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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Problems, 160:Hierarchy and Humanity itself - will begin to work in complete at-one-ment and unity. Then theProblems, 162:aid men everywhere to strengthen each other's work and enhance powerfully the stream of thoughtProblems, 163:humanity whose task it is intelligently to work out God's plan in love and goodwill to all men. TheProblems, 164:the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ. It will be heldProblems, 165:it would be expressed in love in response to the work of Christ; it would be intelligentlyProblems, 165:waits; it is for this that the churches must work; it is these qualities and characteristics whichProblems, 166:only through humanity itself can the Divine Plan work out. The Great Invocation From the point ofProblems, 166:the race of men Let the Plan of Love and Light work out And may it seal the door where evil dwells.Problems, 169:the planet. For these the spiritual man must work. The Kingdom of God will inaugurate a world whichProblems, 171:primarily interested in finding the men who will work along these lines. It is primarily interestedProblems, 172:so constant an obstructionist and has led her to work against united world action; it is fanaticalProblems, 172:in India and China which is complicating the work of the well-intentioned; it is the unchristianProblems, 174:untold millions who see truly, think clearly and work hard in their communities to establish rightProblems, 175:United States and Russia who are endeavoring to work for the common man and to speak [176] on hisProblems, 176:As yet selfish opposition has rendered their work futile and the monied interests in many countriesProblems, 177:goodwill everywhere must be mobilized and set to work; it is upon their efforts that the future ofProblems, 177:be through the steady, consistent and organized work of the men of goodwill throughout the worldProblems, 178:of organizing and are apt to feel that the work to be done is so stupendous and the forces arrayedProblems, 179:no mystical or impractical program; it does not work through the processes of exposing, underminingProblems, 179:past the blueprint stage. The nucleus for this work is present today. Their functions might beProblems, 180:particular endeavor to promote world unity. To work, as men and women of goodwill, with all groupsProblems, 180:distinctions. When such groups are found to work constructively and are free from scurrilous attackProblems, 181:effort of the imagination to see that, if this work of spreading goodwill and educating publicProblems, 181:human relations will grow gradually out of the work accomplished and meet the need of the worldPsychology1, xvii:of a band of pledged aspirants, trained to work together and to respond in unison to a teaching, isPsychology1, xviii:we are today seeking those who can be taught to work in group formation and who can constitute onePsychology1, xviii:themselves of the teaching or not, and spiritual work must go forward because of the free choicePsychology1, xix:Servers. Third, the general lines of the magical work of creation have received attention. ThePsychology1, xix:details in some measure the methods and modes of work during the coming new age. Ponder upon thesePsychology1, xx:after this individual or that, or this piece of work or that, and, working with lack of intelligentPsychology1, xx:and to give some idea of their technique of work and modes of procedure. Letters on OccultPsychology1, xxi:its laws and technique of unfoldment, and the work of the Builders of the Universe was dealt with;Psychology1, xxi:first dealt with the psychology of Deity, the work of the Macrocosm, and the laws whereby the SolarPsychology1, xxi:on the psychology of a Son of God and the work of the Microcosm. It intimately concerns His placePsychology1, xxiii:- as must be the case in all truly occult work - must be considered from the universal to thePsychology1, xxiv:I ask for your sincere cooperation in the work which we are undertaking. It may be of more generalPsychology1, 5:methods. The knowledge we now have of how men work on the physical plane as integratedPsychology1, 5:and of how they can be expected to work, given certain conditions, is broad and sound, and thePsychology1, 8:so doing sets in motion those forces which must work in unison with it, the entire question ofPsychology1, 9:not forget the basic concept that in all occult work one is occupied with energy - energy units,Psychology1, 9:a black magician until the will and the thought work in unison, until mind control and the creativePsychology1, 9:in unison, until mind control and the creative work of the focused mind can be seen. It has oftPsychology1, 10:which they need and that which they choose, must work with intelligence, so that there may be aPsychology1, 10:a perfect analogy to the way the Great Ones work at this time. Regard, therefore, all your work asPsychology1, 10:work at this time. Regard, therefore, all your work as group work, causing effects which arePsychology1, 10:time. Regard, therefore, all your work as group work, causing effects which are inevitable andPsychology1, 11:and governed by certain building laws. The great work of the Builders proceeds steadily. Often thatPsychology1, 12:them also. This is the nature of the real work to be done by the new groups, and students today whoPsychology1, 12:the opportunity to do some of this pioneering work. Always the individual of advancement and ofPsychology1, 22:They too came into manifestation and in the work of expressing active life, qualified by love andPsychology1, 