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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKS

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Astrology, 62:the standpoint of achievement in Capricorn, he works for several lives around the zodiacal path,Astrology, 99:of the planetary Logos of the first ray, and works out as His triple activity under the guidance ofAstrology, 100:a long drawn out conflict. This conflict finally works out into victory and the dispelling ofAstrology, 142:action and reaction is the law with which he works. In Leo, a man's center and point ofAstrology, 197:controlling influences whereby the cosmic Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solarAstrology, 218:closely connected with the mind principle as it works out through the solar Angels or through theAstrology, 246:importance in this sign for the seventh ray works through this planet and is the embodiment of theAstrology, 271:by a profound astrological expert Who [271] works with the Masters of the Great White Lodge thatAstrology, 304:can [304] work; the Great White Lodge works through the seven centers. Aries begins the process andAstrology, 385:is Vulcan, the forger of metals, the one who works in the densest, most concrete expression of theAstrology, 433:center of his life on Earth he toils and works and carries out the Plan. (The ajna center is theAstrology, 444:that the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law and Order works through Uranus which is today theAstrology, 465:significant use here. The major cosmic Triangle works primarily through six constellations at thisAstrology, 479:but this is slowly changing as the divine plan works out. The etheric webs of the sacred planetsAstrology, 522:of the Red Cross - that world activity which works impartially with and for the nationals of allAstrology, 524:the intent and purpose of the great Life which works through Shamballa is carried out and is inAstrology, 581:only a theory. Love (as we usually interpret it) works out as kindness but it is kindness to theAstrology, 583:purpose and not the expression of desire. Desire works from and through the material form upwards;Astrology, 583:from and through the material form upwards; Will works downwards into form, bending formAstrology, 584:naught to do; they refuse to recognize that God works out His will through men, just [585] as He isAstrology, 596:the rays and transmitted by the constellations - works out destructively when concentrated throughAstrology, 599:as regards humanity is the intuition, as it works out through group activity. Death always releasesAstrology, 617:initiates, sees the end from the beginning and works towards the goal in progressive stages, notAstrology, 620:This will-to-good (achieved through fulfilment) works out in relation to the human being throughAstrology, 627:work is consummated and the will of the Father works out through the second ray will as theAstrology, 690:the force which flows from the heart of the Sun, works through a triangle formed by the VenusianAtom, 50:intelligent purpose of that greater Life, Who works through our planet as man works through theAtom, 50:Life, Who works through our planet as man works through the medium of his physical body, and yetAtom, 59:that central energy, life, or intelligence, who works through a material manifestation or form,Atom, 71:informing Life of the planet may be doing, as he works through forms of every kind (continents,Autobiography, 41:the ages. All this time, I was given to good works. I was an ardent Y.W.C.A. worker. I was presentAutobiography, 53:want to be a missionary. I was dedicated to good works, but what particular good works? I owe muchAutobiography, 53:to good works, but what particular good works? I owe much to a clergyman at that time who knew meAutobiography, 84:subject for a month and I particularly read the works of that disagreeable theologian, JonathanAutobiography, 92:shall he also reap" does [92] work; it eternally works. So today we do not do these things, becauseAutobiography, 133:something to numerology, for God, we are told, works through numbers and form, but I have neverAutobiography, 150:to the girls and as my imagination always works overtime I know that I have spent a great deal ofAutobiography, 154:beings. In all kingdoms the Law of Retribution works. It is possible that it is this law which isAutobiography, 171:a strong note of astralism. One of his major works, Man: Whence, How and Whither, was a book thatAutobiography, 185:to make any child revolt. In both countries it works out exactly in the same way - revolt. TodayAutobiography, 237:This will be apparent to anyone who studies the works of Meister Eckhart and the Yoga Sutras ofAutobiography, 255:and initiates and Masters are known by their works and deeds and not by their words and have toAutobiography, 267:to the Hierarchy. 