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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKING

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Discipleship1, 281:creative, intuitive worker has the problem of working in the realm of the timeless, and from thatDiscipleship1, 286:know (not believe or hope) that all things are working towards your release into greater expressionDiscipleship1, 290:your soul is on the seventh ray and that you are working through a first ray personality. Hence, myDiscipleship1, 301:rest of this incarnation - this disciple is not working in his Ashram. Discipleship1, 302:recognizing it as the point from which you are working. The objective of this exercise is toDiscipleship1, 330:as it is for another of my disciples who is working at the same problem as you are, but from aDiscipleship1, 330:transmutation. Some know what it is and are working at it and the others fall into two main groups.Discipleship1, 330:fall into two main groups. They are either working furiously to bring about a general change inDiscipleship1, 331:when I say this, for you have been faithfully working at this decentralization for some time andDiscipleship1, 331:demonstrating as intuitional development working out in a high emotional reaction, your personalityDiscipleship1, 335:at this time. You have evolved your own way of working and of preparation for meditation and itDiscipleship1, 339:quoting to you these words I have given you the working rules which should govern your personalityDiscipleship1, 342:to explain the reason and objective. But whilst working in my group, will you not adhere to myDiscipleship1, 344:to work. In the six members who are at present working together in it there are five second rayDiscipleship1, 349:attention, and it was towards these ends I was working when I chose the seed thoughts given to youDiscipleship1, 354:widely different. Perhaps I can explain. You are working on the physical plane with distressedDiscipleship1, 354:with distressed bodies and minds. You are also working on soul levels with though and withDiscipleship1, 367:I shall have to point out to her. Disciples, working in an Ashram, are none of them entirely freeDiscipleship1, 374:into your personality, transmuting its force and working through on to the physical plane. It willDiscipleship1, 379:you to be one among the many - all equal, all working as one, all engrossed with the one work. ThisDiscipleship1, 382:1933 BROTHER OF MINE: For years you have been working with steadfastness and with a certain amountDiscipleship1, 403:the result of the activity of your astral body (working under second ray influence) with a reactionDiscipleship1, 409:the physical body. Thus the task of any teacher working with you is tremendously complicated. YouDiscipleship1, 411:lower man as an instrument. Imagine the soul as working through and energizing the center of loveDiscipleship1, 414:which comes to those who can succeed in working in the light upon the mental plane. When you can doDiscipleship1, 415:rapid movement and rapid speech) ; it keeps you working at something all the time and often atDiscipleship1, 434:done at that time throughout the entire month, working with deliberation and scientifically eachDiscipleship1, 439:her limitations - as do all active and hard-working disciples whose equipment is not strong enoughDiscipleship1, 448:Magic. The other energies which constitute your working material are all on the second ray line:Discipleship1, 448:equipment. You have only one major ray energy working through you in this incarnation, and that isDiscipleship1, 472:self-pity. All that comes to you is the working of the law and offers opportunity. CultivateDiscipleship1, 488:ray mind which can, when united with others working along these lines, aid in the dispelling ofDiscipleship1, 489:been called is an arduous one but you will be working with some of your co-disciples and when thatDiscipleship1, 503:that the glamor of pride holds you in its grip, working out usually as a quick self-defense andDiscipleship1, 515:which oft arises in the minds of disciples working together in group formation and in a Master'sDiscipleship1, 521:MY BROTHER: The past few months have seen the working out of much inner tension. This hasDiscipleship1, 539:necessitate the effort of your soul and mind, working in conjunction, to bring about this result.Discipleship1, 548:humanity. As you do this regard yourself as working consciously as a soul and as a tinyDiscipleship1, 551:for some years been actively and consciously working at your spiritual unfoldment. Prior to this,Discipleship1, 555:the occultist, being a first ray soul and working through a fifth ray personality. This is aDiscipleship1, 571:still remains distorted. She is not actively working in the Ashram. She still is an aspirant andDiscipleship1, 588:the dominating factors will then be: The soul, working through the astral body and controlling yourDiscipleship1, 588:controlling your heart light. The personality, working through the mind and controlling all groupDiscipleship1, 588:two simple questions to ask you: Why are you working in this group? Why do you retain yourDiscipleship1, 591:and purpose of that group of disciples which is working under my direct supervision. The details ofDiscipleship1, 592:of unchanging cooperation with those who are working in my group and under my direction and,Discipleship1, 594:understanding. Another is that the disciples, working under one Master, become an extension of hisDiscipleship1, 596:to the Great Ones, and later to myself, a working chela of the Great White Lodge. You have managedDiscipleship1, 602:group unity. It is group unity for which I am working, and not your individual growth andDiscipleship1, 611:but the dramatic glamor