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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Healing, 611:is being recognized [611] as necessary to world unfoldment, and men are finding that "no man livethHealing, 615:this theme elsewhere in connection with the New World Religion. (The Problems of Humanity, ChapterHealing, 620:planetary Logos. Through them the Lord of the World, working from His Own level on a cosmic planeHealing, 621:such an alignment, in which you register a new world or worlds of phenomena, and on the newHealing, 621:an expression of divine perfection to the entire world; He was the first of our humanity to arriveHealing, 621:gone forth that as He is, so may we be in this world. [622] This is a promise which lies behind theHealing, 623:responds or does not respond to the surrounding world energies. In connection with our presentHealing, 626:until modern medical science recognizes that the world of causes (as far as the endocrine glandsHealing, 627:today by the various healing systems of the world which mankind has evolved. This life principle isHealing, 629:Great Invocation now being distributed in the world is based upon this same fundamental concept ofHealing, 631:in mind that there is nothing in the created world but energy in motion, and that every thoughtHealing, 632:of the orthodox profession. The debt of the world to its doctors and surgeons is very great. TheHealing, 644:than the other two. At present, in the modern world, there is no true system of spiritual healingHealing, 647:and international catastrophes such as the world war, in which thousands and thousands of bodiesHealing, 653:the preparation. In the early stages of the new world religion, this attitude towards death will beHealing, 662:States are at this time a definite menace to world peace, and the capitalists are blocking theHealing, 662:between the individual man and the world of men as a whole. Just as today practically every humanHealing, 663:about through the medium of the New Group of World Servers and by the men of goodwill, aided by theHealing, 664:(a moot point, do you not call it?) whether the world of men would choose (and had better choose)Healing, 664:of worldwide distress, of economic disaster, of world wars, of natural cataclysms and of the myriadHealing, 665:by the religious church groups throughout the world, but by members of the Ashrams. All that theHealing, 666:into blackness, just as there is a door into a world of goodness and light; the devil is to man whoHealing, 666:humanity; this situation is now changed and the world war was the symbol and the guarantee of thatHealing, 666:the war than has yet been realized. It marked a world turning point; it reoriented humanity towardsHealing, 666:the greed of prominent men in every country. The world of men (through the obviousness of theHealing, 667:paralleled by the appearance of the New Group of World Servers and by the preparation which theHealing, 670:of the [670] men of goodwill throughout the world - increasingly voiced through the GreatHealing, 675:attempt by the disciple to penetrate into the world of causes, and thus learn (if possible) what itHealing, 675:achieved a poise which brings negation to the world of illusion and of glamor. Divine understandingHealing, 675:down for the use of the disciple in the modern world) indicate a line of training or of self [676]Healing, 679:mass of men, and above all, to the scientific world. In the mass of testimony and in the type ofHealing, 685:no particular calls come, but this instinctual world of give and take is superseded by a higherHealing, 686:with clarity, his part in the whole process of world events and his inescapable share in worldHealing, 686:of world events and his inescapable share in world development. Dharma is that aspect of karmaHealing, 686:aspect of karma which dignifies any particular world cycle and the lives of those implicated in itsHealing, 686:it) and to do his just share in lifting the world karma, working out in cyclic dharma. InstinctualHealing, 693:competent to use them in this interim period in world affairs. We are passing out of one age intoHercules, 3:been told that we must overcome the lure of the world, the flesh and the devil. There has beenHercules, 3:and miraculously breaks through into a world of peace and plenty, wherein all troubles come to anHercules, 5:aware of the work to be accomplished, a World Savior is formed. Two great and dramatic stories haveHercules, 6:powers, underlying the operations of the natural world. Thus he becomes a worker under the plan ofHercules, 8:of Hercules the disciple, and of Christ, the World Savior, we have an entire pictorial presentationHercules, 8:has exhausted the interests of the phenomenal world, and is looking for a way out into a widerHercules, 9:of Hercules - The Purpose of this Study The World Disciple Today The tests to which HerculesHercules, 10:through visible forms." Back of the objective world of phenomena, human or solar, small or great,Hercules, 10:great, organic or inorganic, lies a subjective world of forces which is responsible for the outerHercules, 10:a vast empire of BEING, and it is into this world of living energies that both religion and scienceHercules, 11:carried on down the ages. The exponents of the world religions have embodied in their teaching oneHercules, 11:a composite bundle of forces and moving in a world of force. This is where [12] science soHercules, 12:of his Church, the plans of the hidden band of world workers, the Rishis and the