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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKING

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Fire, 1219:laws which will gradually be applied to the working [1220] methods of all organizations,Fire, 1245:emanates from the constellation of the Dragon, working through the zodiacal sign Libra. ThisFire, 1251:the destructive fire which man creates under the working of the Law of Karma. The burning-ground ofFire, 1254:Their assistants and of certain other entities working in that particular department. There will beFire, 1266:of the Logos and into their hands He has put the working out of karma in the solar system. TheyGlamour, 17:can be called - and hence the advisability of working there [18] in group formation. I cannotGlamour, 18:I say "our" advisedly, brother of old, as I am working definitely towards these three ends as aGlamour, 19:of sensitives of this order can constitute a working, mediating body, and transmit the newGlamour, 48:is a member of the New Group of World Servers, working under the conditions which are the rulesGlamour, 55:idea and to its transformation into a practical working scheme is as yet wholly unsuitable. TheGlamour, 63:use, and is not an idea with which he should be working. The over-activity of his mind is probablyGlamour, 64:and rhythmic activity of the soul and mind, working always in the closest collaboration. The ideaGlamour, 72:rendered to the world, must recognize that he is working with substance, with the breaking up ofGlamour, 78:from the concentrated energy of the disciple, working still through the solar plexus center. ForGlamour, 130:other six expressions of the same divine Idea, working out as ideals upon the mental plane, thatGlamour, 136:the intuition, some of the plans and purposes working out through the manifested created worlds areGlamour, 136:as he proves capable of appreciating them and working them. Four types of people are subject toGlamour, 138:systems of knowledge. There are many such, working patiently today in the world, unrecognized andGlamour, 197:by the use of the illumined minds of groups, working in unison for just that purpose. TheGlamour, 197:will eventually be formed of those who are working at the dissipation of glamor in their individualGlamour, 199:work will be completed by second ray disciples, working from the Ashrams of those Masters Who takeGlamour, 201:will be apparent to you, therefore, that groups working consciously at the service of dissipatingGlamour, 203:followed by the disciple who is consciously working at the dissipation of glamor in his life can beGlamour, 207:when reacting to them; he seeks to free himself, working at first spasmodically, trying to use theGlamour, 212:any one life the line of least resistance. Those working in group formation will have achieved aGlamour, 221:(as will be obvious to you) by those who are working at the dissipation of glamor in their ownGlamour, 221:the formula just given. The majority of those so working are sixth ray aspirants - those who haveGlamour, 232:work) for the group members will get used to working together and will eventually attain theGlamour, 249:that personality into soul responsiveness, thus working out soul purpose through personalityGlamour, 252:the two triangles or through both of them working synchronously, the centers up the spine (five inGlamour, 252:from the Great Illusion: First: As the soul, working through the higher triangle, becomes theGlamour, 252:astral nature is broken. Third: As the disciple, working as the soul and as an integratedGlamour, 263:from which the observing disciple or aspirant is working. The point of tension becomes theHealing, 7:action, whilst the radiation of the vital body, working through the splenic center, will aid in [8]Healing, 10:Given the initial premise that Deity itself is working towards a perfection past our comprehension,Healing, 15:to disease and death are in reality only the working out of certain basic principles which govern -Healing, 20:upon the subject; that is but one aspect of the working of the [21] Law of Karma. The Law of CauseHealing, 41:two things: First, that disease is sometimes the working out into manifestation of undesirableHealing, 41:It is well to remember also that sometimes this working out and elimination may well bring aboutHealing, 43:The astral body is an aggregate of forces, working through into the consciousness in the form ofHealing, 44:technical information in connection with the working through of the forces from the astral planeHealing, 44:body, and then give you the effects of that working through, as they take the form - owing to man'sHealing, 67:of diseases to which I earlier referred, and working out in connection with them in the humanHealing, 71:are not well. This, the Hierarchy knows, and is working for the amelioration of the conditions.Healing, 89:basis. This might be the case if the race were working mentally, but it is not. It is in the modernHealing, 94:it is only the higher consciousness of the soul, working through the mind, that can finally solveHealing, 103:instructions each day [103] and as if he were working in his group in tangible form. This realHealing, 105:Never let it be known by anyone that you are working in this manner, and never mention to anyoneHealing, 110:Right timing and a sound knowledge of the working of the Law of Karma, plus a large measure ofHealing, 112:race and its evolution. Disease is therefore the working out into