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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Education, 43:physical world. The man of culture relates the world of meaning to the world of appearances andEducation, 43:of culture relates the world of meaning to the world of appearances and regards them in his mindEducation, 43:link or relationship) as constituting one world with two aspects. He moves with equal freedom inEducation, 43:perforce to be a man, capable of living in the world of external realities, and at the same timeEducation, 43:of recognizing himself as living in an inner world, as a mind and a soul. He then expresses anEducation, 44:man, step by step, to his present struggle for world betterment, group elevation and naturalEducation, One of:slow and careful formation of the New Group of World Servers is indicative of the crisis. They areEducation, One of:of a new race, a new culture and a new world outlook. The work is necessarily slow and those of youEducation, 46:in some one nation - enriched the entire world and gave to humanity its literature, its art and itsEducation, 46:Armies marched and fought in every part of the world; persecuted peoples escaped from one land toEducation, 46:feeding the hungry and studying conditions. The world today is very, very small and men areEducation, 46:religions and tongues - hence her problem. The world itself is a great fusing pot, out of which theEducation, 46:art and literature have always belonged to the world. It is upon these facts that the education toEducation, 46:the education to be given to the children of the world must be built - upon our similarities, ourEducation, 46:be removed. The educators who face the present world opportunity [47] should see to it that a soundEducation, 47:of a better and happier as well as of a safer world. Two major ideas should be taught to theEducation, 48:elementary history (with the emphasis upon world history), geography and poetry will be taught.Education, 48:will be taught in larger terms and the world of true values be pointed out and idealism consciouslyEducation, 48:emphasized. They should teach the youth of the world in such a manner that he will begin to fuseEducation, 48:in such a manner that he will begin to fuse the world of appearances and the world of values and ofEducation, 48:begin to fuse the world of appearances and the world of values and of meaning in his consciousness.Education, 49:erected and should deal more directly with the world of meaning. International problems - economic,Education, 49:or woman related still more definitely to the world as a whole. This in no way indicates neglect ofEducation, 49:have brought about the downfall of our modern world. The college or the university should inEducation, 49:correspondence in the field of education to the world of the Hierarchy; it should be the custodianEducation, 49:of life which will relate a human being to the world of souls, to the Kingdom of God, and not onlyEducation, 49:beings upon the physical plane; not only to the world of phenomena but also to the inner world ofEducation, 49:to the world of phenomena but also to the inner world of values and quality. Again I repeat, thisEducation, 49:to be handled by the exponents of the great world religions. It should be the task of the higherEducation, 51:will be accomplished when the educators of the world grasp the purpose of the process as a wholeEducation, 51:Those capable of being carried forward into, the world of culture. This includes a very largeEducation, 51:instinctual and intellectual living, but in the world of spiritual being also, and yet withEducation, 54:task of vitalizing the threefold manifested world (physical, astral, mental), and the energy ofEducation, 54:wiser group, plus an ability to correlate the world of meaning with the world of outer effects.Education, 54:to correlate the world of meaning with the world of outer effects. Ponder on this sentence. GroupEducation, 54:characteristic of the Illuminati of the world, and it is at this time the motivating power of theEducation, 56:Understanding Group Love The Intellectuals World Aspirants The Hierarchy plus GOVERNMENTS ANDEducation, 56:the possibility of certain hoped-for events. The world has to move forward regularly and in order.Education, 56:the following of the precepts contained in the world Scriptures; it cannot be held down to theEducation, 57:and sermons of the churches throughout the world. What then will be the task of the churches in theEducation, 57:annihilated time and brought the whole world together as a functioning unit. A very high level ofEducation, 59:given to the advanced, thinking people of the world today will be adapted to the needs of the youthEducation, 59:type and of the developed emotional type to the world of esotericism and of the hidden realities.Education, 60:so rapidly dealing with and entering into the world of forces and energies, is in reality a trueEducation, 60:students, is to lay the emphasis upon the world of energies and to recognize that behind allEducation, 60:to recognize that behind all happenings in the world of phenomena (and by that I mean the threeEducation, 60:the three worlds of human evolution) exists the world of energies; these are of the greatestEducation, 60:the individual aspirant, to community life and world affairs, or to the immediate conditioningEducation, 60:seeking impact upon or contact with the world of phenomena. This they do, under spiritualEducation, 61:become aware, if he is to move deeper into the world