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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKS

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Externalisation, 512:the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Christ Himself works through it and by its means seeks to contactExternalisation, 519:it flooding over disastrously. The Hierarchy works constantly at the task of awakening theExternalisation, 526:with all souls particularly. As the Hierarchy so works, Its emphasis is solely on the consciousnessExternalisation, 526:- the intelligent general public. The Hierarchy works, as you know, in or through three majorExternalisation, 527:and of no real service to you. The Hierarchy works also through the seven major Ashrams and theirExternalisation, 532:of the Lord of the World and at the same time works consciously in the three worlds, via theExternalisation, 555:that acts with strength and decision, and that works on behalf of the whole and not in theExternalisation, 558:for the expenditure of money; even the Hierarchy works through normal channels and needs money, andExternalisation, 558:name as Head of the Hierarchy. The Christ works for all men, irrespective of their faith; He doesExternalisation, 571:early stages, with little encouragement. He works frequently alone and usually with littleExternalisation, 579:proclaimed that the field wherein the Hierarchy works is that of energy; they have taught thatExternalisation, 584:In the more usual case, the disciple reacts and works in response to impression, being at thisExternalisation, 586:is strictly humanitarian in his outlook. He works for the One Humanity and though aware possiblyExternalisation, 597:response [597] of the Spirit of God. This Spirit works in every human heart and in all groups. ItExternalisation, 597:works in every human heart and in all groups. It works through the spiritual Hierarchy of theExternalisation, 604:Christ is the World Healer and Savior. He works because He is the embodied soul of all Reality. HeExternalisation, 604:He is the embodied soul of all Reality. He works today, as he worked in Palestine two thousandExternalisation, 604:and the interested five hundred...Now He works through His Masters and Their groups, and therebyExternalisation, 610:spiritual centers or groups through which God works are unitedly focused on the same objective.Externalisation, 615:of his resources and of those with whom he works, and his clarity of perception as to the forcesExternalisation, 653:is desirable and permissible (for the Hierarchy works ever under law) They are passing them intoExternalisation, 657:[657] the erroneous idea that the Hierarchy works only through the medium of esoteric and so-calledExternalisation, 662:or group center through which the Master Morya works is also exceedingly busy. It is obvious to youExternalisation, 664:uneducated masses composing labor. This Master works primarily with the intelligentsia, and He isExternalisation, 667:under the general direction of the Master R. He works primarily through the Masters of these threeExternalisation, 668:done by the Ashram of the English Master Who works consistently with the awakening and the arisingExternalisation, 669:be confined to the activity of any one ray. He works through the Ashrams of these rays, but HeExternalisation, 669:the Ashrams of these rays, but He Himself works primarily in cooperation with the Christ and theExternalisation, 670:Ashram for which I am responsible. This Ashram works also in close cooperation with that of theExternalisation, 671:you perhaps realize. The totalitarian approach works toward an imposed unity and one which willExternalisation, 672:upon men's minds. The Hierarchy stands and works. The Masters are working according to Plan - aExternalisation, 674:or conforms itself to thought The occultist works in energy and with energies. The thought of GodExternalisation, 682:is one of these, and another Master also Who works, relatively unknown, in North America. I haveExternalisation, 689:The Black Lodge or the planetary center of evil works almost entirely upon the astral plane, and isExternalisation, 690:is his problem. The theory that if one lives and works on a high level of consciousness one isExternalisation, 692:to remember that, for instance, as the Master works with His disciples and strengthens the lifeFire, 71:to shine with increasing brilliancy. Third. It works upon the spirillae, and brings them allFire, 72:of the second aspect. Thus the correspondence works out. By life upon the physical plane (that lifeFire, 76:Logos of whatever ray is implicated, as He works out that portion of Karma which falls to His shareFire, 127:directed solely by the Light of the Spirit, who works through love and is love, and who seeks thisFire, 145:felt, and the jiva, working under the same law, works its way back through the matter of the twoFire, 175:and affinity or attraction its handmaid of all works. The thrill of life will again reunite theFire, 175:minor Rays and eventually upon the third. He works [176] upon the third Ray, or that of activeFire, 195:sense, that of touch. The Law of Attraction works, the consciousness moves slowly outwards towardsFire, 235:has also seven principles; in each life cycle he works at their development. He likewise has HisFire, 239:takes for granted a mighty Intelligence who works thus through an ordered plan, and Who consciouslyFire, 281:The space wherein a planetary Logos works out His plans is similarly as much of solar space as HisFire, 328:must be borne in mind that