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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

(page 40 of 101)


Externalisation, 328:sound preparatory undertakings for future world activity. This must be accompanied by soundExternalisation, 328:1944, you should move outward into definite world experience and into a basic cooperation with anyExternalisation, 328:with any similar groups which are engaged in world salvage, primarily along the psychological line,Externalisation, 330:have been formulated by individuals, groups of world thinkers and specialists in the differentExternalisation, 330:and specialists in the different fields of world endeavor as to the New Order. Find out what isExternalisation, 330:in the many different nations as to the New World Order - both good and bad. This will involve theExternalisation, 330:with as many people as possible, all over the world. 6. The organizing of the needed financialExternalisation, 330:groups, should be approached in the interests of world unity. A letter should be prepared invitingExternalisation, 331:and aiding of the members of the New Group of World Servers in the occupied countries andExternalisation, 331:promise and great implications for the future world order. Concentration on this is desirable.Externalisation, 331:the men and women of goodwill throughout the world. It is they who will constitute the agents ofExternalisation, 331:the new ideals correctly, and aid in this main world objective. This understanding is moreExternalisation, 333:of the difficulties confronting the new group of world servers at this time. You will remember thatExternalisation, 333:plane executive ability. The new group of world servers is therefore today pulled two ways. ItsExternalisation, 333:for the power which must salvage the world is the precipitation of love, and how shall that findExternalisation, 334:of its opposing quality - but simply through world pressure and strain. In the unfoldment ofExternalisation, 334:and strain. In the unfoldment of goodwill in the world at the close of the war - which will be oneExternalisation, 334:be one of the major tasks of the new group of world servers - let love be the active force amongExternalisation, 334:will be drawn into the ranks of the new group of world servers. This constitutes the secondExternalisation, 334:first ray workers into the new group of world servers in such a manner that the destructive aspectExternalisation, 335:the ranks of the workers among the new group of world servers. Unless these workers are swept byExternalisation, 335:first and second ray workers which can carry the world through the coming crisis of Reconstruction,Externalisation, 337:the efforts being made, and the new group of world servers can measure up to the need, if there isExternalisation, 338:and disciples. I am explaining this because world conditions today warrant the use of both StanzasExternalisation, 338:to move forward into light, and the new world cycle, beginning in Aquarius, will be definitelyExternalisation, 338:since November 1919. During that period the world has seen great and significant changes, and oneExternalisation, 339:shows itself in the fact that, in spite of the world catastrophe, in spite of the rampant horrorExternalisation, 339:vision fact in human experience. This better world is to be a world in which the spiritual valuesExternalisation, 339:human experience. This better world is to be a world in which the spiritual values will control,Externalisation, 339:They call the vision by many names: better world conditions, the new world order, worldExternalisation, 339:by many names: better world conditions, the new world order, world reconstruction, the newExternalisation, 339:better world conditions, the new world order, world reconstruction, the new civilization,Externalisation, 339:the new civilization, brotherhood, fellowship, world federation, international understanding - itExternalisation, 339:from the angle of the Hierarchy Who view all world events from the angle of the future. There is,Externalisation, 340:this. When, the spiritually-minded people of the world, the men and women of goodwill, theExternalisation, 340:slavery, the steadily mounting fear, and the world domination of the Black Lodge. [341] Externalisation, 341:the Will-to-victory. The stage of reorganizing world affairs when the war is over. This shouldExternalisation, 342:desire is, as yet, the strongest force in the world; organized, unified desire has been the basicExternalisation, 342:for the arrival of the end of this all-engulfing world cataclysm, by desire for peace and theExternalisation, 344:end abuses and to bring about happier, material world conditions; it shows itself in mother love,Externalisation, 344:expressed, will be the theme of the coming world religion, and has been the impulse lying behindExternalisation, 344:its relation to the rest of the manifested world; it concerns the establishing of right humanExternalisation, 345:opposition of the well-meaning people of the world who talk vaguely and beautifully about love butExternalisation, 347:be fused and blended and it is the task of the world disciples, the initiates and the acceptedExternalisation, 347:this combined energy on to the waiting world where its effective use will be largely dependent uponExternalisation, 347:dependent upon the sensitive response of the world aspirants. These are to be found in everyExternalisation, 348:as I have earlier said, the theme of the new world religion. This theme will eventually underlieExternalisation, 348:in the minds and thoughts of the peoples of the world. His task of reminding aspirants continuouslyExternalisation, 349:These have been voiced for humanity by two great world disciples in terms of The Four Freedoms andExternalisation, 349:and there is enough love already in the world, released by the Christ, to make possible the