of hidden forces. They may be energies which,Education, 62:behind the scene of outer happenings into the world of energies, seeking contact and qualifying forEducation, 62:activities. He thus acquires entrance into the world of meaning. Events, circumstances, happeningsEducation, 62:of energy, both in relation to themselves and to world affairs, and to begin to relate that whichEducation, 62:to regard any interest in the energies producing world events or which concern governments andEducation, 63:mental types will sponsor sees all events and world movements and national governments, plus allEducation, 63:of the energies to be found in the inner world of esoteric research; therefore they see no soundEducation, 63:to learn that there is nothing in the entire world of phenomena, of forces and of energies, whichEducation, 63:When the spiritually-minded people of the world include this relatively new area of human thoughtEducation, 65:is the science of redemption, and of this all World Saviors are the everlasting symbol andEducation, 65:with its great Leader, the Christ (the present world Symbol), might be regarded as a hierarchy ofEducation, 66:with esoteric living, reveals in time the world of meaning and leads eventually to the world ofEducation, 66:the world of meaning and leads eventually to the world of significances. The esotericist starts byEducation, 66:to penetrate more deeply into the newly revealed world of meaning; he then learns to incorporateEducation, 66:is always that of the larger Whole. He finds the world of meaning spread like an intricate networkEducation, 66:all activity and every aspect of the phenomenal world. Of this network the etheric web is theEducation, 66:a series of doors of entrance into the larger world of meaning. This, in reality, concerns the trueEducation, 66:entry (when developed and functioning) into a world of subjective realities [67] and into hithertoEducation, 67:in the ability to function freely in the world of meaning; it is not occupied with any aspect ofEducation, 67:wording); it is also the anima mundi in the world as a whole. Esotericism. therefore involves aEducation, 67:out of the teaching anent the New Group of World Servers, [A Treatise on White Magic, pagesEducation, 68:behind all individual, community, national and world affairs. If this is done, then the light willEducation, 69:steps ahead of the educational systems of the world, and some progress has already been madeEducation, 75:manners which should govern his relations to the world of men, an ability to read and write andEducation, 78:proportion by right integration into the little world of which he is a part, we shall see the majorEducation, 79:for the future education of the children of the world. We have noted that in spite of universalEducation, 79:wholly and constructively. The development of world education has been progressively along threeEducation, 79:groups. Finally, in the newer countries of the world, such as the United States, Australia andEducation, 79:largely copied throughout the entire civilized world. The general level of cultural attainment [80]Education, 80:next evolutionary development in the educational world? Let us remember one important thing. WhatEducation, 80:system and a wiser approach to the goal of world citizenship. It might be of value at this point toEducation, 80:by true vision and made responsive to sensed world need and to the demands of the times. EducationEducation, 80:given, which will enable the youth of the world to contact their environment with intelligence andEducation, 81:importance and is one of the signposts in a world which has fallen to pieces. Education, 81:him to work constructively in his particular world setting and prove himself a useful citizen. TheEducation, 81:senses. As a searchlight, penetrating into the world of ideas and of abstract truth. KnowledgeEducation, 82:They will also be taught to think in terms of world relationship and of their nation in relation toEducation, 82:for citizenship, for parenthood, and for world understanding; it is basically psychological andEducation, 82:to move forward (as life unfolds) into that world of meaning which underlies the world of outerEducation, 82:into that world of meaning which underlies the world of outer phenomena and who will begin to viewEducation, 83:equipment and will seek to throw the entire world of effort open to him, pointing out that apparentEducation, 83:and train him to think in terms of constructive world citizenship. Growth and still more growthEducation, 84:the entire present attitude of the youth of the world to their surroundings and foster, from theEducation, 84:nations and throughout the entire international world will be established. Education, 86:to contribute what he can of beauty to the world and of right thought to the sumtotal of humanEducation, 86:he will be encouraged to investigate and the world of science will open up before him. Behind allEducation, 86:appearance of spiritual, cultural and artistic world leaders down the ages will be studied andEducation, 86:This will open up before the youth of the world the entire problem of leadership and of motive.Education, 86:evoked along true and right lines; the world of past human effort will be presented to him in aEducation, 86:of past methods except in so far that the world today itself presents an indictment; it does notEducation, 87:has been destroyed in the greater part of the world. The war has demonstrated that we have not
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