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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Discipleship1, 291:and not upon the achievement. Your work in the world and your work [292] in my group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 292:second line of development is service in the world. What line that service must take is for you toDiscipleship1, 293:go forward, and thus aid in the breaking of the world illusion. Your rays, brother of mine, are:Discipleship1, 294:evidence a growing sensitivity on your part to world need. [295] Third, you are conscious (are youDiscipleship1, 295:life and also aware of the outer objective world; this must be undertaken and developed by you as aDiscipleship1, 296:accepted disciple for work in the field of the world has been yours most definitely since I lastDiscipleship1, 297:(before they can [297] work with power in the world) might be expressed as the need to gainDiscipleship1, 297:for it is the demand of the disciples of the world which will bring in that which the world needs,Discipleship1, 297:of the world which will bring in that which the world needs, and the intensification of light inDiscipleship1, 297:we see light." The light of the disciples of the world is sorely needed at this time by theDiscipleship1, 299:was based upon the three aspects of the world glamor - illusion, glamor and maya. These allDiscipleship1, 299:to love, to teach and to heal. In these days of world pain, let love and joy equally be theDiscipleship1, 303:the Sacred Word again, breathing it out upon the world from the highest point in your consciousnessDiscipleship1, 307:simultaneously. This dual life embraces the world of inner relationships and of recognizedDiscipleship1, 307:Clear vision as to these outer relations in the world of professional activity, of friendships andDiscipleship1, 308:mental polarization is good and your work in the world greatly aids you in this respect. ItsDiscipleship1, 308:to the forces which should pour in on the world during the month of May if the world disciplesDiscipleship1, 308:in on the world during the month of May if the world disciples measure up to their opportunity.Discipleship1, 309:as it lives the life of contemplation in its own world, and endeavor then to see in connection withDiscipleship1, 310:causes him gradually to become aware of the true world of subtler values. For what you are beingDiscipleship1, 314:his home and his business and went out into the world, following the gleam, seeking the Master, andDiscipleship1, 314:of the entire lower threefold man to the world of souls. It is here that right habits and attitudesDiscipleship1, 314:that right habits and attitudes in life to the world of business, and of family relations playDiscipleship1, 314:whilst surrounded; to work in the subjective world whilst active in the exterior world of affairs;Discipleship1, 314:subjective world whilst active in the exterior world of affairs; to achieve true detachment whilstDiscipleship1, 315:be balanced by the simultaneous mastering of the world wherein love and wisdom control. Your astralDiscipleship1, 316:regularity at the problem of dissipating the world glamor. This it will do successfully just in soDiscipleship1, 316:service. When it becomes possible to do this world work (done naturally behind the scenes) thenDiscipleship1, 316:- when they approach the problem of dealing with world glamor - will let it in unless there is thisDiscipleship1, 317:work of those whose dharma it is to dissipate world glamor, uses the following expressions: "TheyDiscipleship1, 318:[318] needed force. They see the glamor of the world, and seeing, note behind it all the true, theDiscipleship1, 318:the veiling swirling glamors of that glamorous world. "They stand, they rest, and they observe.Discipleship1, 318:and such the service that they render to the world of men." I would commend these lines to yourDiscipleship1, 318:in their lives and link with facility with the world glamor. You have only one real point of glamorDiscipleship1, 318:with your attention turned towards the astral world whereon your group is planning to work. ThisDiscipleship1, 325:of finding the advanced men and women of the world, the individuals who stand at the portal ofDiscipleship1, 327:all you do is in line with soul purpose. The world of glamor which is the distorted reflection ofDiscipleship1, 327:glamor which is the distorted reflection of the world of inspiration (the intuitive buddhic plane)Discipleship1, 327:you will find yourself walking in a clearer world and discover that you will have potentlyDiscipleship1, 328:period, prior to entering into contact with the world of spiritual realities as you have beenDiscipleship1, 329:of intense strain upon all the disciples in the world. They will need all the strengthening thatDiscipleship1, 329:have been prepared and this you have earned. The world itself enters upon a new cycle at the [330]Discipleship1, 335:center to the periphery and builds the little world of form - the world of I and my, of me andDiscipleship1, 335:and builds the little world of form - the world of I and my, of me and mine. This world a prisonDiscipleship1, 335:- the world of I and my, of me and mine. This world a prison makes. It hides the beauty rare; itDiscipleship1, 335:to that which lies within. It builds the wider world of thou and thine, of ours and that. The doorsDiscipleship1, 335:go free." "The will dynamic sweeps around the world upon the wings of love divine. It sweepsDiscipleship1, 335:love divine. It sweeps throughout the universal world; it acclaims with joy the All, the Whole, theDiscipleship1, 337:your future progress), you can build that "wider world of thou and thine, of ours and that." ForgetDiscipleship1, 337:They must learn to live with vision in the world of causes