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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Externalisation, 394:dependent upon the activity of the New Group of World Servers and the spiritual tension which theyExternalisation, 394:attendant horrors. Secondly, the New Group of World Servers, [395] the men and women of goodwillExternalisation, 395:success, leaving a wide open door to a better world, the Forces of Life must be called in. It isExternalisation, 396:the time of the Wesak Festival; the New Group of World Servers will focus the spiritual demand forExternalisation, 396:spiritually minded people everywhere and by the world aspirants between the sacred season of MayExternalisation, 396:of mankind and through the New Group of World Servers, which is sufficient to invoke theExternalisation, 397:in the expression of goodwill which will render world peace an effective outcome of wise action andExternalisation, 398:play its active part in the reconstruction of world affairs. If this can be successfullyExternalisation, 398:true leaders and disciples working in the world today, that spiritual energy which leads to rightExternalisation, 398:Process The Task of the New Group of World Servers Today The immediate task of the new group ofExternalisation, 398:Today The immediate task of the new group of world servers is to focus the massed longing,Externalisation, 400:that, as a part of [400] the new group of world servers and as a person of goodwill you can act asExternalisation, 400:can aid in the focusing or anchoring of the new world religion, that universal religion which willExternalisation, 400:- Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The New World Religion All past divine revelations haveExternalisation, 401:Sons of God and that as He is so are we in this world and that we are able to do still greaterExternalisation, 401:background of the spiritual thinking in the world. Therefore, taking our stand on these truths,Externalisation, 402:task of anchoring the basic tenets of the new world religion - the flower and fruition of the pastExternalisation, 402:gradually supersede the festivals of the present world religions in the East and in the West. (See:Externalisation, 402:find the future emphasis laid throughout the world upon the Easter Festival, the Festival of theExternalisation, 402:and strengthen you to play your part in world salvage. Externalisation, 402:- Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The New World Religion May 1943 In the first part of myExternalisation, 402:much to say about the form into which the great world religions in the East and in the West haveExternalisation, 404:the new revelation for which they wait. The new world religion must be based upon those truthsExternalisation, 405:down the ages by those who knew God and whom the world called mystics, occultists and saints.Externalisation, 405:and nation, in every climate and part of the world, and throughout the endless reaches of timeExternalisation, 405:and all theologies, and have penetrated into the world of meaning which all symbols veil. TheseExternalisation, 405:and understanding. These are the facts which the World Teachers have brought to us, suited to ourExternalisation, 405:structure of the One Truth upon which all the world theologies have been built, including theExternalisation, 406:of the divine to the human of which all world Teachers and Saviors were the symbol and theExternalisation, 406:Yet light and love have been revealed to the world by two great Sons of God in two Approaches. AExternalisation, 407:Christ, and Those Whose task it is to save the world, to impart the next revelation and toExternalisation, 407:revelation and to demonstrate divinity. All the world Scriptures bear witness to the existence ofExternalisation, 407:and Light. Political and social ideologies and world religions, the Will of God and the Love ofExternalisation, 408:and Shamballa, the Kingdom of God and the world of Spirit - was brought about, and thus spiritualExternalisation, 408:Earth. We need to remember that the work of all World Saviors and Teachers is to act primarily asExternalisation, 408:manifests either as the impulse behind a world religion, the incentive behind some new politicalExternalisation, 408:relationships and the social order; hence the world religions come first and produce the conditionsExternalisation, 409:values as they express themselves through major world ideologies, these Approaches of the divine toExternalisation, 409:will lead to a new revelation, to the new world religion and to new attitudes in the relation ofExternalisation, 410:such have been the results of the work of the world Saviors and Teachers down the ages, culminatingExternalisation, 410:is now possible and will take place once the world war is over and man - purified by fire andExternalisation, 410:Their united effort, humanity throughout the world has been prepared to play its part in this thirdExternalisation, 410:He was the Conveyor of Enlightenment to the world; He was the Lord of Light. As is always the case,Externalisation, 411:"let in" a flood of light upon life and world problems. He formulated this revelation into the FourExternalisation, 412:renders the brain unaware of the lure of the world of sensory perception. Through dispassion, theExternalisation, 413:not signify an entirely new conception as to the world of spiritual realities and perhaps of theExternalisation, 414:us, the dream of brotherhood, of fellowship, of world cooperation and of a peace (based upon rightExternalisation, 414:As They draw nearer we vision a new and vital world religion, a universal faith, at-one in itsExternalisation, 414:the foundational truths upon which the new world religion will rest. I would suggest that the themeExternalisation, 414:- by all, in fact, who form the New Group of World Servers. The science of invocation and