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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - WORLD

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Hercules, 201:we may mean by that word, is en rapport with world affairs, it seems to me he might try anotherHercules, 201:in themselves. I am convinced that no individual World Savior, utilizing a physical body, will comeHercules, 201:will come to us. I believe in that individual World Savior, but I believe that he will save theHercules, 201:Savior, but I believe that he will save the world through the group. I believe that he will workHercules, 202:its silent meditation and the force of its world service, that it will be recognized as the Savior;Hercules, 202:up the evolutionary process. The New Group of World Servers Such a group as has just been describedHercules, 202:therefore is in touch with the Great Life, the World Savior, who pours his force and energy throughHercules, 202:his force and energy through them and toward the world. They orient their minds in that direction,Hercules, 203:which automatically put us into the group of world servers? You will never get there by talkingHercules, 204:by following that process that you will become a world server for you will then be the force ofHercules, 205:his handywork. - Psalm 19, 1. The progress of a world disciple is illustrated in the heavens by theHercules, 205:of that identity which we call the soul. The world setting is ripe for a renewal of a living faithHercules, 208:intelligently aware of the work to be done, a World Savior is created, and we see in the last twoHercules, 209:and that of humanity as a whole, the great world disciple of which he is the prototype. It isHercules, 210:Palestine, when our sun entered the sign of the world Savior, the sign of Pisces, the fishes. ThisHercules, 212:Aquarius. An air sign (group awareness, world service. Rulers: Exoteric and Esoteric are the same,Hercules, 212:A water sign (Christ consciousness revealed as a World Savior). Rulers: Exoteric, Mercury;Hercules, 214:first the lower self, then the higher Self. World service. Individual consciousness transmuted intoHercules, 214:Release of the soul from captivity. Christ, the World Savior. Polar Opposite: Virgo. An earth signHercules, 215:of them. The larger picture of the effect on world and racial evolution should receive our thought.Hercules, 218:all forms of life on our planet, and upon the world of ideas. [219] Humanity, it is contended, hasHercules, 219:with fishes; He sent His disciples out into the world to be fishers of men; for nearly two thousandHercules, 220:for the uplift of humanity and the saving of the world. It is also said that the conjunction ofHercules, 221:the circle is one of be most ancient of the world's symbols, antedating the Christian era byHercules, 222:of Revelations. This cross is the cross of all world saviors, and the cardinal cross is that ofHercules, 223:the goal. Pisces Death. Consummation. The World Savior. This is the cross of everyday life to whichHercules, 225:urge to righteousness and ending as the world savior. In Taurus (April 21 - May 20, the Bull), heHercules, 228:walk one-pointedly in the Light, he becomes a world worker. This one-pointedness is demonstratedHercules, 228:he becomes an initiate and appears before the world as a savior, a liberated son of God, able toHercules, 228:Hercules at his work, the saving of the world. His tests are no longer personal and individual, butHercules, 229:beauty of the sign in which man becomes a world savior, all that is of animality having beenInitiation, 13:increased consciousness of God's plans for the world, and an increased ability to enter into thoseInitiation, 14:it carries him to the feet of the Lord of the World, to the feet of his Father in Heaven, to theInitiation, 19:physical incarnation for the helping of the world. Man unites with the Monad at the fifthInitiation, 19:through the instrumentality of the Lord of the World, the Solitary Watcher, the Great Sacrifice.Initiation, 23:holds the clue to much that may be seen in the world today. The secret of synthesis has been lost,Initiation, 23:our scheme should be demonstrating, will the world problems adjust themselves, and the world rhythmInitiation, 23:the world problems adjust themselves, and the world rhythm be stabilized. This cannot be as yet,Initiation, 25:which is foretold in all the Scriptures of the world. The Sun of Righteousness will then arise withInitiation, 28:Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Lord of the World, came down to this dense physical planet andInitiation, 29:it might be stated thus: - That the Lord of the World, the One Initiator, holds the same place inInitiation, 29:are now the inner group around the Lord of the World have been primarily recruited from the ranksInitiation, 30:esoteric group of Six, who, with the Lord of the World, form the heart of hierarchical effort. Initiation, 32:as the more exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy. It is of value for men to rememberInitiation, 33:the greater number are scattered all over the world, dwelling in different places in the variousInitiation, 33:a focal point for the energy of the Lord of the World, and proving to his environment a distributorInitiation, 34:upon in the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World. To close the door through which animal menInitiation, 34:the same terms as laid down by the Lord of the World in Atlantean days. These terms will be statedInitiation, 35:flood, referred to in all the Scriptures of the world. The forces of light, and the forces ofInitiation, 35:humanity. The