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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Bethlehem, 216:of Retribution, in an act at which the whole world stands aghast. This work of forgiveness is theBethlehem, 216:been convicted of wrong doing in the eyes of the world - and who himself recognized the correctnessBethlehem, 222:but immediately reorient themselves to the world of men and stay with humanity, working for theBethlehem, 223:thirst which we share with the Savior, and the world need (of which our own is a part, thoughBethlehem, 223:service of humanity. "When I... turned from that world-appealing sight, Christ crucified for us, toBethlehem, 223:the kingdom stood open. The boundary between the world and the kingdom was clearly defined. He hadBethlehem, 224:heirs in the suffering which must be ours if the world is to be saved and humanity as a whole is toBethlehem, 225:that rallying power which the believers of the world demand. Christ shared with us, as a humanBethlehem, 225:shared with us, as a human being, the path of world experience. He mounted the Cross and showed usBethlehem, 226:problem of the relation of Christ to the modern world, and dare to see the truth, without anyBethlehem, 227:We have taught that Christ died to save the world and have endeavored to show that only believersBethlehem, 227:die without ever hearing of Christ. We live in a world of chaos, endeavoring to build a kingdom ofBethlehem, 232:which they showed. Apparently their world had come to an end upon the Cross. Christ had apparentlyBethlehem, 233:they will demonstrate to themselves, and in the world, the reality of immortality. Bethlehem, 234:enthusiastic days, to Christ and to life in the world: "They spoke in plain terms of God. They didBethlehem, 234:end a conquest of death. If they had told the world, and us, these things alone, they would haveBethlehem, 235:Resurrection. Yet on Easter Day, throughout the world, believers everywhere express their belief inBethlehem, 236:following words: "Hail, Great Physician of the world! All hail! Hail, mighty Infant who in years toBethlehem, 237:ceremonial rites and ritual publicly, before the world at large, thus giving to humanity aBethlehem, 238:the fact of immortality, as before our Christian world, through the death and resurrection of HisBethlehem, 238:great deal of public attention at this time. The World War brought the fact of death before theBethlehem, 238:been bereft by death, in some form or other. The world has passed through a process of dying, andBethlehem, 238:to impose a narrow sectarian Christ upon the world. We have fed the fires of separation by ourBethlehem, 239:of divinity and of the unseen, subjective world, which seems to underlie the tangible and visible,Bethlehem, 242:some form of faith in the inner subjective world, and in our relation to it. Upon this, the successBethlehem, 246:often unrecognized, but busy with the task of world salvage and service. There is no heaven ofBethlehem, 247:all our life experience, and that the phenomenal world, of which we are indubitably a part, veilsBethlehem, 249:Oriental doctrine of rebirth, which states the world to be the "vale of soul-making," as KeatsBethlehem, 249:we must learn to enter and work in the world of values, and so fit ourselves for citizenship in theBethlehem, 250:and to master himself as well as the natural world, must have an objective; else all that we seeBethlehem, 250:are convinced that the apparent injustice of the world provides legitimate assurance of a hereafterBethlehem, 251:and rose again. He lives. And some people in the world today do not need to have this fact provenBethlehem, 252:from falsehood to truth, from the slavery of the world to the liberty of the eternal. CreationBethlehem, 253:all parts of God's manifestation, the natural world. The kingdoms of nature have one by oneBethlehem, 253:its integrity is being steadily assured, and the world indications (as manifested through theBethlehem, 253:towards synthesis and cooperation. The present world turmoil is simply [254] the result of thisBethlehem, 254:and rearrange a man's entire life program. The world program is thus being readjusted, and theBethlehem, 254:of humanity's entrance into life. Hence the world crisis - the readjustments, the tendency toBethlehem, 255:of creativity and self-possession. The modern world as a whole has made its choice. But there is aBethlehem, 257:from tangible worldly view and entered the world of subjective values, therein to function as theBethlehem, 257:five crises in His life from the angle of their world importance far more than from that of theirBethlehem, 257:arrived at the conclusion that the need of the world today is for the recognition of a risenBethlehem, 257:marked the line of demarcation between the world of forms or symbols and that of values or ofBethlehem, 257:that of values or of meaning. Into the latter world we are entering with great rapidity. Science,Bethlehem, 257:investigations are carrying them out of the world of appearances; governments and the alliedBethlehem, 258:to us the false values upon which our modern world is based. A study of the teachings earlier givenBethlehem, 258:year, so legend tells us, in order to bless the world. That day of blessing (the day of the fullBethlehem, 258:Then Christ came, and presented to the world, and made public in His life and through its criticalBethlehem, 259:mission in inaugurating the era of service. World service, world welfare, world interest, worldBethlehem, 259:inaugurating the era of service. World service, world welfare, world