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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Meditation, 277:of the Master to carry out His side of the work. As the pupil meditates with occult accuracy beMeditation, 277:as alignment is effected is the Master able to work with the bodies of the pupil. If naught else isMeditation, 277:It prepares the field for labor and for work. Let us briefly consider the various periods asMeditation, 279:period wherein a man is an accepted disciple the work done by the Master is of very real interest.Meditation, 279:far outweighs any of the strenuous parts of the work. The Master works upon the bodies of his pupilMeditation, 279:order that he may consciously cooperate in the work of the [280] Master on his bodies, andMeditation, 280:his own contacts. The Master presides over the work of stimulating the centers in the pupil'sMeditation, 280:consciously and with full knowledge of the law work with his centers, and bring them to a pointMeditation, 283:consecration of the whole threefold man to the work in hand. It entails, therefore, the applicationMeditation, 283:is that of the intensest application to the work of rounding out the bodies and of making them fitMeditation, 284:and just as the Logos by fire tries every man's work of what sort it is, so the microcosm on aMeditation, 284:own development, then in the special field of work wherein he expresses himself, and lastly in hisMeditation, 288:student that he has done some of the necessary work and is attaining somewhat the desired object.Meditation, 288:dependent upon the type of body in use and the work done in previous lives, resulting in a physicalMeditation, 289:told you, it is not possible in any way in this work to do more than widely generalize. SixtyMeditation, 292:This is a literal statement of fact. Good work earns for the man in time the right to be with theMeditation, 292:the Master at stated periods. This entails good work in meditation coupled with active service forMeditation, 292:the Master, and remember his associates in the work of the class. He will remember certainMeditation, 292:Master, and will bring back a recollection of work suggested or of admonition. This is one of theMeditation, 293:their Master intimately on the inner planes and work under His direction, but many lives may elapseMeditation, 293:day and works on all the three planes over the work to be done. He continuously raises hisMeditation, 293:aspirant to the mysteries of the group. When the work [294] is properly done, the aspirant willMeditation, 294:and that are directly concerned with the work of a Master with His affiliated pupils or disciplesMeditation, 295:the calling forth of the response must be the work of the pupil, and that the hour of that responseMeditation, 295:response depends upon the earnestness of his work, the consecration of his service and his karmicMeditation, 295:the prescribed instructions, and to definitely work and to ardently serve his fellowmen. When heMeditation, 297:is but the foundation upon which the future work is to be based. As yet the future structure cannotMeditation, 300:if the earlier schools and colleges do their work satisfactorily they will have demonstrated to theMeditation, 301:depends on humanity itself and on all of you who work with faith and aspiration at the beginningsMeditation, 301:the fifth principle). This is the keystone. The work proceeds in the founding, as aforesaid, of theMeditation, 301:every nerve and bends every effort to the work in hand. If all that is possible is done, when theMeditation, 301:when the Great Lord comes with His Masters the work will receive a still further impetus, and willMeditation, 302:office for the educational disciplinary training work of the Hierarchy. There will be found theMeditation, 302:elsewhere who all carry out specific work under proper and adequate supervision. Too apt are theMeditation, 302:main channel of effort, power and light. But the work with other races proceeds simultaneously andMeditation, 302:at Shamballa, are paralleling the Himalayan work. Get this clearly in mind, for the point isMeditation, 302:without any exception that should control the work and output of the occult students in the West.Meditation, 302:in the West. It brooks no rival nor contemporary work with its pupils, not for the [303] sake ofMeditation, 304:are and will be closely inter-allied and will work in the closest cooperation, being all focusedMeditation, 305:dealt with, and the fact that certain schools work paramountly with one ray and others withMeditation, 305:known. The southern Indian school has special work with the deva evolution, and with the second andMeditation, 305:as existing in the future may not always work out in detail as foreseen. I but seek to lay beforeMeditation, 306:institute these schools. Only as the educational work of the nation has reached a certain heightMeditation, 307:it may be laid if students rightly apprehend the work to be done. There will be one school for theMeditation, 307:much depends on the political and educational work of the next ten years. Great Britain. At one ofMeditation, 308:in mind that the schools wherein the preparatory work and earlier grades are found will be first inMeditation, 308:of others will be definitely the outcome of His work, and that of His Masters, and will depend uponMeditation, 309:of the Theosophical movement, and others. The work in Britain, America and Australia is already inMeditation, 309:of you to study with greater aspiration and to work with more strenuous application. Each and allMeditation, 309:plan would he but qualify by doing the necessary work. That