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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

(page 90 of 97)


Rays, 229:of the Plan is given to humanity and the work of restoration can be carried forward. At this timeRays, 230:In this group also accepted disciples learn to work in the same manner as does the Hierarchy. TheRays, 230:carries out its plans. Initiates do their main work upon mental levels and from behind the scenes,Rays, 230:teaching in the great cities of the world; They work entirely through Their disciples andRays, 230:The Masters, in the meantime, must continue to work "within the silence of the universal Ashram,"Rays, 231:approaches to the human problem and new modes of work will have to be tried; experiment with theRays, 231:is this which enables disciples of experience to work at high speed and with a life potency that isRays, 233:to the light-giving force of Taurus can and will work in the New Group of World Servers, evenRays, 233:Forget this not. Recognition of the successful work of the New Group of World Servers will beRays, 233:can be seen from the level on which the Masters work, and not at all from the level on which theRays, 234:Instead of sorrow we shall have a joy which will work out in happiness and lead eventually toRays, 234:develops sensitivity in the individual. The work accomplished by and through this energy is soRays, 234:the Piscean energy with which the group has to work is opposed to the incoming energies from theRays, 235:has to learn, in any particular incarnation, to work with and use the available astrological forcesRays, 235:to master new techniques and the new methods of work called for by the new conditions; these canRays, 235:its technique and altering its modes of work in order to meet the changing need. Bear this in mind.Rays, 238:bring about comprehension and fusion. When this work has been accomplished we shall record an eraRays, 238:Rules which remain for us to study concern the work of the Hierarchy in the Aquarian Age. HenceRays, 245:the Plan upon the earth and aiding mankind to work with a fuller understanding of the divineRays, 245:the necessity of changing Their techniques of work in order to meet adequately the demands uponRays, 245:demands upon Them. It is far easier for Them to work, as illumined Minds, upon the mental substanceRays, 245:of Their disciples than it will be for Them to work down upon the physical plane, relating theRays, 245:initiates, I call this to their attention. Their work of mental training does not end as theyRays, 249:there is a vital necessity for the disciple to work out significances and meanings through theRays, 250:of fact and as a protection to this particular work of the Hierarchy. I would remind you that theRays, 251:writes for me; but owing to the exigencies of my work I cannot dictate to her every day, though IRays, 251:for the protection of the hierarchical work in years to come and not for the protection of A.A.B.Rays, 253:about the New Group of World Servers and their work. This information includes The recognition ofRays, 253:the Hierarchy and Humanity. The nature of their work as it influences the human soul and as itRays, 253:the period in which we live. The Triangle work which embodies two phases of their work, i.e., theRays, 253:Triangle work which embodies two phases of their work, i.e., the forming of the network of light asRays, 253:of the inner Ashrams. This is evidenced in the work I have done with a [254] special group ofRays, 254:relation being established between the work of the Christ and of the Buddha in the minds ofRays, 254:a great broadening of the human aspiration. This work is as yet embryonic, but it should receiveRays, 254:to the Christian faith because it embodies the work of the Master Jesus as He over-shadowed one ofRays, 254:the lines along which I would like to see the work expand in future years. I would ask for aRays, 254:could be regarded as the skeleton outline of the work I wish to see done. It will involve anRays, 254:done. It will involve an intensification of the work of the advanced section in the Arcane School,Rays, 254:meetings, a careful organization of the Triangle work and the Goodwill work as an added effort toRays, 254:of the Triangle work and the Goodwill work as an added effort to aid the work of the New Group ofRays, 254:the Goodwill work as an added effort to aid the work of the New Group of World Servers, plus anRays, 254:if you look only for those who think and work your way, or who recognize the Hierarchy as youRays, 255:principles and outlined a new aspect of the work which I had undertaken to do for humanity - underRays, 256:development or to group relationships, as they work out in harmony and understanding. I amRays, 257:with understanding and accuracy, and all can now work in such complete unity that the groupRays, 257:exists, will make its presence felt, and the work of the Buddha and of the Christ, and the work ofRays, 257:work of the Buddha and of the Christ, and the work of the coming Avatar, will be superseded by OneRays, 258:evidences, [258] and through the "preparatory work" now being undertaken at Shamballa. The group,Rays, 258:of fitness, if you like so to call them, for the work to be done. These latter correspond to theRays, 259:and has to train and discipline himself to work in group formation and