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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

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Psychology1, 332:the zodiac and its relation to the rays we shall work this out more [333] carefully and so make thePsychology1, 341:the great crisis of 1914-1918 did much useful work in smashing the glamorous material security inPsychology1, 342:that will appeal primarily to those types who work with the Law of Correspondences. EsotericistsPsychology1, 350:stage of revelation and so continue their cyclic work. Only one ray is today really out ofPsychology1, 354:With the aid of the seventh ray the needed work went forward. At the time of the individualizationPsychology1, 356:development are the power to organize, and to work individually with definite purpose. This isPsychology1, 357:consciousness, as did the instinct. It will then work automatically as does man's instinctualPsychology1, 359:have produced. That much of their magical work has been turned into selfish channels by thePsychology1, 363:made by the sixth great Lord of Idealism for the work of the seventh Lord of Ceremonial. Psychology1, 363:that permits this attitude, and that no group work is ever possible without some form of ritual.Psychology1, 364:reveal to man (and hence also facilitate the work of the seventh ray) that that plane is hisPsychology1, 365:ceremony whatsoever (Church ritual, the Masonic work, the drill of the army or navy, businessPsychology1, 367:is inevitable, yet the time factor may not work out as indicated. This will be because thePsychology1, 367:distressed human mechanisms of those to whom the work is given will fail to react either correctlyPsychology1, 368:the coming momentous years is dependent upon the work done by all who may be affiliated (evenPsychology1, 368:of that growing tide will greatly facilitate the work of these seventh ray executives, and in somePsychology1, 368:W.M., and not upon the inner significance of the work upon the floor of the Temple. The lodge hasPsychology1, 368:the potency and the effectiveness of the lodge work and ceremonial will be [369] demonstrated. ItPsychology1, 369:ceremonials lies the true meaning of the work and the use of the Word. The coming era of group workPsychology1, 369:and the use of the Word. The coming era of group work and power and of organized syntheticPsychology1, 369:the sixth ray influence and the true spiritual work and function of the lodge itself is understood.Psychology1, 369:of the seventh ray is to perform the magical work of blending spirit and matter in order to producePsychology1, 369:of certain effects and characteristics of the work being accomplished. This can already be seen inPsychology1, 369:accomplished. This can already be seen in the work done by scientists in connection with thePsychology1, 369:ray it has been possible for man to discover and work with radium. Radium has always been present,Psychology1, 371:with its power to apply knowledge to the magical work. When this knowledge is applied intensivelyPsychology1, 373:of the mineral world and are the sign of the work of the Master Builder of the universe. When thePsychology1, 373:Master Builder of the universe. When the great work is consummated we shall see the Temple of God,Psychology1, 373:then be accessible to the sons of men, who will work then without limitation, and will have freePsychology1, 373:More of this I may not here say, but the work of the Craft is symbolic of the ritualisticPsychology1, 373:Of this the mineral kingdom (with which the work is done, and through which the geometrical planPsychology1, 373:purpose. Secondly, I referred earlier to the work of the seventh ray in connection with thePsychology1, 374:and the scientific basis of all meditation work is really to be found in this basic truth. ThePsychology1, 378:is one of the laws with which the aspirant must work, early in his training. Until he can functionPsychology1, 378:the law which governs the coming race. The work that the disciples of the world must seek to do isPsychology1, 381:own nationals. Bear this in mind, all of you who work for world peace and right relations, forPsychology1, 385:land, little as they may realize it, there to work out that which they initiated in other lives andPsychology1, 386:of this, and because of the enforced magical work, some forces are present and active in RussiaPsychology1, 389:lower expressions of the rays, noting how they work out in relation to the rays personal and egoicPsychology1, 393:Hence the Jewish coloring of all the Masonic work, though it is not Jewish [394] in the sense thatPsychology1, 401:the past one hundred thousand years, and their work lies with effects of that past and not withPsychology1, 402:on the physical plane, the soul ray begins to work in and with the sum total of the three bodies,Psychology1, 404:I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man The work of each individual aspirant is therefore to arrivePsychology1, 411:gold. Ray IV - Higher expression: The Masonic work, based on the formation of the Hierarchy andPsychology1, 413:Kingdom Ray 6 - The Plan. Ray 3 - Creative Work. The Solar Kingdom Ray 1 - Universal Mind, Will.Psychology1, 466:Adaptability. Vitalizing of forms through group work. 7. Stimulation of forms, the etheric orPsychology1, 466:or Devotion. Reflection of reality through group work. 16. Stimulation of man through desire. 