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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

(page 41 of 97)


Externalisation, 473:This inclusive development enables them to work with men, to contact humanity at need, and to knowExternalisation, 473:faces its arduous task. One aspect of Their work and attitude I would like to touch upon, for it isExternalisation, 476:and humanitarian purpose and are able thus to work - consciously or unconsciously - under theExternalisation, 476:automatically the Leader of these Forces. His work has been greatly hindered by the sweetExternalisation, 477:the potency of the thought wielded by Those who work under and with the Christ. Thought is pureExternalisation, 477:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The work of Christ in relation to the war has alsoExternalisation, 479:as some do, that the main trend of Christ's work is through the medium of the churches or the worldExternalisation, 480:behind the Evolutionary Process The Coming Work of Reconstruction I have referred to the comingExternalisation, 482:world: The Forces of Restoration. These will work to restore morale and psychological health, thusExternalisation, 482:- which is definitely man's creative work. The Forces of Enlightenment. These, when let loose uponExternalisation, 482:of the Plan which the Hierarchy desires to see work out, a revelation of the issues involved inExternalisation, 483:at the June Full Moon; the focus of Their [483] work will definitely be upon the physical plane.Externalisation, 483:and bring into manifestation that which the work of the Forces of Restoration and of EnlightenmentExternalisation, 484:institutions, and all those agencies which work to educate and direct public thinking and mouldExternalisation, 484:they will affect the masses of men through the work of the men and women of goodwill. I haveExternalisation, 485:and finally the Christ Himself. These Three will work through the Hierarchy, the new group of worldExternalisation, 485:groups of enlightened and perfected men who work upon the inner side of life, on [486] into theExternalisation, 486:the workers are there, and the power to work is adequate to the need. The three Full Moons which weExternalisation, 486:servers and the men and women of goodwill must work together for an enlightened education, for aExternalisation, 487:servers, and yet to leave them [487] free to work in their own way, each in his own place andExternalisation, 487:of service, and to see all these phases of the work as supplementary to all others and as theExternalisation, 487:in the Hierarchy of spiritual Lives. Their work will be consciously carried out under the directExternalisation, 487:my brothers, believe in the reality of the work to be done by these great spiritual Potencies,Externalisation, 488:the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells.Externalisation, 490:deeply committed to participation in this work. [491] I would ask you also to read and reread theExternalisation, 491:with the Cycle of Conferences and other with The Work of the Christ. (The Reappearance of theExternalisation, 492:laws; they are the result of the impelling work of certain great Lives, working in connection withExternalisation, 492:They become "impressed," and the scientific work is then started and carried through into theExternalisation, 496:the way, is the objective of all true meditation work. It is in this act of tension that the GermanExternalisation, 496:was created which greatly facilitated the work of the Hierarchy, under the direct influence of theExternalisation, 497:of planetary initiation humanity has carried its work as the world savior down into the world ofExternalisation, 498:bring to an end all human slavery, all need to work or fight for possessions and things, and willExternalisation, 500:thinking. [500] Organize now for the goodwill work. The future of the world lies in the hands ofExternalisation, 503:to use your intuition, and thus to assist in the work itself when the right time comes. One eventExternalisation, 503:approaching nearer to the physical plane. The work of mental preparation for that event, and [504]Externalisation, 504:fail in right recognition of group purpose. The work of pouring out the principle of love (which isExternalisation, 504:and welcome that love-principle is the main work of the new age, and it will inaugurate the age ofExternalisation, 504:esoteric coming. Certain of the Masters have the work under Their control, and through TheirExternalisation, 504:disciples are already actively engaged in the work of preparation. The Master Morya, the MasterExternalisation, 504:closest cooperation with the Christ. With them work the Master Hilarion, He Whom you call theExternalisation, 504:another Master Who is specially linked with the work of preparation in the sacred land of India.Externalisation, 504:His plans toward an active participation in the work. These consecrated Workers form a nucleusExternalisation, 504:the Christ and direct much of the preparatory work. It is not possible for me to tell you the linesExternalisation, 504:of outer activity and are intensifying Their work on the astral plane. To this fact can be tracedExternalisation, 504:people are now showing in occultism and in the work of the Masters; more and more people [505] areExternalisation, 505:into the world plan, and much of their immediate work is organizing the individual nations andExternalisation, 505:the great international thought-form. All who work with far vision and all who hold before anyExternalisation, 505:gold, the flame colored and the white and gold - work on mental levels with those lesser angels orExternalisation, 505:whom the aspect of divine love is pre-eminent, work with the astral bodies of all those who areExternalisation, 506:wise general executive. A special group of devas