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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKING

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Healing, 609:an impulse emanating from the planetary Logos, working in cooperation with the Spirit of the EarthHealing, 610:futile activity will die out. This can be seen working out in the body of an advanced person or anHealing, 620:Logos. Through them the Lord of the World, working from His Own level on a cosmic plane and throughHealing, 623:- of the centers through which the soul is working. The glands therefore express fully the point inHealing, 632:the medical man and the spiritual healer, each working in his own field, and both having faith inHealing, 643:fluid which we call prana, and the second group working on a much higher level and employing anHealing, 650:etheric body of the patient and are definitely working in etheric matter. Healers on the first,Healing, 652:of radiatory healing, the soul of the patient is working in cooperation with the healer and it isHealing, 653:patient (either consciously or unconsciously) is working with the healer and is cooperating withHealing, 659:interior energies which are responsible for the working of the Law of Evolution. It is the higherHealing, 661:plane, or as self-imposed. Of this strange working of the Law of Perfection (strange to man'sHealing, 661:two major results of a spiritual nature, working under the Law of Perfection, resulted: Souls wereHealing, 665:the presentation of a goal to man by the working aspirants and disciples, plus the outlining of theHealing, 668:factor in their lives; these men are today working against the unity of the United Nations, [669]Healing, 669:nation, thoroughly understand each other and are working together in great combines to exploit theHealing, 678:that I can make clear to you as regards the full working of this law, but I can indicate certainHealing, 681:changes in technique. In the one case, you are working with those who are definitely under theHealing, 686:cycle and the lives of those implicated in its working out. The disciple begins to see that if heHealing, 686:to do his just share in lifting the world karma, working out in cyclic dharma. Instinctual service,Healing, 703:soul of the healer and that of the patient are working in cooperation there can be the blending ofHealing, 705:frequently most effective. The spiritual healer, working with the energies of light wheneverHealing, 705:The members of the Black Lodge, or healers working under its influence, are, however, totallyHealing, 710:fifth ray mode of healing is that the healer, working scientifically and largely on concreteHercules, 10:aspirant. They give us the clue to the working out of the plan. Taken together they embody theHercules, 13:through the twelve signs of the zodiac, only now working from Aries to Pisces via TaurusHercules, 13:Pisces via Taurus (anti-clockwise), instead of working in the ordinary human retrogressive fashion,Hercules, 29:sign. Each sign subjects the man who is working in it to the influence of certain distinctiveHercules, 38:they killed him. This is an instance of the working of the great law that we pay the price in ourHercules, 41:has begun his work oil the mental plane. In the working out of the creative plan, thought-impulseHercules, 47:and where they undertake the stupendous task of working out their own salvation. just as Orion [48]Hercules, 64:is functioning: Christ incarnate in matter, God working through form. Castor was regarded as mortalHercules, 104:up into heaven.[104] In Leo, we see cosmic mind working out in the individual as the lowerHercules, 106:therefore, the limitations of the body nature working through form and the utilization of theHercules, 121:triangle, all angles of equal importance, to the working out of the Plan. (Esoteric Astrology, pp.Hercules, 122:a novice who exclaimed how exactly his chart was working out: "That is too bad, if you were livingHercules, 138:third is the Corona, the crown held before man working in Libra. The symbol is based on the storyHercules, 163:were three aspects of divinity symbolized and working to a pattern, the Christ pattern. ConsiderHercules, 176:That is the symbol of the son of God who, [176] working under the law, takes form and lives in theHercules, 176:plane, but you become a spiritual creature working in mental matter. You are no longer held byHercules, 189:Aquarians born everywhere because there is the working out of the subjective spirit in every partHercules, 192:in religious, political and economic fields are working for; the breaking down of prejudice andHercules, 205:God had pictured in space his Plan for the working out of the evolution of the human spirit back toHercules, 218:plan and purpose, which embodies the intelligent working out of God's thought. The second idea,Initiation, 7:lies in its essence, and not in the esoteric working out of detail as we think we see it from ourInitiation, 26:ideas. Let us therefore accept these ideas as a working hypothesis as to the consummation of theInitiation, 30:method in producing the results he desired for working out his plan. As is well known, theInitiation, 30:force of the Ego is spread and circulated, thus working out the plan. Sanat Kumara, with the sixInitiation, 36:seen. It might here be well to point out that, working as members of that Hierarchy are a greatInitiation, 44:who know the way, dwelling in the Himalayas, and working in close cooperation with his two greatInitiation, 46:aspect, and the mind [46] of the Planetary Logos working out into