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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Meditation, 337:allow time to bring about the remainder of the work. Meditation, 339:eliminating and constructing. [339] By work done on the emotional body at night under the directionMeditation, 339:namely, violet and gold. Remember that the work is gradual, and as the polarization shifts up, theMeditation, 340:of the Mental Body This is the result of hard work and discrimination. It necessitates three thingsMeditation, 341:bestow initiation upon you. You have, by hard work and sheer endeavor to conform to the Law and toMeditation, 346:times as much as is required. He ceases from work when (through accident or the recurrence ofMeditation, 347:of his life and in the details of his environing work will cause accuracy in the background too,Meditation, 347:in everyday matters does slovenly and ill-judged work? A further method of service shews itself inMeditation, 348:an ability to step out of office into work of greater importance, when some less competent workerMeditation, 348:when some less competent worker can do his work with equal facility and good judgment. It is theMeditation, 348:too highly nor to underrate themselves. Bad work results when the non-efficient fill a post, but itMeditation, 348:may serve; but be equally ready to step on to work of more apparent value when the Master's wordMeditation, 348:he believes to be the Master's will, and the work to be done by him in cooperation with God's plan.Meditation, 348:his part, he passes on to a continuance of the work, and cares not for the result of his action. HeMeditation, 349:nature of involution, and the servant seeks to work with the law of evolution. This is an importantMeditation, 349:remains unbroken; he cares not if he seem to work in the dark and is conscious of little resultMeditation, 349:of the personality, and discrimination in work and time. The resultant attitude will be: CompleteMeditation, 360:renews his touch and with the work of our planet. Yoga 1. One of the six schools ofPatanjali, 9:beginning of his instruction) to the practical work to be done in liberating this light so that itPatanjali, 13:problem comes realization of [13] the practical work to be done, and the embryo yogi can begin hisPatanjali, 13:to be done, and the embryo yogi can begin his work. The lower forms are constantly and ceaselesslyPatanjali, 23:man from his lower threefold sheath in order to work on high levels, preparatory to some activePatanjali, 23:Triad. For purposes of his peculiar and specific work the Nirmankaya "sleeps" to all states savePatanjali, 26:is based upon intelligent appreciation of the work to be done and the goal to be reached, and notPatanjali, 28:enough and his ability to go forward with the work of subjugation and control is withoutPatanjali, 48:Average men deal with effects and blindly work their way through them. The Master deals withPatanjali, 54:the white occultist has nothing to do, for his work is concerned not with the increase ofPatanjali, 56:fifth, the Aryan race, in a special sense. The work of that race is to reveal in a newer and fullerPatanjali, 60:in the creative, magical and psychical work of manifestation, with the object ever in view ofPatanjali, 62:that it may be finally tuned up so that the work of force direction may be safely undertaken. ThePatanjali, 62:The disciple has to pass the forces used in his work through his body. The unfoldment and awakeningPatanjali, 63:safely proceed to the more esoteric and occult work connected with the fires of his little system.Patanjali, 67:he longs to achieve and to know, it is too hard work to fulfil the conditions. His will is not yetPatanjali, 70:will arrive at a just appreciation of the work he has to do. He is thus aided to place himselfPatanjali, 72:in breathing exercises, however, nor in any work with the seven centers in the body. It will bePatanjali, 73:principle is understood, then the disciple can work intelligently and hence the necessity of aPatanjali, 80:illuminating. Students would find it valuable to work out the analogy between these five rays andPatanjali, 87:peace. Students will find it of interest to work out these seven ways to peace in relation to onePatanjali, 89:Consequently he finds his place and knows his work. Finally he arrives at a knowledge [90] of thatPatanjali, 96:the sound, thus producing the form. In creative work, the adept starts on the inside and - knowingPatanjali, 96:themselves in their meditation with the work of separating the triplicities, so as to be ablePatanjali, 104:pure spiritual realization, he can increasingly work in the future. Through practice, hePatanjali, 104:he strengthens that realization, and all life, work and circumstances are viewed as a passingPatanjali, 106:the true magic and the key to the great magical work in which all true yogis and adeptsPatanjali, 108:as he utilizes them for purposes of constructive work on their respective planes. He is now inPatanjali, 112:book which outlines the practical part of the work, which gives the rules which must be followed ifPatanjali, 120:it is the climax and that which completes the work of development in the human kingdom. It is thePatanjali, 120:by their achievements. It synthesizes the work of evolution and crowns man as king. Bhakti Yoga isPatanjali, 121:liberates him to complete service and freedom to work as a White Magician. Bhakti Yoga is the yogaPatanjali, 122:to do and this is the object of Patanjali's work. The Aryan race will [123] contribute this fullerPatanjali, 136:contacts, and continues to manifest [136] and work upon the planes of illusion but he works fromPatanjali, 138:and only symbolically seek to express an occult work. They can only be truly understood in terms ofPatanjali, 140:the thinking principle." [140] This is the first work of the aspirant to yoga. He must realize thePatanjali, 140:and then set in to overcome them, doing the work from the mental plane. He has to gain control ofPatanjali, 142:hindrances. These have to be suppressed and the work of dealing with the latent seeds and withPatanjali, 143:wisdom, there are fewer and fewer effects to work out on the physical plane, and the chains whichPatanjali, 144:resulting in pleasure or pain. The predominant work of the occult student is the manipulation ofPatanjali, 144:effects which (being under the law) must work out into objectivity on the physical plane. ThereforePatanjali, 145:which are yet undeveloped and inactive and must work out to fruition in some part of the present orPatanjali, 146:as providing conditions wherein he can work off a certain specified series of effects. He canPatanjali, 146:karma are more difficult for the neophyte to work with and it is here that his Master can help himPatanjali, 146:order that this type of karma may more quickly work out and be done with. Patanjali, 151:the happenings of karma (or the effects as they work out into the physical objective world) mayPatanjali, 159:only "indicated." We surmise it is there. The work of Raja Yoga is to bring forth into fullPatanjali, 161:as such. The task of the occultist is to work with the force which lies back of every form and notPatanjali, 171:is admitted as a logical basis for further work and the theory is tested out in an effort to provePatanjali, 178:union, or at-one-ment is to be achieved. The work might be described as twofold: The practice ofPatanjali, 178:This steadfast application to the twofold work produces two corresponding results, each dependentPatanjali, 188:in the west. There is no better basis for the work of Eastern occultism than strict adherence toPatanjali, 189:and as those in which the aspirant can best work out his problem and achieve the goal for anyPatanjali, 196:truth as it is. This sutra gives the clue to the work of the magician and is the basis for thePatanjali, 199:of sound, or creation, through the word, the work of the true magician. There is as all students ofPatanjali, 200:and transmuted into the great creative work of the magician. This is done through continence, PurePatanjali, 202:(after the second initiation,) the protective work is begun. In the occident the rules of externalPatanjali, 207:perfect fulfilment of his dharma, or obligatory work. Instead of repining, and clouding the issuesPatanjali, 209:meaning has of course direct reference to the work of the kundalini or serpent fire at the base ofPatanjali, 213:path of discipline, purification and hard work. Patanjali, 219:breathing, and the awakening of the centers. The work done through pranayama might briefly bePatanjali, 223:enable him to do certain [223] forms of magical work and also to produce effects on the physicalPatanjali, 226:are dealt with in the next two sutras. The work of the average aspirant is most frequently given toPatanjali, 228:true upon the physical plane, for through the work of purification and the control of the lifePatanjali, 228:and not just a symbol. It is the result of the work of Raja Yoga and is the physical demonstrationPatanjali, 229:their object. This sutra summarizes for us the work done in the control of the psychic nature, andPatanjali, 230:distributed as he participates in the great work, from whence he can make a contact with the realmPatanjali, 231:when certain rules are learned and certain work accomplished. These can obviously not be given inPatanjali, 231:These can obviously not be given in such a work as this. The majority of people have to master thePatanjali, 256:aware of that which is interior, he can begin to work with the interior, internal and intimatePatanjali, 262:of meditation. Though periods in which definite work is done at certain specific and stated hoursPatanjali, 266:when the matrix reveals its hidden gem, and the work of cutting and polishing is accomplished, thePatanjali, 270:and students will find it interesting to work out these analogies of the various triplicities,Patanjali, 273:Silence) can then be heard. Once heard and the work carried steadily forward, the realm ofPatanjali, 275:as Master. Soul knowledge and the power to work with the soul of all things in the three worlds isPatanjali, 276:Planetary, Hierarchical or pertaining to the work of the twelve Creative Hierarchies as they bringPatanjali, 279:of certain events, and this only in order to work out intelligently the plans of the Hierarchy andPatanjali, 284:the long discipline and training involved in the work of gaining control of the thinking principlePatanjali, 286:causes. He may, however, continue or resume his work of service in the three worlds, without everPatanjali, 306:we shall have as the centers through which they work: [307] The thousand petalled head center -Patanjali, 307:principle, the light of the world, the soul will work, pouring light and life on all things, andPatanjali, 307:great organ of awareness. Through the last, the work of creation will be carried on, and thePatanjali, 307:through it the lower centers are contacted and work with them is carried forward. In the disciple,
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