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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORKS

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Psychology2, 239:of the divinity inherent in the Whole, as it works out a vaster scheme of evolutionary process thanPsychology2, 251:in producing the phenomenal world. The Hierarchy works with the seeds, as a gardener works with thePsychology2, 251:Hierarchy works with the seeds, as a gardener works with the seeds of flowers, and from these seedsPsychology2, 291:upon the physical plane. The impulse which works out, therefore, as the instinct toPsychology2, 332:of what is called "divine reflection", which works out in two ways. The soul now begins definitelyPsychology2, 345:briefly upon the efforts of the initiate as he works through and with the subdued mechanism of thePsychology2, 354:incarnation he definitely begins rebuilding and works, through a second ray personality until, inPsychology2, 361:Plan as it is, and not as he thinks it is. As he works, revelation comes, and he sees clearly whatPsychology2, 377:motivating power of the seventh ray disciple. He works on earth, upon the outer plane ofPsychology2, 377:can express itself. In the field of religion, he works in collaboration with the second and sixthPsychology2, 390:in which the average intelligent man familiarly works - to the throat center and from thencePsychology2, 393:and that soul, in meditation, decides, plans and works. He functions as the soul and has achieved aPsychology2, 396:yet) incomplete creative process. The man then works consciously in the light, as a Light bearer.Psychology2, 417:vital or life vehicle and the desire nature. It works through the solar plexus and the organs ofPsychology2, 417:the mind aspect or mental vehicle, and works through the clearing house of the brain, and throughPsychology2, 417:Intuition distinguishes the soul nature and it works through the mind, the heart center and thePsychology2, 435:to withdraw himself. The mind nature, which works through four centers and only four. The soulPsychology2, 483:of thought, the truth about destiny as it works out under the Law of Cause and Effect and the truthPsychology2, 485:freedom of the Kingdom of Heaven is his, and he works consciously as one of the senior members ofPsychology2, 591:production of white magic. This pranic energy works through the vital body and courses through thePsychology2, 610:- localized in the region of the pineal gland - works through and would be directed through thePsychology2, 622:and, as you know, the "blood is the life". It works with the highest center in the body and isPsychology2, 688:make us of use to the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy works through groups of souls, and the potency ofPsychology2, 704:civilization can be produced. The average man works from the organization angle and having visionedPsychology2, 715:is in touch with the planetary Hierarchy and it works, if we might so express it, underPsychology2, 715:is in closer touch with the masses of men and works more definitely under the inspiration of ideas.Psychology2, 716:and grasp its essentiality, whilst the second works more definitely with the ideas which are todayRays, 22:let him learn the rules whereby the Army works within the veils of maya. For Disciples andRays, 43:the personality. As the disciple then creatively works, he finds that there is a reciprocal actionRays, 51:This will, as it is progressively developed, works ever from a constant point of tension. We comeRays, 56:the point of tension from which he now works, and the circle the sphere of his self-initiatedRays, 64:behind, and there dissipate the glamor. But he works now from "the air above and in the full lightRays, 65:[65] appreciate that the initiate of high degree works with monadic energy and not soul force, youRays, 65:it necessary ever to work behind the scenes. He works with the soul aspect and through the power ofRays, 65:the medium of the centers. The personality works with forces. The third great demand has in it aRays, 66:looking backward towards the lessons learned; he works from the angle of developed habit,Rays, 67:and with this group he affiliates himself, works, learns, and in learning, suffers much. Later heRays, 67:the welfare of humanity. The initiate, however, works in neither of these ways, though he hasRays, 67:and right cooperation with the Hierarchy. He works now under the inspiration of and identificationRays, 68:with his group. The group recognizes and works under the pervasive influence of the purpose; theRays, 68:of the purpose; the individual initiate works with the plan. The group expression, as far as in itRays, 69:the point of tension from which Shamballa works in order to bring about the eventual fruition ofRays, 97:being, relates the initiate to that Life which works out through Shamballa, through the HierarchyRays, 101:is all that He has. The form through which He works (if He is working through and living in aRays, 157:of Spirit and is the law with which the initiate works; it is this law he wields. From acceptanceRays, 174:referred when he said that the true occultist works entirely in the field of forces and energies.Rays, 177:so can interpret events, just as the Hierarchy works in the world of mediation, applying the PlanRays, 177:of meaning has revealed, so the higher initiate works consciously in the world of purpose which theRays, 179:let him learn the rules whereby the Army works within the veils