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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Magic, 140:the soul. Leadership in groups controlling the work of the New Age will grow out of the disciplineMagic, 140:on White Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound To resume our consideration of the AUM. TheMagic, 140:perception that a disciple is available for work and can be utilized actively in the needy placesMagic, 141:Sacred Word has its place also in the magical work of the Hierarchy. Thought forms are created forMagic, 141:groups for the helping of the world. The main work of a disciple on the mental plane is to trainMagic, 144:on White Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound The second word of importance in thisMagic, 144:a practical worker, and so enable him to work with intelligence. His main work (and increasingly heMagic, 144:enable him to work with intelligence. His main work (and increasingly he will find this to be so)Magic, 144:to thinking human beings. To do this he must work occultly, and through the sound of his breathedMagic, 144:and through the sound of his breathed forth work, through the truth revealed in form, will he carryMagic, 145:process of unfolding, and lo, the law began to work. Forms arose, and disappeared, but life movedMagic, 145:on White Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound We have touched upon two words ofMagic, 148:under the law and naught can hinder now the work from going forward." Note these words in Rule IV.Magic, 151:in correct rhythm, is sent forth to do its work and fulfil its mission. Study this idea with care,Magic, 151:with care, for it holds the secret of creative work. Magic, 152:deeply" we have the whole process of creative work and of the evolutionary unfoldment of God inMagic, 152:the aspirant, the disciple, and the initiate work, bearing in mind however that the science of theMagic, 152:mental life of the disciple, and in the great work of learning to be a conscious creator in mentalMagic, 152:Rule holds the instructions upon which the work is based. It embodies the science of the entireMagic, 152:It embodies the science of the entire magical work. Therefore, this Rule warrants the closestMagic, 157:be borne in mind that this definite creative work is only possible to those who function on mentalMagic, 158:will be that relating to the disciple and his work, and will deal with his training in the magicalMagic, 158:and will deal with his training in the magical work of the ego, as that ego occupies and employs aMagic, 158:process of creating thought-forms is part of the work done by every aspirant in the dailyMagic, 158:to build and vitalize thought-forms, his work might assume greater interest. The tendency of mostMagic, 158:is to be occupied with their deficiencies in the work of meditation and their inability to controlMagic, 159:were to be occupied by the profoundly engrossing work of thought-form building. A secondary andMagic, 159:human bodies, are deeply engaged in meditation work, it is highly improbable that they can beMagic, 159:same time, an experimental fact in the magical work. In the disciple's work, there is often failureMagic, 159:fact in the magical work. In the disciple's work, there is often failure owing to his inability toMagic, 159:breath as he carries forward his meditation work. This expulsive breath is the result of aMagic, 159:breathing, paralleled by concentrated meditation work, then a definite focusing of the attentionMagic, 159:The first hindrance to the potency of the work comes through the failure of the disciple to carryMagic, 160:constructed by an aspirant in his meditation work are lost and fail in their objective because ofMagic, 160:come to naught; thus good purpose and planned work for the Master fail to materialize because, asMagic, 161:agitation by the group for, and in which, they work. They are elated or depressed, satisfied orMagic, 163:mental bodies and become creators, and who will work constructively towards these ends. Thus itMagic, 163:pure, clean living. Only thus can the creative work be carried forward with safety, and only thusMagic, 164:know they are disciples and know what their work is and are doing it. There are nevertheless manyMagic, 166:of humanity (and of all forms) and does not work with their astral bodies. This has been oftMagic, 166:nature which is responsible for the developing work of, and within, the form. May I say thereforeMagic, 166:soul consciousness, and to learn to live and work as souls. Until such time as their use of theirMagic, 169:wherein the Master accepts him and starts him to work. Such is not the case. The occult law holdsMagic, 170:believes has been set up. He proceeds with his work but intensifies his meditation; he searches hisMagic, 170:serve; and then (when he is so engrossed in the work on hand that he has forgotten himself),Magic, 171:and he therefore discovers that he has to work constantly and ceaselessly with his lower self. HeMagic, 172:fulfil their obligations and carry forward their work with as little contact with the Masters asMagic, 172:Him to use His energy in order to safeguard the work from error and the disciple perhaps from harm.Magic, 172:aim of every high disciple is to carry out his work and be en rapport with the spiritual forceMagic, 173:The stage wherein, having shown his wisdom in work, and