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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Externalisation, 602:Christian faith. But all of them have made His work appear difficult for man to grasp, and theExternalisation, 603:to the majority) live in physical bodies, work for the welfare of humanity, use love instead ofExternalisation, 604:greatly intensifies His efforts. He can and will work through all groups just in so far as they fitExternalisation, 607:of the Kingdom of God on Earth, to complete the work He started, and again to demonstrate divinityExternalisation, 608:than from those in the outer world; His work is more impeded by the advanced aspirant than by theExternalisation, 608:who today recognize Him and are preparing to work with Him as far as in them lies. It is aExternalisation, 609:Representative of the love of God, is asked to work again in the world arena wherein His earlierExternalisation, 611:that you can freely aid in the reconstruction work which the Christ proposes, if you willExternalisation, 619:man. The lack of money for the work of preparation. Both these hindrances are fundamentally basedExternalisation, 619:and down on the level at which most people work and think today; let us be intensely practical andExternalisation, 620:two) would cover the time given to the Master's work; he hides behind the alibi that his homeExternalisation, 620:the hours which could be given to the Master's work are directly and seriously curtailed; he is soExternalisation, 622:with which they are endowed, they can and must work. I shall not labor this subject. There is noExternalisation, 623:emotional peace, security in which to live and work, and a vision of a future which will satisfyExternalisation, 623:the Externalization 2. The Lack of Money for the Work of Preparation We come now to the second ofExternalisation, 623:into channels which will definitely aid in the work of preparation for the return of the Christ. ItExternalisation, 624:is deflected into the material aspects of the work, into [625] the multiplying and preservation ofExternalisation, 625:Into philanthropic, educational and medical work. All of this has been exceedingly good and greatlyExternalisation, 627:answer. What hope is there for them and for the work with which they have been entrusted? How canExternalisation, 628:the courage and the patience to do the needed work. These men and women of goodwill and spiritualExternalisation, 628:and crucial moment that has come) they can work potently. The Forces of Evil are defeated, thoughExternalisation, 628:to raise money is not demanded, but the selfless work of thousands of apparently unimportant peopleExternalisation, 629:each year, there would be adequate funds for His work; the needed trusts and the spiritually-mindedExternalisation, 629:is not with the organizing of the money and work; it lies with the seeming inability of people toExternalisation, 630:The organizations so demanding must work with the minimum of overhead and central plant, and theExternalisation, 630:major point to be emphasized in the preparatory work for the return of Christ is the establishingExternalisation, 631:inauguration of a new and better day. There is work to do, and the men of goodwill, of spiritualExternalisation, 631:for right human relations, and the sacrificing work of the disciples of the Christ are not enoughExternalisation, 631:- Section IV - Stages in the Externalization Work in the Coming Decades April 1948 This is the lastExternalisation, 631:of carefully planned and meticulously outlined work; this work I undertook under cyclic lawExternalisation, 631:planned and meticulously outlined work; this work I undertook under cyclic law (related to theExternalisation, 631:teaching) in order to aid humanity and the work of the Hierarchy, to both of which I happen toExternalisation, 631:well-nigh finished; the various phases of the work which were a part of the preparation for theExternalisation, 632:by far the most important aspect of the work which I have done. These formulated ideas are: TheExternalisation, 632:and for the immediate consolidation of the work of preparation. All else that I have done in theExternalisation, 632:my term of thirty years comes to an end. Other work awaits me under the reorganization of all theExternalisation, 632:between humanity and the Hierarchy. The work of hierarchical reorganization is at present largelyExternalisation, 632:made it entirely clear to all of you what is the work which you should do and I have no intentionExternalisation, 632:I leave off. I refer of course to my exoteric work. That the work which I am now doing wasExternalisation, 632:I refer of course to my exoteric work. That the work which I am now doing was definitely [633]Externalisation, 633:to the fact that she has resumed more active work as a disciple in the Ashram of her own Master,Externalisation, 633:years of service in mine. Before I began the work of the past three decades, I knew exactly theExternalisation, 633:find the nucleus of people through whom I had to work; the first step was therefore the writing ofExternalisation, 633:agent for the discovery of those who would work in the new emerging cycle. The starting of theExternalisation, 633:done, the major part of the second decade of my work became possible, and I therefore wrote aExternalisation, 634:side of spiritual incentive and endeavor, they work today as one group; on the outer side of worldExternalisation, 634:of human thinking and planning - a similar work. Externalisation, 634:in the Externalization In this decade of my work, two major activities were inaugurated: theExternalisation, 634:formation of Men of Goodwill, (Since 1951 this work has been carried forward under the title ofExternalisation, 634:the enhanced activity of the Forces of Evil, the work of the Triangles and of the