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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Discipleship2, 293:as we have noted above; it reveals to him a world of subtler phenomena, the kingdom of God or theDiscipleship2, 293:of subtler phenomena, the kingdom of God or the world of souls. Then the light of the intuitionDiscipleship2, 294:about. The vast mass of mankind throughout the world have no clear idea as to the function of theDiscipleship2, 295:Humanity - as has oft been said - is now the world disciple. Why is this? Primarily for twoDiscipleship2, 295:Men are rapidly awakening mentally. The whole world is thinking, primarily along political linesDiscipleship2, 295:developing an understanding goodwill. The world is full of movements for relief and for theDiscipleship2, 298:for a moment, picturing the condition of the world when the majority of human beings are occupiedDiscipleship2, 298:aid in bringing out into manifestation that new world and that new type of humanity which theDiscipleship2, 300:heavy with portent and knowledge, over a world today in process of reorganization and regeneration.Discipleship2, 301:of the work done by the working disciples of the world. Why the working disciples, brother of mine,Discipleship2, 302:the sense of synthesis and of "place" in the One World, and thus decentralize him. The theme ofDiscipleship2, 303:prehistoric man: "There is naught in the world but energy. The Atom of atoms is only energy and GodDiscipleship2, 304:to the occult student the symbolism of the world of meaning. Behind the mathematics and theDiscipleship2, 304:and express the oldest invocative appeal in the world and (because of the age of this appeal) theseDiscipleship2, 306:steadily tend to facilitate their entry into the world of causes and their emergence from the worldDiscipleship2, 306:the world of causes and their emergence from the world of effects. You can see also from this thatDiscipleship2, 309:fact was an essential piece of knowledge in the world, prior to the externalization of the AshramsDiscipleship2, 313:life in the three worlds, to penetrate into the world of mind and the lower concrete mind hasDiscipleship2, 313:his personality, opening up to him the world of thought, and putting into his power the processesDiscipleship2, 313:becomes the soul in fact, and can create in the world of thought those living forms which bringDiscipleship2, 313:of abstract thought, the antechamber to the world of pure reason, and through these three aspectsDiscipleship2, 313:of God which can be immediately revealed if the world disciples and initiates care to "penetrate toDiscipleship2, 314:most successful, and out of the chaos of the world war (precipitated by humanity itself) there isDiscipleship2, 315:human spirit into the very depths of the mineral world. Ponder on this. Therefore, if you could seeDiscipleship2, 315:you could see things as they truly exist in the world of today and view them in their trueDiscipleship2, 316:note that the cycle now being inaugurated in the world is that of "Growth through Sharing," andDiscipleship2, 317:my brothers, in this lies the sole hope of the world. Every initiation to which disciples areDiscipleship2, 318:by a few of the foremost disciples in the world; it will, however, prove to be the ordinary form ofDiscipleship2, 318:- rapid or slow - of the lesser disciples of the world. All these three methods are in use at thisDiscipleship2, 319:have been the work of the disciples of the world. Have you asked yourself (in studying this hint),Discipleship2, 319:this hint), Why the disciples? That human world planning is today the first indication of theDiscipleship2, 320:and ground the thinking aspirant in the world of meaning because it is in that world that he mustDiscipleship2, 320:in the world of meaning because it is in that world that he must learn to work and live; it is fromDiscipleship2, 320:he must learn to work and live; it is from that world that he must begin now to work in twoDiscipleship2, 320:in two directions in time and space, for the world of meaning is the antechamber to the "Circle ofDiscipleship2, 323:revelation will be that of creativity, the world of thought-forms and the desire which each humanDiscipleship2, 326:energy, to be later used in their future world service. This group approach, this group intention,Discipleship2, 326:in Shamballa. This will enable the Lord of the World to become the Ruler of a Sacred Planet which,Discipleship2, 327:to release energy into a waiting and demanding world of men. Discipleship2, 327:one of the things for which the disciples of the world must begin to prepare the race of men. AllDiscipleship2, 335:in their personality life to the spiritual world, and react to soul control correctly - if at timesDiscipleship2, 336:of location, but must involve similarity of world affairs and civilization. This physical planeDiscipleship2, 336:as have so many thousands of people in the world today. Many have taken the second initiation,Discipleship2, 337:of the crystallized prana of the financial world are turned to the helping of mankind. This will beDiscipleship2, 339:concerns cycles and the sequence of world events. There is much to be done in relating time andDiscipleship2, 350:since H.P.B. brought this teaching to the modern world has changed all that, and the emphasis isDiscipleship2, 350:Initiates, in the past, were admitted into the world of ideas, of intuitional perception or ofDiscipleship2, 350:of mankind, the accepted disciples of the world, those who have undergone the first initiation (andDiscipleship2, 350:the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a world plan which will eventuate in peace, securityDiscipleship2, 351:the changed polarization of the disciples of the world, the