work should be: An endeavor toMeditation, 309:he but qualify by doing the necessary work. That work should be: An endeavor to recognize theMeditation, 311:of the one fundamental School of Occultism, the work will begin in an inconspicuous manner, andMeditation, 311:manner, and those pupils and advanced egos whose work it is to make the necessary beginning mustMeditation, 311:the residue or nucleus upon which the further work may be based. Mistakes matter not; nought butMeditation, 311:the watching Teachers of the race know that the work the Ego seeks to do through each expression onMeditation, 311:vary much), the school for the preparatory work will be situated within reasonable distance of someMeditation, 312:he can pass on to the more advanced grades and work in the second school. The preparatory schoolMeditation, 312:the abstract development of the pupil, and with work on causal levels. One can be best accomplishedMeditation, 312:to a considerable degree he may not safely work, for instance, with the deva or angel evolution. InMeditation, 314:of the purification which is his paramount work, whilst the mountains will imbue the advancedMeditation, 314:and will demonstrate themselves in the school work, to the pupils, and on the inner planes. TheMeditation, 315:is essential that the Master, Who is back of the work of any particular school, should be able atMeditation, 315:through to the physical brain, for part of his work will be with students on the astral plane,Meditation, 315:ashram at certain intervals for specialized work. He will have to train them too in this consciousMeditation, 315:in this conscious functioning. Under him will work six instructors, of whom one at least must be aMeditation, 315:vehicles, and cooperate with the Head in the work of expanding and attuning those vehicles. TheseMeditation, 315:Probationary Path and earnestly devoted to the work of assisting evolution and devoted to theMeditation, 315:a tiny replica of the occult prototype. As their work will be largely to develop the lower mind ofMeditation, 316:world universities. [316] In every college the work of these trained seven men will be aided byMeditation, 316:To these ten teachers will be entrusted the work of grounding the students in the importantMeditation, 316:telepathy, causal communication, reminiscence of work undertaken during the hours of sleep, and theMeditation, 316:of the threefold man. Under these will work various other teachers, who will superintend otherMeditation, 317:be done, and it rests then with him to aid the work by the closest cooperation. A certain amount ofMeditation, 317:who is an accepted disciple. Under them will work a set of instructors who will deal largely withMeditation, 318:them will be relatively few in number and the work of the teachers is supervisory more thanMeditation, 318:is always esoterically self-taught. Much of the work done by these three will be on the innerMeditation, 318:three will be on the inner planes, and they will work more in the seclusion of their own rooms thanMeditation, 319:The pupils are - it will be presumed - ready to work for themselves and to find the way to theMeditation, 319:the way to the portal of initiation alone. The work of the teachers will be advisory, and they willMeditation, 319:available to answer questions and to superintend work initiated by the pupil himself, and notMeditation, 319:aligning the bodies, superintending the work on inner planes, and the pouring in of force with theMeditation, 319:from danger by occult methods, will be the work, in part, of the Teachers, added to the supervisionMeditation, 319:one in this school who initiates and does the work, superintended and guarded by the teachers, andMeditation, 320:by a previous period of service, his ability to work in group formation and to think in terms ofMeditation, 322:- a reception room of small proportions for his work with individuals, and a larger room for jointMeditation, 325:of the foundations upon which to build the later work, and with the formulation, the study, and theMeditation, 325:the true occultist will later base his practical work. We saw also that much that was taught wasMeditation, 325:that will be seen in the scheme of the student's work and to show the method whereby he isMeditation, 325:three heads: The times of study. The types of work. The transformation of potential faculty intoMeditation, 325:through practice. a. The Times of Study All the work of the school will be based upon an occultMeditation, 326:At the end of six weeks he returns to his work with the object in view of systematizing the mass ofMeditation, 326:which is called the bright half, whilst the work of the dark half will be more given over to theMeditation, 326:day being given over to a more practical type of work. The basis of all occult growth isMeditation, 327:thirty minutes of careful revision of the day's work and the filling in of certain charts that goMeditation, 328:IX - Future Schools of Meditation b. Types of Work First and foremost, the practice of meditationMeditation, 329:macrocosmic and microcosmic centers. Practical Work Service to the race. Study of group work.Meditation, 329:Work Service to the race. Study of group work. Review work. [330] Work on the subtler bodies withMeditation, 329:Service to the race. Study of group work. Review work. [330] Work on the subtler bodies with theMeditation, 330:race. Study of group work. Review work. [330] Work on the subtler bodies with the view to producingMeditation, 330:c. Potencies becoming Powers This third type of work is based on the preceding curriculum and deals
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