men of goodwillExternalisation, 634:your plans. In the third and final decade of my work, the time and opportunity came to announce, inExternalisation, 635:has never before been [635] laid upon the needed work of preparation. The results of thisExternalisation, 635:been done. With that pronouncement my planned work was brought to a finish; the book (TheExternalisation, 635:can reach. Here you have a brief account of the work which I undertook on behalf of the HierarchyExternalisation, 635:Whom I most reverently regard as my Master. This work has not been unsuccessfully carried forward;Externalisation, 636:in the Externalization When I began my exoteric work in 1919, I had not expected to be frustratedExternalisation, 636:Toward the end of the second decade of my work, totalitarianism reared anew its most evil head, andExternalisation, 637:were attempting to do, met with frustration; the work of all disciples was in many ways greatlyExternalisation, 638:in security, and in which men everywhere could work, relatively unopposed, towards right humanExternalisation, 639:functioning of blocs have proved how men should work and live together. [640] The United Nations isExternalisation, 640:here given you the possibilities with which the work is challenged and confronted, and again I mustExternalisation, 640:that you and all men of goodwill will have to work for the next twenty years; this period ofExternalisation, 640:today I say to you, "The Hierarchy is near." The work that must be done in the two coming decadesExternalisation, 641:greatest duty. The most important part of that work is teaching men - on a large scale - to use theExternalisation, 641:invocative demand of humanity. 2. Enlarge the work of the Triangles so that, subjectively andExternalisation, 641:envelop the earth. 3. Promote ceaselessly the work of World Goodwill, so that every nation may haveExternalisation, 641:East and of the West, collaborate together and work in the closest spiritual union; the Christ andExternalisation, 641:the point of inspiration for the coming year's work. See that you do likewise. The spiritualExternalisation, 642:you have all you need wherewith to carry on the work, impulsed from the Hierarchy, through what IExternalisation, 643:are primarily involved in this preparatory work. There is first of all the Ashram of the MasterExternalisation, 643:K.H., which is the presiding Ashram in this work, owing to the fact that it is a second ray Ashram,Externalisation, 644:the Christ moves on to higher and more important work than dealing with the consciousness ofExternalisation, 644:necessarily closely involved in this preparatory work, and also because He is what has been calledExternalisation, 644:Ashram is also very deeply concerned in this work; I have, at times, referred to the Master Who wasExternalisation, 644:responsible for the organization of Labor. This work He began to do in the latter part of theExternalisation, 644:am the fifth Master concerned in this special work and am, as it were, the liaison officer betweenExternalisation, 644:responsible to the Christ for the desired work of preparation. Certain disciples from these fiveExternalisation, 644:been (and will be) especially trained for the work of contacting the public. The stimulation whichExternalisation, 645:about a "fixed intention" on the part of many to work ceaselessly for true peace and understanding.Externalisation, 646:used on a large scale for the furtherance of the work of the Hierarchy. It is at this point and inExternalisation, 647:Master R. He relieves Him of this phase of the work to be done. 5. The energy of right humanExternalisation, 647:groups is committed the task of implementing the work and directing the energies for which theExternalisation, 648:and His influence will be spread through the work and the activity of the Christ. It must beExternalisation, 649:also of a great Being Who would normally work on levels of consciousness higher than those on whichExternalisation, 652:and [652] mental. If the forces of good, the work of the new group of world servers, and theExternalisation, 652:if and when (as a result of the preparatory work done by and for humanity), the Hierarchy isExternalisation, 652:given; they are left entirely free to work as they see fit - after due recognition of theExternalisation, 653:could intervene between the true vision and the work to be done, and interfere therefore with theExternalisation, 653:therefore, which you have to learn in this work of preparation, is controlled thought andExternalisation, 654:sees nothing but the ideal, and who is unable to work successfully with situations and things asExternalisation, 654:that which is latent within the individual. They work with seven major types of energy; five ofExternalisation, 656:this sevenfold energy that the Hierarchy will work in preparation for its physical planeExternalisation, 656:(and this I reiterate) branch of human executive work; in every educational process and in allExternalisation, 659:rhythm is increasingly responsible for this work; a great deal of the resultant effectiveness isExternalisation, 660:is concerned with the interior or subjective work of the Hierarchy, the repercussions and theExternalisation, 660:desire of this second ray Ashram. However, the work being done in this Ashram is more definitelyExternalisation, 660:the primary effort to function objectively, to work before the screen of life and not behind theExternalisation, 661:of His taking infant form and growing into His work with advancing years; it is not a case of HisExternalisation, 662:to the desired future, the coordination of the work to be done, and the clear enunciation of theExternalisation, 662:the Ashrams of the five Masters engaged in the work of preparation. The highest aspect possible of
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