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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

(page 56 of 97)


Healing, 7:of all true healers, and towards which you must work. They are Magnetism and Radiation. A healerHealing, 8:the patient's force-body and so facilitate the work of healing. Therefore, the healer has the dutyHealing, 13:perfection, to vision the goal, and hence to work towards that ultimate liberation. His error atHealing, 13:disease as a fact in nature, man will begin to work with the law of liberation, with right thought,Healing, 15:expect to understand everything? Let him work at the development of his intuition and at achievingHealing, 15:But the above recognition will suffice for our work and will enable us to lay down those laws andHealing, 16:They have done much good and constructive work, and the debt of humanity to the wisdom, skill andHealing, 16:Secondly, there is the appearance of the work and methods of the modern psychologist, who seeks toHealing, 17:healing force upon the patient. This is magnetic work. It cures disease, or may increase theHealing, 18:the [18] soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. The hands are needed not. TheHealing, 19:heading of causes producing disease. That the work of the healer may be involved in these cases isHealing, 19:involved in these cases is quite true, but the work to be done is somewhat different to thatHealing, 20:Evolution and the modern theories of the work of a catalyst upon two substances which - whenHealing, 21:hopeful of results; its conclusions and modes of work are at present woefully at fault, and mostHealing, 24:the general laws with which the healer must work and the six rules which he must impose uponHealing, 24:and diseases which have fastened upon the race, work primarily through the etheric body and findHealing, 28:The ameliorative and palliative and curative work of medicine and surgery are proved beyond allHealing, 34:the vitality of the man, his capacity for work, and the term of his existence. The predominatingHealing, 35:consciousness of the healer before he is able to work constructively. First of all, that there isHealing, 37:as his phenomenal expression is concerned; they work directly upon the physical body through theHealing, 38:his patient with this knowledge. He will then work through those centers and glands which governHealing, 39:capacity to judge each other (usually unkindly) work through from the throat center to the solarHealing, 40:- something of psychology, something of the work of a magnetic healer, and also be a trainedHealing, 41:truths are admitted in place. Until they work with the etheric body and study the science of theHealing, 47:this connection that it becomes obvious that the work of the physician and of the psychologist mustHealing, 47:being express themselves in consciousness. The work of the endocrinologist, as he deals with theHealing, 48:the new techniques and methods of healing. The work done by the chiropractors is good and neededHealing, 48:technique to that of the other three. The work of the chiropractors and of the osteopaths forms twoHealing, 49:forces for the majority of men at this time) work out into manifestation is a relatively simpleHealing, 50:was the fourth in order. It is very largely the work done in our fifth civilization, our presentHealing, 54:which produce ill health, and which, therefore, work out as disease or as freedom from disease. ItHealing, 71:quiet and also keep the fever down. This is the work of the New Group of World Servers and theHealing, 72:which arise in the etheric body itself and work out in its relations to the physical body. TheseHealing, 78:be discovered before it will be really safe to work with the glands, making them a major subject ofHealing, 84:development, the failure to register, the life work of awakening and organizing the various centersHealing, 89:is a part of nature. It is to this failure to work with the Law of Periodicity that we can traceHealing, 91:to the imposed physical plane activity and work which find their incentive in these mentalHealing, 91:not to be frustrated but to make the plan work. The result is frequently the breaking down of theHealing, 91:on the physical plane achieved. But it was the work of a physical nature which caused the troubleHealing, 92:of wrong thought. You are starting out to work, and I would have clear thinking on this point. TheHealing, 96:by the power to visualize, by an ability to work with particular forces as is deemed advisable, byHealing, 97:mind processes can arrest and hinder the healing work. Thought has to condition the initialHealing, 97:upon these problems before you start any group work in healing. Thought neither cures disease norHealing, 98:attention to the Law of Periodicity. In healing work, certain rules should be mastered and followedHealing, 98:healing power upon his patient. This is magnetic work. 1b. The healer must seek to link his soul,Healing, 98:feed the soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. The hands are needed not. TheHealing, 99:futile. I would ask you, therefore, in any group work of healing, to keep the will (and even keenHealing, 100:disease and their hidden origins, and with the work of healing, as it is carried on and sanctionedHealing, 100:on and sanctioned by the Great White Lodge. The work is, in reality, that of the judicious use ofHealing, 101:is consequently some real [101] danger in this work of occult healing, and for this