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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Externalisation, 360:two great Sons of God, concentrated through the world disciples and through Their initiates mustExternalisation, 360:made the first planetary effort to dissipate world glamor; the Christ made the first planetaryExternalisation, 360:and will consequently see more clearly. The world glamor is being steadily removed from the ways ofExternalisation, 360:by the incoming new ideas, focused through the world intuitives and released to the general publicExternalisation, 360:and released to the general public by the world thinkers. It has been also largely aided by theExternalisation, 362:desire of humanity, focused through the world disciples, the world aspirants and the men ofExternalisation, 362:focused through the world disciples, the world aspirants and the men of goodwill are all broughtExternalisation, 363:for the first time if the lessons of the present world situation and the catastrophe of the war areExternalisation, 363:glamor, illusion and maya because the whole world problem has reached a crisis today and becauseExternalisation, 364:out, I published an article entitled The Present World Crisis, and in it tried to trace the originsExternalisation, 364:another article appeared, called The Coming World Order, which sought to hold out to a sufferingExternalisation, 364:Order, which sought to hold out to a suffering world a vision of a material and spiritual futureExternalisation, 364:there were enough clear-sighted people in the world who could and would sweep the mass of men intoExternalisation, 364:to the Axis Powers. The question was: Would world fear and universal selfishness dominate, or wouldExternalisation, 365:between the ending of the war and the coming world order. It will be necessary to deal with thisExternalisation, 365:that they despair of ever reclaiming the world, and they look sadly for a breakdown of all theExternalisation, 366:compassionate incentive. Most certainly the world could be rehabilitated for purely commercial andExternalisation, 366:of financial stability are important factors in world restoration. But these are not the basicExternalisation, 366:share in bringing tranquility and peace to the world - a peace based on surer values than in theExternalisation, 366:heal the wounds of war, and build a new world structure adequate to the intelligent demands of theExternalisation, 366:upon which emphasis was laid was the growth of world goodwill, for goodwill is the active principleExternalisation, 367:organizations, and the enlightened work of the world thinkers, educators and leaders, two thingsExternalisation, 367:upset the calculations of farsighted workers for world good and seriously delayed the ending of theExternalisation, 367:of the forces of right and the freedom of the world. There is not time to enlarge upon them, butExternalisation, 367:guarantee the triumph of the free peoples of the world. These factors are: The will-to-victory isExternalisation, 368:totalitarian position, with its emphasis upon world dictatorship, the slavery of the many conqueredExternalisation, 369:books, speeches and plans dealing with the new world order. The forces of rehabilitation and ofExternalisation, 369:war, and the rehabilitation of the old familiar world, with its imperialism (whether of empire orExternalisation, 370:ancient boundaries will only serve to plunge the world again into war. These adjustments must beExternalisation, 370:or of some ruling class or group. In the world which is coming, the human equation will take aExternalisation, 370:their free will in establishing the kind of world in which they choose to live. They will decide inExternalisation, 370:license, will have to be carefully taught. A new world based upon the restoration of territorialExternalisation, 370:fail to end strife, aggression and fear. A new world based on human values and right humanExternalisation, 371:has sown evil broadcast throughout the civilized world, and for some time to come her lot must beExternalisation, 372:will be the restoration of the children of the world to happiness, security, proper standards ofExternalisation, 372:That to these selfish incentives they have added world need and the love of freedom is true andExternalisation, 374:and activities must end and that the hope of the world lies in the spread of right human relations,Externalisation, 375:spirit constitutes a grave peril to the world; if perpetuated in any form, except as contributoryExternalisation, 375:good of humanity as a whole, it will throw the world (after the war) back into the dark ages andExternalisation, 375:resources, has brought about the present world crisis and cleavage and this global clash ofExternalisation, 375:which must be brought to bear to end the world strife. He knows that the efforts to attain nationalExternalisation, 377:of view and are forging ahead in the task of world reconstruction. The conservative reactionary isExternalisation, 377:is faith on every hand that a new and better world order is possible and that it is even probable.Externalisation, 377:clearly express the goal of this hoped-for new world order and word briefly the objective whichExternalisation, 377:of an evil past, in spite of the present world carnage, in spite of the almost overwhelmingExternalisation, 378:today to make a start. The outline of the future world structure can already be dimly seen; theExternalisation, 378:and irremediable - of the old order and the old world is everywhere recognized. The will-to-good isExternalisation, 378:and a powerful, though small, group among the world leaders is voicing certain general propositionsExternalisation, 378:which must be regarded as imperative when world readjustment starts. Their demand is for a newExternalisation, 378:by the many suggestions, plans and schemes for world betterment, and