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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

(page 47 of 97)


Fire, 450:is theirs. For instance, an adept can work with forms and force within [451] the ring-pass-not ofFire, 451:all the Sacred Words are then his and he can work in matter of all grades, sound all notes, andFire, 452:electrical manifestation, which is beginning to work out in the formula of scientists, and studentsFire, 456:in his type of endeavor, and through the work of those who have dealt with the subject of radiumFire, 458:taught anent the fourth and fifth kingdoms, the work and place of the animal has not received itsFire, 464:spirillae to the necessitated vibration. This work is begun when the sixth spirilla (in the minorFire, 467:destruction of form, preparatory to the building work. The building ever originates on, andFire, 468:attributes of matter, the active builders, who work consciously or unconsciously upon the plane.Fire, 468:is touched, we have lesser grades of devas who work unconsciously, with the following exceptions,Fire, 468:The Raja-lord of a plane. Seven devas who work under Him, and are the entities who inform theFire, 471:karma, for each subrace has its own destiny to work out. National karma. Family karma. IndividualFire, 472:them, while the Chohans of the higher degrees work with the karma of the larger groups (which areFire, 472:The influence of antecedent conduct. The work which a man does with his body, speech or mind,Fire, 472:that the result of human existence is not the work of a day or even a cycle. It is the aggregateFire, 472:lesser builders and elementals in their myriads, work unconsciously, being guided and directed byFire, 475:to man will assume its right place. [475] The work of the devas in connection with the animal andFire, 475:and women to the sex question, marriage and the work of procreation will result from theFire, 476:of the chemist upon the elemental forces, which work in, by, and through matter. The religious man,Fire, 479:of energy in the atom may be left to do its own work. These factors may be applied equally to allFire, 480:three and exoteric four. Man will eventually work with the three kingdoms but only when brotherhoodFire, 480:facts can be imparted, whilst the detailed work concerning process may not be dealt with owing toFire, 482:the Masters of the Wisdom, and enables Them to work along the lines of energy or force, and notFire, 482:when the word 'substance' is used. They work with electrical energy, concerning Themselves withFire, 483:whole subject of transmutation is covered by the work of the Hierarchy in all its three departmentsFire, 483:standpoint, getting thereby a concept of the work done in aiding the evolutionary process. It isFire, 483:in aiding the evolutionary process. It is the work of transferring the life from one stage ofFire, 485:and how interrelated are their activities. The work of the Hierarchy can be interpreted always inFire, 485:deal with a threefold transmutation. This work is carried on by Them consciously, and supervenesFire, 485:the Logos. The Chohans of the sixth Initiation work in the fourth and fifth ethers of the logoicFire, 485:second and third kingdoms are communicated; they work under safeguards and supervision. AdvancedFire, 485:be able to cooperate in the synthesis of the work, and deal with the transmutation [486] of theFire, 486:to the fire elementals of the lower kind which work in the mineral kingdom. Comprehend the innerFire, 487:safely - through affinity of substance - aid the work of mineral transmutation of the first order.Fire, 487:within his own organism can he alchemically do work of the second order. Only when the fires ofFire, 487:the fires of mind in himself dominate, can he work with the transmutative processes of the thirdFire, 487:to be an alchemist of the fourth order, and work in connection with the transmutation of the animalFire, 488:the distinction that is made between the work of the black and the white magician. It might beFire, 489:plane are peculiarly dangerous to man, for they work on the etheric levels and are - as I haveFire, 489:and destroys. Postulate V. The devas do not work as individualized conscious units throughFire, 489:Man or a solar Logos (viewed as Egos) but they work in groups subject to: Inherent impulse, orFire, 491:entity) concerned receives a setback, the devas work destructively, and without participation inFire, 491:and occult orders in the Occident also. Both work with matter on some plane in the three worlds,Fire, 491:transference of the life from form to form, the work proceeds under rule and order, and is effectedFire, 493:The central factor of solar fire in the work of transmutation will come to be understood throughFire, 495:in the mineral kingdom - the consummation of the work of the mineral devas, and the product ofFire, 496:to stimulate the activities of those devas who work with flowers, fruits, trees and herbs. Fire, 497:the forms of this second kingdom. The devas who work in this kingdom are a special group, and haveFire, 499:we shall again have the synthesizing process at work in a manner analogous to that which lies aheadFire, 499:body of manifestation. Under the law this will work out as demonstrated quality, and orderedFire, 500:leaving the student as far as he is able to work out analogous ideas in relation to the HeavenlyFire, 502:the conscious transmutation He undertakes in the work of evolution, and in the gradual transferenceFire, 502:buddhic. VI. On Atmic Levels: In the selective work of the adept as it relates to planetaryFire, 502:have, as yet, no terminology. The synthesizing work of the Brahma aspect as it works out in theFire, 503:the Heavenly Men and which - as in the previous work of synthesis - concerns microcosmic evolutionFire, 504:more into touch with their own Ego; those who work with the souls of men, the servers of the race.Fire, 504:in the causal body, comes the ability to work scientifically with the problem of one's ownFire, 504:problem of one's own evolution, and to do good work in aiding the evolution of one's brother. 