evocationExternalisation, 415:conviction for the knowers and the new group of world servers) the premises stated above: The factExternalisation, 415:Evolutionary Process As we look ahead into the world of tomorrow and begin [416] to question whatExternalisation, 416:these are the three truths upon which the coming world religion may be based. Relationship to God,Externalisation, 416:the teaching of the spiritual leaders of the world, no matter by what name they called Him. In theExternalisation, 418:work will be the keynote of the coming world religion and will fall into two parts. There will beExternalisation, 418:trained by the spiritually minded people of the world (working in the churches, whenever possible,Externalisation, 418:the year, the voiced demand of the people of the world for relationship with God and with eachExternalisation, 419:only the broad general outlines of the new world religion. The expansion of the human consciousnessExternalisation, 419:the case, and when the ritual of the new world religion is universally established this will be oneExternalisation, 419:focused, directed thought of the New Group of World Servers constitute an outgoing stream ofExternalisation, 420:the history of the spiritual unfoldment of the world and in the procedure followed in writing theExternalisation, 420:and in the procedure followed in writing the world Scriptures. Secondly, the establishing of aExternalisation, 420:the establishing of a certain uniformity in the world religious rituals will aid men everywhere toExternalisation, 420:still another list of holy days. In the future world, when organized, all men of spiritualExternalisation, 421:festivals are already being kept throughout the world, though they are not as yet related to eachExternalisation, 421:will be kept simultaneously throughout the world, and by their means a great spiritual unity willExternalisation, 423:behind the Evolutionary Process Factors in the World Situation April 1944 I have written to theExternalisation, 423:World Situation April 1944 I have written to the world aspirants for many Wesaks now. I have againExternalisation, 423:relation which is being established between the world of men and the world of souls. I have againExternalisation, 423:established between the world of men and the world of souls. I have again and again pointed outExternalisation, 424:will be needed to [424] build a new and better world, based on the Law of Love and not on the LawExternalisation, 424:a great and spiritual mission to dominate the world. This was the first result of the approach ofExternalisation, 425:unloving, hateful Individualities who are to the world of selfish and material focus what theExternalisation, 426:effect upon the appeasers and pacifists of the world. These would, for humanitarian reasons andExternalisation, 427:see the familiar landmarks of their comfortable world disappearing; they dislike the results of theExternalisation, 427:threatened by the conditionings of a changing world. They would sacrifice future generations, as IExternalisation, 427:a poor foundation for the work of the postwar world. There are many of these in every nation, thereExternalisation, 427:march forward. You have, consequently, in the world today: 1. The Forces of Evil, working throughExternalisation, 427:are not yet defeated. They are terrorizing the world. Within [428] their own national borders theyExternalisation, 428:problem than does any other nation in the world. It is normal, as are the United Nations; theExternalisation, 429:as a whole. The men, women and children of the world are all implicated in and affected by thisExternalisation, 429:because there is no peace or hope or right world relationships as long as two nations - one in theExternalisation, 430:wickedness, and of inaugurating a new and better world. In this new world there will be freedom ofExternalisation, 430:inaugurating a new and better world. In this new world there will be freedom of approach to God,Externalisation, 431:of purpose all the enlightened people of the world must work. It is not yet adequately present. LetExternalisation, 431:May Full Moon? How do the Masters look at the world situation? What are Their plans? Can theseExternalisation, 431:what can the individual disciple, initiate and world disciple accomplish in the face of humanity'sExternalisation, 434:by the initiates and the disciples of the world, and by its means the distinction between good andExternalisation, 434:have been made abundantly clear in this world war. It had been the hope of the Christ and theExternalisation, 435:then the work of impressing the minds of the world disciples and of those whom they can influenceExternalisation, 435:and for all, end the possibility of a similar world cataclysm. The activities of our Master, theExternalisation, 435:what they are, but only the disciples of the world will grasp the true implications. He is, firstExternalisation, 436:development of the spiritual sense among the world aspirants who would not normally have becomeExternalisation, 436:is the effort to offset the growing hate in the world, to strengthen the trend towards unity, andExternalisation, 436:justice. The law must be administered, and the world will see the expression of that same law,Externalisation, 437:on a wide scale throughout the entire world, and do so in the midst of those conditions whereinExternalisation, 437:the Shamballa energy (now let loose upon the world) so that its destructive aspect may beExternalisation, 437:which will result in the rebuilding of the world. This will then affect not only the Members of theExternalisation, 438:and in collaboration with the Lord of the World. He will thereby deflect the Shamballa force whichExternalisation, 438:human soul. Shamballa then interfered, and the world of that time was [439] destroyed. This period
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