each planetary Logos works primarily on one of the seven planes; fromFire, 334:on the physical plane simply because as yet he works only through manas and not through wisdom. HisFire, 334:A planetary Logos, Who is perfected manas and works through wisdom, has longer cycles, and from theFire, 350:second method is the purely electrical one, and works under the Law of Attraction; whilst the thirdFire, 353:a Heavenly Man. The cosmic Logos of our system works similarly through three major systems (ofFire, 355:which brings about existence, utilizes form, and works out effects from causes throughFire, 356:body, and by means of this objective form He works His purposes out on the physical plane, throughFire, 359:and form may differ, but the human Hierarchy works in all schemes. It must also be borne in mindFire, 360:the fact that the cyclic giving out of the truth works under the law, and may not be gainsaid, itFire, 383:physical form in His planet and is its life and works out His purposes. A root-race, simply isFire, 393:cosmic Entity Whom we call a planetary Logos. He works through His seven chains as does the LogosFire, 394:spheres, a solar Logos and a planetary Logos, he works through seven centers. Thus we have tracedFire, 400:aspect, or Intelligence in activity. Karma works through manas, and only as the six-pointed starFire, 405:is what is known as swarga in our Sanskrit works and the entities that are functioning there areFire, 423:a characteristic inherent in matter itself. It works under the two laws of Economy, and ofFire, 431:of these entities as it pours into, and works through definite, material, substantial forms. Fire, 438:seen that a deva Lord of a plane, for instance, works through force centers, manifests objectivelyFire, 441:of the form by means of certain occult words. He works, therefore, through the etheric body of allFire, 442:of the etheric levels of the physical plane works in close alliance with Him and this will beFire, 451:of influence. But on the physical plane he works primarily with the Words of the seventh Logos,Fire, 457:and America, under the "great Brotherhood." He works through various organizations and movementsFire, 464:its manifestation in other schemes) works in a magnetic manner, and in a stimulative capacity uponFire, 465:from him may be true, but nevertheless the law works. Fire, 468:of His body necessarily; but the whole system works through graded representatives; the same lawsFire, 482:deal with the soul of things. The black magician works with the negative aspect, with theFire, 487:transmutation process the magician or alchemist works with deva essence through the control of theFire, 489:therefore, who transmutes in the mineral kingdom works practically with deva essence in itsFire, 491:of the matter of the form. The Hierarchy works with the soul within the form and produces resultsFire, 495:and precious stones, the first aspect as it works out in the mineral kingdom - the consummation ofFire, 502:The synthesizing work of the Brahma aspect as it works out in the blending of the four minor raysFire, 534:H. P. B. (S. D., I, 139, 144.) That Entity Who works through the FORM of a planetary occultFire, 540:where, from the egoic point of view, he works blindly and begins to appreciate the effects of hisFire, 540:of the Self within. This has a dual effect and works through on to the physical plane in many livesFire, 543:only proceeds with rapidity as the man himself works at it with conscious effort. The Ego takes noFire, 545:comes en rapport with his objective world; he works upon and through his environment successfullyFire, 563:a thought-form, if maleficent and destructive, works out as "evil karma" if beneficent it works asFire, 563:works out as "evil karma" if beneficent it works as "good karma" in the group in which the emanatorFire, 563:thought-form. Roughly speaking, a solar Logos works only through the greater Builders, theFire, 564:on the two higher planes of the solar system. He works through Them, and sends Them forth upon theFire, 581:are transferred from one form to another; it works through the great world cataclysms, and we needFire, 582:on the third subplane of each plane this law works in a special manner, causing a very definiteFire, 582:that is tending to separation. Like all that works in the system, the process is slow; the work ofFire, 584:Attraction. On the path of involution this law works with the permanent atoms in the causal body.Fire, 584:method of at-one-ment. Again we can see how it works. The monadic plane, the buddhic plane, and theFire, 585:of all that breathes, and the attraction that works out in service, is the same thing asFire, 593:On the path of involution this law again works with the permanent atoms in the three worlds, withFire, 594:eventually into the divine Hermaphrodite. Love works through the concrete rays in the building ofFire, 594:the structure that shelters the Spirit, and love works through the abstract rays for the full andFire, 597:or [597] enmeshed at its densest point, and it works at this time in line with the seventh law. InFire, 614:with these dual aspects. An Adept of the Light works with force in substance, viewing substance asFire, 614:knowing himself to be positive force in essence, works with negative substance, or with the lesserFire, 619:Him as a solar Deity, a self-conscious Entity, works with His negative aspect through positiveFire, 619:being likewise, functioning in the three worlds, works in a corresponding way upon the conscious
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