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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Destiny, 144:Forces in collaboration with the Lord of the World at Shamballa. Their capacity is advisory andDestiny, 146:today. The water-carrier (another name for the world server) is starting upon his self-appointedDestiny, 146:the anchoring upon earth of the New Group of World Servers, whose representatives are found inDestiny, 147:As we come to an end of our consideration of the world today and its dominating rays, workingDestiny, 147:with the coming of the Sun-God to save the world, to bring light and fruitfulness to the Earth andDestiny, 147:the purely physical, for today we have a lighted world; everywhere lights are to be seen and theDestiny, 147:proclaimed (as He assuredly did), along with all world Saviors and Sun-Gods, that He was [148] theDestiny, 148:in the lower; it is the sign of many of the world Saviors and of those Revealers of divinity WhoDestiny, 148:and of those Revealers of divinity Who establish world relationships. I would have you note thatDestiny, 149:at Bethlehem, the House of Bread. Humanity, the world disciple, is now ready for this. IndicationsDestiny, 150:the constant movement of people throughout the world from place to place, symbolized in the GospelDestiny, 150:meeting the need of the thirsty nations of the world - thirsty for truth, for right human relationsDestiny, 151:this is the note which will distinguish the new world religion from all that have preceded it. TheDiscipleship1, XI:modern lives in many different countries in the world. Some are orthodox Protestant Christians byDiscipleship1, XII:disciples, because "as he is, so are we in this world." Discipleship1, XII:turns his back upon the usual approach to the world of material affairs and takes up his cross inDiscipleship1, XIII:are: The first Ray of Will or Power. Many great world rulers are found on this ray, such as JuliusDiscipleship1, XIII:Numbers of earnest Churchmen of all the world religions. [XIV] The seventh Ray of Ceremonial OrderDiscipleship1, XV:know, One of them brought illumination to the world and embodied the principle of wisdom, and theDiscipleship1, XV:of wisdom, and the Other brought love to the world and embodied in himself a great cosmic principleDiscipleship1, 4:foundation for the group work to be done in the world during the coming years. What I say should beDiscipleship1, 4:problem confronting those who are guiding world evolution and looking for those who can aid inDiscipleship1, 6:attempt to teach, there is no retiring from the world. There is no condition of physical peace andDiscipleship1, 6:cases. Those who are now working in the modern world under the Masters of the Wisdom have undergoneDiscipleship1, 7:am willing to undertake for the sake of a needy world and as my contribution to hastening theDiscipleship1, 10:make the group of effective value in the world. As I work with you in the future, I shall not waitDiscipleship1, 11:learn thus to function as a soul in its own world, contemplating the world of energies in which allDiscipleship1, 11:as a soul in its own world, contemplating the world of energies in which all initiates work and inDiscipleship1, 12:- when the unification is more complete - in the world at large. It is in this way that theDiscipleship1, 14:and preserves him from the snares of the world illusion and of lower psychism. Any illuminationDiscipleship1, 14:from the soul or from other disciples and world Servers; expansions of consciousness which initiateDiscipleship1, 15:sounds coming from the subjective and spiritual world are lost and not registered and recorded. YouDiscipleship1, 16:of energy which will be of service in world salvage. Each of you should remember that purity ofDiscipleship1, 17:initiation, along with other groups all over the world who have caught the new vision and areDiscipleship1, 17:Mysteries which will later be restored to the world and to which I referred in Letters on OccultDiscipleship1, 17:III PART III As you face this opportunity in a world which is passing through a major crisis, IDiscipleship1, 17:are those doing the difficult work in the outer world. They materialize the forms through which theDiscipleship1, 18:in the working out of the plan in the world and they hold themselves in readiness to go anywhereDiscipleship1, 18:and direct their working disciples and the world disciples. There is at this time an innerDiscipleship1, 20:men and the results will be profoundly evil. The world situation today demonstrates this. ForDiscipleship1, 20:tapping the group love which lies back of all world happenings. My brothers, when will the timeDiscipleship1, 20:My brothers, when will the time come when the world will realize that the love aspect of the LogosDiscipleship1, 20:which are in process of forming all over the world. These new groups are centers (or should be) ofDiscipleship1, 22:interplay and group relation that an emerging world unity can be seen in embryo. A joint power toDiscipleship1, 23:which will facilitate the regeneration of the world. The influence of these groups - whenDiscipleship1, 24:in their turn, are beyond the disciples of the world. Those Lives who carry out the ideas of theDiscipleship1, 24:the misguided impulse of the devotees of the world who substitute this desire for aspirationDiscipleship1, 25:[25] to come the working disciples of the world, the isolated initiates in the many worldDiscipleship1, 25:of the world, the isolated initiates in the many world organizations and the personnel of the NewDiscipleship1, 25:and the personnel of the New Group of World Servers will automatically respond to the telepathicDiscipleship1, 