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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Fire, 1011:here it must be borne in mind that all magicians work with three types of energy: That which is theFire, 1011:type of force, Their polar opposite, and they work, therefore, either along the line of leastFire, 1012:considered certain rules which deal with the work of the solar Angel, who (in all true magical workFire, 1012:of the solar Angel, who (in all true magical work of any kind), is the active agent. We have [1013]Fire, 1014:body of the Adept is formed. All magical work on the astral plane has to be along the line ofFire, 1014:and the distinctive nature of this type of work on the three planes in the three worlds might beFire, 1014:the egoic center is required to continue the work. The note and vibration of the form itselfFire, 1015:out. The very winds protect, shield and aid the work, guiding the falling fire unto the point ofFire, 1015:types of receptive matter play in the magical work. As is ever the case in all white magic, theFire, 1015:of the solar Angel is the primary factor and the work of the man upon the physical plane isFire, 1015:as secondary; his physical body, and the work engendered therein, being frequently referred to asFire, 1016:dispersal of the building forces, now that their work is completed. This last set of formulas is ofFire, 1017:let the magician thus continue until the work suffices. Let the outer builders cease their laborsFire, 1018:initiate. Armed with this knowledge, he can then work out certain formulas of magic which enableFire, 1019:a circle of petals with which he may choose to work. All these concern primarily the will aspect,Fire, 1019:- Holy Spirit, The astral - Moisture - Water, work as a unit, and in the occult teaching, duringFire, 1020:be interpreted as stating that in the magical work, the energy of the waters becomes paramount, andFire, 1020:elemental lives available, have completed their work, and now cease from constructing; thisFire, 1020:any specific direction, and the final cycle of work upon the astral plane is entered upon. This isFire, 1020:the mystic phrase which will save him from their work. The embodied idea has now form and shapeFire, 1021:knowledge of certain magical phrases, make the work more permanent and independent and fix theFire, 1021:Four Rules for the Physical Plane In the magical work of form creation, we have carried the thoughtFire, 1021:mental plane where the solar Angel initiated the work, through the astral, where the equilibrisingFire, 1021:through the astral, where the equilibrising work was done, to the physical plane, or to the ethericFire, 1021:plane, or to the etheric levels. Here the work of producing objectivity is carried forward, andFire, 1021:It might be useful here to remember that in the work of creation [1022] the white magician availsFire, 1022:coming in, at full meridian, or passing out, the work is much easier than when the second, sixth orFire, 1022:the easiest of the forces with which man has to work. Under this Ray it will be possible to build aFire, 1022:the religious impulse. Under its influence the work of the numerous unconscious magicians will beFire, 1022:of a deplorable nature, for only those who work with the law and who control the lesser livesFire, 1023:in a position to use his own vital forces in the work of thought form creation, but this is onlyFire, 1023:extends this idea to the planetary Logos and His work of form creating. With these few preliminaryFire, 1023:deals in universals, and starts his magical work on the confines of the physical etheric sphere.Fire, 1023:be built into the proposed thought vehicle. Such work can necessarily only be done by the man who,Fire, 1024:magician must recognize the four; note in his work the shade of violet which they evidence, andFire, 1025:the cycle of peace, call on the solar Angel. The work of creation assumes now serious proportions,Fire, 1025:to the fires with which the magician seeks to work, and should these latent fires of the body andFire, 1025:solar fire, and are very easily driven into the work of destruction. The solar Angel must,Fire, 1025:direct contact afresh before proceeding with the work. Otherwise, the fires of his own body may getFire, 1025:the moments of the greatest danger in the work of creating are at certain junctures on the astralFire, 1026:may be. Naught, as yet, as far as practical work is concerned, but much where inner intellectualFire, 1026:much, and save him much time when the magical work and formulas are put in his hands. [1027] Fire, 1030:to concretion, and to the stabilization of the work of the builders. If they but realized it, theFire, 1037:people on a similar line. At the same time, the work it initiates is endorsed by the Lodge as aFire, 1038:in the world of science and religion, so his work must fit in with other force emanations, such asFire, 1038:other force emanations, such as the constructive work of the second ray in conjunction with theFire, 1040:impulse of the form activity. Students can work this out in connection with: The planetary Logos,Fire, 1045:that which it contacts, and these effects work either as Attractive or repulsive impulses.Fire, 1046:his subhierarchs takes this shape: Behold, our work is the work of destruction. The order and theFire, 1046:takes this