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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Discipleship2, 231:the furthering of the work of the New Group of World Servers, as they sought to prepare humanityDiscipleship2, 231:group meditation to the work of the New Group of World Servers, and the necessity of establishingDiscipleship2, 231:and the necessity of establishing in the world a united world group, given to unanimous andDiscipleship2, 231:necessity of establishing in the world a united world group, given to unanimous and simultaneousDiscipleship2, 231:meditation upon the work of preparing the world for the new order and for the jurisdiction of theDiscipleship2, 231:hinder and not help. The task of the group of World Servers is not the spreading of esoteric orDiscipleship2, 231:esoteric or occult information. In preparing the world of [232] men for the reappearance of theDiscipleship2, 232:the many grades in the social order must be met; world groups of every description have to beDiscipleship2, 232:esoteric. The reform of the churches of the many world religions is another aspect of the sameDiscipleship2, 232:to the spiritual. The political regimes of the world need orienting to each other; it has neverDiscipleship2, 232:of human thought and activity, the New Group of World Servers are playing a prominent part. At theDiscipleship2, 233:divine results at the end of the immense world period. The major thought-form of the spiritualDiscipleship2, 234:through the Ashrams to the New Group of World Servers, and thus to the whole of the human family. IDiscipleship2, 234:than the one attained. The ecclesiastics of the world have made a great line of demarcation betweenDiscipleship2, 235:This is the immediate task of the New Group of World Servers, cooperating everywhere with the menDiscipleship2, 235:and the controlled moving forward of all the world of forms into greater glory and light. The workDiscipleship2, 235:yet the Arcane School leads the aspirants of the world in meditation of an occult nature, thoughDiscipleship2, 236:in this instruction I used the words: "An united world group given to unanimous and simultaneousDiscipleship2, 236:preparatory work to be done by the New Group of World Servers. The task is, through meditation, toDiscipleship2, 236:coming era, the new civilization and the future world culture. Until the foundation for the comingDiscipleship2, 237:to the shared human problems. The New Group of World Servers will talk in other terms and theirDiscipleship2, 238:and to it no member of the New Group of World Servers will render homage; they will fight thisDiscipleship2, 238:as it emerges in the human consciousness, in any world or historical cycle. Today more truth isDiscipleship2, 243:of the true initiate. Added to all this is the world situation with its inevitable all-envelopingDiscipleship2, 244:that new spirit which can and will build the new world. I would like to deal somewhat with theDiscipleship2, 246:M. or the Master K.H. Owing to the fact of world urgency and the immensity of the work to be doneDiscipleship2, 246:few disciples who came into incarnation in this world period having the brain and the mind awakenedDiscipleship2, 246:and are amongst the oldest formulas in the world. They have been used down the ages by allDiscipleship2, 248:group sensitivity or response, outwards to the world of men, inwards to the Hierarchy, and upwardsDiscipleship2, 249:and impressive causes of the two stages of the world war (1914-1945), and in this formula lies theDiscipleship2, 249:the "fight for freedom" of the peoples of the world. It is sometimes called "the formula ofDiscipleship2, 251:for which the worlds were made" - the little world of the individual (once individuality isDiscipleship2, 251:(once individuality is achieved) and the greater world of an organized group, integrated andDiscipleship2, 251:functioning as a unit, and the distant subtle world of divine intent? I say no more in thisDiscipleship2, 255:attitudes of the disciple to daily living and to world happenings are totally unlike that of theDiscipleship2, 255:man because he is living increasingly in the world of meaning, so the initiate-disciple develops anDiscipleship2, 255:develops an attitude to living processes and to world events which is based on characterDiscipleship2, 255:on character (necessarily), interpreted in the world of meaning but to them he brings a differentDiscipleship2, 256:had been given out anent Shamballa. Now the world of instructed disciples is slowly awakening toDiscipleship2, 257:on his part a definite emergence from the world of glamor so that there can be a clear perceptionDiscipleship2, 259:the soul; he was projecting (into the world consciousness) the recognition which must come ofDiscipleship2, 259:This refers to the piercing through the world glamor and thereby effecting two objectives: [260]Discipleship2, 260:initiates relation to Shamballa. Part of the world glamor is thus dissipated and thus a clarifyingDiscipleship2, 260:do disciples on the other rays but only in this world cycle. 