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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKERS

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Discipleship1, 690:Their own group, their own circle of co-workers and their own field of service are seen by them inDiscipleship1, 690:personalities of your fellow disciples and co-workers and of all you meet. It means, also, that inDiscipleship1, 710:- sensitive to the Master and to his pledged workers. You cannot be made sensitive or be renderedDiscipleship1, 711:forward-looking, loving and intelligent workers is so great, particularly at this time. Many haveDiscipleship1, 732:there for the outer world if the inner circle of workers (pledged disciples) are unable toDiscipleship1, 733:significance of the experience to the neophyte. Workers in the spiritual field should bear thisDiscipleship1, 739:in relation to my fellow disciples and co-workers, no matter what their status? Have I preservedDiscipleship1, 758:the great Beings who form his group of active workers. Bear in mind, however, that these figuresDiscipleship1, 760:lies a potent occult hint of special use to workers. He is aware of the dangers incident to theDiscipleship1, 771:to sacrifice one's brothers and one's fellow workers. It is not easy to heal the subjective riftDiscipleship1, 780:the truthful word) to be used for all grades of workers in the Hierarchy from the probationaryDiscipleship1, 782:their work in the school. Leaders and senior workers in many occult groups are working in theDiscipleship1, 783:Their name is legion. Some few are known to the workers in the school. Thousands are known to meDiscipleship1, 784:all the efforts of the Hierarchy [784] and their workers, and the goodwill work fell naturally intoDiscipleship1, 788:(for their pledged disciples and prominent workers) men and women who, even from a worldly point ofDiscipleship2, 82:The call is going out from every Ashram to all workers to close their ranks and to stand togetherDiscipleship2, 83:been started, and the influence of the group of workers whom A.A.B. and F.B. have gathered aroundDiscipleship2, 84:The work will go on with the same workers, and new ones will be added as need arises. Young workersDiscipleship2, 84:and new ones will be added as need arises. Young workers must be chosen who may not see things asDiscipleship2, 85:will be dependent upon the determination of the workers to continue with what they are doing, toDiscipleship2, 86:the addition of young people to the group of workers as need arises and place occurs. I suggestDiscipleship2, 87:is never heard. The Headquarters Group and the workers in the School are there because of spiritualDiscipleship2, 91:of the need - existent in the world today - for workers. The Masters are perforce driven to useDiscipleship2, 100:point; aim at a closer rapport with your fellow-workers and with me. I am the director of yourDiscipleship2, 108:aspirants just as much as it is true of workers and group leaders in any other phase of humanDiscipleship2, 109:next incarnation. And now, my brothers and co-workers, I leave you to work, serve and study; byDiscipleship2, 135:come after you and who will be the hierarchy of workers at the close of this century and during theDiscipleship2, 164:extent. They have affected the [164] spiritual workers and the men of goodwill, producing theDiscipleship2, 200:in mind is that these intermediate groups of Workers who know the power of meditation are primarilyDiscipleship2, 211:by you anent this group of divine and spiritual Workers, and I will not enlarge upon it here.Discipleship2, 214:am here saying and, in time, many of the lesser workers and aspirants in the ranks of the groupDiscipleship2, 222:reflective thinking? One is a meditation for workers in the New Group of World Servers who areDiscipleship2, 223:the intermediate group of meditating, creative Workers is called into activity in order to receiveDiscipleship2, 261:is now being said by world leaders and serving workers in every nation is an indication of anDiscipleship2, 288:identity in the identity of the Ashram and its workers, and later in the identity of his workingDiscipleship2, 296:humanity of today cannot be reached by emotional workers alone. The mental approach is called forDiscipleship2, 343:the group, the Ashram, the Hierarchy and the workers with the Plan upon the inner and the outerDiscipleship2, 375:to the physical plane, to the hierarchical workers in physical bodies, and to those who consciouslyDiscipleship2, 391:be pointed out, three types of hierarchical workers: Souls; i.e., those initiates who have takenDiscipleship2, 393:of World Servers is working. This triangle of workers is enfolded on all sides by the world ofDiscipleship2, 448:a most desirable fruition. Like all creative workers, my brother and my friend you [449] resent allDiscipleship2, 457:hierarchical need today (apart from its need for workers) is the forming everywhere of such groupsDiscipleship2, 457:students the world over, and my group of special workers such as yourself, must contact theseDiscipleship2, 499:and I am asking all of you who are my pledged workers to move forward in this spiritualDiscipleship2, 501:aid in your planned work. The future ahead of my workers and the work to be done which will emanateDiscipleship2, 501:decisions after due consultation with senior workers, such as myself - Masters and initiates aboveDiscipleship2, 507:of rays will demand of you, and of all workers along esoteric lines, great skill in action. WithDiscipleship2, 517:and the need of the Ashram at this time for workers is great - workers who are, as H.P.B. has putDiscipleship2, 517:the Ashram at this time for workers is great - workers who are, as H.P.B. has put it, "as theDiscipleship2, 533:entered the Arcane School