shape: Behold, our work is the work of destruction. The order and the way thereof areFire, 1046:first, this afterwards; and such and such work of the nature of negation should be performed.Fire, 1048:intelligently forms his ring-pass-not. There his work ceases from the purely monadic standpoint;Fire, 1057:reflections. The Adepts connected with it work not with humanity but concern ThemselvesFire, 1058:(thus [1058] ascertaining the nature of the work immediately to be done) of the various great livesFire, 1063:according to which nature does its external work. - S. D., II, 107; see S. D., I, 619. DivineFire, 1066:speeds up its internal vibration; then by the work upon the atom, or the substance of solar fire,Fire, 1067:comprehend the law and therefore to be able to work perfectly with it, the experimenting studentFire, 1068:of interest. It was the basis of the alchemical work of olden days. "True, without error, certainFire, 1068:return of the essence to its center, then the work will be recognized as completed, and the formFire, 1069:age, or until the Ego, realizing the particular work to be accomplished in any one life has beenFire, 1075:stage. Students will find it of interest to work out the correspondence between the fiveFire, 1076:tremendous manipulation of ores, the scientific work of the chemist, and scientific investigationFire, 1079:and entered upon subtler, and more advanced work. Then the activity gradually ebbed until aFire, 1079:when the present generation has consummated its work of reconstruction. Third, when the comingFire, 1080:past, will incarnate in order to superintend the work. The preliminary steps are being taken now,Fire, 1085:the human entities have been called upon to work and which must never be abandoned out ofFire, 1085:by giving it a field of disharmony to work upon and establish its own greatness. This spirit ofFire, 1094:composed of lesser living wheels, and if he can work into his picture a hint of the interplay ofFire, 1103:as it is called in the Secret Doctrine, does its work, and man becomes strongly self-centered, andFire, 1104:may be evolved, but transcended when its work is over. Fire, 1107:mental sheath. This is only possible when their work is unified and synthesized. The student mustFire, 1110:it, and thus reflecting on a tiny scale the work of the Logos on His own plane. Each part of theFire, 1120:and the spleen. We are not here referring to the work of those centers as it is self-initiatedFire, 1122:body so that the continuity is preserved. This work accomplished, the three centers which are of aFire, 1127:the second Aspect, and that second aspect will work through unconquerably into manifestation.Fire, 1131:There are, needless to say, certain modes of work and mantric formulas known to the Masters whichFire, 1141:intermediate stages. The Builders of the cosmos work under cyclic law consciously, and utilize theFire, 1142:extra-systemic or cosmic Lords of Karma, Who work from a center in Sirius through the medium ofFire, 1143:through the triple Aspects, and under Them work an infinity of lesser agents. These lesser agentsFire, 1143:planetary Logos to incarnate under the Law, and work out His cyclic problem. Those who (under theFire, 1144:Sun, and in connection with the planetoids. All work with energy emanations, and with force unitsFire, 1149:a disciple are as follows: First, his desire to work off karma rapidly and so liberate himself forFire, 1149:his part for the bliss of devachan, or even for work on the astral plane. The whole objective,Fire, 1150:a physical body with great rapidity. Second, to work out some piece of service under direction ofFire, 1150:are kept in abeyance until a designated group work has been accomplished. Third, a disciple willFire, 1151:of a particular group which - though engaged in work for humanity - is failing somewhat in itsFire, 1151:through them, by the magnetic quality of their work, by their powerful group effects, and by theirFire, 1152:and students will find it interesting to work it out. Fire, 1160:on a higher turn of the spiral, the work he earlier did as man. This becomes possible when theFire, 1160:by the ego in the three worlds. When this dual work has proceeded to a certain evolutionary point,Fire, 1163:the planetary scheme, these streams of energy work paramountly in the following manner: SpiritualFire, 1173:seeks to know, That which he can utilize in his work of service, Other souls with whom he can work.Fire, 1173:work of service, Other souls with whom he can work. It will be evident, therefore, to theFire, 1177:are called the "Divine Examiners," and Their work concerns the human kingdom specifically andFire, 1177:and entirely. They are responsible for the work of Transferring men from one school to another, andFire, 1177:treading of the Path of Evolution. They begin to work with men from the moment they first set footFire, 1177:the Probationary Path and They continue Their work until the seventh initiation is taken. TheFire, 1178:four kinds of force in constructive magical work. Another name given to its halls is "The Palace ofFire, 1178:is "The Palace of Opulence" for its graduates work with the Law of Supply, and are frequentlyFire, 1179:in red robes, and carrying ebony wands. They work under the first Aspect logoic and train those
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