objectivity. The closestInitiation, 46:Master Jupiter, the oldest of the Masters now working in physical bodies for humanity, who is theInitiation, 65:amplification of his intellectual grip of the working of the cosmos. Information as to the kingdomsInitiation, 65:of those kingdoms, and instruction as to the working of those laws in all kingdoms and [66] on allInitiation, 74:but lifting up the burden of the world; working, and wasting no energy in talk. Yet withal heInitiation, 79:and vehicles they go to pieces. This can be seen working out in groups as well as in individuals.Initiation, 83:may, and do, fall, and thereby incur the working of the law in punishment. They may, and do, byInitiation, 85:channel can be safely permitted. Many of us are working on all the three bodies now, as we treadInitiation, 93:as so many do in excited anticipation, but by working systematically and enduringly at the steadyInitiation, 93:sensitive to the voice of his higher self, thus working off karma under the intelligent guidance ofInitiation, 121:similarly composed. Their united energy is working towards a clearly defined goal. Initiation, 122:now adjusted, he can give his attention to the working off of planetary karma, and the far reachingInitiation, 123:triangles of force which are necessitated in the working out of solar evolution. Just as allInitiation, 131:are magnetized in three ways: By Sanat Kumara working through the Manu. This occurs when it isInitiation, 131:but this is not invariably so. By Sanat Kumara working through the Bodhisattva. In this case, theInitiation, 131:with a religious basis. By Sanat Kumara working through the Mahachohan. By the wielding of the RodInitiation, 131:- governmental, religious, or cultural - is the working out of inner forces and causes, and, beforeInitiation, 132:helping of the race, initiated by the Masters working through their disciples, the aid of theInitiation, 144:processes undergone. This is accomplished by working definitely on his mental body, and thusInitiation, 187:their assistants, and of certain other Entities working in that particular department. There willInitiation, 188:out the behests of the Lord of the World, and working under his direction. It carries a man toInitiation, 191:the Logos, and into their hands he has put the working out of karma in the solar system. They knowInitiation, 202:so. Mistakes are easily made, and the problem of working harmoniously in group alignment is not soInitiation, 218:is formed of chohans, adepts, and initiates working through their disciples, and, by this means, inInitiation, 222:his physical body. The highest planetary spirit working through any particular globe is, inIntellect, 37:But science arrives at the same point by working from the seen to the unseen and from the objectiveIntellect, 58:energies of the soul, life and mind, have been working through the vehicles, without the man beingIntellect, 97:but must be incorporated in the life as working rules of conduct. They lead to detachment, aIntellect, 148:of illumination and its results are to be found working out in the consciousness of the man who hasIntellect, 163:and reactions by the apparatus of the instincts, working through the senses, and the brain, and theIntellect, 165:which that Divine Purpose we call God may be working. In this way we can account for the comingIntellect, 172:called Brahmins only that have an inner light working in them... the human soul is a lamp notIntellect, 178:experiencing, emotional aspect of the Self, working [179] through the nervous system and the brain,Intellect, 181:live and move and have our being, and which is working out through every form in nature (includingIntellect, 194:Son, and God, the Holy Ghost, are realized as working smoothly together as one Identity - the ThreeIntellect, 215:as the above as to accept any hypothesis, as a working basis for investigation and conduct. It isIntellect, 217:soul thinks. It then becomes the process of the working of a law, for "as a man thinketh so is he."Intellect, 227:I have used such forms as the following in working with approximately three thousand students ofIntellect, 240:is nothing but energy, pouring through us, and working in us, and in it we are immersed. All formsIntellect, 240:living in a world similarly constituted and working with energy all the time. The fundamental lawIntellect, 241:must, therefore, remember that he is always working with energies, and that these varying energiesIntellect, 244:thoughts of men down the ages, and the man, working through his own psychic nature (the line ofIntellect, 247:love of God pours, and the purposes of God are working to fruition. He is the Master of all theIntellect, 252:the intrusion of personalities, and will have a working knowledge of the apparatus with which theyIntellect, 252:knowledge of the apparatus with which they are working. If they are receiving teachings fromIntellect, 254:hither and thither serving, talking, writing and working so that they end by undergoing a violentMagic, 6:who are willing to accept its fundamentals as a working hypothesis until these are demonstrated toMagic, 7:its statements and will realize the subjective working out of many of the laws. These laws ofMagic, 31:soul and - in its lowest aspect - is to be seen working through the emotional or astral nature and,Magic, 35:pursuing its own instinctual life and working as a whole towards something higher and better. [36]Magic, 38:as specified for him in that group of disciples, working under some one Master who represents to
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