and of motive, adhering strenuously toDiscipleship1, 340:of the soul, transmitting soul wisdom into the world of men. When you have found this center ofDiscipleship1, 341:progress in overcoming the glamor of the social world, of place and position. You are beginning toDiscipleship1, 341:way to a future of wonder. In the lives of the world disciples at this time, great world problemsDiscipleship1, 341:lives of the world disciples at this time, great world problems are being worked out. TheirDiscipleship1, 341:problems are being worked out. Their response to world conditions is more sensitive and quicker andDiscipleship1, 341:their subsequent clear thinking lies the hope of world regeneration. So think and, my brother, loseDiscipleship1, 346:life of the Hierarchy, and of the New Group of World Servers. This I want you to remember. How thenDiscipleship1, 360:it does not emerge for the helping of the world; it is accumulating and piling up within you and,Discipleship1, 362:of the first Patanjali: "The door opens into the world of that which can be known. It opens fromDiscipleship1, 362:opens through deep desire. It opens into the world which is that which all men know. When both theDiscipleship1, 362:the rain of that which can be known into the world of that which all men know. Thus new thoughtsDiscipleship1, 363:Your work in my group and in the New Group of World Servers must now draw forth the deep resourcesDiscipleship1, 364:below: O. M. Sound this as the soul, in its own world, using the creative imagination as you do so.Discipleship1, 368:this group is to go forward as desired into real world work. Let rapid adjustment take place and aDiscipleship1, 369:work and are rendering telepathic service to the world - a tiny replica of the work which theDiscipleship1, 369:deeply upon the work of thought transmission in world service. The occult phrases which I have forDiscipleship1, 375:eyes fixed in steadfastness upon the Way of a world Server. It is a hard way, with many ups andDiscipleship1, 377:to the vision of the many groups, serving in the world today and fulfiling their rightful function.Discipleship1, 377:exists in the consciousness of the New Group of World Servers. It is interesting for you to realizeDiscipleship1, 377:Hierarchy, such as the accepted disciples of the world. As it exists in the consciousness of theDiscipleship1, 377:consciousness of the members of the New Group of World Servers, stepped down into their minds andDiscipleship1, 377:the average intelligent God-accepting men of the world at this time. I would like to emphasize toDiscipleship1, 377:definitely grasping the Plan as the New Group of World Servers grasp it, pondering on it andDiscipleship1, 377:it: your grasp is not that of the New Group of World Servers who see the group as an emanatingDiscipleship1, 385:refreshment and realization of the subjective world. Leave care and worry behind you as you walkDiscipleship1, 390:great Whole which lies behind the subjective world of being, as that world lies behind theDiscipleship1, 390:behind the subjective world of being, as that world lies behind the physical, tangible world ofDiscipleship1, 390:as that world lies behind the physical, tangible world of every day life. A symbol of this can beDiscipleship1, 397:handled before I can give you any definite world work to do along the line of breaking up the worldDiscipleship1, 397:work to do along the line of breaking up the world illusion. How can you destroy (on a large scale)Discipleship1, 397:joy based? b. What effect can joy have upon the world of illusion? [398] 6th month - Why must IDiscipleship1, 403:which has, during the ages, built up the world glamor. Harmony through Conflict is theDiscipleship1, 403:activity in connection with group dispelling of world glamor. The fourth ray mental bodies of theDiscipleship1, 407:has been acquired, and a gentle outgoing to your world of friends. Let them reveal themselves toDiscipleship1, 410:time on that which is futile from the angle of world need and of the true and basic essentials.Discipleship1, 411:Upon your group brothers. Upon the New Group of World Servers. Upon the world. You will note howDiscipleship1, 411:Upon the New Group of World Servers. Upon the world. You will note how this involves a steadilyDiscipleship1, 411:all, in your growth and service both to the world and to your group brothers. [412] Speak little,Discipleship1, 414:capacity to laugh at oneself and with the world. This is one of the compensations which comes toDiscipleship1, 416:my brother, both from karma and the present world condition, to be able to give considerable timeDiscipleship1, 417:own soul and from thence to go forth into the world of men, pouring forth love and understanding,Discipleship1, 419:grows as the aspirant detaches himself from the world of souls. There comes ever an interludeDiscipleship1, 420:chela and capable of much service in the world and, for you, individual sensitivity to correctionDiscipleship1, 421:c.To your group of students. d.To the outer world. e.To me, your Tibetan Brother. f. To the NewDiscipleship1, 421:me, your Tibetan Brother. f. To the New Group of World Servers. g.To the Hierarchy. ThenDiscipleship1, 423:the soul and the life of the soul in its own world, has been yours. An interlude of assimilationDiscipleship1, 423:and of recognition directed towards the world of men is again - for you - an equal necessity. InDiscipleship1, 432:they work through from the mental plane, via the world of evoked desire, and so into physical planeDiscipleship1, 434:are not dimmed by the fog and smoke of the outer world battle. Such is your service, and for it IDiscipleship1, 436:interview, but go not out into contact with the world. [437] If you can do these two things, there
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