the work. You are working with the energy of love and notExternalisation, 335:by love, their first ray energy will wreck the work of the group. Yet they are needed at this time,Externalisation, 335:if this is borne in mind by all of you in all work connected with the new group. It is importantExternalisation, 335:with the new group. It is important integrating work. You might ask me at this point to be specificExternalisation, 335:money. See to it also that one department of the work is not over-emphasized in your minds to theExternalisation, 336:the consciousness be developed that there is one work being done by all, and that the whole groupExternalisation, 336:not been too much consideration of how to do the work and too little consideration of the spiritualExternalisation, 336:consideration of the spiritual dynamics of the work itself? The need has been great and theExternalisation, 336:and the problems many. The expansion of the work may seem necessarily to foster a departmentalExternalisation, 336:resistance upon the physical plane. But the work is one work, and the workers constitute one group.Externalisation, 336:upon the physical plane. But the work is one work, and the workers constitute one group. The needExternalisation, 341:ways as difficult as the war itself, but will work out on mental and emotional levels of warfare,Externalisation, 344:been the impulse lying behind much of the good work done in the fields of philanthropy and humanExternalisation, 346:lowest aspect. This is what has enabled them to work ruthlessly, powerfully, selfishly, cruelly,Externalisation, 347:I would have you bear in mind as you endeavor to work through and in the ashram; in that ashram areExternalisation, 348:of the possibility of illumination, and His work of keeping a channel open for the light toExternalisation, 350:The two Full Moons form one complete cycle of work and should be prepared for in line with theseExternalisation, 350:spiritually oriented people of the world must work in full cooperation with the Buddha, and thatExternalisation, 350:the Avatar, or for any spectacular aid. If the work is rightly done, He will come at the set andExternalisation, 350:literally. How the Lords of Liberation will work can only be known to the Hierarchy. Their aid willExternalisation, 351:the inflow of energy from Shamballa. Their work is with the Hierarchy, and the reaction of humanityExternalisation, 351:by the senior disciples and initiates. The work of the Avatar, the Rider from the Secret Place,Externalisation, 351:relief and salvation. The first half of this work, focused through the Buddha, will begin in MayExternalisation, 351:needs evoking from the masses and it is this work that aspirants everywhere can aid the Buddha inExternalisation, 352:and every effort must be directed to aiding His work as Representative for the people. He willExternalisation, 352:The rest lies in your hands. Even if the work done is entirely successful, the time of theExternalisation, 353:point through which the spiritual Forces can work. Through the agency of the many tiny points ofExternalisation, 353:There are no limitations when true esoteric work is undertaken. To this end, I seek to emphasizeExternalisation, 353:by invoking the Lords of Liberation. "This work," Christ said, "goeth not forth save by prayer andExternalisation, 354:And in the meantime, paralleling your subjective work and externalizing your inner endeavor must beExternalisation, 354:externalizing your inner endeavor must be your work for your country and for your fellowmen inExternalisation, 357:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The work being done by those who see the world stageExternalisation, 360:the disappearing of illusion. [360] The combined work of these two great Sons of God, concentratedExternalisation, 360:effort towards the dispelling of illusion. Their work must now be intelligently carried forward byExternalisation, 360:given a clue to the true understanding of the work of these Avatars - a thing hitherto quiteExternalisation, 361:the Christ proved and demonstrated. When the work of the Buddha (or of the embodied buddhicExternalisation, 361:personality, then the full expression of the work of the Christ (the embodied principle of love)Externalisation, 361:realization" and consciously take part in the work of enlightenment and of spiritual, lovingExternalisation, 365:We can, however, consider the immediate work to be done in preparation for the cessation of war andExternalisation, 365:of the nations. These can think, and talk, and work in preparation for the future. There are othersExternalisation, 365:and unhappy to be ready as yet to undertake any work of rebuilding. Others again are so completelyExternalisation, 365:is some truth in all these points of view. The work of the experts will be sorely needed, but [366]Externalisation, 366:hearts are aflame with love