1.Fire, 504:of the microcosm, and leaving the student to work out for himself the analogies where the Logos isFire, 508:into quality. This is the direct result of the work of the egoic Ray as it plays upon the atom.Fire, 509:etheric body of his particular planetary Logos. Work out the analogy in the microcosmic developmentFire, 516:and stores them up - under the Law of Karma - to work out again and to demonstrate as the planeFire, 517:Lords, and is the agency through which They work in the imposition of karma upon the particularFire, 517:particular entity who may be utilizing it. They work directly with the permanent atoms of men, andFire, 518:only be indicated, leaving it to the student to work out the truth for himself. On the three planesFire, 524:eventually bring about conditions wherein the work, preliminary to the first initiation, will beFire, 534:Dragon, who have their habitat on Neptune and work with the sixth principle in the solar system.Fire, 534:and atmic. The Lords of certain subplanes who work under the Raja-Lord of a plane and who areFire, 543:is beginning to open. Before that time, the work proceeds under the [544] law of its being andFire, 547:throw new light upon the possibility ability of work upon the physical plane for man. The wholeFire, 547:on two things: First, the ability of the Ego to work through the personality, using it simply asFire, 549:can ascertain their group formation, and thus work along with their group, and in unison with theFire, 553:and the use of the fifth Ray in the work of concretion. All magicians who work with matter and whoFire, 553:Ray in the work of concretion. All magicians who work with matter and who are occupied withFire, 554:schemes in which man has his place. The work of man as he builds in mental thought matter andFire, 555:in the three worlds of man's emprise, man will work as a Creator and will follow a similarFire, 561:human - (for no other entities of lesser grade work as mental creators), emanate from a mind, areFire, 561:for the purpose of carrying out some active work, demonstrate under set rules and laws, and have aFire, 564:a specific purpose in view. The planetary Logoi work primarily through the Builders of the nextFire, 564:who construct and control the work of the planetary schemes. Men work through the builders of theFire, 564:control the work of the planetary schemes. Men work through the builders of the lower mentalFire, 567:specific purpose do I use mental matter? Do I work in mental matter consciously or unconsciously?Fire, 574:of each plane. It marks the beginning of the work of the Logos, the first setting in motion ofFire, 577:on each plane. It might be interesting to work this out and trace the underlying correspondence,Fire, 582:works in the system, the process is slow; the work of disintegration begins on the third subplane,Fire, 585:acts as a step to the fourth, for many who work on the fifth Ray pass eventually to the fourth. InFire, 590:development. The abstract Rays do a similar work on the positive human hierarchy, tending towards aFire, 604:The one Life synthesizes this triplicity. Let us work this out in the Macrocosm and Microcosm.Fire, 604:logoic threefold personality, as He is seen at work on the mental plane (which closely concernsFire, 613:Men. When the student brings his study of deva work down to the terms of his own individual life heFire, 614:differentiate between the types of force, and to work consciously with these dual aspects. An AdeptFire, 616:[616] and inherently possess the power to work it out in time and space, being the conscious forcesFire, 617:have, in the evolutionary process and in the work of force direction, a relationship to hisFire, 617:therefore covering a vast period of time, the work of the lunar Pitris is slowly coming to aFire, 620:and Mother-Matter-Energy. This is the work of the Logos, and this union produces the Son, forFire, 621:energy, as distinct from the purpose which will work out to fruition as the form becomes adequateFire, 621:system, and especially as we consider those who work in the three worlds, we must bear in mind theFire, 621:subconscious builders, carrying on the work of the dense physical vehicle of the Logos in the sameFire, 621:in the same sense as the builders in man's body work automatically and unconsciously, producing theFire, 625:become a magician and contact, control and work with, the devas in connection with the plans of theFire, 631:subplane. It is with their mutual interplay and work that we are now concerned, or with the study
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