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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Magic, 211: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Six - The Work of the Eye RULE SIX The devas of the lower fourMagic, 211:they are driven forth and lose their master. The Work of the Eye We have for consideration now oneMagic, 211:one upon which the entire success of all magical work depends. I would like to point out to theMagic, 211:of souls, or egoic impulses, of hierarchical work and of pure thought. This is the Kingdom of God,Magic, 211:becoming increasingly aware, wherein initiates work, and from which the Masters in Their gradedMagic, 212:the intellect in man marks his fitness for the work of treading the Path, back to full soulMagic, 212: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Six - The Work of the Eye The center between the eyebrows,Magic, 213:for it is only fully utilized in the magical work when the monadic aspect, the will aspect, isMagic, 213:It is the controlling factor of the magical work. All white magical work is carried forward with aMagic, 213:factor of the magical work. All white magical work is carried forward with a definitelyMagic, 214:It is the agent of the soul in the purificatory work. It should be noted here that in each of theMagic, 214:exists for the etheric body. It is this third work of the soul that is touched upon here, theMagic, 214:soul that is touched upon here, the destructive work of getting rid of the old forms, of shakingMagic, 214:and students would find it of interest to work these out. Magic, 214: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Six - The Work of the Eye The seeing of the light within allMagic, 215:eye, which is the dominant factor in magical work, is the correspondence to the soul. In a mostMagic, 215:enabling the monad, which is pure Being, to work, to contact, to know, and to see. The aspect ofMagic, 215:manifestation and ends the cycle of creative work. Bringing these concepts down to practicalMagic, 216:I have concentrated the formula for all magical work on the physical plane. It is through theMagic, 216:of the centers, that the soul carries on the work in magic. It is through the intense focusing ofMagic, 216:in them you will find the clue to the magical work in your own life reconstruction, to the magicalMagic, 216:in your own life reconstruction, to the magical work of human reconstruction which certain adeptsMagic, 216:adepts are carrying on, and to the magical work of the evolution of the divine plan which is theMagic, 219:the first six Rules which deal specifically with work on the mental plane, and hence have aMagic, 219:to utilize the power of the mind in the magical work of creation. It is interesting to note in thisMagic, 219:a growing tendency towards magical work. Schools of affirmation are cropping up on all sides, whoseMagic, 220:Rule 4 - Respiration, resulting in creative work. Rule 5 - Reunion, resulting in the at-one-ment.Magic, 220:do well to consider these relationships, and to work out the underlying synthesis. Magic, 221:to learn both to stand free from it and then to work on it. In this instruction, I seek to giveMagic, 224:and to this end every aspirant is begged to work strenuously and to lend his aid. Every man whoMagic, 224:from the glamor of illusion aids in the Great Work. [225] Again, the astral plane is that whereonMagic, 225:found the Path and become the Path, then he can work with the world forces, can preserve theMagic, 228:in the world have a more potent astral body and work under greater emotional strain than the lessMagic, 230:betwixt spiritual advancement and the arduous work of staying with the group and working out theMagic, 231:moments upon the Master under whom they work. Thus the work and labor expands; thus theMagic, 231:upon the Master under whom they work. Thus the work and labor expands; thus the responsibility andMagic, 235:his own soul and therefore occupied with group work, is the motivating power back of all magicalMagic, 235:back of all magical phenomena. This magical work is begun in the magician's own life, extends toMagic, 235:time over this rule for it covers the immediate work and activity of the intelligent aspirant. ItMagic, 235:contact, nor can the magical force of the soul work out in manifestation upon the physical planeMagic, 237:to create and to wield mental matter, and so work out the purposes of the Universal Mind, which areMagic, 237:his astral body, its focus, its desires and its work. The student on the path of acceptedMagic, 238:consciously in the mental body. [238] The work of the initiate and the adept grows out of theseMagic, 238:of the light. So he buckles down to the work of making the astral body simply a reflector of thatMagic, 240:and be condemned (until he learns his lesson) to work in the forces of matter, and with the formsMagic, 240:illusion. It is interesting to note that the work of the Devil, the imprisoner of souls, isMagic, 240:of years is on the verge of destruction. But the work of Antichrist is only rising now to itsMagic, 241:The second ray group who delude and deceive, work through religious agencies, through massMagic, 241:They are largest in number. The third group work primarily through commercial relations in theMagic, 242:and come to a realization of the rhythmic work of creation. Incidentally also we gain poise as