entire quality, processes and modes ofDiscipleship2, 352:closer rapport with the Mind of the Lord of the World. This the disciples and initiates will doDiscipleship2, 353:will convey to you some understanding of present world conditions. The underlying Principle ofDiscipleship2, 356:the result of the work of the disciples of the world." Here you have a very simple statement butDiscipleship2, 358:Hierarchy is consistently present. The way to world change is also given. The Hierarchy as aDiscipleship2, 358:consciousness which are the immediate results of world affairs; from their reaction, from theDiscipleship2, 361:of the Plan in any particular century, cycle or world period. These phases are: The phase ofDiscipleship2, 361:no means an easy task, as the present state of world affairs demonstrates. Then comes the finalDiscipleship2, 361:and a part of the program are recognized by the world thinkers in every nation, either [362]Discipleship2, 363:creative work which emanates constantly from the world of souls, from the Kingdom of God and fromDiscipleship2, 363:energy patterns. They are related to the world of meaning and are the esoteric symbols to be foundDiscipleship2, 365:from chaos to ordered Beauty. Relation of the world of effects and the world of meaning. ThenDiscipleship2, 365:Beauty. Relation of the world of effects and the world of meaning. Then relation to the world ofDiscipleship2, 365:and the world of meaning. Then relation to the world of causes. The nature of karma. ProgressiveDiscipleship2, 366:the summation of the life of the Lord of the World, whose self-initiated program, implemented byDiscipleship2, 367:revelation will be that of creativity, of the world of thought-forms which humanity as a whole hasDiscipleship2, 368:three worlds (tangible because [368] within the world of forms) to the higher correspondences whichDiscipleship2, 372:the initiate as if there was nothing in all the world but himself (a point of tension) and a vortexDiscipleship2, 374:- consciously or unconsciously - in our modern world. Down upon the level of daily living,Discipleship2, 377:him to recognize it as a man-created whole or world or state of consciousness (whichever term youDiscipleship2, 377:of mankind - through the medium of the astral world - have, fortunately for the individual man,Discipleship2, 378:in order to combat this vast and vibrant astral world, an aspect of light must be employed, andDiscipleship2, 378:order to bring about the disappearance of that world as a sentient conscious entity; he knows thatDiscipleship2, 379:of energy which makes the work of the world servers effective. You can see from this short resuméDiscipleship2, 379:- a factor which impregnates the entire creative world. Freedom from that control indicates theDiscipleship2, 385:mental intention. In order to create a material world, he directs his thought from what can beDiscipleship2, 387:the result of the work of the disciples of the world. Hint II. - Human planning today is one of theDiscipleship2, 389:he must walk again in the ordinary light of the world; he knows now what is, but it is at thisDiscipleship2, 392:modified and qualified" is presented to the world of [393] men upon the physical plane, is thereDiscipleship2, 393:nations and groups with which the New Group of World Servers is working. This triangle of workersDiscipleship2, 393:of workers is enfolded on all sides by the world of souls and of men; its apex reaches to theDiscipleship2, 393:its second point is anchored in the New Group of World Servers; its lowest point penetrates intoDiscipleship2, 393:into the ranks of men, and - in the New Group of World Servers - the task of "modifying, qualifyingDiscipleship2, 395:be doing under hierarchical impression in the world of everyday affairs. It is one of the hardestDiscipleship2, 396:of these words. The disciple moves always in a world of energies; they make an impact upon him fromDiscipleship2, 401:an increasing reaction to the Light of the World, and an ability to register in the physical brainDiscipleship2, 402:which must progressively be used, as the world of being and of forms makes progress under the LawDiscipleship2, 403:into the consciousness of humanity, and the new world religion will be founded upon a deeperDiscipleship2, 404:These points of revelation emanate from the world of significances, and not from the world ofDiscipleship2, 404:the world of significances, and not from the world of meaning; they cast light, if trulyDiscipleship2, 404:if truly interpreted and in due time, upon that world of meaning, thereby redeeming and liberatingDiscipleship2, 404:redeeming and liberating the forms in the world of appearances. You have therefore, in thisDiscipleship2, 404:Plan, is the technique employed to redeem the world of appearances, so - on a much higher level -Discipleship2, 405:work of those who labor for redemption in the world of meaning. Again you see how all this comesDiscipleship2, 405:of the stage of redemption attained in the world of appearances as the Hierarchy applies theDiscipleship2, 405:and assembled energies are "let loose upon the world of outer forms." This process has been greatlyDiscipleship2, 407:have ever been individuals in all parts of the world - in the world religions or in otherDiscipleship2, 407:individuals in all parts of the world - in the world religions or in other constructive groups -Discipleship2, 407:were aware. But - from the standpoint of the world populations - the fourth kingdom in natureDiscipleship2, 407:of clerical authority, the radiation from the world of souls has greatly intensified and theDiscipleship2, 407:of God is becoming a corporate part of the outer world expression, and this for the first time in
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