2. The Stage of Polarization. This isDiscipleship2, 260:through the dense fogs and mists of the world of glamor, suddenly realizes just what he has doneDiscipleship2, 261:hitherto. After the war is over and the new world, with its coming civilization and culture beginsDiscipleship2, 261:esotericists. Much that is now being said by world leaders and serving workers in every nation isDiscipleship2, 262:change and producing a demand for a future new world and a coming beauty in living which will beDiscipleship2, 264:Most of you, living normally as you do in the world of effects and not in the world of causes, areDiscipleship2, 264:as you do in the world of effects and not in the world of causes, are preoccupied with the possibleDiscipleship2, 264:you these formulas is to aid you to work in the world of causes and so draw you consciously out ofDiscipleship2, 264:of causes and so draw you consciously out of the world of effects. Therefore, I would ask you to doDiscipleship2, 269:of all signs to the contrary, in spite of the world war with its attendant horrors and in spite ofDiscipleship2, 270:to awaken the aspirants and the disciples of the world to the new possibilities and to the newDiscipleship2, 271:potent, vibrating and planned activity of the world initiates and disciples who constitute theDiscipleship2, 276:and he has penetrated to the fringe of the inner world by his own effort and on his own power. SuchDiscipleship2, 277:result of the work done by the disciples of the world - in or out of incarnation. I wonder how manyDiscipleship2, 277:behind my flat statement? The disciples of the world are the intermediaries between the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 277:the demand which the working disciples in the world make on behalf of humanity (which they know)Discipleship2, 278:handicaps and all hindrances to a better world state are indicative of this? Do you grasp the factDiscipleship2, 278:spirit aspect? That spirit is life and will; the world today is showing signs of new life. ThinkDiscipleship2, 278:immediate implications and see the way that the world is going under the inspiration of theDiscipleship2, 279:that knowledge is associated with the factual world; it concerns the accumulated information of theDiscipleship2, 280:the broad, general and universal perceptions and world inclusions which the gradually developingDiscipleship2, 281:contacts and reveals new ideas. The Abstract World - in which they are given form and substance andDiscipleship2, 281:Sanat Kumara. Then the will of the Lord of the World will stand revealed to him. The work of theDiscipleship2, 282:to you, to your fellow initiates and to the world that you are a worker, fully conscious upon theDiscipleship2, 282:stages of the initiatory process he works in the world of meaning. After the third initiation heDiscipleship2, 282:the third initiation he works consciously in the world of causes, until such time as he is advancedDiscipleship2, 282:time as he is advanced enough to work in the world of being. The aspirant is endeavoring to graspDiscipleship2, 282:is endeavoring to grasp the purpose of the world of meaning and to apply the knowledge gained toDiscipleship2, 282:to comprehend the significance of the world of causes and to relate cause and effect in a practicalDiscipleship2, 285:interpretation which will come to you from the world of meaning, producing a practical application,Discipleship2, 285:producing a practical application, from the world of causes, producing an enlightenedDiscipleship2, 285:and (if you are far enough along) from the world of being, producing inclusiveness. These formulasDiscipleship2, 285:with form in the three worlds; they concern world movement, great and universal developments, andDiscipleship2, 286:Savior of the planet, in the same sense as the world Saviors come forth for the salvaging ofDiscipleship2, 286:humanity. Sanat Kumara is the prototype of all world saviors. The initiate, on his tiny scale, mustDiscipleship2, 288:d. Under the Law of Sacrifice, the Lord of the World remains ever behind the scenes, unknown andDiscipleship2, 288:the assurance that behind the phenomenal world is a world of "saving Lives" of which he mayDiscipleship2, 288:assurance that behind the phenomenal world is a world of "saving Lives" of which he may eventuallyDiscipleship2, 288:the Eternal Youth, the Creator, the Lord of the World. The initiate, on his tiny scale, likewiseDiscipleship2, 288:the identity of his working disciples out in the world of daily life. He institutes the neededDiscipleship2, 291:the reactions and sensitivities of his created world and to participate with full knowledge in allDiscipleship2, 291:of the cosmic physical plane. The monadic world - so-called - is his organ of vision; it is alsoDiscipleship2, 291:light which must be poured into the phenomenal world. In the same way, the Monad is to theDiscipleship2, 291:human eye, giving "in-sight" into the phenomenal world, letting in the light, and bringingDiscipleship2, 292:[292] astral plane, and therefore into the world of divine sentiency, of which we can have noDiscipleship2, 292:power and the groping creature in the phenomenal world. Man is now learning to use the eye of theDiscipleship2, 292:be sensed, searched for and finally seen; a new world of being stands apparent, which has alwaysDiscipleship2, 292:as patent to his vision and as real as is the world of the five physical senses. Then later, uponDiscipleship2, 292:These are related to divine purpose and to the world in which Sanat Kumara moves and which we callDiscipleship2, 292:in the same way, there is naught in the world of Shamballa which is of the same nature as theDiscipleship2, 292:which is of the same nature as the phenomenal world of man in the [293] three worlds, or even ofDiscipleship2, 293:in the [293] three worlds, or even of the soul world. It is a world of pure energy, of light and ofDiscipleship2, 293:three worlds, or even of the soul world. It is a world of pure energy, of light and of directedDiscipleship2, 293:beauty, all potently invocative of the world of the soul and of the world of phenomena; itDiscipleship2, 293:invocative of the world of the soul and of the world of phenomena; it therefore constitutes in aDiscipleship2, 293:therefore constitutes in a very real sense the world of causes and of initiation. As man the humanDiscipleship2, 293:and a synthesis of perception of the phenomenal world, according to man's point of development, his
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