manifestation of undesirable,Healing, 166:if they comprehended the Law of Karma and its working out in the life of the patient, if they hadHealing, 191:fact that certain great opposing energies, working within the body, produce what we call disease.Healing, 199:organism and to every cell and atom. It is the working of the quality of energy upon the body whichHealing, 218:that they are the primary conditioning factors, working through the ductless glands which, in theirHealing, 223:major adjunct of war, the will of Nature itself working (under certain divine laws) to offset theHealing, 244:yet by science but fixed and certain in their working - apart from great planetary accidents or theHealing, 261:and not a dream. Only thus can the inevitable working of the Law of Karma (which is our themeHealing, 264:race and they renounced Him. Today the law is working, and the Jews are paying the price, factuallyHealing, 266:and admit that there may be for them the working out of the retributive aspect of the Law of CauseHealing, 285:higher correspondence of the controlling center, working always through the analogous emotional andHealing, 288:a patient gets worse whilst the group is working upon his case, he should not be dropped, but aHealing, 305:which are the sumtotal of all that is, are working through and in substance, which is alreadyHealing, 311:ultimately beneficent in its effects. It is the working out into manifestation of an innerHealing, 319:the legal safeguards will require most careful working out, and even then grave and serious issuesHealing, 336:a certain school of scientific theorists who are working on the theory that the eye is theHealing, 336:Nevertheless, the science with which they are working is so embryonic as yet that their conclusionsHealing, 337:The psychological causes are forms of energy, working out through the appropriate centers in theHealing, 338:internal relation between the subtler energies, working through certain centers, plus the relatedHealing, 346:[346] Through a consideration of the effective working relation which exists between the groups ofHealing, 346:which exists between the groups of disciples working under Them. Through a study of those peopleHealing, 374:of obsession, or of mental difficulty and - working under soul direction or some initiated chelaHealing, 389:will be found by all healing agencies that when working with those who are spiritually-minded andHealing, 390:must not be avoided or evaded. Healing groups working out from an Ashram lay not the emphasis uponHealing, 396:the fear of death. In the case of disciples working in a Master's Ashram, even this process ofHealing, 415:are embodied...All eventually break under the working of this law. - Page 581. Its workings areHealing, 421:on. We simply make the statement, and leave its working out to those students whose karma permitsHealing, 431:and cyclic intention of the planetary Logos, working through the Council Chamber at Shamballa. TheHealing, 443:They must be met by the omniscience of the soul, working through the mind - not by its omnipotence.Healing, 483:recognition of the energies which condition man, working through the seven centers in his vitalHealing, 509:care, they would discover that they are either working automatically in response to physical planeHealing, 509:ideas of goodwill or of being kind, or they are working emotionally because they like to help, theyHealing, 519:recipient of energies and forces, needed by the working initiate or Master in order to carry on theHealing, 541:soul life," seek by the power of his own soul (working on the higher levels of the mental plane andHealing, 543:will be learnt by accepting the premises and working upon their implications. What I have said isHealing, 543:but I have here given the student a simple and working understanding of certain essential and basicHealing, 544:it will lead to a recognition of potent forces working through the patient and a willingness [545]Healing, 548:sequence of facts: The fact of the soul, working through The mind and the astral body, whoseHealing, 555:but not from the patient. He can do this by working [556] through the heart center within theHealing, 557:trained healers, with perception, with a full working knowledge of the etheric body, with anHealing, 563:these have to be grasped and accepted as working theories before the healer can efficiently dealHealing, 564:governing humanity predominantly, by initiates working in the fourth root-race, the Atlantean.Healing, 574:physical body. The [574] healer is therefore working with the two aspects of the physical bodyHealing, 576:time began, conditioned all occult healers, working under hierarchical impression. In the earlyHealing, 578:and the throat center - the spiritual healer working through the throat center, and the point ofHealing, 580:This provides a field of activity for the soul, working through the head centers and focusingHealing, 597:mechanism. It is this energy which the Master, working through a relatively perfect body, dependsHealing, 598:they may not so choose always unless they are working with other parts of the Plan which haveHealing, 599:the gained knowledge. These five Masters are working primarily with the deva evolution, and thisHealing, 600:contact with patients; owing to the inevitable working of the law which governs thought, heHealing, 607:the far-reaching significances of its normal working. It says the following things quite simply,
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