his appreciation of the Master's problem,Magic, 173:knowledge for anything except the need of the work; no personality reason or distress would promptMagic, 173:taken initiation, is being given specialized work to do in collaboration with his - . At this stageMagic, 175:the process should be found. Some transmitters work entirely on astral levels and their work isMagic, 175:work entirely on astral levels and their work is necessarily part of the great illusion. They areMagic, 175:working consciously on the physical plane. Some work only on mental levels, learning, throughMagic, 175:either consciously or unconsciously. When they work consciously, it is then possible for them toMagic, 176:the accuracy of their teaching. Those who work unconsciously (I refer not to astral psychics), canMagic, 178:of the development of the inner hearing. Their work is largely stenographic, yet is also partiallyMagic, 179:- The Soul and its Thought-Forms This form of work might be divided into three methods: There isMagic, 179:awakened before astral psychism is possible. The work that I refer to here involves a correspondingMagic, 179:whose bodies atomic subplane matter is found can work this way. Safety and accuracy lie in thisMagic, 179:to the preceding method or stored up to work through gradually and at need. Thirdly, we haveMagic, 180:or supplement, as needed, to do the appointed work. I cannot explain more clearly. Magic, 180:use. It will be necessary to wait until the work of the esoteric schools has reached a moreMagic, 182:and a wiser control of themselves. They do not work with aspirants because They personally like orMagic, 182:information and leading them to use it in their work, knowing that right use of knowledge leads toMagic, 183:patient application to right habits and ways of work in the life of the would-be disciple. AllMagic, 183:this contact is brought about through definite work along meditation lines, mind control, and theMagic, 186:a Master, and yet have obligations and duties to work through which would handicap him for activeMagic, 187:in the same group. It is better to wait and work gradually and intelligently oneself than forceMagic, 187:incarnation those chelas with whom a man has to work and who are karmically linked to him byMagic, 187:by ancient ties and old familiarity in similar work. Sometimes it may be deemed wiser for a man toMagic, 187:keyed to his vibration, and accustomed to work with him, are also in physical bodies, for aMagic, 187:entered in service to be rendered and specific work to be done, and not because a man is to receiveMagic, 187:Chelas train themselves and when ready for any work a Master uses [188] them. They developMagic, 188:uses [188] them. They develop themselves and work out their own salvation and as step by step isMagic, 189:employed by him before any true creative work is possible. When I use the words "creative work" IMagic, 189:work is possible. When I use the words "creative work" I am speaking esoterically and am notMagic, 189:and am not referring to the valuable work [190] done by the artists of the world in their manyMagic, 190:lead to true esoteric endeavor and to creative work on the subtler planes. I am assuming in theMagic, 192:of the sacral center, focused hitherto on the work of physical creation and generation andMagic, 193:the path of occult endeavor and have brought the work of the Lodge into disrepute - cases ofMagic, 194:of the brain cells through unwise meditation work, and it will become increasingly clear why it isMagic, 194:and Eye It is not possible for the aspirant to work with and utilize all these seven types ofMagic, 196:creative faculties, utilized in the reproductive work and sex life of the race. This is a broad andMagic, 197:functioning and almost fully awakened. The work of transmutation is however going onMagic, 198:music, - or in group organization and executive work there is no harm wrought, for the energy findsMagic, 198:and the throat center swings into creative work, a definite relation is set up and there is anMagic, 199:lotus begins to vibrate. It symbolizes the work of at-one-ing the soul and the body, the subjectiveMagic, 199:appears. This number signifies the completed work of the twelve creative Hierarchies, twelve timesMagic, 200:When man has completed within himself the great work, when the number one hundred and forty-fourMagic, 200:and fourth points and are just beginning to work at the fifth and sixth. Let us touch briefly uponMagic, 203:rhythm of the soul, the higher self. This work of imposing the higher vibration on the lower isMagic, 204:a channel through which spiritual agencies can work, and realizes himself as a corporate part ofMagic, 204:and many of you are working steadily upon the work of meditation. I have placed it fourth upon theMagic, 205:of the centers we shall do no meditation work upon them. Eventually we shall arrive at anMagic, 205:of the astrological significances. We shall not work with the centers down the spinal column, norMagic, 205:the clairvoyant and clairaudient person. All the work done by students must be done entirely in theMagic, 206:guided activity of the five other centers. The work in these five centers will eventually be asMagic, 207:by those for whom it is intended and will not work harm to the unevolved. This rule, when followed
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