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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Discipleship1, 52:They are organized to provide channels in the world for the distribution of certain peculiar typesDiscipleship1, 52:by the Hierarchy and distributed in the world of men. I refer to the energies used in relation toDiscipleship1, 52:human consciousness, to the integration of the world of souls with the world of men; I refer to theDiscipleship1, 52:the integration of the world of souls with the world of men; I refer to the activities whereby theDiscipleship1, 53:Through the first method, the New Group of World Servers came into being and the disciples andDiscipleship1, 53:being and the disciples and aspirants of the world, working on all the rays and under the guidanceDiscipleship1, 53:and its channels are to be found all over the world, in every country and in every major city. ThisDiscipleship1, 55:few - of the disciples and intuitives of the world today are standing together in a twofoldDiscipleship1, 55:will then lead the thinking people of the world to arrest their present trend of thought and toDiscipleship1, 55:fully and freely in the enlightenment of the world. I use the word "enlightenment" in its occultDiscipleship1, 59:It is the process of detachment from "the world, the flesh and the devil" of which The NewDiscipleship1, 60:of development. All groups, working in the outer world in relation to the Ashrams of the Masters,Discipleship1, 63:group quality must - for the sake of a needy world - be developed by disciples of lesser attainmentDiscipleship1, 63:that ideas have been disseminated in the world by the process of mentally impressing the mind ofDiscipleship1, 64:to bring it out into the consciousness of the world thinkers. Have you ever asked yourselves whatDiscipleship1, 65:is the touchstone which will transform the world. How then can you keep your minds free from yourDiscipleship1, 66:in relation to those in power throughout the world must also be cultivated: they need above allDiscipleship1, 67:will be better known and understood when the world has entered into the next cycle and era ofDiscipleship1, 67:by the groups for specific group ends and for world service. The motive for all such service mustDiscipleship1, 68:that thought-form-making activity of the mental world which is set in motion by minds-workingDiscipleship1, 69:the miasmas, the fogs and the mists of the world of glamor. Those disciples who are working inDiscipleship1, 69:of the Masters of the Wisdom was with the great world illusion or rather, glamor. They worked thenDiscipleship1, 69:of humanity itself, as a whole, to work in the world glamor; it is the responsibility of theDiscipleship1, 69:it is the responsibility of the aspirants of the world to guide humanity out of the valley ofDiscipleship1, 69:- aided by the senior disciples of the world, trained by the Masters of the Wisdom - to transmuteDiscipleship1, 70:control will take place [70] over the world of astral phenomena and over the forces of glamor andDiscipleship1, 70:wisdom will suffice to dispel the forces of the world glamor and the world illusion. PracticeDiscipleship1, 70:to dispel the forces of the world glamor and the world illusion. Practice wisdom, my brothers, andDiscipleship1, 71:an outpost of his Master's consciousness in the world. That is the connection which I seek toDiscipleship1, 71:are being carried forward today in the world by the various Members of the Hierarchy in theirDiscipleship1, 72:only in so far as the disciples of the world desire it, make the needed sacrifices and think theDiscipleship1, 72:this at this time because in the press of world affairs, in the struggles of your own individualDiscipleship1, 72:which are slowly emerging into prominence in a world rapidly adjusting itself to the new rhythms -Discipleship1, 72:are not the only units to be found today in the world. There are, for instance, several seed unitsDiscipleship1, 73:given can be turned to practical purpose in world service. And, my brothers, it is world serviceDiscipleship1, 73:in world service. And, my brothers, it is world service that today is needed. [74] Discipleship1, 74:PART VIII The Hierarchy is deeply concerned over world happenings. When the war is over, our workDiscipleship1, 74:of every imaginable obstacle. The New Group of World Servers must preserve its integrity and workDiscipleship1, 74:These greater Forces can intervene if the world aspirants and disciples make their voicesDiscipleship1, 79:carry burdens or else you will be of no use as a world server. The fact that I am a Master altersDiscipleship1, 79:enter into the Light and tread the way to world peace and not to personal illumination -Discipleship1, 82:needed by many disciples and aspirants in the world today, particularly by those who are not closeDiscipleship1, 82:particularly by those who are not close to the world situation but who are looking at it from aDiscipleship1, 83:to the idea of promoting and increasing their world service, thus rendering practical and effectiveDiscipleship1, 85:hindered from so doing by the idealists of the world far more than by the man in the street. TheDiscipleship1, 86:in terms of [86] humanity. The disciples of the world (with their nicely formulated ideals andDiscipleship1, 87:relates disciples to each other and to all the world. It will also produce that telepathicDiscipleship1, 93:of potency" become available for his use in world service. Discipleship1, 94:or for pleasure. An immense number of the world aspirants evidence - through their aliveness to theDiscipleship1, 95:are in no way unique or far ahead of the senior world aspirants. In that lies cause forDiscipleship1, 