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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

(page 88 of 97)


Psychology2, 750:to educate you in the new ideals and in the work of the New Group of World Servers. ThePsychology2, 751:channel through which the spirit of peace can work and the forces of Light enter. The HierarchyPsychology2, 751:attentive to the effort that will make His work materialize on earth and enable Him to consummateRays, 4:a third type of energy is produced, and the work of the fourth or human kingdom is to demonstrateRays, 4:express the guna of tamas or of inertia. They work blindly and have no ability to respond [5]Rays, 5:students and thus lay the foundation for later work. A close study of the needed transmutation ofRays, 7:in the New Age, Vol. I and II). The first work to be done is the stimulating [8] of aspirants andRays, 10:can enter the world of form, can contact it, work in it and remain unaffected by it because thereRays, 10:dominance of matter. This is the true magical work, my brothers, the understanding of the sounds ofRays, 10:the language of the soul is the clue to the work. These faculties rightly used impose upon theseRays, 11:necessary contact and the inspiration for the work that has to be done. In the steady adherence toRays, 11:and distress - one step nearer to the light. The work you have to do is to take the knowledge whichRays, 13:humanity, and the inherent consequences as they work out in the subhuman kingdoms. A study of theRays, 13:under cyclic law and its consequences, as they work out upon the physical plane, has produced andRays, 15:other words, They are passing onward into higher work and are becoming custodians of the energy ofRays, 15:the custodians of the energy of love. They will work henceforth as power-units, and not just asRays, 15:and not just as units of light. Their work [16] becomes dynamic instead of being attractive andRays, 16:who are thus being "raised" to more important work, is being taken by disciples and probationers.Rays, 19:the group stand. The burning ground has done its work. The clear cold light shines forth and coldRays, 20:be no recollection and yet let memory rule. Work from the point of all that is within the contentRays, 22:of the Voice, the devas in their serried ranks work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself toRays, 22:maya. For Disciples and Initiates: The rules for work within the veils of maya are known and haveRays, 23:fourth great cycle of attainment, then will this work be done. Rule XII For Applicants: Let theRays, 27:the group stand. The burning ground has done its work. The clear cold light shines forth and coldRays, 29:spiritual life - hence my finding the time to work with them. But the group antahkarana is stillRays, 29:Group Initiation The burning ground has done its work. Here there is quite apt to beRays, 35:element. This many fail to realize. You do not work at the evocative process. That word simplyRays, 43:need, but the definite undertaking of a creative work - the building of a bridge between the doorRays, 48:be no recollection and yet let memory rule. Work from the point of all that is within the contentRays, 49:the life of the initiate, which is learning to work from a "point of tension." Here lies the newRays, 51:form which the Master is using to do His [51] work among men. This form may be either His temporaryRays, 51:of one point of tension after another, and the work thus carried forward into the realm of theRays, 57:and Shamballa in relation to the Hierarchy, can work, expressing plan in the initial stages ofRays, 60:disciple and has definitely undertaken the work in preparation for initiation, there is for him noRays, 60:will. He can now be trusted to walk and work alone because he is unalterably one with his group,Rays, 63:active substance through which the initiate can work in full control, the matter aspect, and theRays, 63:is the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad - to work in the world of ideas and to create thoseRays, 64:with the Purpose. This is the creative work of thought-form building and that is why, we are told,Rays, 65:can understand why he finds it necessary ever to work behind the scenes. He works with the soulRays, 65:disciples and initiates of the first two degrees work with soul force and through the medium of theRays, 65:goes forth and the result of that demand will work out on mental levels, just as the earlier twoRays, 65:levels. This is true of all the planetary work, whether accomplished by initiates and Masters,Rays, 65:in the three worlds, or from higher levels, as work the Nirmanakayas (the creative ContemplativesRays, 66:and right purpose. He needs not to recollect. Work from the point of all that is within the contentRays, 66:is not, as might appear, the effort to do the work for humanity as it is planned or desired by theRays, 68:Here is the clue to the significance of group work. One of its major functions, esotericallyRays, 76:the Law of destruction was permitted to work through humanity itself, and men are now destroyingRays, 83:That will be heard when the Christ completes His work at the time of the Second Coming. Then theRays, 86:forces as they play upon our planetary life and work out human destiny. The great energy ofRays, 89:at the hour of humanity's greatest need in the work of a