as part of a group, he isRays, 260:He will take His place among those empowered to work through a sacred planet. This process is thatRays, 260:process. Evolution is an effect of this hidden work, emanating from cosmic levels; only whenRays, 262:constantly with life, and consequently can work with the impelling Law of Evolution which (asRays, 262:here an achievement and not a process; the work of transmuting the lower nature into the higher andRays, 262:in the world of forms wherein he now chooses to work and serve, according to his ray and ashramicRays, 263:to the initiated disciple as he prepares to work under the Laws of the Spirit, as a conscious soul,Rays, 263:We shall only deal with those disciples who can work as a group [264] on the physical plane,Rays, 265:emphasize the word "conscious" here; much of the work of fusion and of attainment proceedsRays, 265:out of the inscrutable will of Deity. The work now being, done on the three stages of the Path hasRays, 266:which exists for purposes of service and active work in its seven major groups and its three mainRays, 266:gained by further elucidation. Proceed with the work of building the antahkarana and light willRays, 268:the planetary consciousness and among Those Who work out the divine purposes, there are none WhoRays, 268:these three Buddhas in point of Evolution. They work out Their plans - these four Great Lives -Rays, 268:for: The Act of Individualization. The work of the particular Buddha responsible at the time forRays, 268:act; I am not here referring to process. His work only begins at the third initiation when theRays, 269:of the informing life of Aries and of Leo. His work is only now beginning to assume importance. IRays, 269:of the three rays through whom the three Buddhas work. The three planets which are connected withRays, 270:this testifies to the success of the creative work of the Buddhas of Activity. This, in its turn,Rays, 270:towards any individual. These great Lives work through major groups. Their potency is such that itRays, 270:the three Buddhas of Activity implement Their work. I can put it no clearer. There will come a timeRays, 274:so close to my heart a new and useful hint. This work must go on. It is because the entire conceptRays, 274:esoteric sources that some disciples regard the work as exceedingly difficult and thus complicate,Rays, 274:is different to the intellectual and practical work which the men and women of goodwill are askedRays, 274:not what some earnest people regard as goodwill work or a phase of the goodwill work. The formingRays, 274:as goodwill work or a phase of the goodwill work. The forming of triangles of light and of goodwillRays, 274:with full circulatory effect enable the exoteric work of the men and women of goodwill to makeRays, 275:qualified by goodwill. The two phases of the work are necessarily complementary to each other butRays, 275:advanced enough to react correctly, but their work along the lines of goodwill will be successfulRays, 275:Initiation Those responsible for the creative work upon the outer field must begin with theRays, 275:the outer field must begin with the esoteric work. I am writing here for disciples, some of whomRays, 275:these are responsible for carrying forward the work as planned. The two groups of triangles alreadyRays, 275:in reality building a thought-form anent this work which will evoke response from the trueRays, 275:apparent to you, therefore, that this creative work, with its intelligent and practical purposesRays, 275:most easily. Later, when steady and systematic work has been done, and the idea is familiar to theRays, 275:it will have its own inner group who will work entirely subjectively, building the triangles ofRays, 275:of light and of goodwill, and then will work objectively, directing the activities of those who areRays, 276:of an [276] idea. Later, when the true outer work begins, its potency will be objectivelyRays, 276:expresses it. Paralleling all this will be the work of the men and women of goodwill throughout theRays, 281:process, and it is on this plane that the work of transmutation is completed - from the angle ofRays, 281:but is uniquely related to the interior work of the Hierarchy and the effect of this living,Rays, 281:involved in these two phases of the divine work. The two highest planes (the monadic and theRays, 281:upon the outer physical plane, his own work and hierarchical activity is strictly triadal andRays, 281:workers. It might here be asked: What is the work undertaken by the Masters Themselves upon theRays, 282:all that prompts the Hierarchy to carry on its work of salvaging and stimulation. But that is onlyRays, 282:But that is only a partial estimate of the work which They are doing. In the processes of carryingRays, 282:In the processes of carrying forward Their work, the consciousness of the Master is being steadilyRays, 282:and this because of the nature of Their work in the three worlds; it necessarily becomes more andRays, 283:the Master Himself is not static. His field of work is clear; His realm of contacts - human,Rays, 283:at this precise point in time and space that the work of Transformation begins for the Master - aRays, 290:itself in His life through love and the creative work of inaugurating the new dispensation and the
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