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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKING

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Fire, VII:the Tibetan (D.K.) and A.A.B. that she as the working disciple on the outer plane should shoulderFire, xiii:bring about a recognition of the adequacy, as a working basis, for both science and religion, ofFire, xiv:to the reader and student as simply providing a working hypothesis, and a suggestive explanation.Fire, 45:the forward, and the spiral cyclic movements are working in perfect synthesis then the desiredFire, 50:to appraise the life of the spirit or Monad. The working of the flame divine under the Law ofFire, 55:using the spinal column as its main artery, but working in close connection with certain centralFire, 74:is directly influenced and adjusted in its working by one of the Buddhas of Activity. [75] TheFire, 76:and Entities in earlier solar systems which is working out through the individual atoms, andFire, 81:cosmos are only the result of the harmoniously working energies that resolve ether into theFire, 83:cosmic plane. We might note here the accurate working out of the correspondence in matter and theFire, 84:will the resemblance clearly be seen, and the working out in perfect correspondence is easilyFire, 85:This is logically inevitable, and its working out can be seen in every case of entifiedFire, 92:we see that there are two groups of devas working in connection with man: Solar devas, who transmitFire, 102:higher realms. Hence, when the pranic vehicle is working perfectly in all three groups, human,Fire, 106:days) man's three pranic centers are not in good working order. The center between the shoulderFire, 132:on. We simply make the statement, and leave its working out to those students whose karma permitsFire, 136:or annular power on account of its spiral-like working or progress in the body of the asceticFire, 145:vibration of the Monad is felt, and the jiva, working under the same law, works its way backFire, 154:is characteristic of manifestation, one aspect working under the Law of Attraction, and the otherFire, 154:of repulsing all other forms. It can be seen working out gradually and inappreciably in connectionFire, 156:in elucidation may be imparted, leaving the working out of the other two relationships to theFire, 216:synthesis brought about by the evolutionary working of these three cosmic laws, - each of themFire, 225:the immediate stage ahead to be attained, working from our present standpoint as a basis. We mustFire, 239:this stage of evolution, it is sufficient as a working basis on which he may erect his temple ofFire, 250:[250] His eventual internal synthesis under the working of the three laws from the seven into theFire, 276:that it is an inherent part of the Entity's working capital, it has to be exercised on every plane,Fire, 286:senses and of experimental contact can be seen working out in the animal and human kingdoms; theFire, 291:A great deal of the problem to be seen slowly working out at this time to a solution is due to theFire, 291:and controlled the five subplanes and is working on the sixth, Our planetary Logos is engaged in aFire, 294:Through each scheme in a system, a solar Logos working at the same thing; the goal is syntheticFire, 321:For illumination, In healing, are but the working out on the physical plane of parallelingFire, 323:and the other in a negative - caused the working out of an old debt and a planetary alliance. LightFire, 324:needed the joint work of the two Heavenly Men, working on buddhic levels (the fourth cosmic ether)Fire, 327:might also be expressed accurately as follows, working out the analogy to the major planes: SOLARFire, 339:in the system. Vibrations, engendered by will, working through love-wisdom, and energizingFire, 339:quality love, and demonstrates as wisdom working through love and producing: Unity between allFire, 339:keeps the purpose of the entity ever in view, working it out through love in substantial form. Fire, 346:of the fiery spark of mind. This spark of mind, working through the instinct, drove the materialFire, 353:plus the buddhic and the will principle, working in three major schemes, by means of seven centersFire, 353:and of responsibility. Manas is, really WILL working itself out on the physical plane, and theFire, 353:Entity, inconceivably greater than our Logos, is working out a set purpose through the Logos,Fire, 354:What is the nature of the great purpose He is working out? Which center in His body is representedFire, 355:each is actively following and intelligently working to effect certain ends, and thus each is theFire, 355:purposes, manas is the active will of an Entity working itself out through all the lesser lives whoFire, 357:to the initiation towards which the Logos may be working. Thus, at one period one center orFire, 362:and the subsequent results are in process of working out. Within the scheme the chain that concernsFire, 383:a Heavenly Man is simply living out His life, working through some experience in the great work ofFire, 389:and cover only the present greater period in the working out of which we are engaged. They might beFire, 392:will be between Egos and egoic groups, each working consciously, and with intellectual application,Fire, 393:He is the active, directing Intelligence Who