23:3. The Lord of Active Intelligence. His work is more closely linked to matter and He works inPsychology1, 23:ray. He is the motivating impulse in the initial work of creation. The planet Saturn is His body ofPsychology1, 24:the humanity which our planet has produced. The work, as I outline it, constitutes only a fractionPsychology1, 24:I outline it, constitutes only a fraction of the work undertaken by these Beings; They each havePsychology1, 25:influence, and is only entering into its real work. His influence is waxing in power, just as thePsychology1, 27:the real, and the latent into the expressed. The work of the esotericist is just this very thing:Psychology1, 29:definite and high, and it has done its divine work. Today it is in the process of being superseded,Psychology1, 40:their way to a transitional accomplishment. The work before all students of this Treatise on thePsychology1, 40:colors of that manifesting One; sevenfold the work; seven the energies and sevenfold the Path backPsychology1, 42:intelligently applied in the great creative work, which is produced through the power of creativePsychology1, 45:magnetic cohesion which lies behind all creative work and which produces the emergence into thePsychology1, 46:Their mutual response initiates the creative work, and the Son is born, inheriting from the FatherPsychology1, 46:come into being, and through the evolutionary work the process is going forward of satisfying thePsychology1, 50:gold. Ray IV - Higher Expression: The Masonic work, based on the formation of the hierarchy, andPsychology1, 50:of the Temple in its full glory. Such is the work of the seven Builders. This ray is expressivePsychology1, 52:it cycles in and out of manifestation - that the work of distinguishing between appearance andPsychology1, 52:and quality is carried forward, and this work has its field of activity upon the astral plane. ThePsychology1, 52:and the outer tangible form or appearance. This work goes on primarily on etheric levels andPsychology1, 52:physical energy. This is the true magical work. I should like to point out that when the fourth rayPsychology1, 53:This will be the high moment [53] of the Masonic work, spiritually understood. The Lost Word willPsychology1, 53:of forms might be regarded as the main work of the seventh ray, and it is this principle of fusion,Psychology1, 57:system with life, and as being conscious of His work, of His project and His goal. This solarPsychology1, 58:cooperate with the will of God, and thus work with the plan of Evolution. Man's spirit is one withPsychology1, 64:and destruction are always to be found in their work, and hence the apparent cruelty andPsychology1, 64:Him to hold His hand till They had had time to work out Their purposes: [65] Kill out desire whenPsychology1, 65:Kill out desire when desire has fulfiled its work. Thou art the one who indicates fulfilment.Psychology1, 65:The purpose of the first ray, and its main work, is to produce cessation and the death of all formsPsychology1, 70:through the urge of the divine will; and the work of the four minor rays (as they are called,Psychology1, 70:(when he has allowed the fourth ray to do its work and can therefore function on the fourth orPsychology1, 71:constructive thought which will facilitate His work when He is again in active manifestation. He isPsychology1, 73:but the energy generated is insufficient to work much harm. Again, pure love is incapable ofPsychology1, 74:a first ray disciple of the planetary Logos. His work it is to clear the way for the manifestationPsychology1, 74:are primarily Builders; They will enter on Their work when the task of the wreckers of form hasPsychology1, 74:the Hierarchy should begin to be understood. The work of what in the West is called "the ChristPsychology1, 74:of quality and life. That is the characteristic work of the second aspect of divinity. The work ofPsychology1, 74:work of the second aspect of divinity. The work of the Antichrist is to destroy forms, and this isPsychology1, 74:is to destroy forms, and this is essentially the work of the first expression of divinity. But thePsychology1, 74:of the first expression of divinity. But the work of the destroyer is not the work of black magic,Psychology1, 74:But the work of the destroyer is not the work of black magic, and when ignorant humanity regardsPsychology1, 74:on the black side, their error is great. His work is as beneficent as that of the building aspect,Psychology1, 75:of the death of forms which makes him regard the work of the destroyer as "black," as being againstPsychology1, 75:and as subversive of the divine program. The work of the representatives of that mysterious powerPsychology1, 75:word "black"; but it is not applicable to the work of Antichrist. It might be added that the workPsychology1, 75:work of Antichrist. It might be added that the work of the black forces wells up from below, whilstPsychology1, 75:the black forces wells up from below, whilst the work of the destroyers is impelled from above. ThePsychology1, 78:the burning-ground of man. Let the fire do its work. Draw man within the furnace and let him dropPsychology1, 78:and fuse the many in the One. Let the blending work proceed. Let that which causes all to bePsychology1, 79:under foot. March towards the light. The work goes forward. The workers veil their eyes from pityPsychology1, 79:veil their eyes from pity as from fear. The work is all that counts. The form must disappear soPsychology1, 79:the workers with the plan. They enter upon the work assigned with paean and with song. The cross is
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