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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORK

(page 93 of 97)


Rays, 575:lay the foundation for the future initiatory work; the physical disciplines are at this time ofRays, 578:which will confirm and consolidate the work done and which will inaugurate the world cycle andRays, 581:the manifestation of the Kingdom of God. The work of sixth ray energy, the result of the long cycleRays, 582:of Masters fades out, and the disciple can now work without being hindered by constant astralRays, 586:the mental and astral planes) of some phase of work sponsored by the New Group of World Servers.Rays, 586:the Master K.H., particularly in regard to the work of education. The Ashram of the Master D.K.Rays, 586:own ashrams, though a large number do so. The work of those initiates who do not form an ashram isRays, 586:I may say about the subject. These initiates work [587] in connection with plans emanating fromRays, 587:of which humanity can know nothing; they work with the three subhuman kingdoms in nature, each ofRays, 587:It might here be pointed out that: The work of the deva evolution comes under the ray energy of theRays, 587:ray energy of the third Buddha of Activity. The work with humanity comes under the influence of theRays, 587:the conditioning energy of the Hierarchy. The work with the subhuman kingdoms of nature is underRays, 587:Initiates of the sixth initiation; these Masters work in full consciousness upon the atmic plane,Rays, 587:The awareness of the initiate and his ability to work consciously within this triplicity of groupsRays, 588:consciously play his part. As you well know, the work of the aspirant today is to become aRays, 597:this may be [597] regarded as preparatory work for the first and the second initiations. Some ofRays, 598:the mind works in a new manner. Its transmuting work with the physical body has been accomplished;Rays, 598:body has been accomplished; its transforming work with the emotional nature has been successful,Rays, 598:has been successful, and now its transfiguring work with the personality as a whole is carriedRays, 598:note the wonderful synthesis of the spiritual work. When this work is concluded, you have theRays, 598:synthesis of the spiritual work. When this work is concluded, you have the initiation of the thirdRays, 599:for fifth ray energy has done its needed work; the disciple is also aware that he is in possessionRays, 599:in the furtherance of the Plan, and therefore to work as an illuminating factor in the world ofRays, 601:noted in relation to humanity as a whole, to the work of the Ashram within the Hierarchy and to theRays, 605:the ring-pass-not within which humanity must work. At this time, the effect of this ray isRays, 608:Decision which controls the Master governs His work within the Hierarchy, in relation to ShamballaRays, 612:factors for which all men of goodwill should work. The inflow of energy into humanity at this timeRays, 615:or influencing will be His primary work upon the mental plane. This will constitute one of His mostRays, 615:in every nation. Through them He can work. By the pouring out of the Christ life or consciousnessRays, 615:The masses everywhere will be responsive to the work and the message of the Christ, as it is [616]Rays, 616:and initiates in all lands are starting the work preparatory to the outpouring of the ChristRays, 616:will come as the result of three activities: The work and the teaching of the trained disciples andRays, 617:establishing of right human relations, plus the work of all the spiritually-minded people in allRays, 618:be soundly tending towards harmony, owing to the work of the men and women of goodwill as theyRays, 620:focal point through which the Lord of Love will work on Earth. If you will study this sixfoldRays, 620:good), seeing the effects of that past as they work out in the present and as they are theRays, 621:(1914-1945) marked a culminating point in the work of the Principle of Conflict and, as I haveRays, 621:and, as I have shown, the results of this work are today inaugurating a new era of harmony andRays, 626:permitted the Forces of Evil (temporarily) to work through Germany and precipitate the worldRays, 626:for this recovery that all men of goodwill must work. It is perhaps appropriate to point out hereRays, 630:It is for this that the men of goodwill must work. Russia is, if you could but realize it, aRays, 632:taught, and men of goodwill everywhere should work for a closer relationship between these threeRays, 633:less selfish greed, and if labor will work with less selfishness, prove less exacting and evince aRays, 633:has produced a low standard of living and the work to be done is to raise more than to bridge. ThisRays, 638:of spiritual perception. For this, all men must work. [639] Rays, 643:(To illustrate further: The exoteric side of the work which I - as a newly made Master - hadRays, 646:coherent synthesis is the evolutionary effort to work out divine purpose. The first ray everRays, 654:the medium of our little planet), to aid the work of the Solar Logos in expressing the will aspectRays, 655:for a brief time, to implement and aid the work of the Christ and help towards the externalizationRays, 655:of the divine will-to-good on Earth. They will work in collaboration