25:unfoldment of this faculty will bring about a world recognition of the Plan and this is theDiscipleship1, 25:achievement of the intuition in this present world cycle. When that Plan is sensed, there comes theDiscipleship1, 25:of the unity of all beings, of the synthesis of world evolution and of the unity of the divineDiscipleship1, 25:which characterize the present occult and world organizations. [26] The various groups in aDiscipleship1, 26:laboratory of the trained observers of the world and can handle world glamor and illusion. OtherDiscipleship1, 26:trained observers of the world and can handle world glamor and illusion. Other groups can focus onDiscipleship1, 26:at this time is to break and dissipate the world glamor. This has to happen on a world scale justDiscipleship1, 26:the world glamor. This has to happen on a world scale just as it happens in the life of everyDiscipleship1, 26:mental plane. A death blow must be struck at the world illusion for it holds the sons of men inDiscipleship1, 28:of unified thinking within the New Group of World Servers is part of my major effort at this time;Discipleship1, 28:then there will be poured out upon the world certain divine forces which will vivify andDiscipleship1, 29:impulses. Little by little, the disciples of the world will work at the reproduction - on theDiscipleship1, 29:and to communicate light and revelation to the world of men will later be an accomplished fact andDiscipleship1, 30:that at any time during that twelve hours, the world servers and disciples can make an attempt toDiscipleship1, 30:unless this is easily possible. Service in the world these days requires constant pressure andDiscipleship1, 30:these groups of disciples become active in the world and their inner integration and groupDiscipleship1, 31:my brothers, what occult progress in the world you have been permitted to see during this presentDiscipleship1, 31:appreciate. An instruction upon the New Group of World Servers was sent out and given wideDiscipleship1, 31:- if so I might call it - of the New Group of World Servers upon the physical plane. They are nowDiscipleship1, 32:of this new group, there is being formed in the world that "bridge of souls and servers" which willDiscipleship1, 32:subjective Hierarchy of souls and the outer world of humanity. This will constitute an actualDiscipleship1, 32:of the planned activity of the New Group of World Servers, working in collaboration with theDiscipleship1, 32:on a fairly large scale of the New Group of World Servers and their work. [33] The emergence - asDiscipleship1, 33:to a group of us who form a part of the inner world government - disciples and initiates - and toDiscipleship1, 34:fully about the groups which are forming in the world today, under direction of the Masters. TheyDiscipleship1, 34:They will gradually make their appearance in the world an fulfil their destined mission. Four ofDiscipleship1, 36:remember that their great task is to dispel the world illusion through the pouring in of light.Discipleship1, 36:which will act as the mediators between the world of light and the world [37] of illusion. TheyDiscipleship1, 36:the mediators between the world of light and the world [37] of illusion. They will be transmittersDiscipleship1, 38:antahkarana between the kingdom of souls and the world of men. 5. The fifth group will be that ofDiscipleship1, 38:factors in every nation. They will work in the world of human government, dealing with the problemsDiscipleship1, 38:to formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is a work of loving synthesis andDiscipleship1, 38:of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, that of the World Teacher - an office held at present by theDiscipleship1, 38:present by the Christ. The platform of the new world religion will be built by the many groups,Discipleship1, 39:glory of God through the medium of his tangible world and his works. They have a most interestingDiscipleship1, 39:else, they transmit the energy of ideas. The world of ideas is a world of dynamic force centers.Discipleship1, 39:the energy of ideas. The world of ideas is a world of dynamic force centers. Let this not beDiscipleship1, 40:the creative work and in response to the thought world - and the first aspect, Life. They link andDiscipleship1, 42:earth. The present distraught condition in the world, the international cataclysm and apparentDiscipleship1, 43:you and the books which I have given to the world do not suffice to win your confidence and yourDiscipleship1, 43:comprehension of the advanced aspirants and the world disciples so that their cooperation would beDiscipleship1, 45:together, they will render service to the world. You must remember, however, that any person whoDiscipleship1, 46:purposes - my purposes, as your teacher and a world worker and server. With what kind ofDiscipleship1, 49:of you if you are to do your share in meeting world need, and work for the Hierarchy in the fieldDiscipleship1, 49:need, and work for the Hierarchy in the field of world service. Let us briefly enumerate them:Discipleship1, 50:referred to as "turning one's back upon the world." The disciple faces the world but he faces itDiscipleship1, 50:back upon the world." The disciple faces the world but he faces it from the level of the soul,Discipleship1, 50:level of the soul, looking clear-eyed upon the world of human affairs. "In the world, yet not ofDiscipleship1, 50:upon the world of human affairs. "In the world, yet not of the world" is the right attitude -Discipleship1, 50:of human affairs. "In the world, yet not of the world" is the right attitude - expressed for us by
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