3. A true esoteric school works on four levels of service and of experience. ThisAutobiography, 269:all ranks, races and nations that the Hierarchy works and disciples are trained to work the sameAutobiography, 271:and usefulness of the group with which he works. Little by little he will gather around him thoseAutobiography, 278:the forms and upon that creating agent who works with and in the material world. The seven majorAutobiography, 285:he so desires. Necessarily, if the student never works, never studies, and never sends in hisAutobiography, 295:exalted spheres where the Lord of the World works out the divine Plan. That there are certainBethlehem, 15:so shine before men, that they may see your good works." (St. Matt., V, 16.) Second, theBethlehem, 56:So God acted. Dean Inge, when writing upon the works of Plotinus, says very appositely that "theBethlehem, 93:His disciples that "he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greaterBethlehem, 93:works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do." (St. John, XIV, 12.)Bethlehem, 143:life, and feeling with the infinite Power, which works through life and death alike, through sorrowBethlehem, 199:a man suffers for his own deeds and sins and "works out his own salvation, with fear andBethlehem, 201:which are used in the Bible and in theological works and commentaries dealing with the theme ofBethlehem, 221:in it He indicated the principle upon which God works in relation to the evil done by men. WhereBethlehem, 274:emotions, and on the physical plane of life. He works through love and in love and because of theDestiny, 12:is that of the first Ray of Will and Power. It works out in two ways: As the will of God in worldDestiny, 14:usefulness to the Lord of the World as He works out His plans of world unfoldment. The energy ofDestiny, 14:world unfoldment. The energy of the will of God works through them, though stepped down and oftenDestiny, 15:Rays Today The true first ray personality who works in response to this Shamballa influence willDestiny, 33:If you will bear in mind that the sixth ray works through and controls the solar plexus (beingDestiny, 39:gone over into the Shamballa center, but still works in a basic with the Buddha Who isDestiny, 83:for the warlike history of Great Britain, but works out at the present time in the harmony of theDestiny, 96:of the Red Cross - that world activity which works truly [97] impartially with and for theDestiny, 98:the intent and purpose of the great Life which works through Shamballa is carried out and is inDestiny, 107:emphasis. One group, under the divine plan, works with the form aspect entirely, and in this groupDestiny, 126:ray disciple is his intense practicality. He works upon the physical plane with a constant andDestiny, 130:demand for liberation. The seventh ray disciple works consciously by means of certain laws, whichDestiny, 146:Then, having drunk, the magic of the waters works. He stands transformed. The Lion disappears andDiscipleship1, 38:will embody the method whereby the divine Will works out in the consciousness of races and nations.Discipleship1, 39:through the medium of his tangible world and his works. They have a most interesting function butDiscipleship1, 60:to your group brothers. It means that each group works wisely and understandingly at its ownDiscipleship1, 68:God, the planetary Life or Logos, however, works with the higher correspondence of this mind-stuffDiscipleship1, 68:worker, such as, for instance, myself, works from the angle of the mind of the transmitter and thatDiscipleship1, 84:and inspiration to the disciple as he works on the outer plane of expression. Most disciples areDiscipleship1, 86:One phase of this dual work, the reflective, works out in an increasing realization and expressionDiscipleship1, 90:one of the most important ways in which a Master works; it is essential, therefore, that you beginDiscipleship1, 130:or of aloofness, but that soul detachment which works from soul levels and - seeing all life in theDiscipleship1, 131:as you work in my group and later - as the group works unitedly to dispel prevailing glamorous -Discipleship1, 138:1933 To my fellow disciple, F. C. D., who works in that loneliness which is so difficult for theDiscipleship1, 144:will is the controller of force and the disciple works in the realm of forces. And, my brother, notDiscipleship1, 158:absorb you but remember at the same time that it works out step by step and that the true helper ofDiscipleship1, 251:serves; it is I. B. S. who speaks wisely and who works for me. The focus of your attention on yourDiscipleship1, 280:organization of spiritual faculty which works out in power and magnetic force or radiation in theDiscipleship1, 321:through on to the plane of earth happenings and works out in paralleling action. This faculty "toDiscipleship1, 403:between the second and the third rays often works out in difficulty, for they express two differentDiscipleship1, 406:upon all those with whom you are associated. It works out in a form of benevolent dominance, andDiscipleship1, 416:It is the sign of real discipleship when a man works alone and apparently unaided and seeks not toDiscipleship1, 432:through others, this is the way the Hierarchy works, [433] watching and suggesting and developingDiscipleship1, 440:mental plane where I work and where dwells and works your soul; the lower point or apex touches theDiscipleship1, 440:stands behind the scene of world affairs and works ever through others; it stands between those whoDiscipleship1, 443:center. Second month - I am the Interpreter, who works ever from the center. Third month - I am theDiscipleship1, 444:Self? Observation is a power of the Observer. It works in [445] with the mind. Do IDiscipleship1, 460:nor strife; only the steadfast will of God which works toward good." Phrase III. For the physicalDiscipleship1, 474:the future and expresses the past. The past works out through the medium of the very qualities youDiscipleship1, 488:Arjuna. Personality force has been turned to and works through the physical body. [489] Discipleship1, 543:likewise a form of beauty rare. The sculptor works, patterning true to that which lies revealedDiscipleship1, 559:strife. Only the changeless love of God, which works towards good. Phrase III. Down from theDiscipleship1, 560:related to each other. Unless such a relation works out in service to your fellowmen, it is of no
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