interest, world [260]Bethlehem, 259:era of service. World service, world welfare, world interest, world [260] inter-communication andBethlehem, 259:World service, world welfare, world interest, world [260] inter-communication and the importance ofBethlehem, 260:He enacted the drama of initiation before the world, so that its symbolism could penetrate into theBethlehem, 260:if we follow in His steps. He revealed to us the world of meaning, and, in the Person of theBethlehem, 261:a symbol, and an example of method, between the world of tangible values and the world of spiritualBethlehem, 261:between the world of tangible values and the world of spiritual values, and called us to the deathBethlehem, 262:of human perfection, the problem of a new world, and the problem of immortality. That humanity isBethlehem, 263:the minds of the more advanced people of the world. The mystic and the Christian may talk in termsBethlehem, 263:and philosophers may talk in terms of the world community, of the new civilization, of the worldBethlehem, 263:world community, of the new civilization, of the world federation of nations, of humanity as a bodyBethlehem, 263:and economic interdependence and world unity; but these are mere words and names which differingBethlehem, 263:to blend and unify the deeper elements of the world of reality with the outer life. The best mindsBethlehem, 263:and the need for a coherent understanding of the world processes, and their conscious [264]Bethlehem, 264:intelligent integration into a recognizable world order. The disintegration in the world at thisBethlehem, 264:world order. The disintegration in the world at this time is right and good, provided we understandBethlehem, 266:act wisely. It is a love which realizes that the world needs love, and that a spirit of love (whichBethlehem, 267:not yet the motivating power in the life of the world. It is motivating life more definitely thanBethlehem, 267:is obvious how little love there is used in the world at this time. The essential thing to rememberBethlehem, 268:love), then the tangles in this troubled world of ours would straighten out, and it would be anBethlehem, 268:expression in the inspired scriptures of the world. Unless there is this inspiration, it is notBethlehem, 269:or family; it is not the tuning in on the world of thought which can so easily be done by those inBethlehem, 269:the sounds, the ideas and the suggestions of the world of psychic phenomena very easily intrude.Bethlehem, 269:entirely different. It is a penetration into the world of thought and ideas to which ChristBethlehem, 269:to impressions coming from the soul and from the world of souls. The speech of the kingdom thenBethlehem, 269:the attuned minds of the disciples of the world. This is inspiration, and this is the faculty forBethlehem, 269:themselves, and which must be attained in the world of everyday living. It is a power which isBethlehem, 269:ideas and the developing ideals of our modern world. The age of inspiration is not gone and past;Bethlehem, 269:here and now. God still speaks to men, for this world of ours still provides adequate facilitiesBethlehem, 270:the Kingdom We are told that when we enter the world of ideals, "the differences between religionsBethlehem, 271:that is to say, mankind as a whole or a world-church. For it is only in communion with all hisBethlehem, 272:kingdom, which powers release one into a wider world, and tend to make one sensible of the organicBethlehem, 272:the coming of the kingdom, and the need of the world at this time, and the general turning of menBethlehem, 272:time, and the general turning of men towards the world of ideas, would seem to indicate that theBethlehem, 274:walls of the Self, opens up at once an infinite World-field. Set a second to my One, and I haveBethlehem, 274:everyday affairs. The citizen of the kingdom is world-conscious and God-conscious. His lines ofBethlehem, 275:adapt himself and his institutions to the new world, he will yield his place to a species moreBethlehem, 275:as always. They move with freedom in either world, and Christ Himself gave us the perfectBethlehem, 276:which man is oriented today, and for which all world events are preparing him. The preparation forBethlehem, 277:and if the life which pours through the natural world is not working towards something greater,Bethlehem, 278:circumstances of humanity and of the objective world. This mental attitude, however, involves aBethlehem, 278:must be prepared to act affirmatively toward the world and life; secondly, we must become ethical.Bethlehem, 278:we are able to attribute a real meaning to the world and to life shall we be able also to giveBethlehem, 279:As long as we look on our existence in the world as meaningless, there is no point whatever inBethlehem, 279:whatever in desiring to effect anything in the world. We become workers for that universalBethlehem, 279:only in so far as we affirm that the world and life possess some sort of meaning, or, which is theBethlehem, 279:determination, to the service of life and of the world. It is only in ethics that we can find theBethlehem, 279:our own existence. "Nothing of real value in the world is ever accomplished without enthusiasm andBethlehem, 280:had served, suffered, and brought the world salvation, remains unquestioned; that He gave us anBethlehem, 280:us an example of perfected humanity such as the world had never previously seen is equallyBethlehem, 281:are citizens of the kingdom of God. They are the world servers, and their only interest is in
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