with Those Masters WhoseRays, 658:of sensitive unfoldment and progression when the work of the Builders (the second divine aspect) isRays, 659:or appreciated, though already present. The work of preparation for the planting of the germ orRays, 661:a planetary scale, are part of the preparatory work, tests and trials which make possible someRays, 662:said in the occult books about the preparatory work to be done and the effort which such a taskRays, 672:part of the initiate-disciple. [672] Thus the work of magical reformation starts, and it is hereRays, 672:and a "magical exponent" of the divine building work; he is then a constructive force, wieldingRays, 672:as expressions of reality. This is the true work of magic. You can see, therefore, that in theRays, 672:You can see, therefore, that in the creative work three energies are brought into a relatedRays, 678:as full initiates, the Society did good work. It however failed to recognize mediocrity and toRays, 684:influence of inspiration. Nevertheless, the good work goes on. The emotions are brought underRays, 685:It is far more a process of excessively hard work, during which process the initiate becomes whatRays, 685:rejected but is seen and noted and then put to work. It is also a graded series of liberations,Rays, 685:Discipline enforces and makes possible the hard work required to pass the grade. All these fourRays, 687:Sirius, and to the Lodge of Divine Beings Who work from this heavenly Center. The first twoRays, 688:to use the mind as its major instrument in the work to be done, prior to passing through the fourthRays, 689:and bring to men fresh life and energy. The work done prior to and at the third initiation isRays, 691:reality, the major hierarchical endeavor and the work to which the Masters are pledged and forRays, 691:part of the Master's band of workers. As the work of integration proceeds, he is striving all theRays, 691:and consciously and with right understanding to work with, absorb, transmute and distribute energyRays, 692:of the initiatory process but only one of hard work, constant effort and strenuous mental andRays, 698:three higher centers are related to hierarchical work and living and are under the control of theRays, 700:worlds of experience which has characterized the work of the soul for so long is obvious. It isRays, 705:plane, from which plane he must permanently work and not just occasionally, as has been the methodRays, 705:as has been the method hitherto. He can work through a physical body (with its subtler sheaths) orRays, 705:He will employ should He take physical form and work definitely upon the physical plane. He waitsRays, 705:see what nation or group of nations do the most work, and the most convincing work, in preparationRays, 705:do the most work, and the most convincing work, in preparation for His reappearance. He will not,Rays, 706:Christ for - in the performance of His greatest work - He chose a Jewish body, but theirRays, 707:this knowledge in order to do certain work. That which I here write is intended - during the nextRays, 707:(being on the spot) should soon begin to work with more authority. This does not mean that theyRays, 707:is expected of them - they will strengthen their work, bring [708] in more energy, and point theRays, 710:and he proceeds in the early stages with the work of building, yet scarcely knowing what he does.Rays, 712:training and not to the Masters Themselves Who work at the center of these energies; the HierarchyRays, 714:purpose. It is Their function and obligation to work that purpose out into manifestation, and thisRays, 717:planetary "secret" which is the goal of all the work being done by the Black Lodge. They are notRays, 719:by His coming; it will come as a result of His work and hierarchical activity. All theseRays, 722:choose the Path of Earth Service and return to work with the evolutions upon our planet; there areRays, 723:correct implication is that Those Who dwell and work in Shamballa use this period to instruct theRays, 729:or as providing Him with a field in which to work off karma, but on the basis solely ofRays, 733:cannot function as directing creative Agents but work through Their trained and developedRays, 734:evil. A few, a very few, may do so, but They work along the line of the seven ray energies in theRays, 734:desired at any particular time; the constructive work of the Avatar of Synthesis will be apparentRays, 735:the two higher groups lie beyond your ken; They work in cooperation with the planetary LogosRays, 735:and go in the courts of Shamballa" as Their work may dictate and Their service may require. It isRays, 735:or cyclic rechargings which enable him to work. There is one aspect of initiation which is apt toRays, 738:task and something for which to live and work, to dream and to aspire. The five volumes composing ARays, 738:actively and consciously - love Their fellowmen, work as reconstructive and regenerative EnergiesRays, 746:facilities and their opportunity [746] to work and live as free men are not equal to those of theRays, 751:goodwill can do its most useful and necessary work. I do not intend here to stress the nature ofRays, 751:do not intend here to stress the nature of that work or state how it should be carried forward.
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