96:on understanding and vision and so serve the world, your fellow disciples and serve me also - asDiscipleship1, 96:and an initiate by the wide scope of his world service. How does it happen then that a few of youDiscipleship1, 96:and are of relatively small importance in world affairs? Several things could explain this. FirstDiscipleship1, 97:for lack of effort. I would remind you that world influence alone does not always implyDiscipleship1, 99:your own sake, but for the helping of a needy world. Forget yourselves. The pressure of the workDiscipleship1, 99:has rested upon my shoulders, incident to the world situation. This has involved much effort on theDiscipleship1, 99:seems to afflict many of the disciples of the world who should be active in service andDiscipleship1, 100:By increasing the radiance of your light in the world through love and meditation, so that othersDiscipleship1, 100:the love, the strength and the light which the world needs and must have if this storm is to beDiscipleship1, 100:when the Forces of Light have penetrated the world darkness will demonstrate the nature of theDiscipleship1, 101:of identification with all that is involved in world pain today and the sensitivity of thoseDiscipleship1, 107:stabilized which will warrant attention from the world of men. Waste not time in anxiety as to theDiscipleship1, 110:varied. Some of them imply a detachment from the world of outer sensuous attachment or they mayDiscipleship1, 110:a temporary and relative detachment from the world of intellectual contacts. This is a detachmentDiscipleship1, 111:widespread attitude of mind which regards the world of the emotions and of sensitive response toDiscipleship1, 111:is undesirable and immerses the disciple in the world of glamor and illusion. The psychic powersDiscipleship1, 113:When you can go no further and have entered the world of abstraction, then stay poised in thoughtDiscipleship1, 116:your life in the home, and your contacts in the world. This calls perhaps for a higher quality ofDiscipleship1, 118:also active in the right sense (negative to the world of the senses and receptive to mentalDiscipleship1, 120:serene have looked upon the far horizons of the world, withdraws its gaze. Both eyes are focused onDiscipleship1, 123:realization that "both eyes are focused on the world of human pain" is steadily becoming yours. YouDiscipleship1, 126:all these years and produced your service in the world. To what have you been devoted? This is anDiscipleship1, 131:is to occupy itself with the dissipation of world glamor. I have decided to put you to work in thisDiscipleship1, 132:which the Masters are now forming throughout the world can be regarded as among the Seed Groups ofDiscipleship1, 132:therefore, two definite assets to contribute to world service and two points of expression wherebyDiscipleship1, 132:aloneness and of independence is a part of the world glamor. This brother was thus unable toDiscipleship1, 134:unquestioning but voluntary obedience? Let not world glamor overcome you and see to it that you areDiscipleship1, 135:wisdom and love of every disciple in the world today is earnestly needed. Humanity is demandingDiscipleship1, 136:which may affect the governing forces of the world in subtle and unrecognized ways. These we canDiscipleship1, 136:in the consciousness of the disciples in the world. As for you, brother of mine, you are entering aDiscipleship1, 137:face of disillusionment, disgust at the general world selfishness and a tendency (strongly markedDiscipleship1, 137:of effort when confronting the present world debacle and the weight of human pessimism. AgainstDiscipleship1, 137:which has held you back from a possibly fuller world service has been a pronounced inferiorityDiscipleship1, 137:Your sensitivity is great and your grasp of world affairs and world conditions is necessarilyDiscipleship1, 137:is great and your grasp of world affairs and world conditions is necessarily somewhat deeper thanDiscipleship1, 139:of becoming the sannyasin [139] in the Western world. This B. S. W. has already achieved and couldDiscipleship1, 139:people - both in your home circle and in your world service. You need to bear in mind that yourDiscipleship1, 141:the path of service. You belong now to the [141] world, and not to a handful of your fellowmen.Discipleship1, 142:non-racial and planned to dispel some of the world glamor. Discipleship1, 142:influence in your own country and throughout the world is far greater. The decisions you make andDiscipleship1, 143:a disciple whose work and time is needed by the world in this hour of urgency. All problems areDiscipleship1, 144:I can do - both inwardly and outwardly in the world. There is true service that you can render. ButDiscipleship1, 146:word. Opportunity will come to you to reach the world with ideas that are relatively new; thatDiscipleship1, 146:so that you can reach the thinkers of the world with the new ideas in the field of that oncomingDiscipleship1, 146:is the new thing which you seek to give to the world. Then and only then will the many true ideasDiscipleship1, 147:and because the urge to give these ideas to the world will surmount all obstacles. Finally,Discipleship1, 147:strong souls who can belong to the New Group of World Servers, if given right training. TrainDiscipleship1, 147:on all that is around you. The path of the World Saviors is ever a hard one; the way of the DivineDiscipleship1, 148:and so made aware. The power to tune in on the world pain and to be conscious of the world sorrowDiscipleship1, 148:in on the world pain and to be conscious of the world sorrow (and that sorrow indicates the world
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