can alone make their work possible. It will not be theExternalisation, 366:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The work of reconstruction will be the work of theExternalisation, 366:Process The work of reconstruction will be the work of the intelligent men and women of goodwill,Externalisation, 367:all the peace organizations, and the enlightened work of the world thinkers, educators and leaders,Externalisation, 369:danger of too prompt a peace settlement. Let us work hard for a prolonged armistice, during whichExternalisation, 371:But this payment should be part of the great work of rehabilitation and not a vengeful exaction,Externalisation, 371:mistakes will be made. The German people must work strenuously to put right the evil they haveExternalisation, 371:part of the United Nations - a love which will work out in the form of food for the hungry, nursingExternalisation, 372:intact, their fathers are usually engaged in war work, either at home or abroad, and their mothersExternalisation, 377:should pursue its own individual culture and work out its own salvation as seems best to it, butExternalisation, 377:and for it many in every nation are prepared to work. In spite of the background of an evil past,Externalisation, 377:thousands ready to start with the preparatory work. The number of men and women of vision [378] andExternalisation, 378:vision impede progress. This latter phase of the work is well under way and a powerful, thoughExternalisation, 380:real sphere of influence, and then set him to work in that sphere and with what he has. In thisExternalisation, 380:which must underlie all future reconstruction work, that at the very heart of the universe is aExternalisation, 381:has no time for these reactions, because the work of alleviation is entirely engrossing. The manExternalisation, 381:that their health could stand no more active work, or that they require time for themselves, orExternalisation, 382:may come in contact. It enables him to begin the work of reconstruction right where he is andExternalisation, 382:preliminaries for the man who wants to work wisely, usefully and intuitively in the future. Externalisation, 384:guiding hand of God in world affairs. The real work of reconstruction will be done by those who, inExternalisation, 384:and learnt His ways. 5. Find two other people to work with you. There is a unique potency in thisExternalisation, 384:Through it the Forces of Light will be able to work and you, in your place and sphere, will haveExternalisation, 385:aware of a group which can be depended upon to work in a spirit of goodwill and for worldExternalisation, 385:mailing list of people in every country who will work along these indicated lines and who could beExternalisation, 386:and ruined countries and to carry forward the work whilst there; it will take also loving,Externalisation, 386:and which can accumulate in preparation for the work of reconstruction. If we can all do this, itExternalisation, 386:this, it will enable us to take our share in the work without placing an undue load on others. WillExternalisation, 387:upon to cooperate in the various phases of the work of reconstruction. In this work of preparation,Externalisation, 387:phases of the work of reconstruction. In this work of preparation, all can share. To this task weExternalisation, 388:training, can lay the needed foundations of the work to be done. Let me extend this concept aExternalisation, 388:with the clear light of your soul, so as to work effectively for the five weeks of the desiredExternalisation, 391:air activity and the organizing and planned work of the hundreds of relief agencies in everyExternalisation, 392:and the new group of world servers. With the work of the first group, mankind has little to do, forExternalisation, 392:Their responsibility to the full. With the work of the new group of world servers all of you haveExternalisation, 392:all of you have much to do and it is about this work that I write at this time. I shall not wasteExternalisation, 393:have now to say will fall into three parts: The work of the Hierarchy in the immediate future atExternalisation, 393:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The Work of the Hierarchy in the Immediate Future TheExternalisation, 394:comes the opportunity to carry forward the work then started and to achieve results which mayExternalisation, 394:in 1936 can be traced to two sources. The work was relatively so successful that it called forth aExternalisation, 395:gained but slipped back into negligence; the work did not go on and this in spite of the constantExternalisation, 395:Approach which can be the consummation of the work started in 1936. The battle is on between theExternalisation, 396:intent" of humanity. If both aspects of this one work can be satisfactorily carried forward, then a
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