of maya. These particular devas inRays, 182:are not to control him. The initiate, however, works "from within the circle," that is the circleRays, 182:"jewel in the lotus" from which the initiate works, and these seven central focal points, theseRays, 183:the major type of energy with which the initiate works upon the physical plane is the seventh, theRays, 184:discarded all these lower septenates and works now [185] with the seven major energies, theRays, 196:for Whom all men must wait. He is as man, but works not as a man. He works as light divine, asRays, 196:wait. He is as man, but works not as a man. He works as light divine, as energy supreme and as theRays, 209:there is disliking, the inner faculty of rebuff works constantly, and cleavages then occur. Is itRays, 230:same manner as does the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy works within the field of the world of humanRays, 233:at all from the level on which the group itself works. It is "the mark of a Savior" and it willRays, 234:the field wherein the New Group of World Servers works is that of mankind, conditioned and ruledRays, 238:and forces will be available, for the Hierarchy works ever under the Law of Cycles and of CyclicRays, 241:In its initial phase of this new expression, it works through the Manu and the Master Morya; it isRays, 248:the five modes in which the Law of Magnetization works; this is another name for the Law ofRays, 264:and the conditioning law of monadic living. It works neither through the use of the energy of loveRays, 266:done through synthesis. This Law of Synthesis "works through the Seven which yet are One; whichRays, 268:temporarily quiescent since Lemurian days. He works, when active, through the seventh ray and drawsRays, 268:process is extremely active at this time; He works through the Christ [269] and the Lord of theRays, 269:responsible for this type of planetary activity, works with the Lord of the first ray and functionsRays, 273:Buddhas now coming into activity is the one Who works through the spiritual will. Within the bodyRays, 273:two of the Buddhas of Activity - the One Who works through the medium of the will aspect, and theRays, 273:the medium of the will aspect, and the One Who works through love in humanity, intelligentlyRays, 282:inclusive. That is the effect upon Him, as He works on behalf of humanity or on behalf of the otherRays, 310:it should be remembered that this pure will works into manifestation through one or other of theRays, 338:do not say in relation to humanity. The initiate works in many fields of divine creativity of whichRays, 343:to the soul ray. It is the personality ray which works to prevent contact, to mislead inRays, 349:may become a channel for the energy of light; he works with power (the power of magneticRays, 353:why the initiate is ever portrayed as one who works with the forces and energies of the planet andRays, 371:are only manifestations of the will of God as it works out in the activities of His three majorRays, 383:Their initiations and through which each of Them works. It will be obvious that if the process ofRays, 402:Himself with humble joy. And as the Master works, there forms before His eyes a triangle of forceRays, 405:is far more advanced than the word indicates, He works consciously upon the cosmic mental plane;Rays, 406:for it is via the antahkarana that spirit works, that life processes are controlled, and the willRays, 420:and uniquely connected. The Master on this Path works at the comprehension of the intention and theRays, 435:life eventually changes this attitude; he then works with no true consciousness of time except asRays, 440:Plan working out in connection with Humanity. He works through the three Great Lords of the EternalRays, 440:is - to the Council Chamber. Each of Them also works through a triangle of energies with groupedRays, 440:unimpeded and in that world the Master moves and works. Becoming is complex, imprisoning, limitedRays, 440:live and move and have their being. The Master works simultaneously in two worlds or states ofRays, 442:the word "result," for the initiate increasingly works consciously with the Law of Cause and EffectRays, 445:become one world wherein the initiate works and functions, seeing no distinction, regarding oneRays, 489:is the first organizing influence which works upon and within the ring-pass-not of accumulatedRays, 507:goal of the initiate of the second ray. He who works upon the third ray must reach the path fromRays, 508:point where he is, the Builder (human or divine) works, not by the Law of Attraction, as does theRays, 517:plane results in his consciousness. Always he works from the angle of that divine quality whichRays, 517:matter; just as the second ray disciple works always from the angle of quality and the first rayRays, 541:pole. From that point of tension the disciple works at the creation of the antahkarana; this willRays, 577:and on the subsidiary vehicles through which he works in the three worlds and upon their individualRays, 587:Activity. Each of these great energizing Lives works through certain Masters and Initiates of theRays, 593:factor for the second. The Universal Mind, as it works through all the planes of our consciousRays, 598:process preceding the third initiation, the mind works in a new manner. Its transmuting work withRays, 602:the Transfiguration Initiation. Fifth ray energy works in three ways in connection with the three
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