reason theHealing, 101:in training should bear in mind that they will work as a group and not as individuals. The freeHealing, 101:nearest to the location of the disease. In this work there is no risk to the healer, but if theHealing, 101:all thought in abeyance, once the preliminary work has been done, for energy ever follows thoughtHealing, 102:attempting and the potency of their united group work and of the force which they can wield. TheyHealing, 102:They will, therefore, in the first cycle of work, attempt the radiatory method. It is simpler andHealing, 102:You will realize why, in this radiatory work, the linking process involves the soul, the brain andHealing, 102:the rules under which all healing groups must work. I would like to interpolate here that it is notHealing, 102:is not always necessary or possible to meet and work together in group formation. This work can beHealing, 102:meet and work together in group formation. This work can be carried forward efficiently andHealing, 102:forward efficiently and potently, if the members work as a subjective group; each should thenHealing, 103:there would be too much conversation, and the work done would not be adequately effective. From theHealing, 103:effective. From the physical standpoint, they work alone; from the true inner standpoint, they workHealing, 103:work alone; from the true inner standpoint, they work in the closest cooperation. Healing, 103:the group relation and concentrate upon the work to be done. Within yourself, then, link soul andHealing, 103:by a loving heart, we offer ourselves for this work of healing. This offer we make as a group andHealing, 104:center of the group and to the patient. But work ever from the ajna center until instructed to doHealing, 104:then dismiss it. Forget now the details of the work, such as the group, yourself and the difficultyHealing, 105:silence and reticence in relation to all healing work. Never let it be known by anyone that you areHealing, 105:indicate that you are not yet ready for this work and should discontinue it. This injunction is farHealing, 105:major laws of health and seven minor laws. These work out in the three worlds, which is all thatHealing, 107:control. The science of psychology will work here. The activity aspect, which manifests primarilyHealing, 108:death should be the recognition by the soul of work consummated and pralaya earned. It will onlyHealing, 108:will cease to breathe when he has finished his work, and then will send the atoms of his body intoHealing, 111:is) that the disease be permitted to do its work and death open the door to the escape of the soulHealing, 113:nature. When this is accepted, men will begin to work with the Law of Liberation, with rightHealing, 124:to deal not only with his own reactions to the work he is doing, but also, in a general andHealing, 127:necessary process is taking place, a definite work is going forward in the etheric body. TheHealing, 130:the ray of tension - a tension which can work out in the form of the most evil fanaticism or theHealing, 134:which produce ill health, and which, therefore, work out as disease or as freedom from disease. LawHealing, 134:healing force upon the patient. This is magnetic work. It cures disease, or increases the evilHealing, 134:feed the soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. The hands are needed not. TheHealing, 151:Spiritual Triad, the soul and the personality work. [152] The key to a right understanding ofHealing, 159:expression of the universal mind, Manas. In the work of the initiate, as he works out the divineHealing, 160:centers and their three externalizations will work in synthesis, governing and directing the wholeHealing, 160:apparent and the divine plan will begin to work out. This is the first step towards love, rightHealing, 161:due to heart activity, leads him to serve and work. Eventually he too becomes the heart of a groupHealing, 168:which the Spiritual Triad must eventually work, and the synthetic center, the ajna center, whichHealing, 172:therefore the center through which most mediums work and clairvoyants function. Later, these peopleHealing, 172:function. Later, these people will learn to work as intermediaries, consciously and intelligentlyHealing, 178:Pitris, to the solar Lord or Angel. The field of work of the former is the sacral center, parHealing, 182:of the extreme danger involved in any premature work on the basic center. The best I can do is toHealing, 182:when the second aspect has accomplished its work, through the medium of the third aspect, but underHealing, 184:of pure spirit. Thus in every living form the work of the Father, of the Mother and of the Son isHealing, 188:I give each of these in the sequence of their work of fusion: The solar plexus center, fusing theHealing, 191:the builders are the lunar lords and those who work under the control of the moon and at the behestHealing, 193:any time, or begin with any physical emphasis to work at the elimination of disease or disharmony.Healing, 198:or the non-radiation of the centers, which work through the nadis; they can also arise as a resultHealing, 204:the New Age will start with definitely planned work with the centers, and the general trend of theHealing, 204:to the centers, and much experimental work will be done. From the standpoint of the esotericist whoHealing, 204:healer, for he will eventually have to work through his own centers in relation to the patient
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