struggle still persists, and the World War through which we have just passed was aInitiation, 35:was a recrudescence of it. On every side in that World War two groups were to be found, those whoInitiation, 38:utter self-abnegation, stand silently behind the world panorama. Through the power of their will,Initiation, 38:all evolution, stands the KING, the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, the Youth of endless Summers,Initiation, 39:mature in this. Standing around the Lord of the World, but withdrawn and esoteric, are three moreInitiation, 39:of the six types of energy, with the Lord of the World as the synthesizer and the embodier of theInitiation, 40:by one of the six colors, with the Lord of the World showing forth the full planetary color, theseInitiation, 40:Christian Bible; they are known in the Christian world as the recording angels. [41] TheInitiation, 41:councils. They alone have the right during the world cycle to pass beyond the periphery of theInitiation, 41:occupy themselves with the right adjustment of: World karma, Racial karma, National karma, GroupInitiation, 43:Three Departments of Hierarchy The Work of the World Teacher, the Christ Group two has the WorldInitiation, 43:the World Teacher, the Christ Group two has the World Teacher for its presiding Head. He is thatInitiation, 44:meditation centered within the heart. He is the World Teacher, the Master of the Masters, and theInitiation, 44:existence in its deepest sense possible, so the World Teacher directs that in dwellingInitiation, 44:Daily he pours out his blessing on the world, and daily he stands under the great pine in hisInitiation, 46:They are in daily touch with the Lord of the World at Shamballa, and the entire guidance of affairsInitiation, 46:those of the Manu of the fourth root-race. The World Teacher holds office in connection with bothInitiation, 46:Under the Manu work the regents of the different world divisions, such as, for instance, the MasterInitiation, 46:intuition can be found amongst the thinkers. The World Teacher presides over the destiny of theInitiation, 51:be given out. Quite a number of people in the world today are aware of their existenceInitiation, 52:and many aspects of teaching. Throughout the world, disciples of these Masters have come intoInitiation, 54:the Master K. H. is in line for the office of World Teacher when the present holder of that officeInitiation, 54:He acts as the Inspirer of the statesmen of the world, he manipulates forces, through theInitiation, 55:as through the politicians and statesmen of the world. The Master Kut Humi, who is also very wellInitiation, 56:and America for the eventual coming of the World Teacher. He is well known in the Bible history,Initiation, 57:and unseen with the seekers after truth in the world's great laboratories, with all who definitelyInitiation, 57:aim at the healing and solacing of the world, and with the great philanthropic world movements [58]Initiation, 57:of the world, and with the great philanthropic world movements [58] such as the Red Cross. HeInitiation, 59:his time in Egypt. He it was who gave out to the world that occult treatise "Light on the Path,"Initiation, 59:up to the seekers after truth that subjective world which lies behind the grossly material. LittleInitiation, 59:He is behind the Labor movement throughout the world, [60] transmuting and directing, and theInitiation, 60:present turmoil and chaos, will arise the future world condition which will have for its keynoteInitiation, 60:fourth ray, and the great art movements of the world, the evolution of music, and that of paintingInitiation, 60:to make possible the great revelation in the world of music and painting which lies immediatelyInitiation, 61:in two great events, one, the [61] coming of the World Teacher towards the middle or close of thisInitiation, 61:subrace and in the reconstruction of the present world conditions. This being the fifth subrace ofInitiation, 61:department. Secondly, the preparation of the world on a large scale for the coming of the WorldInitiation, 61:the world on a large scale for the coming of the World Teacher, and the taking of the necessaryInitiation, 61:great occult groups, of the Freemasons of the world, and of the various great divisions of theInitiation, 64:of ten and five every night in all parts of the world, so that the continuity of the teaching isInitiation, 65:unit, a replica in miniature of the outer world. In learning the laws of his own being, comesInitiation, 67:into incarnation at this critical period of the world's history. They have come in, all at the sameInitiation, 67:come in, all at the same time, throughout the world, to do the work of linking up the two planes,Initiation, 69:Just at present, owing to the great need in the world, a slightly different policy is beingInitiation, 74:learn to be silent before the sufferings of the world, wasting no time in idle plaints andInitiation, 74:demonstration, but lifting up the burden of the world; working, and wasting no energy in talk. YetInitiation, 74:ends; expressing the love force of the world, as it may flow through him, where it will serve bestInitiation, 77:and transcended; that endures when the little world of human endeavor has dissipated and gone,Initiation, 78:the hands held out in assistance to the world, and the whole life subordinated to the call ofInitiation, 78:to him. He becomes an acknowledged force in the world and is recognized as one who can be dependedInitiation, 82:therefore judges not as judges the man of the world. He is the man who is attempting to take the
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