weMagic, 248:or energy body performs the magical creative work. One point is rather abstrusely dealt with inMagic, 248:spot within the brain cavity where the magical work must, in relation to the physical plane, beMagic, 248:soul realization into that of creative magical work on the etheric subplanes is gradually madeMagic, 248:made possible as the student in his meditation work develops facility in focusing his attention inMagic, 248:his energies in the performance of the magical work of the soul. The fundamental secret of theMagic, 249:that the basic law underlying all magical work is that "energy follows thought". If aspirants wouldMagic, 250:there is the place of meeting, and there the work of transcendental magic becomes possible. ThisMagic, 250:is the symbol of the intellect and all magical work is an intelligent process, carried out in theMagic, 251:by the man who is seeking to perform the magical work and much of his success is dependent upon hisMagic, 251:which he is seeking to demonstrate as magical work in the outer world. It might therefore be saidMagic, 251:secret place of the Most High", visualizes the work to be done. This is not a sequential act, butMagic, 251:not a sequential act, but the finished completed work of magic is visioned by a process that doesMagic, 251:responds to the soul (calling attention to the work to be performed), and is swept intoMagic, 251:is usually the case in the early stages of the work) then the thought-form created will beMagic, 251:Ebb and Flow It is in meditation that this work of accurate reception [252] and correct building isMagic, 252:the need of the magician beginning the practical work of magic with himself as the subject of theMagic, 252:he finds a transmuting, transforming power at work upon the energies which constitute his lowerMagic, 252:place, he begins to be interested in the magical work in which it is the function of all true soulsMagic, 252:and respond to the force of the building magical work. A thought-form exists then as the result ofMagic, 252:can flow for the performance of the magical work. This magical work, carried out under theMagic, 252:performance of the magical work. This magical work, carried out under the direction of the soulMagic, 253:and hence all three are involved in all magical work. The right eye, through which the vital energyMagic, 258:processes, and to effective magical work. As progress on the Path is made the thought processes ofMagic, 258:with definite purpose and in the meditation work - become more effective in the bringing about ofMagic, 258:It will be apparent therefore that in magical work (which has ever to be wrought out on theMagic, 259:self-interest the dominant factor. Part of the work of the Christ when He came 2000 years ago wasMagic, 260:for the spiritual thought, resulting in magical work, of one brother of pure intent is of farMagic, 260:is a group effort. Under the Law the Great Ones work through Their disciples in all countries andMagic, 260:groups, and this has greatly hampered the work. Now this is changed. I want to charge you all toMagic, 260:I want to charge you all to realize this and to work to substantiate this group integrity and toMagic, 261:the Great Ones. "May I fulfil my part in the One work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness andMagic, 261:company, and will not only aid in the magical work of the forces of light, but will serve toMagic, 265:terms abstract or numerical, and by loving all, work at the plasticity of the astral body. In loveMagic, 265:is equally true of God and His cosmic creative work; of the soul, as it builds its instrument forMagic, 265:as he seeks to express his realization of the work through group work and the organization of hisMagic, 265:his realization of the work through group work and the organization of his [266] life; and ofMagic, 266:We are beginning, through our meditation work and our application to study, to work on mentalMagic, 266:meditation work and our application to study, to work on mental levels. We are creating formsMagic, 267:motive as a preparatory step to true occult work. [268] The question might be asked: What is meantMagic, 268:question might be asked: What is meant by occult work? True occult work involves: The contacting ofMagic, 268:asked: What is meant by occult work? True occult work involves: The contacting of the Plan. RightMagic, 268:Right desire to cooperate with the Plan. The work of thought-form building and the confining of theMagic, 268:own and never fail to manifest and perform their work. The direction of the thought-form from theMagic, 268:much time following the orthodox methods of work and in physical plane activities. They wearMagic, 268:acting solely as the directing agents. Learn to work on the plane of mind. Build there your form,Magic, 269:and the Purpose which it veils and hides. All work and all created thought-forms (whether theyMagic, 269:religion, a school of thought, a book or a life work of any kind) which express spiritual idealsMagic, 269:this one passes. Matter and substance together work out the way of darkness. Substance and purposeMagic, 273:let the magician thus continue until the work suffices. Let the outer builders cease their laborsMagic, 273:purpose. This takes place fairly early in the work and after the process of orientation the work of
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