and became one of its workers, you penetrated deeper into the Ashram inDiscipleship2, 537:to the aura of a disciple, plus his group of co-workers. This whole question of spheres ofDiscipleship2, 543:the serene watcher, and a strength to your co-workers - without fear, with confidence in the law,Discipleship2, 550:in company of your group brothers and of other workers in the field of general human service. IDiscipleship2, 550:silence within the ranks of your brothers and co-workers. Speaking symbolically, and withoutDiscipleship2, 559:and thereby increasing the potency of the workers for humanity as well as increasing themDiscipleship2, 569:which you are connected and to the group of co-workers with whom you are determined to cooperate.Discipleship2, 569:divine consciousness. We are forever linked as workers in the one Hierarchy and under theDiscipleship2, 571:burden-bearing capacity to the group of world workers everywhere who are attempting to absorb theDiscipleship2, 584:are now known there and recognized by the senior workers. This you have accomplished through theDiscipleship2, 589:make these few suggestions to aid you and other workers in the task of reorganization by indicatingDiscipleship2, 594:fellowmen, particularly of those who are your co-workers in my work. When the time arrives thisDiscipleship2, 594:need also to learn with wisdom to choose your workers when it is your task to do so. It is not easyDiscipleship2, 595:Have this in mind. [595] Be sure to choose the workers (when the decision lies with you) who are onDiscipleship2, 595:to establishing a measure of intimacy with your workers - friendship and a working partnership;Discipleship2, 595:work to be done. You work as do all first ray workers and as the Master Morya. First ray workersDiscipleship2, 595:ray workers and as the Master Morya. First ray workers provide the substance with which the secondDiscipleship2, 595:provide the substance with which the second ray workers build and the other ray workers qualify andDiscipleship2, 595:the second ray workers build and the other ray workers qualify and modify. You inspire substanceDiscipleship2, 595:at present implementing and for which they seek workers. Write more, my brother; you have theDiscipleship2, 597:laid its emphasis upon the proletariat or the workers, to the exclusion of all other members ofDiscipleship2, 597:groups. This produced what we might call the workers' revolution in the latter years of the firstDiscipleship2, 598:an adequate and full supply. Let your fellow workers catch from you the radiance of Love. That, myDiscipleship2, 607:devotion and your stable love for your co-workers. All that is still needed and will beDiscipleship2, 619:I mean neither your immediate circle of co-workers nor the group of my disciples who are recipientsDiscipleship2, 621:of your position in connection with your fellow-workers and your group brothers and so discover theDiscipleship2, 678:general picture and the plans of the New York workers. There are, my beloved brother, three thingsDiscipleship2, 679:of two or three Ashrams. All the senior workers called in to help may not see eye to eye with theDiscipleship2, 679:to run the work with your own chosen group of workers. You are not working with love and inDiscipleship2, 679:working with love and in cooperation with the workers at Headquarters; you are forgetting, are youDiscipleship2, 680:cooperation with F.B. and the other goodwill workers so that there is unity of approach andDiscipleship2, 681:can I say to you, my brother? We are ancient co-workers and those with whom you are associated inDiscipleship2, 681:you are associated in New York are your true co-workers, far more than those well-intentionedDiscipleship2, 704:from your fellowmen, particularly from your co-workers, and you need to beware of a growingDiscipleship2, 707:opinion; what will you do when your chosen workers fail to understand or prove disloyal orDiscipleship2, 711:of promise - far more than at present appears. Workers will emerge who will be entrusted with wideDiscipleship2, 712:the inevitable and unimportant mistakes that her workers make. She has made them herself and knowsDiscipleship2, 714:you can now make to the work that your chosen co-workers are doing? How can you organize your lifeDiscipleship2, 716:heart. 8th month - The cry goes out for workers. I answer, Master of my Life, and stand within theDiscipleship2, 745:my Ashram may become creative and constructive workers within and for the Hierarchy. I amEducation, 46:escaped from one land to another; welfare workers went from country to country, serving theEducation, 90:saviors (so-called), world prophets and world workers, idealists, opportunists, dictators,Education, 109:of the national saviors, world prophets and workers, idealists, opportunists, dictators andEducation, 110:I shall write as one who has, in conference with workers in the Hierarchy, sought to comprehend theExternalisation, 5:Remarks All true spiritual thinkers and workers are much concerned at this time about the growth ofExternalisation, 5:concern to all the Masters, Their disciples and workers. [6] The difficulty can, in the main, beExternalisation, 9:at this time engross the attention of all workers in the field of esotericism and those who areExternalisation, 15:influence of the Trans-Himalayan Lodge and whose workers are linked, consciously or unconsciously,Externalisation, 16:to proclaim their identity, when the leaders and workers and secretaries will meet with each otherExternalisation, 17:sure way. This fact should be realized by all workers in such schools and the problem carefullyExternalisation, 19:Ones are looking for intelligent cooperators and workers more than They are looking for devotion to
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