work under His command, and His connection withExternalisation, 506:Church and it marks the culmination of His work for the West. No one knows or understands so fullyExternalisation, 507:the rapidly developing welfare movements. His work also embraces teaching, and He does much at thisExternalisation, 507:He strengthens the efforts of all those who work for the liberation of the submerged masses,Externalisation, 507:much glory for England and America when they work together for world good, not supplanting eachExternalisation, 507:seventh Ray of Organization and of ceremonial work is now coming into prominence and manifestation,Externalisation, 507:coming into prominence and manifestation, the work of the Master on that ray is that ofExternalisation, 508:He comes Whom angels and men await, and Whose work it is to inaugurate the new age and so completeExternalisation, 508:is to inaugurate the new age and so complete the work He began in Palestine two thousand years ago,Externalisation, 508:offset. The group of violet angels or devas who work on the four etheric levels will be especiallyExternalisation, 508:levels will be especially active and they will work in the four main groups of men who are inExternalisation, 508:pledged to the service of the Christ, and their work is to contact men and to teach them alongExternalisation, 509:his attention upon the etheric body and the work and health of the physical body will becomeExternalisation, 509:of the power of color and sound will the work of the Christ and of the Great Ones be contacted andExternalisation, 510:I indicate the hope. I do not assert a fact. Its work is intended to be the holding of a broadExternalisation, 511:true and inner spiritual significance. The prime work of the church is to teach, and teachExternalisation, 511:way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in itsExternalisation, 511:in its Temples, and under the All-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occultExternalisation, 511:the divine plan. It meets the need of those who work on the first Ray of Will or Power. The ChurchExternalisation, 512:of seeking souls. By means of the educational work of the world, the Great Lord seeks to reachExternalisation, 512:stimulation. That is why it is necessary to work with the students at this time and train them inExternalisation, 513:will there be more intelligent and more useful work offered in cooperation with the OccultExternalisation, 513:the ages, been associated with the Christ in His work. Remember always the fact of the work He didExternalisation, 513:in His work. Remember always the fact of the work He did in connection with the last advent, andExternalisation, 514:Lord. There is no question therefore that the work to be done in familiarizing the general publicExternalisation, 514:we shall have (after a period of intensive work on the physical plane beginning around the yearExternalisation, 515:initiations and He will, if the preparatory work is faithfully and well done, administer the firstExternalisation, 515:Many faithful workers will, during His period of work on earth, take this first initiation, andExternalisation, 515:Is this a state of affairs in which They can work and live? Are the vibrations extant upon thisExternalisation, 515:and that much must be done to facilitate Their work. What then can we do? First, teach the law ofExternalisation, 515:with Their names and attributes, with Their work and purpose, and men must be told that They areExternalisation, 516:vibration of love, remembering ever that as we work on the side of evolution, the power of theExternalisation, 516:stand for all that tends to unity. All types of work, all the exterior efforts of the manyExternalisation, 516:humanity materialize. Through us, They choose to work for the uplift of the world, and through theExternalisation, 516:IV - Stages in the Externalization Definite work must also be done in healing, in exorcising, inExternalisation, 517:ceremonies, colors and rituals, and with the work performed upon the floor of the temple. They mustExternalisation, 517:suggestions, it may be possible for the work to go forward more rapidly than at present seemsExternalisation, 517:make due sacrifice and effort. Much preliminary work has to be done. There must be much heavy work,Externalisation, 517:work has to be done. There must be much heavy work, plowing the soil and weeding out that which isExternalisation, 517:is undesirable. This may take seven years. The work to be done in that period will be silentExternalisation, 517:done in that period will be silent educational work, and the diligent propaganda that the ChurchExternalisation, 517:I proffered you these suggestions. Should the work progress as desired, it may mark the time of theExternalisation, 517:the disciples and initiates engaged in this work, watch with loving care all [518] who struggle inExternalisation, 518:esoteric group) as much as may be. They seek to work through it, imprisoning the life within theExternalisation, 519:behind world events, occupied with the following work - a work which will eventually be carried onExternalisation, 519:events, occupied with the following work - a work which will eventually be carried on exotericallyExternalisation, 520:present one is such a cycle, and much of my own work is in connection with this. All of theseExternalisation, 520:of course, only a very small part of the total work of the Hierarchy. Much of it would be entirelyExternalisation, 521:closer to the Hierarchy. This would aid them to work together as a group for world aiding and to doExternalisation, 523:the enunciation of certain basic statements. The Work of the Externalized Ashrams: Creating andExternalisation, 525:so that They have been able to grasp and work out the emerging Plan. But even to the Masters the
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