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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKED

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Psychology2, 55:superficial and obvious energies (which have worked their way through to the surface in the processPsychology2, 92:of Deity. This consciousness, having worked its way through [93] the subhuman kingdoms in nature,Psychology2, 114:process concerns consciousness, and the results worked [115] out in consciousness, with thePsychology2, 169:The Mixer started then his work anew and worked again." Psychology2, 169:clear ray down to the worker in the depths... He worked and toiled. He struggled onwards toward hisPsychology2, 171:light, - the light that shone on every hand. He worked and struggled forward. His hand held others,Psychology2, 182:(and the time is imminent) and after they have worked together subjectively for a certain necessaryPsychology2, 186:as possible. These disciples have hitherto [186] worked very much alone except when karmicPsychology2, 186:These groups, therefore, which have hitherto worked entirely subjectively, can and will bePsychology2, 196:in the world to their particular impulse. This worked out in every nation and in every group as aPsychology2, 198:speak of them together. The other five laws have worked out into a definite activity upon thePsychology2, 210:already much had been unfolded. They have not worked up to their present point from Lemurian timesPsychology2, 224:consideration. On the form side, this has worked out as material desire, leading eventually toPsychology2, 311:and conflict. On a tiny scale, that which was worked out in the world war is being worked out inPsychology2, 311:which was worked out in the world war is being worked out in their lives. They are busy with thePsychology2, 331:plane until the man, in consciousness, has worked his way down through the planes and back again toPsychology2, 333:the work carried forward and the plan of Deity worked out. Laying the ground, as we are nowPsychology2, 470:conceptions and ideas as to how it all should be worked out, and is a constant source of dismay toPsychology2, 470:work out the plan as he believes it should be worked out, or fail to appreciate the flood of ideasPsychology2, 474:which have been or are at this time being worked out, plus the life activity of the astral planePsychology2, 552:the thymus gland and its secretion will be worked out by the medical profession, leading to a muchPsychology2, 597:the occident have not accepted the statement or worked on the premise presented, but have soughtPsychology2, 632:as voiced by the great political leaders and as worked for by the churches everywhere. The peoplesPsychology2, 638:them taught to the great middle class, and thus worked up into world forms of government andPsychology2, 649:and that this Plan has always existed. It has worked out through the evolutionary developments ofPsychology2, 667:The ideas briefly outlined above should be worked out in detail. People must be trained to work forPsychology2, 692:sensitivity must be actively desired and worked for by each of you, alone in the secret place ofPsychology2, 724:which, if rightly [724] apprehended, and worked out into physical manifestation, could definitelyPsychology2, 732:constitutes an imposed life pattern, it can be worked out in every aspect of a man or woman's dailyPsychology2, 733:spirit of good will, intelligently applied, and worked out with purpose into the fabric of thePsychology2, 741:of such a practical potency that, if you once worked it out and made the needed sustained effort,Rays, 65:mental levels, just as the earlier two demands worked out on the physical and astral levels. IRays, 85:and directly will the individual's karma be worked out. Monadic relation, as it becomesRays, 135:within all the kingdoms of nature have at last worked their way out into paralleling physicalRays, 147:the life of our Logos flows and His purposes are worked out. I would remind you that the creativeRays, 170:are done, activities are instituted and plans worked out. This general definition is the easiestRays, 177:lies behind the Plan for which the Hierarchy has worked for aeons. Just as the disciple enters theRays, 182:to deal with and handle those forces which have worked through into physical expression. These,Rays, 191:between the past (wherein prominent disciples worked within the veils of maya) and the New AgeRays, 196:to translate these archaic terms: "From above He worked and from the further side issued the forceRays, 196:as light, as love, as lifting energy. Thus worked the One for Whom all men must wait. He is as man,Rays, 240:"shift" was initiated by the Christ Himself; he worked with men very frequently through others,Rays, 395:fire in the same way as - much earlier - They worked with fire by friction as personalities, andRays, 418:for the New Age, for certain changes to be worked by Masons with spiritual understanding. TheRays, 421:sublime purposes and divine intentions are worked out. Rays, 430:the door [430] to the Forces of Evil, which worked originally through Hitler and his evil gang. TheRays, 459:application and future realization have to be worked out by the disciple in the crucible ofRays, 459:The goal towards which the average disciple has worked in the past has been soul contact, leadingRays, 539:of the former field of activity in which he has worked and lived; it simply means that new fieldsRays, 554:stimulating their understanding. The new group worked in and through every department of humanRays, 612:such efforts, and the Principle of Conflict has worked so effectively that all men are desiringRays, 625:passed during the past one hundred years has worked well for them. Torn as they are by partyRays, 633:These great world problems are also being worked out in each of these three nations: In GreatRays, 633:is fierce but a compromise will eventually be worked out if capital concedes certain arrogantRays, 634:and his gang, have been to their people. They worked through the same methods - terrorizing,Rays, 636:and of territorial theft. They could have worked for the Principle of Harmony and permitted timeRays, 658:points of crisis which (up to date) have worked destructively where the form aspect is concerned,Rays, 702:in prison" for three days. This means that He worked with humanity in the three worlds (for timeRays, 710:objective of the divine plan. Hitherto he has worked primarily with the thread of consciousness;Rays, 721:on which They have lived and for which They have worked. You will notice that I have here calledRays, 724:past karma. All evil karma has necessarily been worked off, but His accumulated good karma makesReappearance, 51:soul of all Reality. He works today, as He worked in Palestine two thousand years ago, throughReappearance, 51:two thousand years ago, through groups. There He worked through the three beloved disciples,Reappearance, 71:about, activities are instituted and plans are worked out, and often ruthlessly worked out. ThisReappearance, 71:and plans are worked out, and often ruthlessly worked out. This general definition is the easiestReappearance, 74:Christ (two thousand years ago) over-shadowed or worked through the Master Jesus. This Spirit ofReappearance, 94:interpreted - of the Plan, as it can be worked out in the immediate future by the Christ and HisReappearance, 157:will respond, and God's plans will then be worked out on earth. The Hierarchy, on a higher turn ofReappearance, 158:need for its emergence are widely desired and worked for. The fusion of faiths is now a field forReappearance, 181:uplift - was initiated by the Christ Himself; He worked with men very frequently through others,Reappearance, 186:constitutes an imposed life pattern, it can be worked out in every aspect of a man or woman'sSoul, 117:infused by Prana. Its material has been worked up so as to constitute a suitable vehicle for theTelepathy, 3:physical plane. These disciples have hitherto worked very much alone except when karmicTelepathy, 17:the emitting agent (if I may use such a phrase) worked, however, through the entire area of theTelepathy, 20:remain theoretical, and little can, as yet, be worked out in practice. However, let me list theTelepathy, 79:of the animal kingdom which is largely being worked off in its relation to mankind today. TheTelepathy, 80:produce conditions which not only have to be worked out, but that they lead to conditions whichTelepathy, 107:of "by-passing" takes much time and must be worked at with intensity, first of all with the focusTelepathy, 147:effect upon the blood stream; the energy worked through that medium solely for a very long time.
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