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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Externalisation, 475:individuals had responded appeared, and thus World War II started. Rampant evil took possession ofExternalisation, 476:advantage of human stupidity to intrude into world affairs, and that potent groups of evil beingsExternalisation, 476:beings were organized to exploit the existing world situation. They knew also that the combinationExternalisation, 476:measures. The forces of evil, stalking the world today, do not understand [477] stand suchExternalisation, 478:together the men of goodwill throughout the world in preparation for the Cycle of Conferences andExternalisation, 478:for the Cycle of Conferences and the coming world readjustments. They have sought to protect theExternalisation, 478:- until the past few months - an entire world of nations united against them. This is a phenomenalExternalisation, 479:is through the medium of the churches or the world religions. He necessarily works through themExternalisation, 479:It is, however, truer to say that it is as World Teacher that He consistently works, and that theExternalisation, 480:repeats and preaches again to the assembled world (to the hearts and minds of men) the last sermonExternalisation, 480:under the direction of the Christ), the World Teacher will, in His Own [481] right, make certainExternalisation, 481:the planning of the enlightened aspirants of the world have made - consciously, but mostlyExternalisation, 481:for the creative activity of the New Group of World Servers working in every nation and in everyExternalisation, 481:the impact of humanity, Christ will bless the world at the exact moment of the Full Moon of June.Externalisation, 482:its major task of rebuilding the new and better world: The Forces of Restoration. These will workExternalisation, 482:will bring about the rebuilding of the tangible world upon the new lines. This the totalExternalisation, 483:down the ages and which precipitated this world war. Today humanity is being given a freshExternalisation, 483:to the invocative appeal of the new group of world servers, the men of goodwill and the "massedExternalisation, 484:be largely done by the spiritual people in the world, by aspirants, working disciples and (whereExternalisation, 484:becomes the responsibility of the new group of world servers to direct them. Then through theExternalisation, 484:them. Then through the enlightened plans of the world intelligentsia and prominent humanitariansExternalisation, 485:(an extra-planetary Being), then the Lord of the World, working through the Buddha, and finally theExternalisation, 485:work through the Hierarchy, the new group of world servers, and the men and women of goodwill. SuchExternalisation, 485:ready to precipitate Themselves into this human world of chaos, confusion, aspiration andExternalisation, 485:to mankind than ever before; the new group of world servers are also "standing attentive toExternalisation, 485:attentive to direction" in every country in the world, united in their idealism, in theirExternalisation, 486:the inner side of life, on [486] into the outer world of daily living, where thinking, loving menExternalisation, 486:I seek to present it to you today because of world need; here is the ground for a sound, optimisticExternalisation, 486:to the future; here is the assurance that the world can be rebuilt, that constructive action can beExternalisation, 486:indeed rise out of its unhappy past into a new world of understanding, of tranquility, ofExternalisation, 486:they die for a long time to come. In the postwar world these conditions must be ignored and the newExternalisation, 486:conditions must be ignored and the new group of world servers and the men and women of goodwillExternalisation, 486:activity, for disinterested service, and for a world religion which will restore Christ to HisExternalisation, 486:part of a group of directed and intelligent world servers, and yet to leave them [487] free to workExternalisation, 487:spiritual strength, steadily oriented towards world salvation, and acting ever under the directionExternalisation, 488:Invocation - Stanza Three April 17, 1945 As this world catastrophe draws to its inevitable closeExternalisation, 489:understood and the period of adjustment, of world enlightenment and of reconstruction has made realExternalisation, 489:forces of evil which took advantage of the world situation, which obsessed the German people andExternalisation, 490:to you for wide distribution throughout the world, the last stanza of the Great Invocation. It isExternalisation, 490:possible moment; this will be conditioned by world affairs and by my understanding of a certainExternalisation, 491:era would be ushered in by the scientists of the world and that the inauguration of the kingdom ofExternalisation, 491:of this last phase of the war. This world war started in 1914, but its last and most importantExternalisation, 492:phase began in 1939. [492] Up till then it was a world war. After that date, and because the forcesExternalisation, 493:come into outer expression during a particular world crisis, then you have direfully affected theExternalisation, 494:evocative minds of those seeking to destroy the world of men, leading to a form of mentalExternalisation, 494:very few words I have disposed of a stupendous world event, and in this brief paragraph I haveExternalisation, 497:are many types of atoms, constituting [497] the "world substance"; each can release its own type ofExternalisation, 497:initiation humanity has carried its work as the world savior down into the world of substance, andExternalisation, 497:its work as the world savior down into the world of substance, and has affected those primary unitsExternalisation, 497:the energy which science has released into the world for the destruction, first of