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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Astrology, 204:- The Christ overcame death and became the world savior. These three constellations, therefore,Astrology, 205:up from the form side of life into that world of sensitive perception which we call the intuitionalAstrology, 205:the result is inspiration and the emergence of a world savior. Ponder upon the above and learn theAstrology, 208:of the aspirant: When the intelligent man of the world comes to himself and then reorients himselfAstrology, 211:against the soul. It is Mars who brings the world Arjuna into the active fight. The whole man isAstrology, 212:sex relation as one of the primary evils in the world and has laid the emphasis upon [213] theAstrology, 214:of these words with Christ, the present world Savior, is obvious in their implications, and yetAstrology, 215:path of the individual disciple, and today the world disciple, humanity as a whole, stands at theAstrology, 216:into the realm of the intangible and into the world of the non-material. Hence also the fact thatAstrology, 216:control, and hence again the growth in the world today of the psychic senses and the appearance onAstrology, 217:itself upon the astral plane. Will the world Hercules lift this problem up into heaven and "elevateAstrology, 217:physical plane with the inevitable corollary of world disaster, world war and death? Such are theAstrology, 217:with the inevitable corollary of world disaster, world war and death? Such are the problems withAstrology, 217:the birth of the new era for which the entire world waits. This will happen if - speakingAstrology, 219:on the physical plane into the position of a world server; all world servers are decentralizedAstrology, 219:plane into the position of a world server; all world servers are decentralized workers and areAstrology, 219:learning increasingly to react to it. In this world period and in a peculiar manner, as far as theAstrology, 219:as far as the race (Aryan) to which the Western world belongs, Neptune is known esoterically as theAstrology, 219:the great Teacher of the West and the present world Initiator, Christ, [220] is spoken of asAstrology, 220:ocean of substance and thus brings light to the world. Thus does Neptune work." This is, however, aAstrology, 222:"up into the air" finally and raised into the world of spiritual values where all problems must beAstrology, 222:attention upon the physical plane (the world of material values) is not desirable. Therefore, theAstrology, 223:the case. The preparatory stages for world fusion, blending and synthesis are present at this time,Astrology, 223:this time, and in this fact lies the hope of the world and the surety of the ultimate solution ofAstrology, 223:and the surety of the ultimate solution of the world problem along right lines. In connection withAstrology, 224:clearly in connection with humanity and with world processes. Carried forward to its logicalAstrology, 225:by means of which we have fabricated the untrue world in which we appear to live and move and haveAstrology, 230:by service in Aquarius and the work of a world savior in Pisces and final liberation. In this worldAstrology, 230:savior in Pisces and final liberation. In this world period we have the division of the sign of theAstrology, 231:is concerned, will take place in the next great world cycle and by that time two-thirds of theAstrology, 232:the "point of crisis" in Libra and the present world situation and needed adjustment is theAstrology, 234:are permanently related in the lives of the world aspirants, then we shall see the right handlingAstrology, 235:we shall see the right handling of the [235] world teaching on the subject of physical sex. ThisAstrology, 235:of the judicial and legal-minded men of the world, the search for a balanced and desirable point ofAstrology, 238:In this transition period through which the world is now passing and in this interlude between twoAstrology, 238:duties will be centralized for the purpose of world usefulness, and in this process legislation forAstrology, 239:of Scorpio. [239] That in the past prepared the world probationary disciple, humanity, for the pathAstrology, 239:That in the present is preparing the world disciple to take initiation. During the vast interimAstrology, 240:it not. He manifests consciously in the world that which he intends to carry forward and CancerAstrology, 241:and resolved into the synthesis of the great World Server, identified with the Heavenly Man andAstrology, 243:and individual. Taurus and Pisces - The world Saviors; i.e., Buddha and Christ. Leo and Aquarius -Astrology, 243:i.e., Buddha and Christ. Leo and Aquarius - The world Servers; i.e., Hercules. Sagittarius andAstrology, 243:i.e., Hercules. Sagittarius and Capricorn - The world Initiates; i.e., Masters. Cancer and ScorpioAstrology, 246:is created. It is here that many mystics and world servers prove futile. They work from far tooAstrology, 247:expression of the Christ consciousness in the world. These three planets are (through the rays ofAstrology, 252:the reversed wheel). In all the great world religions, the Virgin Mother appears and this a studyAstrology, 258:for Gemini and Pisces. The emergence of the World Savior. The stage of Initiation. Throughout thisAstrology, 258:process - the dedicated, trained and tested world Server or Savior. It has been said that VirgoAstrology, 260:becomes manifest in its own true nature in the world. Putting the same thought in other terms, theAstrology, 262:connected with the Christ principle in this world period: Virgo - Gestation - governing nine signsAstrology, 262:Capricorn. Pisces - Birth - appearance of the world Savior. In the consideration of these points,Astrology, 268:give him systemic consciousness and make him a world server in Aquarius and a world savior inAstrology, 268:and make him a world server in Aquarius and a world savior in Pisces. A hint is here conveyed toAstrology, 268:Pisces. A hint is here conveyed to you anent the world period into which we are now entering and itAstrology, 271:(the Christ principle) says to Arjuna (the world disciple, or developed form aspect): "HavingAstrology, 275:"waters of substance." The ocean of life. The world of astral glamor and reaction. The astral planeAstrology, 275:whole. The desire and the emotional nature. The world of focused incarnation for the masses. MassAstrology, 278:the work carried forward in this major world cycle. Some idea of the creative story above indicatedAstrology, 279:required to bring a man to the point where the world and influence of the two solar systems haveAstrology, 286:that they cast the horoscopes of the dominant world figures at this time, with the planets which IAstrology, 288:to have this in mind, for when the nature of the world is revealed, then the mystery of the SphinxAstrology, 290:Duality. Pisces - The group conscious soul. The world Savior Unity. You will note how consistentlyAstrology, 293:- The Chalice of Self-service. The Light of the world. The Fixed Cross is the cross of light. AndAstrology, 294:the environment, i.e., to the impacts of the world of human evolution, the three worlds or planes,Astrology, 295:factor instead of sensitivity to the environing world as the conditioning factor; The spiritualAstrology, 295:the soul as the anima mundi, or the soul of the world, animating all forms of life below the animalAstrology, 296:from them bring the entire subjective and latent world consciousness to the fore and produceAstrology, 299:him, as a humble disciple. Later, when the new world religion is founded and is working, we shallAstrology, 302:Later, as responsiveness grows and the world of small affairs is converted into the world of everAstrology, 302:the world of small affairs is converted into the world of ever larger [303] values and reality, theAstrology, 307:spiritual Sacrifice." He is then sensitive to world conditions and freed from personal desires.Astrology, 312:[312] This accounts for much of the present world difficulty and for the clash of idealisms. TheAstrology, 312:The two groups bring a different approach to the world problems as we now find them. We have,Astrology, 312:sign, Cancer, being concerned primarily with the world of causes, has about its inner meaning muchAstrology, 315:distinguished the Christ from all preceding world Saviors was the fact that He was the first of ourAstrology, 319:to salvage and to save. He acts consciously as a world mediator. Therefore, it might be statedAstrology, 326:aloud. Their voices penetrate into the formless world and there evoke response. "Those who inAstrology, 327:Hierarchy) is a predetermining influence in all world conflict up to date and is the cause whichAstrology, 328:egos of the fifth kingdom - entirely change world civilization. It is valuable also to rememberAstrology, 330:the dark has gone. Pisces - The Light of the World. This is the light, revealing the light of lifeAstrology, 333:Virgo hides the light which irradiates the world in Aquarius The germinating energy The creativeAstrology, 333:self The burden of humanity The burden of the world 12. Pisces, Keynote: Pisces takes from all theAstrology, 339:of the whole. Selfish individual man becomes the world server. Heights of noted service are thenAstrology, 339:releases the indwelling soul. The Savior of the world appears and nurtures the hidden souls inAstrology, 340:dominated by form become the instruments of world service. [341] As these results are studied, youAstrology, 343:is reality and truth. Others walk free in the world of illusion for the purposes of saving andAstrology, 344:and more easily ascertained facts. In this world cycle, Gemini, Taurus and Aries are threeAstrology, 344:Pisces. Pisces is the sign with which the modern world (and by that I refer to an immense longAstrology, 345:there is one sign and influence which, in any world cycle, dominates the other three. SuchAstrology, 345:dominating effects necessarily change when a world cycle changes, but for the present cycle, GeminiAstrology, 346:appearance (symbolically speaking) of a world savior. This Mutable Cross is, therefore, peculiarlyAstrology, 346:the Christ life and with the unfoldment of a world savior and is particularly potent during theAstrology, 355:in an unique way to Gemini. In the coming world religion this fact will be noted and in the monthAstrology, 355:Approach between soul and form, so in the new world religion this fact will be recognized. AppealAstrology, 357:for the development of humanity. In this world cycle and for humanity as it is now constituted youAstrology, 360:is one of the predisposing causes of the present world conflict. It is of interest to note that theAstrology, 371:Shamballa force is beginning to pour into the world, man is seeking another interpretation of God'sAstrology, 372:responsible for much that is taking place in the world today. The trembling response of humanityAstrology, 373:the focusing of all the life tendencies upon a world of truer values and reality and thusAstrology, 373:for which we all hope. Looking at the world today if you could but see it as we the teachers on the
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