by a sense of his own utterExternalisation, 379:What [379] part can I play in the vast arena of world affairs? How can I prove myself useful andExternalisation, 379:time and in the future to the helping of the world? It is for this type of person I write. I wouldExternalisation, 379:public opinion is the most potent force in the world. It has no equal but has been little used. TheExternalisation, 380:public opinion one of the major factors in world reconstruction. One of the most interestingExternalisation, 380:contact which has been set up by some of the world leaders with the man in the street and the womanExternalisation, 381:outcry of horror at what has overtaken the world indicates love and spiritual sensitivity. It isExternalisation, 382:upon the many proposals which are being made by world leaders and thinkers as to the coming worldExternalisation, 382:by world leaders and thinkers as to the coming world rehabilitation. It will be necessary to planExternalisation, 383:people together to discuss and study the coming world order, or cooperate with those who areExternalisation, 383:for you will be helping to change the content of world thought and impressing other minds, even ifExternalisation, 383:will be set up which will serve to weld a new world into one harmonious and understanding whole. 4.Externalisation, 383:add meditation and reflection. Behind the world pattern and structure stands its Originator, itsExternalisation, 384:Plan and follow the guiding hand of God in world affairs. The real work of reconstruction will beExternalisation, 384:triple relationship. God Himself, so say all the world Scriptures, works as a Trinity of goodness,Externalisation, 384:network of goodwill can spread throughout the world. Through it the Forces of Light will be able toExternalisation, 384:groups and organizations which are interested in world reconstruction. You may not agree with allExternalisation, 385:upon to work in a spirit of goodwill and for world reconstruction. Later, these lists can beExternalisation, 385:mould ideas, influence the masses, and aid the world leaders to right and appropriate action. 8.Externalisation, 385:re-employment of the demobilized, and of world rebuilding are profoundly important and will callExternalisation, 385:pointed out, underlies the whole necessity for world rebuilding, is greater than all otherExternalisation, 386:it is the foundational activity of the new world order, for that order must be brought into beingExternalisation, 386:children of today. They will inhabit this new world, express the new ideals, and hand on to theirExternalisation, 386:from parents and set the child adrift in a world of carnage or in an institutionalizedExternalisation, 387:selfishness and universal greed have brought the world to its present desperate plight. They knowExternalisation, 387:all men of goodwill everywhere can rebuild a new world, bring into being a more beautiful life, andExternalisation, 387:now upon the aspirants and disciples of the world, particularly those in physical incarnationExternalisation, 387:to anchor on the earth that seed of the new world religion which an earlier instruction upon theExternalisation, 388:light" of the aspirants and disciples of the world and of all selfless servers, no matter who orExternalisation, 388:relatively few in number, when compared with the world's population, but because they are to beExternalisation, 389:is addressed to the members of the new group of world servers who can be reached (there areExternalisation, 389:upon the aspirants and the disciples in the world at this time. The past year has been one of theExternalisation, 389:at this time. The past year has been one of the world's worst experiences from the standpoint ofExternalisation, 389:path of light, the path to God. To this all the world Scriptures bear witness and to this allExternalisation, 390:opportunity to lay the foundations for that new world religion which will suffice to meet man'sExternalisation, 390:for many centuries ahead and for which all past world religions have prepared him. Such, brother ofExternalisation, 390:and produce those conditions in which the new world order - visioned by all who truly love theirExternalisation, 390:Can the situation be so staged that the new world religion and the new approach of humanity to GodExternalisation, 390:by the aspirants and disciples throughout the world. Can the suffering masses of men "stand withExternalisation, 391:realization that "as He is, so are we in this world" and the assurance of Christ Himself that GodExternalisation, 391:- a paralleling spiritual activity. The entire world of men is today engaged in an intense activityExternalisation, 391:engaged in an intense activity in the material world - marching armies, factories working in shiftsExternalisation, 392:and who are to be found everywhere in the world: The men and women of goodwill. The idealists andExternalisation, 392:dreamers of dreams, the visioners of a future world. The spiritually minded people whom we call theExternalisation, 392:The spiritually minded people whom we call the world aspirants. Disciples throughout the planet.Externalisation, 392:the planetary Hierarchy and the new group of world servers. With the work of the first group,Externalisation, 392:to the full. With the work of the new group of world servers all of you have much to do and it isExternalisation, 393:men of goodwill, the members of the new group of world servers must now prepare themselves for aExternalisation, 393:Full Moon periods The task of the New Group of World Servers today The New World Religion and itsExternalisation, 393:of the New Group of World Servers today The New World Religion and its spiritual future. It isExternalisation, 393:of the principles which must govern the new world religion, with its outstanding points of focus. I
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