all, of thoseExternalisation, 497:in the new civilization, the new and better world and the finer, more spiritual conditions. TheExternalisation, 497:the economic and political situation in the world, for the latter is largely dependent upon theExternalisation, 497:into man's hands a tremendous instrument in the world of creation.) [498] Externalisation, 498:and bring about an entirely new economic world structure. It lies in the hands of the UnitedExternalisation, 499:recognize the need for, nor desire this new world order which the liberation of cosmic energy (evenExternalisation, 499:controlled the past few decades, preceding this world war, will mobilize their resources and fightExternalisation, 499:of the greatest good to the greatest number. World decisions must therefore, in the future, beExternalisation, 500:now for the goodwill work. The future of the world lies in the hands of the men of goodwill and inExternalisation, 500:the sower of dissension and discontent in the world. This new released energy can prove itself aExternalisation, 502:OF THE HIERARCHY The Subjective Basis of the New World Religion Introductory Statements DecemberExternalisation, 502:breaks and uncorrelated manifestations in the world of forms. In all the progressing developments,Externalisation, 503:of the word) and the religious students of the world must be graduated into a higher school, givenExternalisation, 503:Judean days? The aspirants and disciples of the world must realize that the hour has struck, andExternalisation, 505:of the great national executives throughout the world. E'en those whose ideals coincide not withExternalisation, 505:not with yours are being welded into the world plan, and much of their immediate work is organizingExternalisation, 505:on the teaching ray and He Who will be the next world teacher, is already active in His line ofExternalisation, 505:the idea of the Coming, and bring to a sorrowing world the vision of the Great Helper, the Christ.Externalisation, 505:churches, cathedrals, temples and mosques of the world. They are now increasing the momentum ofExternalisation, 506:which endeavor to strip the veil from the world of the unseen. He impresses the minds of thoseExternalisation, 506:psychical research movements throughout the world. With the aid of certain groups of angels, HeExternalisation, 506:groups of angels, He works to open up the world of departed souls to the seeker, and much that hasExternalisation, 506:that has of late convinced the materialistic world of life beyond has emanated from Him. He WhomExternalisation, 507:those who are active in the laboratories of the world, with great philanthropic world movementsExternalisation, 507:of the world, with great philanthropic world movements such as the Red Cross, and with the rapidlyExternalisation, 507:this time to train the various disciples of the world, taking the disciples of many of the MastersExternalisation, 507:England and America when they work together for world good, not supplanting each other orExternalisation, 507:unison for the preservation of the peace of the world and the right handling of world problems inExternalisation, 507:the peace of the world and the right handling of world problems in the field of economics and ofExternalisation, 509:demonstrate to the materialistic thinkers of the world the fact that the superconscious worldExternalisation, 509:of the world the fact that the superconscious world exists, and that angels and men who are out ofExternalisation, 509:which divides the physical plane from the unseen world will be recognized as a fact in nature byExternalisation, 510:a field of service) to the esotericists of the world, for they heed not the form to the sameExternalisation, 510:the wilderness, and as a nucleus through which world illumination may be accomplished. I indicateExternalisation, 512:souls. By means of the educational work of the world, the Great Lord seeks to reach those of theExternalisation, 512:few who are the true esoteric students of the world know the difference between etheric and astralExternalisation, 513:Discipleship will form the nucleus of the coming world religion. It exists on the inner planes forExternalisation, 515:the condition surrounding the aspirants of the world today? We have a world full of unrest, a worldExternalisation, 515:the aspirants of the world today? We have a world full of unrest, a world full of pain, sorrow andExternalisation, 515:world today? We have a world full of unrest, a world full of pain, sorrow and strife, a world inExternalisation, 515:a world full of pain, sorrow and strife, a world in which the emotional bodies of humanity are in aExternalisation, 515:are in a condition of tremendous disturbance, a world in which animals, men, women and childrenExternalisation, 515:women and children suffer, agonize and die; a world in which hunger, sin, sickness, famine, rapine,Externalisation, 515:famine, rapine, and murder stalk unarrested; a world in which the forms of religion exist but theExternalisation, 515:for the nourishing of the purses of the few; a world in which faith is oft the subject of scoffing,Externalisation, 515:They are coming forth for the salvation of the world. [516] Secondly, disciples and aspirants mustExternalisation, 516:loving cooperation and assistance. We stand in a world of endeavor as focal points for love. OurExternalisation, 516:us, They choose to work for the uplift of the world, and through the esoteric groups there must beExternalisation, 516:practical help and spiritual uplift such as the world has not hitherto seen. Such is the hope. SeeExternalisation, 516:diseases, and it must be demonstrated to the world that the ancient power to heal still lies in theExternalisation, 516:can proof be given to the scientists of the world of the latent forces in man which can be utilized
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