is working with definite purpose through His sevenFire, 395:manas is the intelligent purpose of some Being, working out in active objectivity, and havingFire, 397:by all students that man is Spirit or the Self, working through matter or [398] the Not-Self, byFire, 398:indispensable to each other, and without the two working in close cooperation this objective solarFire, 399:in form of a cosmic conception, and the working out of it in concrete shape, manas or intelligenceFire, 400:into the sphere of conscious cooperation in the working out of karma for a Heavenly Man, havingFire, 401:enquiry as to the point attained in the active working out of the purposes of the great EntitiesFire, 409:is the intelligent plan of the Entity concerned working out in time and space. Power to evolve orFire, 410:lives are consciously and intelligently working through and dominating the form, for only They, asFire, 418:in days and cycles to come they will be seen working out. a. Discrimination This is necessarilyFire, 421:purpose, pursuing a fixed and settled plan, and working out a preconceived ideal in time and space.Fire, 427:physical body; then the phenomena of the Rays, working in cycles, will be comprehended, and vastFire, 440:obscuration of a Ray will eventually lead to a working with the Law, and to an intelligentFire, 443:of an Entity, a planetary Logos. His life energy working in, through, and upon His body ofFire, 464:from those who are actively and intelligently working at the development of group consciousness.Fire, 465:The immense slaughter in America is part of the working out of the plan. The inner life or fireFire, 466:and is divided into two divisions: Those working with evolutionary forces. Those working withFire, 466:Those working with evolutionary forces. Those working with involutionary forces. One group is theFire, 469:from outside of the system. Systemic Karma - The working out by the Logos of effects set in motionFire, 470:of the past of this system, and not so much the working out of effects originating in previousFire, 470:Lords who ensoul these kingdoms, and who are working out their purposes through them. We must noteFire, 481:greatly handicaps the efforts of Those, Who - working on the inner side - feel that the thoughts ofFire, 482:atom. The keynote of the planes. The method of working from the egoic level through consciousFire, 490:of the element or atom with which he is working and will center his attention upon the positiveFire, 494:process and the fact that hitherto alchemists working in the mineral kingdom have failed to achieveFire, 501:of them to control the lower forms. The working out of purpose through the medium of the two lowerFire, 501:of all physical objectivity, and which is seen working out in every life. The transmutation orFire, 525:Knowledge - actuated by group consciousness, and working consciously - will separate themselves inFire, 528:energy. It is the vitality of the second aspect working in conjunction with the third, andFire, 529:Spirit. Dynamic Will. Existence. It is a Force, working through a dual manifestation ofFire, 533:Lords Who are concerned with form building, working primarily on the first ray. Certain of theFire, 544:of the lotus. The life of the first Logos, working through the SELF (who dwells in a form built byFire, 552:aroma, emanation or magnetism, as we see it working out through the form. Hence we are very muchFire, 558:kingdom. When these two things can be seen working out in any round, it will be indicative of aFire, 563:is meant by there being no karma attached to the working out of a good and altruistic deed. 80 TheFire, 566:Logos? What is the purpose which may perhaps be working out in our own planetary scheme and what isFire, 572:first that a Builder, or some Creative Mind, is working to bring about an ordered production, andFire, 573:on concrete levels, in the same way that man is working on the laws of thought, and on the buildingFire, 573:three basic ideas, we can now proceed to the working out of the laws of the system on the sevenFire, 577:and the law of Economy deals with the general working out, along the line of least resistance, ofFire, 580:the path of involution, or of construction, the working out of the law is not so apparent to theFire, 581:of the etheric double is the result of its working. Again we can correlate this law with that ofFire, 581:particular time. All eventually break under the working of this law. Its workings are more apparentFire, 584:to be seen between the fourth kingdom and the working of this, the fourth law. It is of vitalFire, 585:of the Law of Attraction; it is the working out of that law in the human kingdom, and in all theFire, 589:physical plane of the Power and Activity Aspects working in synthesis. Rays 1, 3, 7, have anFire, 589:aspect of the divine hermaphroditic Man, working along [590] the lines of more positiveFire, 590:on the path of evolution the Monads of Love, working on the abstract qualities, touch the devas ofFire, 590:abstract qualities, touch the devas of activity working on concrete faculty. The perfection of theFire, 591:the following facts may be gathered about its working: It is the law under which the evolvingFire, 595:and on the sixth plane comes the powerful working out in the lower Triad, the Personality, of the
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