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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKER

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Psychology2, 300:the psychiatrist, the neurologist, the social worker and the humanitarian. [301] Psychology2, 338:as a man, as an integrated personality and as a worker for material ends, bringing to bear uponPsychology2, 375:that I can speak? 'I, at the center, stand, the worker in the field of magic. I know some rules,Psychology2, 376:nature of the work to be done by the seventh ray worker, and appreciates the fact that it is thePsychology2, 569:revelation to the clairvoyant and clairaudient worker of much of the phenomena of the astral plane,Psychology2, 623:- and the will force of the untrained magical worker who is influenced by seventh ray energy,Psychology2, 750:and resources so that you do become an active worker in the cause of good will. The effort toRays, 133:perception of the spiritual observer and worker become possible and apparent. Much, very much, hasRays, 153:and later as a conscious, accepted and pledged worker in some [154] Ashram - the Ashram beingRays, 212:by others, are the hallmarks of the hierarchical worker. The Masters get no recognition for theRays, 432:and thus consciously become the disciple, the worker in an Ashram, illumined by the wisdom of theRays, 435:the antahkarana, training as a hierarchical worker within an Ashram, familiarizing himself with newRays, 439:He may use as a member of the Hierarchy and a worker in the three worlds of human enterprise. IRays, 588:a conscious, self-controlled and spiritual worker in energy within the ring-pass-not of the threeRays, 672:the initiate-disciple becomes a creative worker under the divine Plan and a "magical exponent" ofReappearance, 151:oriented aspirants, the intelligently convinced worker, disciple and initiate, - by all, in fact,Reappearance, 171:self-centered but which ranges each individual worker and humanitarian on the side of the spiritualReappearance, 178:ability to present the subject, [178] but each worker must practice what he preaches. If, forReappearance, 180:forward the preparatory work. The individual worker has, first of all, to decide if his incentiveReappearance, 180:a needed momentum for action, and only that worker will be equal to the task who has a vision of
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