17.Psychology1, 417:perfect understanding: 'I am the Worker and the Work, The One that Is!' " FOURTH RAY "Let the outerPsychology1, 417:" SEVENTH RAY "Let the builders cease their work. The Temple is completed. Let the Soul enter intoPsychology1, 417:its heritage and from the Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silence subsequent letPsychology1, 417:let him chant forth the word: 'The creative work is over. I, the Creator, Am. Naught else remainsPsychology1, 423:3. Active Intelligence. The Plan. Creative Work. 7. Solar Lives 1. Will or Power. 7. CeremonialPsychology1, 424:to the heart of the sun." [424] Results: These work out in the second kingdom as magnetism,Psychology1, 427:be described as one of "divine lucidity." The work of the psyche, and the goal of the truePsychology2, 6:of the Plan which will enable man to Work consciously and intelligently Realize the relation ofPsychology2, 8:fragrance. The bush - the fire - the flame. The work of evolution, being part of the determinationPsychology2, 9:Plan amongst esotericists; hence likewise the work of the psychologists as they seek to interpretPsychology2, 11:conscious individuals who will undertake the work of self-assertion in the affairs of today. ThePsychology2, 11:and harmony in order that man may specifically work out his destiny. This is the deep foundationalPsychology2, 12:aspiration of the world disciples today. This work of training the individuals in group purposePsychology2, 12:of the masses in the principles underlying group work, and the training of an enlightened publicPsychology2, 13:They have done a great deal of the needed work of inner contact, but have not yet whipped the lowerPsychology2, 19:out (except when deliberately recovered in the work of service). Naught is then known save Deity, -Psychology2, 20:the other and more essential aspects which work out as the conscious response, the intelligentPsychology2, 26:there is little true mentality with which to work when dealing with the submerged masses; that theyPsychology2, 27:have ignored the infinite detail of process. The work starts at Individualization, and continuesPsychology2, 28:sensed by the world disciples, in the attempt to work and cooperate with it, is only the sensing ofPsychology2, 39:Plan. Teach me the purpose of it all. How can I work, immersed in deepest matter? Tell me the thingPsychology2, 39:Deity! For this Blessed One release is found in work. He must display his knowledge of the Plan byPsychology2, 43:point of view of others; Willingness to see the work of other people progress along their chosenPsychology2, 43:Whole; Understanding of the Plan; The magical work of interpretation; Manifestation of divinity. APsychology2, 44:of the law of love, and to their own dharma and work. A second failing of disciples (andPsychology2, 44:attention to personal perfection and to personal work through the means of that inner silence whichPsychology2, 44:the disciple and forces him to attend to his own work and business, leaving others free to do thePsychology2, 44:time is lost through wordy discussion of the work and activities of other disciples. Humanity as aPsychology2, 44:Modern disciples, if they are to do their work as desired and to cooperate with the Plan correctly,Psychology2, 45:of form I make my way. I will to be. I will to work. I will to serve and save. I will to lift thePsychology2, 46:lives. Glory shines forth. Truth is revealed. he work is done. Then man, who is the soul, criesPsychology2, 46:the strife. The warrior stands revealed. His work is done. Back to back, the Angel and the WarriorPsychology2, 48:more remains to grasp. The Word is manifest. The work is seen complete. The Whole is visioned. ThePsychology2, 48:seen complete. The Whole is visioned. The magic work is wrought. Again the two are one. The Plan isPsychology2, 48:of words. When this is better realized, the true work of the Masonic dramas will begin to measurePsychology2, 48:are present in the world at this time, and their work is bearing fruit, but they need at times thePsychology2, 49:points of crisis will inevitably occur: The work of passing onto a particular plane for purposes ofPsychology2, 50:body, and the higher mental worlds. When the work under the first category is accomplished upon thePsychology2, 50:continuity of consciousness. When a similar work has taken place on the higher plane and thePsychology2, 50:egoic impulse. In this phrase is summed up the work and opportunity [51] of the soul, for it worksPsychology2, 51:of the soul or ego comes about when its work of salvaging matter (through utilizing it and buildingPsychology2, 55:equips them and whose interest impels them to work with the application of the law of karma (whichPsychology2, 55:basic ideas with which these trained initiates work. The idea of patterns and the idea ofPsychology2, 55:The workers in this department of esoteric work deal primarily with the world of patterns whichPsychology2, 57:and seen by the cosmic Thinker. We have to work with the design, with the pattern, and with thePsychology2, 58:limited and handicapped by form, begins to work in the quarry of experience, far from its ownPsychology2, 58:The soul is no longer blind, and can now work in collaboration with other souls in the preparationPsychology2, 59:the stage of conscious development. Ability to work in connection with the Plan, which is dependentPsychology2, 59:and this is undertaken with clear intent. The work is facilitated and progresses with increasedPsychology2, 59:intelligently and intuitively, begins to work with the pattern, transmitting from crisis to crisisPsychology2, 59:adequate equipment through which to carry on the work. Psychology2, 63:upon the physical plane. From that point, the work proceeds. This work might be regarded as anPsychology2, 63:plane. From that point, the work proceeds. This work might be regarded as an effort to intensify
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