occult HierarchyHercules, 19:of all the great aspirants and mystics of the world. Note how St. Paul cries out as he wrestlesHercules, 20:growth and having been trained in all that the world could give him, we are told next that heHercules, 24:ending in Pisces as the all-knowing, victorious World Savior. One point might be made here. In theHercules, 24:that he had to do. He had received all that the world could give him; now the powers of the soulHercules, 24:on to Elisha; the vocation of the Christ, the World Savior, came to an end at the crucifixion [25]Hercules, 25:response, we, too, can be en rapport with the world in which our labors are cast. Equipped,Hercules, 29:to demonstrate on the battlefield of the world his innate divinity and latent powers. In theseHercules, 31:"The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world," (Rev. XIII, 8) for this sign is called the signHercules, 31:becomes the first): it streams forth into the world of forms, and also into the world of being orHercules, 31:forth into the world of forms, and also into the world of being or of spirit. One stream of energyHercules, 32:beginning to respond to impulses coming from the world of souls, and to vision group ends and groupHercules, 33:of the Christ child, in Virgo, to that of the world Savior, in Capricorn and in Pisces. PhysicalHercules, 34:does not rightly know the way to the heavenly world, but the horse does rightly know it." In theHercules, 35:conceived, and which are let loose upon the world, devastating and destroying when emanating fromHercules, 37:now surely plain. Hercules had to begin in the world of thought to gain mental control. For agesHercules, 41:and this second labor deals with the desire world and with the potency of desire. It is one of theHercules, 44:who proclaimed himself as the Light of the World. Light, illumination and sound, as an expressionHercules, 49:disease, and over-population will die out in the world. Matter will no longer be prostituted toHercules, 49:People forget that some of the greatest of the world initiates married; that the Buddha married andHercules, 50:and many of the outstanding figures in the world of mysticism in both hemispheres, were married andHercules, 50:desire, and the many aspects of desire in the world of form which, in their totality, constituteHercules, 50:the mainland, the symbol of the group, by the world of illusion and the maze in which he lives. TheHercules, 58:the way, from henceforth and for aye, of all world servers." "Then I give back these apples forHercules, 60:desire has to be carried forward into the world of completion, and herein lies the test in Gemini.Hercules, 60:is gained and where the causes, initiated in the world of mental effort, must manifest and achieveHercules, 62:to turn south; a symbol of going back into the world, the opposite pole of spirit. He had no soonerHercules, 63:Hercules finds Atlas bearing the load of the world on his shoulders, and staggering under theHercules, 63:as he seeks to carry the weight of the world, that he gives up his search for the golden apples. HeHercules, 66:for, as Alan Leo tells us: "Mercury in the outer world signifies schools, colleges, and all placesHercules, 67:English language is becoming predominantly the world tongue; that the greatest lines of oceanHercules, 67:or London, and that both these cities have been world markets and world centers of distribution.Hercules, 67:both these cities have been world markets and world centers of distribution. Mercury, the rulingHercules, 67:it inaugurates many changes; new ideas flood the world; new impulses make their presence felt; newHercules, 67:state of being, and bring in a new age and a new world. Consequently, new difficulties and problemsHercules, 70:Were all religions and all scriptures of the world to be lost, and were there nothing left to usHercules, 72:that he becomes a [72] magnetic server in the world. Then, and then only, will it profit the MasterHercules, 72:with the work that he has to do in the field of world service. Aspirants need to remember that theyHercules, 72:to the position of membership in the band of world servers through the efforts of our own soul.Hercules, 72:search he meets Atlas, bearing the burden of the world, and so impressed is he with the weight ofHercules, 73:with Nereus. So he turns south, or back into the world. He has had his high moment, when heHercules, 75:of [75] time Hercules was kept in bondage. The world today is full of teachers, and like Busiris,Hercules, 75:all sincere seekers; and having escaped from the world of psychic and pseudo-spiritual glamor, heHercules, 75:within, could go forward to the service of the world and to lifting the burden of Atlas. After theHercules, 75:Having, given up his search in order to help the world, Atlas went for him to the garden and handedHercules, 82:is subjected to the disciplining effect of the world of illusion and form in Scorpio. In the finalHercules, 82:achievement. The aspirant has worked out of the world of glamor and of form, and in hisHercules, 82:the mount of initiation; now he can be the world worker in Aquarius, and [83] the world savior inHercules, 83:be the world worker in Aquarius, and [83] the world savior in Pisces. Thus he can sum up in himselfHercules, 85:gates of the zodiac. It is the gate into the world of forms, into physical incarnation, and theHercules, 87:the fourth arm, again is birth, the birth of the world savior, birth into the spiritual kingdom,
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