World Savior and "for the salvation of HisRays, 90:of the Buddha must be invoked and accepted. The work of the Christ as God-Savior can be carriedRays, 90:be carried forward by Him alone and unaided. The work of the Christ as God the Preserver needs theRays, 90:the Christ as God the Preserver needs the united work, as yet, of the two highest RepresentativesRays, 90:applicants and probationary disciples, gives His work the following definition: Let the discipleRays, 90:lives. Only today is it possible to present that work in other terms than those which emphasize theRays, 91:initiates. Only as they grasp the nature of the work of Christ, after His final act of service asRays, 91:aspects of His divine activity or phases of His work. These are: He "tends the evocation of theRays, 92:His third and final response (which climaxes His work from our human angle) covers nine years, fromRays, 92:the Preserver. He "tends the little ones." The work here referred to concerns His activity asRays, 92:revolving." This has a specific relation to His work as the Word of God, which manifests as theRays, 93:why the Christ made no specific reference to the work of incarnation in His spoken utterancesRays, 93:then occupied with His task of World Savior. His work as Preserver and as Head of the Hierarchy hadRays, 93:give us great steps and developments in the work of the Christ as He "enveloped humanity in theRays, 93:coming of the Avatar Who waits for the perfected work of the Hierarchy, focused in the Christ, andRays, 93:focused in the Christ, and the powerful work of Shamballa, focused in the Lord of the World. WhenRays, 93:World. When the exact moment has arrived, the work of the Buddha, representing Shamballa, and ofRays, 93:of exact alignment and upon certain aspects of work being done at this time by the senior MembersRays, 95:but owing to the stupendous nature of the work ahead, He will be fortified and buttressed by theRays, 95:formulated doctrine and mental development. The work now being done by Shamballa and the HierarchyRays, 98:but the group radiation began its beneficent work upon him. The magnetic "pulling" power which hadRays, 102:The information given to the disciple is to work for the dissipation of this garment and for theRays, 104:of the physical body which proceed upon their work without any realized consciousness on the partRays, 106:Therefore, after the fourth initiation, when the work of the soul is accomplished and the soul bodyRays, 110:for it means that two aspects of spiritual work must be nurtured in the immediate future, for onRays, 111:there is for the human body. He therefore has to work out His plans within a certain time limit,Rays, 117:of God in Their high place must pass when Their work is done on Earth and a greater glory revealsRays, 118:place in the Council Chamber at Shamballa and work in full unanimity with the Lords of Karma. TheseRays, 123:lie far ahead in the distant future. The work of the preparatory schools must come first, and theirRays, 123:preparatory schools must come first, and their work will proceed until such time that the work ofRays, 123:their work will proceed until such time that the work of the Ashrams of the Masters is recognizedRays, 123:of Rule V. The clue to all this esoteric work demanded by Shamballa is to be found in theRays, 126:to surmount the appeal of those desires which work out in the fulfilment of lower desire. No one isRays, 128:theoretically. They "onward move in life." They work in the realm of life energy; the form seems toRays, 133:to be found also a fertile field for spiritual work during the coming decades. For this allRays, 133:person; the objectives of the hierarchical work must be emphasized and [134] the nature of theRays, 135:the public consciousness; all this had to do its work upon the souls of men before the New AgeRays, 135:the plow of God has nearly accomplished its work; the sword of the spirit has severed an evil pastRays, 137:coming new cycle the emphasis will be upon group work and activity, upon group initiation and groupRays, 137:In this Rule we are therefore dealing with the work [138] to be done by a group of pledgedRays, 145:forms of life are constructed. At this time, the work of the Great Council at Shamballa, 'WorkingRays, 145:to proceed with the utmost caution as They thus work, because these Lights know that the danger ofRays, 146:touch which will enable the reconstruction work to move forward along right lines, but They waitRays, 146:the processes and methods of hierarchical work, carried on in conjunction with the Great Council ofRays, 149:factors to consider, with which to conform, to work with and to use. Advance into the world ofRays, 150:out the hierarchical will, which is love. They work through love and understanding. Each isRays, 150:will of Shamballa, which is divine purpose. They work as life energy, as quality, and produceRays, 150:itself through creativity. They are learning to work intelligently with matter in order to developRays, 152:must be grasped and comprehended. The group must work through the medium of the united breath. TheRays, 152:rules provide the framework within which his work has to be done. The last seven rules concernRays, 152:consciousness is expanded. They relate to: The work which the initiate must accomplish within
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