of the sixth ray person, working in the Piscean Christian age, loves publicDiscipleship1, 612:to this particular line of endeavor but who are working in other fields of hierarchical activity -Discipleship1, 612:become a conscious disciple, but who is not yet working on the level where those who could be, orDiscipleship1, 612:who could be, or are, accepted disciples, are working. I am speaking to you with no evasionDiscipleship1, 613:under the Plan. You long to produce some working scheme yourself, paralleling that already beingDiscipleship1, 613:disciples, and one nearing acceptance, but both working on the astral plane where those with whom IDiscipleship1, 613:at this particular time - to cooperate, are not working, except as souls, serving from the mentalDiscipleship1, 620:to resign. For some years, he was not actively working in the Ashram. His acceptance of theDiscipleship1, 621:you do upon the first Ray of Will or Power and working under the Master of that ray, the MasterDiscipleship1, 635:back the group of disciples with which you are working and have postponed their united groupDiscipleship1, 637:disciple is still sidetracked and hence is not working in the Tibetan's Ashram. Discipleship1, 645:rests upon you. NOTE: This disciple is still working in the Ashram. Discipleship1, 649:usurped his attention and at present he is not working in the Ashram. Discipleship1, 650:adequate practice, and at this you are already working. What therefore can I say or do, but standDiscipleship1, 652:so deep, real and urgent. We need all who are working upon this Path and who are aspiring towardsDiscipleship1, 657:spiritual moments. You are still a personality working, and not a soul working, for your theoryDiscipleship1, 657:are still a personality working, and not a soul working, for your theory outstrips yourDiscipleship1, 664:and strengthened by your group brothers. Those working in these groups will tell you that in spiteDiscipleship1, 680:its activities the Masters are today engaged, working as always through the medium of theirDiscipleship1, 683:the Master and those senior disciples who may be working under his supervision at some aspect ofDiscipleship1, 690:are in the hands of the world disciples; the working out of these plans under the inspiration andDiscipleship1, 691:obedient disciples, carrying out his wishes and working out his purposes. He is training themDiscipleship1, 692:to carry on his work and the same is true of all working groups of servers. Such is the law.Discipleship1, 693:service first. What is that work? To provide a working intelligent and consecrated group of serversDiscipleship1, 694:attitudes to the Master. The fact that they are working in a Master's group seems to them the factDiscipleship1, 702:group, and the many outer groups which, though working under his inspiration and upon the Plan, areDiscipleship1, 702:realize that an Ashram is not a group of people, working under the tutelage of some Master. This isDiscipleship1, 703:rendered and untidily followed. When any group - working in this way under a Master - is moved byDiscipleship1, 703:and its vision is to the individual disciple, working in his personality vehicles. It is the placeDiscipleship1, 711:primarily concerned with the second ray modes of working, with disciples; they form the basis ofDiscipleship1, 718:with the things of the present; the Hierarchy is working and laying plans for the future; ShamballaDiscipleship1, 721:in humanity. The Avatar and those who are working with him and under his influence can be providedDiscipleship1, 724:(under direction of their Master) in working directly with the aspirant upon the physical plane,Discipleship1, 725:most carefully studied. All groups of disciples, working in or out of an Ashram, should be in closeDiscipleship1, 725:should unquestionably arise: Is the group of working disciples to be keyed to the note of the moreDiscipleship1, 727:may quite normally arise in the minds of those working in the outer group and loosely related toDiscipleship1, 730:and space by some Master or group of Masters, working on some one ray or rays. In the early days ofDiscipleship1, 731:in conformity with the Plan of the Hierarchy, working in accordance with the revelation, comingDiscipleship1, 734:as you may think it, is Intensity. Intensity, or working from a point of tension, brings in theDiscipleship1, 735:that they are extended and not tense; they are working and living on the periphery of consciousnessDiscipleship1, 740:occult groups) that the leader or some senior working disciple must stage situations in order toDiscipleship1, 742:between the chela, the Ashram in which he is working and the Master. This correlation and theDiscipleship1, 744:active their service; yet - if they were truly working from a point of tension - they would forgetDiscipleship1, 745:and in the Hierarchy. Most disciples are not working from a point of spiritual tension, but from aDiscipleship1, 747:go out to work in the world. The outer group, working in the world, or the exoteric Ashram, isDiscipleship1, 754:at the radiant center of the group life and working from thence outwards in service. He is everDiscipleship1, 756:is the expression, in any given cycle, of the working out of the divine Will. This aspect of theDiscipleship1, 760:and automatically releases the twenty-eight, working under the impression of the seven rayDiscipleship1, 778:of the various occult groups which claimed to be working under their direction. They were madeDiscipleship1, 780:A. A. B. has never claimed to be more than a working disciple, occupied with world work (which noDiscipleship1, 781:which I sought to see accomplished is now in working order. It was my wish (as it is the wish of
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