workingExternalisation, 349:out lies in the hands of the new group of world servers and the men and women of goodwill. WillExternalisation, 349:in the Full Moon blessing - blessing for the world and not for yourself. The Buddha comes thisExternalisation, 349:in sufficient strength from the people of the world. Will humanity respond to the evocation of theExternalisation, 350:will of the spiritually minded people of the world, the aspirants, disciples and initiates; They,Externalisation, 350:of May is the time in which the new group of world servers and all the esotericists and spirituallyExternalisation, 350:and spiritually oriented people of the world must work in full cooperation with the Buddha, andExternalisation, 350:women of goodwill - aided by the new group of world servers - to arouse people everywhere to make aExternalisation, 351:activity will come only from the new group of world servers, and may even then only be registeredExternalisation, 351:but only if the invocation of the new group of world servers and the massed intent of the men andExternalisation, 351:upon the minds of the new group of world servers and upon the hearts of the men and women ofExternalisation, 352:and for that period the aspirants of the world are asked to stand steady in patient, yet convinced,Externalisation, 353:to respond and do its share in bringing about world release from the Forces of Evil. Will youExternalisation, 353:but not often a fact. Today, in the hour of the world's need, aspirants and disciples who areExternalisation, 353:and which can be galvanized into activity and world usefulness. I leave the matter in your hands,Externalisation, 354:behind the Evolutionary Process The Cause of the World Catastrophe June 1942 We come now to theExternalisation, 354:consideration of the present acute situation and world catastrophe which is rooted in world glamor,Externalisation, 354:and world catastrophe which is rooted in world glamor, and will study the possibility of relief andExternalisation, 354:difficult to write clearly about this matter of world glamor (This message appears in the bookExternalisation, 354:(This message appears in the book Glamor: A World Problem. It is included here to preserve theExternalisation, 354:sequence of the teaching in relation to world events.) because we are in the midst of its mostExternalisation, 354:its most concentrated expression - the worst the world has ever seen because glamor, incident toExternalisation, 354:Three nations express the three aspects of world glamor (illusion, glamor and maya) in an amazingExternalisation, 355:this universal condition. The freedom of the world is consequently largely dependent upon thoseExternalisation, 355:the disciples and the initiates of the world. They are aware of the dualism, the essential dualism,Externalisation, 355:is therefore simpler and, because of this, world direction lies largely in their hands at thisExternalisation, 356:of demarcation, the issues underlying present world events, the objectives of the present worldwideExternalisation, 356:of the techniques which can bring in the new world era and its cultural order can be clearly notedExternalisation, 356:be said that Germany has focused in herself world glamor - the most potent and expressive of theExternalisation, 356:and mentally polarized, is the expression of world illusion. The United Nations, with all theirExternalisation, 356:in terms of the whole, in terms of a desirable world order or federation, [357] and their capacityExternalisation, 357:Process The work being done by those who see the world stage as the arena for the conflict betweenExternalisation, 357:be itemized as follows: The producing of those world conditions in which the Forces of Light canExternalisation, 357:forces. Sharing and greed, outlining a future world wherein The Four Freedoms will be dominant andExternalisation, 357:slavery. Fellowship and separation, indicating a world order where racial hatreds, casteExternalisation, 357:light is being emphasized and made clear by the world aspirants and disciples who by theirExternalisation, 358:clarification of men's minds throughout the world. These three imminent energies are The energy ofExternalisation, 358:of the intuition which will gradually dispel world illusion, and produce automatically a greatExternalisation, 358:dissipate, by the energy of illumination, the world of glamor and bring many thousands on to theExternalisation, 358:by their constructive undertakings to restore world order and to lay those foundations which willExternalisation, 358:to be done. Bringing home to the nations of the world the truths taught by the Buddha, the Lord ofExternalisation, 359:out anew in the lives of men today, in the world of human affairs, in the realm of human thinkingExternalisation, 359:and in the arena of daily living, the present world order (which is today largely disorder) can beExternalisation, 359:can be so modified and changed that a new world and a new race of men can gradually come intoExternalisation, 359:is today with the entire problem of ending the world glamor and illusion which fundamentally lieExternalisation, 359:lie behind the present acute situation and world catastrophe. The possibility of such a dispellingExternalisation, 359:Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. Within the world of glamor - the world of the astral plane andExternalisation, 359:and the Christ. Within the world of glamor - the world of the astral plane and of emotions -Externalisation, 359:possible the dissipation of glamor. Within the world of illusion - the world of the mental plane -Externalisation, 359:of glamor. Within the world of illusion - the world of the mental plane - appeared the Christ, theExternalisation, 359:From the point they then will have reached, the world of spiritual perception, of truth and of
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